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Private/Closed Pokemon, Travels in the Alola Region! Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Chunky Ramen, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Yes, 3 Pokemon is the max allowed through Route 1- 1st Pokemon Center. Only one of these 3 can be Shiny, and all Lvls. are auto set to 5. To catch a Legendary Pokemon, you must ask permission. Z-Rings are automatically gifted to you, and Mega Bracelets are only accessible through asking a Staff Member.
    Special Traits?: It has Green eyes instead of Blue, perhaps this is hinting to how it will Evolve?
    Here is my character:
    Name: Ray Cedric Stone
    Alias/Nickname(s)(if any): "Robinhood"
    Appearance: He wears a Hero's Cap (US/UM) and a Red/Blue hoodie, he also wears Battle Agency Glasses, which he hasn't taken off since he started his journey. He wears a Mystic Water Necklace, which was a gift from his friend, who is back in Hoenn, he also wears a Z-Ring. He has a white Satchel, and red electric-proof gloves, he also wears worn jeans, a loose belt to hold his Pokeballs, and some red Running Shoes, he also has his Ride Pager clipped onto his Satchel.
    Bio: He is very friendly toward Pokemon, and knows a decent amount about them, as he lives with a Rockruff, an Eevee, and a Kantonian Meowth. He loves making friends, and loves to annoy his sister even more. He is however, rather harsh to those who can't figure out what to do with their life, and go cause trouble *ahem* Guzma *ahem* he is skilled with a bow, and carries one.
    Region(s) Previously Traveled(if any): Johto, Hoenn, Ferrum
    Hometown(Previous + Current): Hoenn: Littleroot/Johto: New Bark/Ferrum: N/A/ Alola: Iki Town
    Goal(s): To become Champion, and make friends.
    Starter Pokemon: Rowlet
    Personality: Very upbeat, harsh at times, very determined
    (Starting Team)
    Pokemon 1: Rowlet
    Moves: Leafage, Tackle, Growl
    Nickname(if any): "Hoots"
    Shiny/No: No
    Special Traits?: N/A
    (if any)Pokemon 2: Eevee
    Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Quick Attack
    Nickname(if any): "Evo"
    Shiny/No: Yes
    Special Traits?: It seems to do best in the dark, where it presents a blue aura, which is very visible
    (if any)Pokemon 3: Rockruff
    Moves: Rock Throw, Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
    Nickname(if any): "Green-Eyes"
    Shiny/No: No
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  2. Name: Kathrine Khale
    Role: Ray’s Travel Companions
    Alias/Nickname(s)(if any): Katy,Kat
    Appearance: https://www.deviantart.com/gamerblam/art/Katy-741485938 (Katy)
    Bio: Kathrine loved planes and flying types when she was young,her father owned an airplane while her mother owned a pokemon daycare,she conciders every pokemon to be her friend,no matter what. She still is afraid of hights,which is why she hasnt agreed to flying a plane.
    Region(s) Previously Traveled(if any): Jhoto And Sinnoh
    Hometown(Previous + Current): Azalea Town
    Goal(s): To become a great Pokémon Coordinator
    Starter Pokemon: Oshawott
    Personality: Hot-Headed,Friendly,Loyal
    (Starting Team)
    Pokemon 1: Oshawott
    Moves: Water Gun,Tackle,Surf
    Nickname(if any): Dover
    Shiny/No: No
    Special Traits?: N/A
    (if any)Pokemon 2: Lucario
    Moves: Aura Sphere,Quick Attack,Metal Claw
    Nickname(if any): Nikoli
    Special Traits?: It has Light grey fur instead of blue fur.
    (if any)Pokemon 3: Buizel
    Moves: Water Gun,Aqua Jet,Quick Attack
    Nickname(if any): Mira
    Special Traits?: N/A
  3. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Accepted! Thank you.
  4. No problem ^>^ And Thanks
  5. Name: Sol
    Role: Travel Companion
    Alias/Nickname(s)(if any): None
    Appearance: He has short blonde hair and blue eyes, he wears the blue alola shirt and dark blue shorts and is quite short for his age.
    Bio: Sol only wants to learn how to be a better trainer, he met his espurr at a young age while he grew up in Kalos and they have been best friends ever since. Now that he`s on vacation he is going to finally start his pokemon journey.
    Region(s) Previously Traveled(if any): None have been traveled, he grew up in kalos
    Hometown(Previous + Current): Lumiose City, Kalos
    Goal(s): To become a strong battler
    Starter Pokemon: Espurr
    Personality: Happy and excitable
    (Starting Team)
    Pokemon 1: Espurr
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Yawn
    Nickname(if any): None
    Shiny/No: No
    Special Traits?: None
  6. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

  7. So what area of alola does the beginning post happen in? Just asking for my first post
  8. Name: David Alon.
    Gender: Male
    Role: Travel Companion.
    Alias/Nickname: None.
    Appearance: He has Wavy brown hair and brown eyes. Has Unovan shorts and a bright t-shirt. Is also pretty tall for being 12 years old.
    Bio: David has lived in Virbank City for most of his life. He found a Snivy at age 8 and kept it. He really wants to be a pokemon champion so during summer vacation he left for aloa.
    Personality: At most times blunt, and isn't afraid of saying something bad, he likes talking to people and is pretty friendly.
    (Starting Team)
    Pokemon 1: Snivy
    Moves: Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip.
    Nicknames: None.
    Special traits: None.
  9. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Any part, depending on your hometown, but the beginning still centers around Iki Town. @StandardRunner Sorry, but all the Travel Companions are filled.
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Looks like someone has not read the RP forum rules!

    Mega evolution - and that includes Mega Evolution catalysts such as mega stones and key stones - require permission from a staff member, which you did not request or receive. Same goes for involvement of any legendaries etc. You are not a staff member, and therefore any questions on the matter are to be directed to staff and not to you.

    Therefore, your character does not have a Mega Bracelet and that has been edited out of their bio.

    Make sure your read the RP forum rules before posting anything else.
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  11. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Oh, sorry. Won't happen again. I'll be sure to be more careful about this.
  12. Oh, Okay. I'm gonna leave.
  13. Here's mine!
    Name: Roxi Maya Stone
    Role: Ray's Little sister.
    Nicknames: R, Ro
    Appearance: She wears a pokeball necklace with a tank top and a denim vest. She also wears blue shorts that go up to her thighs. Roxi wears pink running shoes.
    Bio: Roxi used to fear pokemon, and would run away if someone's pokemon ran up to her, she'd run for the hills.She later discovered that pokemon were kind and helpful creatures, and even became a trainer of a pokemon herself, which turned out to be eevee. Even though Ray annoys her, she will quickly forgive Ray because she wants a good bond with him. She travled to kalos, and won the title Kalos queen. Her brother doesn't now about this... (will know in the upcoming future)
    Regions: Previously travled: (if any): Johto, Hoenn, Kalos.
    Hometown: (Previous+Current): Hoenn: Littleroot/Johto: New Bark/ Ferrum: N/A/ Alola: Iki Town. Kalos: N/A
    Goals: To be the best performer she can be, and to spread the tradition through Alola.
    Personality: She is Happy-go-lucky, brave, and reckless. Roxi is also very sensitive.
    Starting team:
    Pokemon 1:
    Shiny/No: No
    Nicknames: N/A
    Traits: N/A
    Iron tail
    Trump Card
    Pokemon 2:
    Shiny/No: Yes
    Nicknames: Cascade
    Water gun
    tail whip
  14. Name: Darren Kell
    Role: Ray's Rival
    Alias/Nickname(s): N/A
    Appearance: Medium smooth Black hair that covers his right eye, Pale skin, Baby blue eyes. Wears a long Dark blue trench coat, Charcoal baggy pants and Dark brown boots with straps on the ankles.
    Bio: Darren always dreamed of becoming a powerful Pokémon trainer ever since he learned about Pokémon, he lived with his parents in Opelucid City. At the age of 5, he was given a Pokémon egg which hatched a Bagon and the two became close ever since. He also travelled around Sinnoh in order to train, after being in Sinnoh for a year and training hard, he returned home to his parents in Unova. When his parents won the lottery, they decided to move to a new region; Alola and have lived there for slightly over a year. Darren figured a beautiful place like Alola was the best place to start his Pokémon journey.
    Region(s) Previously Traveled: Unova, Sinnoh
    Hometown(Previous + Current): Opelucid City, Hau'oli town.
    Goal(s): To become a strong trainer.
    Starter Pokémon: Bagon
    Personality: Darren is calm, quiet, serious and blunt. Sometimes he can be a smartass and he loathes losing.

    (Starting Team)

    Pokémon 1: Bagon
    Moves: Headbutt, Ember, Bite, Twister (Breed)
    Nickname(if any): N/A
    Shiny/No: No
    Special Traits?: Slightly bigger than a normal Bagon

    Pokémon 2: Litten
    Moves: Ember, Scratch, Fake Out, Double Kick
    Nickname(if any): N/A
    Shiny/No: No
    Special Traits?: N/A

    Pokémon 3: Ralts
    Moves: Confusion, Disarming Voice, Magical Leaf, Double Team
    Nickname(if any): N/A
    Shiny/No: no
    Special Traits?: Eyes are Orange instead of Red
  15. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

  16. @EternalDiamondEevee Is this because Roxi knows Litten's Pokedex entry and that showing affection might push it away or did you think that Darren was complaining toward Litten about the shouting?
  17. Actually, Roxi loves all pokemon and doesn't want to see them pushed away or just used for like battling. She gets offended when a pokemon shows affection and the trainer pushes the pokemon away. (also this will unfold into a battle.)
  18. Oh Darren loves Pokémon as well, sure he may train them for battling and all that but he does show affection toward them.
  19. Okay,thanks for letting me know.

    Oh and by the way, Roxi just got kinda confused so...
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  20. Right, I'm gonna wait and see if someone else responds.
  21. Okay. I'll wait too.

    No ones answering....
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  22. Just give it time, patience.
  23. Okay

    Okay it has been an hour and no ones answering.
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  24. Um, did you delete one of your posts? Because I can see that I double posted for some unknown reason.
  25. Spots Open: Champion

    oh my I can make a champion NPC?
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator


    Remember that forums are NOT an immediate form of communication. If no one posts in the thread, wait patiently until someone does and don't start spamming the thread about how no one's posting. Also, remember that one word posts are SPAM in accordance with our global rules. If you have nothing of actual discussion value to say, don't post it or risk warnings.
  27. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Oh, hey Toramaru, I was actually thinking of making a few more roles, but yeah, if you'd like.
  28. Before this battle properly goes underway, who do you think should win?
  29. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    I'm fine with whoever, but if you agree, I think you should win, y'know, get a good start on the rivalry.
  30. Yeah in the future, I will find a egg with an alolan vulpix inside. But something happened, if you can tell....
  31. A bit like Ash and Paul, fine by me. (Although unlike Paul; Darren cares for his Pokémon.)
  32. Oh and Pokesweeper, if it's ok with you, there will be a few times where Roxi will challenge Darren.
  33. Is this meant to be like the S/M or US/UM Storyline where the protagonist falls and is saved by Tapu Koko or do you have another plan?
  34. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Okay, so I send down a Toucannon, and the Tapu's like "Nope" and it saves you, correct? What happens to Toucannon?
  35. I talked with stellarwindelysdeon and you dont need permission for z-ring. It plays a big a role in the game and rp but only use in once per battle.

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