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Pokemon Trivial Game!

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by UchihaHibiki, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. ~Jiggggg-lley-puff, Jiggley-puffffff, Jiggleyyy

    Very proud, I am Emperor like, yet like Nepoleon. Who an I?
  2. Empoleon.

    The first insect to drill.
  3. Beedrill?

    I'm made out of Bronze ore. (Say those together.)
  4. Bronzor

    Only on three on a series of games.
  5. Is it Growlithe?
    Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, Soulsilver.
    You can find it in the underlined games.
  6. 15521552

    15521552 Guest

    A pokemon Trainer!

    What is the grass type starter in the Unova Region?
  7. Way too easy. Snivy.

    The Yin of the Yang.
  8. i'm not sure if their is a pokemon called yingyang.

    riddle: i'm a water otter!

    ~pokegir lover~
    #368 pokegir lover, Mar 18, 2011
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  9. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    That'd be Zekrom I'd assume.

    Oshawott (or Dewott, whatever)

    RIDDLE: I'm a ninja, I'm a bug, I'm awesome and I know it.
    #369 KoL, Mar 18, 2011
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  10. Accelgor! the coolest ninja eva.

    I am the Jelly king! My female counterpart is a lovely pink color.
  11. Jellicent.

    I have a tail- OW!
  12. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I believe that would be Slowbro

    Remoraid love to hitch a ride on my fins
  13. Mantine.
    I have a Tail-OW!
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Drapeon? ???

    Ahh! robots
    #374 Anonymous, Mar 25, 2011
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  15. Golurk?

    I have a Tail-OW!
    (Hint: Name pun.)
  16. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    :o How did I not see that? Is it Taillow?

    I got a dress and I can't see...stupid helmet-hair
  17. Ralts. Easy. And your were... correct!

    I'm going to patch up this electrical wiring...
  18. Um......Electivire???

    I have many different evolutions! Just which one should I pick though?
  19. eevee

    im a real pretentious grasshole
  20. Snivy.

    I can PATCH up this ELECTRICAL wire.
  21. ...No.

    I can Patch (Pach) up this electrical (Type) wiring!
  22. Pachirisu

    If you cherish me I will grow. I will take you over the clouds.
  23. shu-shu-shu-shaymin

    please dont eat me on the hot days of summer im so little
  24. Mine ain't Shaymin.

    Yours is Vanillite.

    Reapeting mine:
    If you cherish me I will grow. I will take you over the clouds.
  25. It seems happiness is required for you to take flight,
    You must be a Swoobat, am I right?

    In deep slumber I await the one,
    who feeds me candy, and to him my powers come
  26. Victini?

    Top. F*cking. Percentage.
  27. joey's ratatta

    Falcon PUNCH!
  28. Axel, I'm afraid you're victory is damned.
    For the actual answer was Darmanitan.
    As for Pyroblade, your riddle is tough,
    for the simple and indirect hint is rather rough
    Hitmonchan, Primeape, Emboar,
    The options are many, though I'll have to roar...

    Now this is one that will be tough to find,
    this playful fellow was once in a bind,
    Set him free and he will help you later
    And then will want to play and run through acres.
  29. yeah no it wasnt, twas a bird who can use its punching attacks
    hence falcon punch
    Falcon punch is resubmitted
  30. Ignore my riddle will you, are you chicken?
    Should I put you in the way of your Blaziken?
    You probably won't want to be at the end this guy's punch
    I'd be more scared of his kicks though. That's my hunch

    I shall once again submit my riddle if you still want to answer
    Or phone a friend and see if he wants a go at the answer
  31. i was talking about staraptor cause it learns close combat when it evolves,

    as for yours I have no idea

    my new clue "I know everything"
  32. the answer to the last qustione is mewtwo o by the way its enemy is mew my questone is what pokemon is super smart but evolves from a stupide and slow pokemon ho also could insteade evolve into an evine slower pokemon hint the first form is slowpoke second hint since you idiotes now nothing about pokemon the answer containes the word king
    #392 black, May 31, 2011
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  33. Your question is easy, you gave away the thing
    It would be stupid if somebody else didn't say Slowking

    Now, since we have a new player in the game, I'll give this question one more try,
    Look deeper into the riddle, and the games, and perhaps you'll understand why
  34. Could we perhaps have a hint?
  35. serphiver?

    I am small and yellow.I have wings but is not part flying.
    My name starts with D.

    What am I?

    answer is written backwards below

  36. Deary me,
    That isn't even hard!
    Dunsparce you are,
    You tub of lard!

    (No offence, it just rhymes, that's all)

    Oh no, who am I?
    Whoever could I be?!
    I could be this, I could be that,
    But purple is definitely me!
  37. Finally, another that enjoys the rhymes,
    Now I won´t feel like I´m committing crimes,
    While everyone else is in the simplist chatter,
    We make art, with you the Rattata,

    Now my story might seem a bit droll,
    But I am one very unfortunate soul,
    I was once loved, and my form thrived,
    Then I was abandoned, but became alive
  38. I'm sorry Brendan,
    You got me wrong!
    A Ditto I am,
    but not for long!

    Abandoned then alive?
    An unfortunate Soul?
    Bannette you are!
    The living doll!

    A Black wing here,
    And there red eyes!
    If you call me with the stone,
    Then together we'll fly!
  39. You are Zekrom, I see
    That was way too easy
    The black stone shall make me live
    Eternal happiness I shall give

    When I grow up, I'll be strong
    Psuedo-legend, live long
    Find me in caves, the desert, the mountain
    I am dark, not a lantern.
  40. Tyranitar
    I believe you are
    And if that's not true
    Then tell your riddle again, will you?

    Jumping around is what I like a lot
    If my treasure disappears I might drop dead right on the spot

    (Not really true, it takes more than a few seconds for this PokéMon to die. Couldn't make up any better riddle)
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