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Pokemon Trivial Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Mewtwo..? I don't really know...

    I will wrap around your face, if you are James, very slim, with a round head. Hey! just like a WindChime! (Echo, Echo, Echo)
  2. Dude, that's not not even a riddle: Chimecho.

    And it's not Mewtwo. Muahahaha! I'm the master of riddles and evil laughs!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's Churbi
  4. Does anybody memember of this riddle of mine?
  5. No idea, seriously. You're just too clever.

    Perhaps a tip? :D
  6. Well, let's see a tip: "I don't like that people talk about me in my back. Not only it's bad, it's not safe to those people."
  7. Girafarig? It has a mouth on it's tail.
  8. Well, Girafarig can call (him/her)self "I", so no.
  9. Blast! Well, still no clue. Another tip? X)
  10. I think any other tip would be too much. Like, revealing it's type or a specific type or it's body. Ah! I know a tip! It's genderless!
  11. And therefore, it might be Legendary...
  12. You said it, my friend, not me ;).
  13. It's Mewtwo!
    I have fins. My body is eon.
  14. Somebody already said it was Mewtwo, and no, it's not.

    Latios (there's no interrogation point in this stupid notebook)
  15. Nope, it was Finneon.

    Am I a puppet, or am I tar?
  16. Your Pupitar!(I love mixing up names and I thought of that answer)

    I'm not a ball, but I am a toy. I am....
  17. Obviously Baltoy. And there's still a riddle of mine no one solved:

    "I'm not I. I have no right to be called that. I became more powerful, but for that I needed to get rid of me. This created two me. But I don't deserve to be called I. I do not have what is needed to that. Only the other I can truly live."

    I also added a tip some time later:

    "I don't like that people talk about me in my back. Not only it's bad, it's not safe to those people."
  18. Only one Pokemon turns into two when it evolves, so you're Nincada's other evolved form, Shedinja.

    Not many know this, but Ican survive on just air particles.
  19. Rayquaza (even thou he lives on ozone)

    "I will cut you, and then feed on your bodys fluids"
  20. Clampearl pink evolution (I don't remember it's name)?

    "I'm the first shadow, by numbers"
  21. Wrong, mate :)
  22. Well, I wasn't sure, I even put a "?" on that part.

    But what about my riddle? Can you solve it?
  23. No idea...

    Mine was Kabutops btw...
  24. Chatot?

    My sister is called Ky, and she is an ogre...
  25. Groudon and Kyogre are genderless, enemies, and stop combining words! It's so stupid.

    And how is Chatot "the first shadow by numbers"?
  26. Is it Grovyle, because he has to collect a number of time gears?

    I am a feeble fish, and very ugly.
  27. Feebas
    I am a bug type with two horns
  28. Pinsir..

    I'm an flying-type but I don't know how to fly.
  29. Too much in a hurry,cannot think properly, answer this riddle later, mine wasn't Grovyle.
  30. Delibird?
    Mine wasn't Pinsir, keep guessing
  31. Ghastly? He was the first Ghost-pokémon in the Pokédex. (on Snetonobre)

    You're riddles are to hard...
  32. Agreeing with Rolly on this one, because it is based on dex numbers. Now for my riddle: (It is very easy)

    "Rudolph the brown nosed reindeer, is known as the Big Horn Pokemon..."
  33. Delibird can't fly, your riddle is Stantler, and mine not Ghastly. At least you got the type and pokédex tips. Now: what type other than ghost can represent shadows and which is the first pokémon in national dex order of this type. It should be easy now.
  34. It is Murkrow!
    Now for my riddle...
    'The ground feels numb!'
  35. I dunno.

    But as far as I remember Murkrow isn't the first Dark-type in national dex order.
  36. Oh yeah! You're right mister. We still have that ridle, about the Flying-type that doesn't fly.
  37. Well, it could be but no. Not really close at all actually. The type is a hint.
  38. when i sing everybody gos to sleep.who am i? :) ;) :D ;D

    ~flutter shy~
    #360 flutter shy, Dec 23, 2010
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