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Ask to Join Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Rp

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Zman890, Dec 23, 2017.

  1. Discussion/ Sign up.

    Jake was walking around Lush Jungle with his Newly Caught Steene Next to him, as he then Left Lush Jungle and went to the Pokémon Center and Healed up his Pokémon a he said. "That Totem Pokémon was Hard, It Took me a Couple of Times, but I did it!"
  2. Terrance was riding his bike home from school, when all of a sudden a Pikipek storms out of a tree and starts to harass Terrance. "Argh!!" Terrance says in annoyance as he waves his hands around in hopes of making the Pikipek bug off but it seemed like it wasn't working. He took out his poke ball from his pocket, which he was given to by his parents for his 11th birthday, and sent out his Grubbin he nickname Wattson. "You gave me no choice Pikipek. Wattson I choose you!" a beam of blue lightning lands on the ground and out of nowhere pops a Grubbin. "GRUBB!" Wattson lets out a cheerful cry. The Pikipek prepares a battle stance. "Use vice grip on this annoying Pokemon wattson!" Terrance cries. Grubbin with a serious look on his face leaps towards the Pikipek. The Pikipek dodges "Piki!" it yells mockingly. Then the Pikipeks nose dives to Wattson using its beak. "Its using peck watch out Wattson!" Terrance yells out to Wattson. But wattson was too late on the dodge and got hit by the peck. Wattson took heavy damage and looks like its about to faint. Seeing this Terrance could only think of one thing. "Wattson use string shot!" Wattson looking hurt gave a big smirk "Grubb!" then proceeds to shoot webbing out of his mouth. The Pikipek is entangled by the webbing and could barely move. "PIKI!!" It yells loudly. "Finish it off with a vice grip Wattson!" Wattson charges at the bug one last time and grips it tight between its large feelers. Seeing that the Pikipek looked like it was about to faint from the force of Wattsons vice grip Terrance commanded Wattson to back down "Wattson enough let me capture this Pikipek.". Wattson backed up, as he crawled back Terrance threw a ball at the Pikipek. Swing, Swing, Swing...... Ding! "Yay I caught my very first Pokemon!" Terrance proudly proclaims, while he does a thumbs up pose to Wattson. "I'm naming this Pikipek Frooty!" as Terrance hugs the Pokeball.
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  3. Kaleb landed in Alola. “I’m finally back,” he said. He left after the Aether Foundation threatened his life, and stayed in Kalos. He had finally returned to Akala.

    About an hour later, he was sitting in the Pokémon Center. He walked outside. He also grabbed his Lycanroc and Jolteon from his PC. He payed a visit to his family, and then ran back to Royal Avenue, only to find two Team Skull Grunts.

    “Yo, give us your Pokémon, and your Buginium-Z too!” one said. Kaleb shook his head and sent out Lycanroc. The grunts sent out Yungoos and Zubat. “Idiot grunts,” Kaleb said. Lycanroc used Accelerock and knocked both out in one hit, sending them running.
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  4. Quill was walking down the rocky roads, Mimikyu sliding right next to her. She smiled and patted his head.
    Something hit her to the ground. Two Skull grunts, like her, were fleeing for their lives. “What the...” She grumbled, sitting back up.
  5. When Terrance got home he told his parents what had happened. His parents were very proud of him that he had caught his first Pokemon. Then terrance went outside and took Frooty out of her ball. As soon as Frooty came out she began pecking Terrance "ouch!". "What the heck are you mad at me Frooty?" Terrance asks. The pikipek turns her head aay angirly away from etrrance "PIKI!" and flys away. "Hey where are you going!" Terrance yells as he watches Frooty fly away. "COME BACK!". Terrance went and grabbed his bike and pursued Frooty.
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  6. Quill sat up and sent a glare to the fleeing grunts, then stood up and dusted herself off. She saw that Mimikyu was also mocking the grunts, acting so afraid and terrified. Quill laughed and picked up Mimikyu and started walking again.
  7. On Mele Mele Island, after a long and winded chase Terrance was just about to get Frooty back into his ball and give a stern talking to Frooty but was ultimately juked when Frooty had decided to fly into the jungle. Terrance stared at the jungle as the sun was setting down. "I need to do this... otherwise I wont be a good trainer." He says to himself for boost of confidence. The little boy ran in the jungle recklessly. A few minutes had passed and he couldn't find signs of Frooty. No feather, No signs of Frootys cries, no clues as to where the Pikipek might have gone.
  8. (Just going to pretend that Quill was near the jungle because Quill is very lonely)

    Quill stared up at the jungle, watching the light seep down as the sun set. “Maybe we could find some kind of Pokémon in here.” She concluded as she opened Lycanroc’s and Mareanie’s Pokéballs.
    “Let’s go!” She shouted, running in as if she had to do it.


    As she was walking, many Pokémon were sneaking back into their hiding places. Quill leapt over a thin log. If she was caught by someone, there was sure to be a battle. She remembered what all the grunts told her; “When a trainer catches the eye of another, the battle begins!” Quill shivered. Honestly, there shouldn’t be anyone here.
    Could there?
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  9. While looking for Frooty in a jungle on Mele Mel island, Terrance had caught a glimpse of a girl who was sporting the outfit of a team skull member. Terrance did not like team skull, he had heard from word of mouth and weird gossip that they were a very mean group of people who will try to take away Pokemon from their trainers. Terrance wanted to avoid confrontation but then thought to himself "maybe this person has seen Frooty.". He quickly ran up to the girl "HEY YOU!" waving his hand and shouting loud hoping to get the girls attention.
  10. Kaleb flew on his Ride Pager Charizard to Ula’ula Island. He went to Mount Lanakila, for he beat all the trials in his time there before he left. He walked in the tall grass and found an Alolan Sandshrew.

    He sent out Jolteon. He hit it with Thunderbolt once before throwing a pokeball at it. It shook once, twice, thrice, click! Kaleb caught his first new team member.

    He decided to fly back to Hau’oli City to pay a visit to the Battle Buffet. As usual, he won without trouble. He became bored quickly, and decided to take on the Elite Four. “I need to prepare first,” he said. He went to Kukui to pick up a few of his old Pokémon.
  11. Quill turned and saw a boy. Oh no, she thought to herself. He wants a battle!
    As if Her Midnight Lycanroc read her mind, he stepped in front and sent a warning growl.
    Quill poked her head out from behind her Pokémon and asked, “ E-Er, E-Excuse me, but who are you?” She quickly hid her Z-Ring. The newcomer didn’t need to know about that.
  12. Terrance had immediately halted when he had noticed the Lycanroc step in front of the girl. "Uh... hey.... have you seen a Pikipek fly through here?" he asks with sweat running down his face. He put his hands on his Pokeball just in case the girl was about to do something crazy. "My name is Terrance and I am looking for a Pokemon who had ran away from me. That Pokemon being a Pikipek." Terrance says to assure the girl that he wasn't looking for trouble.
  13. Quill motioned for Lycanroc to get back. “I haven’t seen any Pikipek. I’ll help you look though.” She offered. Lycanroc, who was held back by Quill’s hand, just gave a short snarl. Mareanie poked her head out from underneath the girl’s foot, obviously confused in some way.
  14. "I would appreciate that. Thank you very much." He was still cautious of the girl simply because she was wearing a team skull getup. But she seemed trustworthy enough to where Terrance didn't need to worry about her. The two then began walking around the jungle "The Pikipeks name is Frooty, and is the first Pokemon I have caught. So finding her would mean a lot to me." Terrance says while pouting "Why did she have to run away like that? I thought Pokemon obeyed their trainers?!".

    Meanwhile Frooty was following Terrance and a strange girl and was observing him to see if he had the right to become his trainer. He was just an annoying snot nosed boy who Frooty wanted to bully because of her observation of him at school. "Why would you want to become a pokemon for a trainer like that" Frooty thought. This Pikipek was prideful and mean to a fault.
  15. Quill nodded. “I feel the same way. Mimikyu ran off the day I got him. I totally freaked out, I searched everywhere, and I figured out he was following me the whole time.”
    “By the way, I don’t think I got your name. I’m Quill.” She introduced herself, giving a smile.
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  16. While Terrance was looking behind him to see if Frooty was just trailing the two he had immediately paid attention to Quill "Oh Quill eh, my name is Terrance. We had a weird first encounter, but I hope we can become friends." He says extending his hand out while having a huge grin on his face.

    Frooty, while very hidden sitting atop a tree, got angry when Quill had mentioned her Pokemon following her. Then she got really angry when Terrance had extended his hand out to Quill. Frooty immediately flew in and started to try and annoy quill.
  17. Quill extended her hand too, and smiled, “I hope we can be friends too.”
    Lycanroc, who was walking behind them, gave a smirk. Mareanie smiled too, giving a squeaky “Mareanie!”

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