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Open Pokémon Training Center

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by GalacticSky, Aug 17, 2016.


Different gender dorms?

Poll closed Aug 24, 2016.
  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Maybe? ;)

  1. Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Training Center RP! This is for mature and serious RPers.


    1. No spamming chat with unnecessary comments. If you are caught spamming, you will be removed from the RP by me or the Admins.

    2. Language is allowed, but limit it. You may swear in the RP, but you may not use that cuss word frequently. Please limit the usage.

    3. Dating is allowed, as long as it's not incest or rape. This is not an erotic RP or something that's supposed to relate to intercourse. Kissing is allowed on the other hand. But please, not graphic descriptions.

    4. Legendary Pokémon are allowed, but only with an Admin's granted access..

    Student Application Format:

    Character Name:

    Looks (Please Be Detailed) :



    Prefered Pokémon Types:

    Current Pokémon (limit is 3):



    Teacher Application Format (limit is 10 teachers)


    Pokémon Type Specialty:

    Current Pokémon (limit is 6):





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  2. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heads up:
    As per the rules, legendaries are not allowed unless approved by an admin. Please make sure they're given the all-clear by @StellarWind Elsydeon before using them.

    Also, as this RP doesn't look to have started properly yet, I'm going to move it to PRP Discussion. If folks could put their bios and OOC chat here, then once you're ready to start, post your first RP post in a new thread in the Pokémon Role Play forum proper (not General Role Play). :)
  3. Thank you for the feedback! I fixed my error with the legendaries, I'm quite new to Pokécharms, thanks for the help!
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  4. Name:Myandera Silvers

    Pokémon Type Specialty:Fire

    Current Pokémon (limit is 6):Typhlosion (Blitz) Chandelure (Flare) Braixen (Flame) Rotom [Heat] (Ember) Flareon(Ala)

    Personality:Firey, Usually helpful. Skilled with her pokemon,

    Looks:5'6, Short Messy Maroon dye'd hair. Jade green eyes with a faint sparkle, She has thin rimmed glasses with slightly cloudy lenses, She wears a Red Suit, with several black buttons that keep it together, As well as The embroided sign of her previous gym, Her trousers are Night black and immaculately tailored for her,

    Age: 26

    Hobbies:Training, Digging, Baking.

    Background:Hails from the Johto region, Raised Ecruteak City. They had a Good upbringing, With both family and good friends, As well taking an interest in mythology she took a liking to fire type's and proceeded her goals to become a gym leader. For 4 years she was one before coming to be a teacher here
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  5. Thank you for your response! You will be assigned as a fire type teacher.
  6. Character Name: Sapphire Altair (Sapphy for short)

    Looks (Please Be Detailed) : 5' 10", a set of hooded eyes, the left cobalt blue, the right faded gray, jet black straight hair falling just below her shoulders, a white eye patch covering her right eye, a snow white open vest worn over a navy blue t-shirt, a white star-shaped pendant with a lapis lazuli circle in the middle, sky blue draped skirt, grey galaxy leggings, silver and black checkered slip-on shoes.

    Quiet, hopelessly shy around others, cautious, but easily excited and bouncy around those she knows


    Preferred Pokémon Types:
    Ghost, Water, Ice

    Current Pokémon (limit is 3):
    A Female Spheal (Sherry) & A Female Frillish (Nadia)

    Dancing, singing

    Sapphire grew up in Shalour City, but she would always visit Route 12 and the Azure Bay when she felt lonely, which was often. She has been blind in one eye since birth, so to hide this, she wears an eye patch. Her father always loved Pokemon Contests and Showcases, which made Sapphire want to be a Pokemon Performer of some sort when she got older. Her mother, on the other hand, wanted Sapphire to become a trainer and challenge the Pokemon League. In the end, she decided to do both, focusing on making her battles as glamorous as possible while still trying to win. This being said, despite her will to entertain, she doesn't really talk to people much. She's shy when it comes to everything other than battles, where a new side of her appears. There have been few people able to break through her quiet shell, and thise few are her parents and Shalour City's gym leader, Korrina, who she talked to frequently before coming to the trainer school. Sapphire's partners try to get her to talk to others, to make friends, but it doesn't really work that often if at all.
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  7. Name: Techno

    Pokémon Type Specialty: Electric

    Current Pokémon (limit is 6): Luxray, Raichu, Helolisk, Lanturn, Jolteon, Ampharos

    Personality: Trusting in his pokemon, Techno battles with power and speed. He is loud, a friend that cares for someone.

    Looks: Standing at 6'4, Techno has a pair of super bright blue shining eye. He was a white, blue, and yellow striped shirt. He has pair of shoes with a lightning bolt symbol on, the rest of the shoes are white.

    Age: 28

    Hobbies: Playing Guitar, Playing Video Games, and watching Television.

    Background: He was born in Lumiose City. He was first interested in Steel types, but he got bored in steel types. Electric sounded the best fitting. He was inspired by music to start play instruments.
  8. Congrats! You are accepted into the RP!
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  9. Congrats! You are the Electric Type teacher.

  10. Thanks!
  11. Name : Flora
    Pokémon type Specialty : Ice
    Pokémon : Flolas ( flora ), articuno ( adem ), dewgong ( danny )
    Age : 16
    Looks : 5' 4, sky blue eyes, purple scarf, pinkish-white hair, white dress with a orange bow, blue high heals, purple glasses, Hair over one eye the rest in a high pony-tale
    Personality : Shy, Chill ( like ice ) ,
    Hobbies : Going to starbucks daily, sings ,reads books
    Background : Born in Lumiose City she studied water types and didn't like them BUT when she foght a trainer with a glaceon was attcached to ice types
  12. Character Name: Leafy Bubblegum (OC was made before I discovered LeafyisHere so NO I didn't steal that name)

    Looks (Please Be Detailed) : Fluffy blonde hair (just like blond guy in my profile pic), emerald eyes, 5'4, wears a dark blue hoodie with a picture of kirby chewing bubblegum on it, dark dark dark dark DARK blue semi skinny jeans, bright red vans with white laces

    Personality: happy, cheerful, kind, calm and collected, can lose his mind when he's triggered (dONT WORRY! HE WONT GET TRIGGERED EVER WE ARE GOOD), lazy, tries to act all tough and powerful but he can't even hurt a fly if he tried, otaku

    Age: 15

    Prefered Pokémon Types: Dark, Normal, Water

    Current Pokémon (limit is 3): Zorua (Sly), Aipom (Leffen), Quagsire (Slippers)

    Hobbies: Cooking, Gaming, watching Anime, drawing, reading manga, overall just being a nerd/geek

    Background: Was born in Unova and instead of going for gyms, he wanted to soak in his journey and all the locations and beauty that the Unova region had to offer. He started getting involved with Team Plasma and eventually ended up blowing up their entire base and almost completely destroying the team itself. Buuuuut he had a bounty on his head from team Plasma that was so high he had to move to (insert region this school is in here) and spent the summer discovering new pokemon and exploring, while also staying inside playing games on some days. Now it's fall and his parents told him about this school and that he would be living in the dorms. He agreed and now here we are boom
  13. Ok Arpi.
    You're in.
  14. Accepted! However, you may not use a legendary. Please fix that soon! Thank you for registering!
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  15. Character Name: Jaiden "Galactic" Sky

    Looks (Please Be Detailed) : 6"2, Shaggy black hair, always wears a black hoodie. Handsome, and quite lithe. More built for speed than strength.

    Personality: Shy, very introverted, and always trying to avoid social conversation with most people. Doesn't have any friends except for Arpi and usually soft-spoken and kind.

    Age: 16

    Prefered Pokémon Types: Flying/Dragon types.

    Current Pokémon (limit is 3): Hawlucha ( Hawk ), Dragonite ( Drag ) , Staraptor ( Star )

    Hobbies: Loves flying with Pokémon, and enjoys reading books in his dorm.

    Background: Hails from Unova region. Parents were decently rich and had a good income. Got his first Pokémon Staraptor, using his Pokéball he got from his birthday. Discovered his passion for Pokémon and his parents encouraged him to become a trainer and go make some friends. And sent him away to the Pokémon Training Center.
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  16. Character Name: Vesox

    Looks (Please Be Detailed) : Black Hair, Red Hoodie, Black Shorts, Yellow Shoes,

    Personality: Weird, Excited

    Age: 16

    Preferred Pokémon Types: Electric/ Water

    Current Pokémon (limit is 3): Greninja(Grimm), Luxray(Ray), Gyarados(Pump)

    Hobbies: Eating and Sleeping

    Background: Rich Parents, Spoiled Child, Lives in the Kanto Region
  17. Accepted.
  18. Announcement:
    You may start the RP now, however, Whaly<3 is not allowed to use an Articuno without an Pokécharm Admin's permission.
    Setting will be taken at the dorms, with all the newcomers picking their roommates and rooms.
    We will have different gender dorms, but you may live outside of the school. Have fun and keep the RP appropriate and clean!
    - Galactic
  19. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

  20. (i'm new here, When do I start RP'ing in the main chat?)​

    Character Name:
    Aurora (Rory)
    Looks (Please Be Detailed) :
    Green/blue eyes with freckled face. Light dirty blonde hair. Beach dress-up, usually a swimsuit with a covering long skirt.
    Cool-headed, Kind and friendly. Bold when necessary.
    Prefered Pokémon Types:
    Water and Fire
    Current Pokémon (limit is 3):
    Pippy the Piplup and Rex the Houndour
    Swimming, surfing, jumping/running.
    Grew up in Hoenn, she lived with her many (6) siblings beside the beach in this region where she met Piplup her first pokemon, received from her mother (who got Piplup from the proffesor). Aurora's bond with Piplup is faulty, and they did not originally get along well because of Piplup's Prideful nature (they still have their fights.) Eventually they bonded when Piplup rescued Rory from a potentially deadly riptide on the beach, showing that Piplup indeed cared for it's trainer Aurora. In times of need Piplup will help, otherwise Pippy is not well tempered and hard to get along with.

    Her family moved to Alola, where they reside now. A new friend of her's (un-named) in the region possessed a houndour, which didn't bond well to her friend. An accident occurred in which Aurora displayed an act of bravery, saving houndour from impending danger. That is when her friend decided to give her houndour, saying that she/he was better fit for a different type. Aurora and houndour bonded almost immediately, their personalities are similar.

  21. Just wait till Galactic gets back (and approves)
  22. Okay, thank you. Your character Myandera sounds awesome x3
  23. Thank you! Your like of water/fire types may make you a bit of reputation in her standards
  24. Looks pretty dope, application is accepted.

  25. Galactic get on the god damn roleplay
  26. Thanks! Do you mind linking the main RP? I can't find it
  27. Here ya gohttp://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-training-center.13640/
  28. I'll start posting when more action starts.
  29. name:sean mcquigg
    looks (please be detailed):brown and orange messy hair covered by red hat with charmander on it blue eyes black shirt with lucario on it blue jeans black shoes
    personality:fun, friendly, never gives up, and brave
    prefered pokemon types: fire fighting dragon
    current pokemon (limit is three):blaze the charmeleon, aura the riolu, and draco the altaria
    hobbies: playing guitar and singing
    background: Sean comes from the hoenn reigon. He grew up an only child with his mom and dad he got charmander when he was 6, as a gift from his dad. Sean and charmander became friends instantly and they went everywhere together. Sean decided to keep charmander out of his pokeball because he always wanted him to be out. Sean caught altaria when it was a swablu when he was 10, because he was taking a walk in the forest and found it charmander battled it and during the fight charmander evolved into charmeleon. Swablu evolved quickly when it was training with blaze.
    His family moved to the alola reigon when he was 16 and an old friend of sean's met him at the airport and gave him a riolu as a welcoming gift. Riolu became freinds with sean and all his other pokemon instanly. Then Sean's parents told him about the pokemon training center and asked him if he wanted to go he said yes and packed his things and went.
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  30. Nice character! It sounds like mine somewhat :3
  31. Thanks and yeah it kinda does
  32. Want to RP when your character gets accepted?
  33. Yeah
  34. Great application! You're accepted! Make sure to get along you two. ;)
    Link To The Actual RP: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-training-center.13640/ (Open - Pokémon Training Center)
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  35. Where are them, RPers?
  36. Dunno,
    I R
    C N
    K I
    S N
    T G
  37. Character Name: Sohrah Aloysia

    Looks : Mid back length honey blonde hair, silver green eyes, very tanned skin. She stands at 5''7', and has no freckles or spots. Her normal attire is dark green shorts, with black leggings or tights underneath and dark green sneakers. A white vest top, with a dark green jacket (no hood), silver belt and dark green hat with white at the front and a purple pokeball printed onto it.

    Personality: Mischievous, Kind, Quirky, Slightly sarcastic, Very Stubborn

    Age: 16

    Preferred Pokémon Types: Poison, Steel

    Current Pokémon: Nidorina (Paris), Steelix (Cassie)

    Hobbies: Sketching, Reading, Writing

    Background: Born in Johto, she grew up with just her and her mum, she loved Steel pokemon the moment her mum introduced her to them, growing up she wanted to be a steel trainer like her mum, but found a few years later that she loves Poison types almost as much. Before her dad had left her family, he had captured an Onix - and told Sohrah's mum that the Onix was for Sohrah and nobody else. When she was 8, her mum introduced her to Onix and Sohrah absolutely loved her, and gave her the name Cassie, but she didn't want to train a rock/ground type so she gave Cassie a metal coat and begged with her mum to trade her. Her mum did and Cassie evolved into Steelix, and she was then traded back to Sohrah. Cassie and Sohrah have been through a lot together and when Sohrah was 13 they went out to capture another pokemon and came across a female Nidoran, they quickly captured her, Sohrah gave her the name Paris and spent the next few years training with her, evolving her into Nidorina. The three of them have bonded well together, even though Paris and Cassie enjoy play fighting.
  38. AYYYYYYYY ANOTHER JOHTO'ER! Okay, Welcome. I'm not going to approve since. I'm not the creator(Galactic. seriously, make like two other people moderators that can approve because timezones it's 22:33 for me get on that)
  39. I absolutely love Johto xD it's my favourite-st region on the whole wide region-y place
    I think we have the same timezone DarkestNight because its same time for me too

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