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DPPt/HGSS Pokemon training and fighting

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by JJBlu, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Just a simple question, I will prolly have more as I go with making my final team.

    Question #1
    is this a good ev, nature and move set for an infernape?
    Att 255, SPD, 255 (I didn't care to use the 1 point missed in the distribution) Adamant nature

    Thunder Punch
    Close Combat
    Shadow Claw
    Flare Blitz
  2. hmm...it's a good moveset for physical, and it's a good nature and all, but isn't it a bit too self-sacrificial? flare blitz is a good move and all, but you lose health from it. are there any other good physical fire moves that infernape can learn?
  3. Sem

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    There's always Flamewheel.

    I agree with this moveset though. It's the best you'd be able to put on Infernape. It has low defenses anyway, it just meant to attack hard and fast. But I guess Flamewheel and Brick Break would be healthy alternatives.
  4. the other choices would be fire punch or blaze kick. I went for the flare blitz because its the highest damage.
    I guess blaze kick could be used... but the problem is I would have to be able to give 2 egg moves at the same time =/ same with fire punch. I made him to kill or be killed, so if he kills 1 pokemon and then dies from backlash, I would still be satisfied.
    I will debate brick break, but I will have him holding Expert belt so I am aiming for max damage.
    Thanks for the suggestions and feedback.
  5. Carmen Lopez

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    You could always let you Infernape hold leftovers. Me personally, I wouldn't put Flare Blitz and Close Combat on it at the same time. Having one move that deals recoil damage and another that lowers defenses on one moveset is never good. Brick Break is a good alterantive for Close Combat. Fire Punch and Blaze Kick are okay but Flare Blitz while holding leftovers is better.
  6. white herb is a good counter for close combat, lefties is a good counter for flare blitz.

    brick break is a good substitute for close combat, blaze kick is a good substitute for flare blitz.

    you can only have one, so choose wisely.
  7. I see that your suggestions make my strategy show that he will die fast from himself XD. I just like the damage levels of the moves alot. I am beginning to think about changing shadow claw to u-turn. If I can't 1-hit the pokemon I am fighting with one of the other moves, I will u-turn and switch my pokemon. this move still does great damage to psychic types (the reason why I put shadow claw there). would it then seem more just to keep flare blitz and close combat? The hold item I want to use is expert belt for the same reason as those moves.
  8. Since moves have already been covered, I will deal with nature. Adamant is a good nature in my opinion because it plays to Infernape's strength. Adamant raises Attack but lowers special attack by around 10% or so.
  9. by definition, natures raise one stat by up to 10%, and lower one by 10%. if you've got a neutral nature, that just means one stat is lowered and raised, to nullify the effect.
  10. thanks everyone for the comments for the first pokemon =) Now for my second

    Kingdra 255 Defense, 255 Sp. Defense ev's
    Modest Nature
    Attacks are as follows
    Ice Beam
    Signal Beam
    Draco Meteor
  11. you should give it a white herb to get rid of the after-effects of draco meteor.

    surf, ice beam, and draco meteor are almost essential.

    *goes to look up fourth possible move*

    put in rain dance, and make sure it has the swift swim ability. that will double its speed, and make it hard to outrun by anything other than a floatzel or the speed deoxys. (neither of which would stand much of a chance against draco meteor)

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