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Private/Closed Pokemon: Tribes and Terror

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheOneCipher, Jan 13, 2017.

  1. You are a pokemon living in The Blue Tribe. Everything was peaceful until The Pokemonolith was built. The Pokemonolith is a massive structure build by some madmon to rule everything. It steals citizens from tribes and turns them into evil fighting machines. This is where you come in. You are one of five pokemon summoned to destroy the pokemonolith. You can be any age but no cursing, intense violence/gore or breaking ANY rule in the Pokecharms rules. You can also have only one pokemon and with that in mind, have fun! Join in the discussion link which is right here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-tribes-and-terror-discussion-signups.15281/
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  2. Kusu yawned, walking outside. Her sleek golden fur seemed to shine in the daylight, and her decently sized home was a good place to house in. One thing seemed off, though. The Blue Tribe had no trouble, but, it seemed that someone had gone missing. The commotion spread across the tribe, leaving gossip. What's going on? the Shinx asked herself as she stared at what was going on.
  3. Sky woke up in the rocky den she was always used to. She crawled outside, and noticed the tribe seemed off today. As she passed by other pokemon, she heard them conversing about someone missing.. But who? She walked along, and accidentaly bumped into a Shinx, and looked up at the obviously taller pokemon. That annoyed her so much for some reason, first evolution pokemon that were taller than her. She looked up and apologized to the pokemon. "Oh sorry! I just wasnt paying attention to where I was going.." She said, in an annoyed tone.
  4. Willy woke up in his pond. He drastically made himself breakfast and done his chores. It was the day when the ancestors of The Blue Tribe will pick the pokemon to go on a journey. When he got out, he found a shinx and a salandit that was in his path, the salandit shiny. He asked them: Did you hear? Today is the day when The Blue Tribe's ancestors pick who goes on a journey to find the thing abducting people, and someone went missing last night. This was the third week in a row that this has happened!"
  5. Sky turned round to turned around to the Wishiwashi. "Woah! Really? No way!" she replied sarcastically. Being picked for something special does sound amazing though. "So when are they picking the pokemon? Today? Tommorow?" She asked, as she wondered who went missing. An adventure.. just thinking of it makes her want to be picked.
  6. Willy looked at the pokemon. "According to my resources, it is at... 4:30 today. So in a few hours. I think that our deceased ancestors are picking and the results will come in at around that time. It is at the Altar of The Starre. So who are you?"
  7. "It's alright!" Kusu smiled and looked over at the new Pokémon. "They're picking Pokémon?" Kusu's golden fur tingled. She had loved adventure, but never gone on one. Altar of the Starre, huh? My mother has told me about it before. It would be interesting to see it myself...
  8. "Im Sky." the Salandit replied. "Altar of the Starre... Now is that at.." she mumbled. "You said 4:30? That isnt that far from now that I think about it. How about we go there all together?" she asked the two pokemon, eager to get there as soon as possible, hopefully boasting her chances of being chosen.
  9. Willy introduced himself. "We should go there as soon as we can." He decided. "Let's get lunch at a cafe, far away from the altar because they will all be filled up, so what about Cafe Faeri?"
  10. "Sure!" curious, Kusu asked Willy a question, "I'm all up for adventure, but why are Pokémon being chosen? ...maybe it has something to do about the rumors about the missing Pokémon." shaking it off, she decided that going to a cafe would be nice. "..well, let's just get going to Cafe Faeri."
  11. "It's...complicated." Willy told the young shinx. "Our ancestors speak in metaphors." He said. "And one of these metaphors state that these people will be the ones to save the tribes, or so they say." It was about lunchtime. "I think we should head there now. They have a nice sitrus berry sandwich." The three of them started heading over there.
  12. "Huh. Well, they'll probably choose someone experienced if whoever doing this is going to save not just our tribe, but the others." Looking upwards, Kusu nodded. "Yeah, we should get over there soon. Otherwise it'll be too late."
  13. "That's the thing." Willy responded. "They choose random people, the random people they choose are blessed by them." He continued walking. "They usually get the job done."
  14. "Seems great! Cafe faeri has always been my personal favorite." Sky replied as they walked along. "Do you think there has been someone that has or has attempted to turn down their request?" Sky wondered, Do they have a choice anyway? "Nevermind, it's a stupid question."
  15. Curious, Kusu listened. If they pick at random, I guess I do have a chance of being picked. Still, it's a low one. I'm not sure how many people will be gathering about today. Turning to Sky, she asked, "Why would anyone want to turn down their requests? It's an honor.. but, maybe if someone tried to.." Pausing for a moment, she thought. "My mother never told me about anything like that happening.."
  16. "I think you're forced to go." He responded. "But you're not alone of course. They select more than one, and that question wasn't stupid. Many people wonder that." They approached the cafe. "Here we are."
  17. Only then did Kusu realize how hungry she was. "Oh! That didn't seem to take long." She rushed in and looked around. "Nice place," she murmured to herself. Looking over at the time, she decided what she'd order and if she'd take anything along the way.
  18. The waiter came around. Willy ordered: "I would like a sitrus berry sandwich please." The waiter scribbled something down on his notepad. "And what would you two like?"
  19. Sky looked at the waiter and spoke. "Can I get a course salad with roasted pecha, Oran, and Leppa berries?" She replied excitedly. She couldnt wait to go to the altar of the starre and watch who gets chosen! "So..." Sky rested her head on the wooden table. "How many people do they choose exactly?" She asked.
  20. "Oh!" looking over at the menu, she spotted some Berry Juice; but more like a soup. "I'll have that," Kusu asked. She also asked for a Pokebean and then looked over to the other Pokémon. "Going with what Sky said, how many people will they chose?" If it's a lot, then I'll know that this mission is going to be dangerous.
  21. "I think it's five." He told the two. "I hate to change the subject, but I bet cafes Geraz, Fyr and Wahta are incredibly crouded, they're the closest to the altar." Willy brought out his wallet. "And the bill." He told the waiter. The waiter went off and went into a room he presumed to be the kitchen.

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