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Open Pokemon Trainer RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MuchToFab4U, Jan 1, 2017.

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  1. In this RP you can be from a different region but it is set in Johto & you can bring pokemon from other regions in this RP, just don't be super OP or the champion of a region, this has an Anime style Pokemon league.

    Lay out your characters like this

    Pokemon on hand:
    Where are you from:

    Here's my one

    Name: Hunter
    Age: 14
    Appearance: 5'6, fair skin tone, brown hair & dark blue eyes, black jeans & a white hoodie on with a gray beanie & gray sneakers
    Pokemon on hand: Sceptile
    Where are you from: Hoenn
    Ambitions: To be know around the world as one of the best Pokemon trainers
    Personality: Laid back, doesn't take too much seriously & doesn't enjoy losing important battles

    As Hunter stepped off the boat from Hoenn to Johto he released his Sceptile from its Pokeball & said "We may of not done the best in the Hoenn league but this time will be different, plus that guy was like crazy hard." his Sceptile who seemed to be disappointed by the result of coming in the top 32 had now seemed to cheer up after this little pep talk. Johto was very different from Hoenn & Hunter could tell this from just his first glance. "C'mon Sceptile, lets go explore Cherrygrove city & who knows maybe we'll met some friendly faces"
  2. Name: Lucy
    Age: 15
    Appearance: 5'7, black long hair, black T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, red sholder bag and white sunglasses
    Pokemon on hand: Braixen, Eevee
    Where are you from: Kalos
    Ambitions: To explore every region, meet new friends and discover new Pokemon; to became Pokemon Breeder
    Personality: kind, friendly, loyal, brave

    Lucy was ine PokeShop in Cherrygrove City. She already came to Johto about an hour ago. She was buying some PokeBalls and Potions. She paind and went out of the PokeShop.
    "Okay, I bought all I need, for now." Lucy said and put Potions and PokeBall in her shoulder bag. "Are you ready to explore?" Lucy asked her Braixen and Eevee
    "Vee!" Eevee exclaimed from her shoulder
    "Xen." Braixen nodded
    "Okay, where should we go first?" Lucy asked herself and looked around
  3. Name: Ember
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Very short, 4'9', exactly. Shoulder-length curly brown hair, although she keeps it pulled back all the time. Long bangs are swept over her left eye. Green eyes and pale skin, freckles across nose and cheeks with soft features. Wears baggy, black pants that are rolled up halfway to her knees and no shoes. Wears a loose gray shirt with a graphically designed Lugia over the heart.
    Pokemon on hand: Zoroark, Quilava, and Glaceon.
    Where are you from: Johto.
    Ambitions: None, really. Not much of a good battler, but really likes to spend time with her Pokemon, and frankly cares more about Pokemon than humans.
    Personality: Quiet, can be sarcastic, very observant, somewhat introverted, and kind - depending on who you are and how you treat people and Pokemon. Her humor can be morbid depending on her mood.

    Ember strolled down the sidewalk with her partner, Alizure. The zoroark had taken the form of a Grovyle to shake off unwanted attention from anyone who might stare at him. His trainer sighed in relief quietly as they reaches the outskirts of Cherrygrove. The girl sat in the grass, staring upwards. Her zoroark copied her actions and kept an eye out for anybody suspicious passing by. The leaves on his tail twitched. Ember noted her partner's unease and tapped the ground. "It's okay. You can relax now. I think they're gone." She muttered, making sure she spotted no grunts in Team Rocket uniforms for the fifth time that day.
  4. Hunter then realised that to start a new journey he would need Pokeballs to catch some new Pokemon to help him. As he started trotting towards the PokeShop with his Sceptile he noticed a girl standing outside with Pokemon out "Wow, nice Pokemon! My names Hunter & this is Sceptile." Sceptile then looked the other Pokemon up & down as to take a guess at how strong they were "So, whats your name?" He asked with a smile on his face.
  5. "Hi, I'm Lucy. And this is my Braixen and Eevee." Lucy said and showed her Pokemon.
  6. "It's nice to met you & your Pokemon, Lucy. Also wheres the best place to catch some strong Pokemon around here?" Hunter asked.
  7. "I am going into Route 24." Lucy showed a path to Route. "Maybe I catch some Pokemon there." Lucy said
  8. "Oh okay, well I'll go buy some Pokeballs & met you there then" Hunter said as he returned his Sceptile & began to walk to the PokeShop to buy some PokeBalls, he was greeted by a man who was very kind & he bought some PokeBalls along with some Potions & headed off to Route 24 but on the way he saw a very short female with a Grovyle by her side. "Hello, my name's Hunter & you've got a good taste in Pokemon." Hunter stated tossing out his Sceptile "The Treecko line of Pokemon are the best by far if you ask me, but enough about our Pokemon, whats your name?" Hunter asked ask. Whilst Sceptile started to talk to the Grovyle.
  9. Lucy entered the Route 24. "Okay, here we are. Let's explore for some Pokemon." Lucy said and started to walk in the Route.
    Her Braixen and Eevee followed her.
    Suddenly Pichu jumped from bushes.
    "Oh, look it's Pichu!" Lucy exclaimed "Go, Braixen, Flamethrower!" Lucy yelled and Braixen burned Pichu.
    "He was burned, now use Fire Spin!" Lucy yelled and Braixen took stick from her tail and burned Pichu, again.
    Pihu fainted.
    "Go, PokeBall!" Lucy threw a PokeBall.
    PokeBall was shaking and... 'click'. Pichu was caught.
    "Yeey!" Lucy exclaimed "We caught Pichu!" Lucy took PokeBal and put it in her shoulder bag.
  10. Name: Tracey
    Age: 14
    Appearance: Short blonde hair, 5'9, White collared shirt with a tie and jacket, skirt, brown shoes and white knee high socks.
    Pokemon on hand: Chikorita, Zubat,
    Where are you from: Johto
    Ambitions: Become friends with other people and Pokemon, find someone who will love her for who she is
    Personality: Fun, Easily excited, Persistent and Trusting

    Tracey skipped to the Pokemon Centre after just arriving in Cherrygrove city, she healed up her pokemon and sat down, letting her Chikorita sit on her lap. Tracey pulled out her pokedex that she had just received earlier in the morning, and checked the pages, she had seen many pokemon but had run out of pokeballs once she had caught her Zubat. She walked past 2 trainers with a Grovyle and Sceptile and entered the PokeShop, Trace browsed the shelves and brought some pokeballs, potions and paralyse heals. She threw the items into her bag and set out for her journey to route 24.
  11. The girl's attention snapped to the sudden appearance of the trainer. "O-oh, yes- my name's Ember." She choked on her words nervously. Her zoroark looked much less comfortable. She sparked a reassuring glance at the disguised illusionist and relaxed a little at the Sceptile's and trainer's friendlyness.
  12. Name: Nathanael (Prefers to be called Nathan)
    Age: 10
    Appearance: 4'5, Black hair curving up at the front, Brown eyes, Smooth white skin, Green unzipped jacket with a blue tee with a star in the middle underneath, Brown cargo shorts almost touching knees, Black and white satchel around right arm (Used for carrying potions, berries, and bandages.), and bright green backpack (Carries pokeballs, TMS, HMS, and other key items.).
    Pokemon on hand: Greninja, Breloom
    Home Region: Kalos
    Ambitions: Befriending/Catching every pokemon, making friends to help him achieve his goal.
    Personality: Smart, Kind, Mostly Chill, Will help anyone in need.

    Arriving in Johto a few minutes ago, Nathan swiftly ran to Route 24. He got to the route, passed a few people, then stopped. He heard some rustling grass. He looked around, and finally spotted it. The grass kept rustling and rustling. Then, a Mareep strolled out of the grass. Nathan sighed. "Thank goodness it wasn't something tough." He thought. "Although if it was, me and Greninja would still be able to take it down." Nathan walked up to the Mareep, and pet it. Then the grass Mareep came out of started rustling again! Nathan stopped petting it, and stared at the grass once more. Three Flaaffy jumped out of the bush, with angry faces. "Umm... Hi?" Nathan said, with a worried expression. The Flaaffy shocked Nathan with a Thunder Shock. "AHH!!" Nathan yelled. Breloom came out of it's pokeball, seeing the trio of Flaaffy shock Nathan. Breloom quickly used Mach Punch on the Flaaffy, making them flee. The Mareep also ran away. Nathan then fell to the ground. Breloom then looked down to Nathan, with a shocked expression. "Bre Bre Loom!?" Breloom asked worryingly. Nathan then lifted his head up. "I'm fine Breloom." Nathan stuttered, then got up slowly. His legs felt wobbly. He almost fell, but helped himself up. He then sat down and grabbed out two oran berries from his satchel. "I think I just need to wait a little until my body heals." Nathan said calmly, passing an oran berry to Breloom.
  13. "I was about to go to Route 24 to try catch some Pokemon, would you like to come with Sceptile & I, Ember?" Hunter said getting ready to leave to hopefully catch a new team member.
  14. "Uhm.. yeah, sure." She shot Alizure another glance and got up, dusting her pants off. I forgot my bag at home. She realized, feeling a little stupid. Oh well. It's not like I was gonna catch anything anyways. She shrugged to herself, then helped her partner up.
  15. "Okay lets get going then" He said walking off with his Sceptile, wondering what kind of new Pokemon he would find his eyes where filled with excitement as they entered Route 24, as soon as Hunter entered he started too look around for Pokemon but then bumped into a person with blonde hair "Opps, sorry." He said a little embarrassed
  16. "Hey!" Tracey turned around to face a boy who was much smaller than her, she noticed that he had a sceptile next to him. "Hey, you're a pokemon trainer!" Tracey grabbed the pokeballs containing Chikorita and Zubat. " Let's have a battle!" Tracey tossed the pokeball containing Chikorita onto the field.
  17. "Come out Pichu!" Lucy threw PokeBall.
    Pichu came from it. "Chu." Pichu said
    Eevee waved to Pichu.
    "Hello little guy, would you like to travel with us?" Lucy asked Pichu
    Pichu looked at Braixen and Eevee. "Chu." Pichu nodded.
    "Vee!" Eevee exclaimed.
    Braixen hugged Pichu.
    "Okay, then let's go,. There is so many which we need to catch." Lucy said and continue walking.
    Braixen walkd beside Lucy and she caried Pichu in her paws.
    Eevee climbed on Lucy's shoulder.
  18. Ember followed at a distance, feeling a tad more comfortable to be not so close to anyone except her Pokemon. She fell back beside her zoroark. "You can rest now. I need to train Niko anyways." She spoke, taking out his Pokeball and retrieving him before releasing her Quilava.
  19. "Sure! Sceptile get ready for our first battle in Johto, lets make it a win!" Hunter said very excited. Sceptile nodded in agreement. Sceptile then got into a battle stance. "Okay Sceptile use Leaf Blade!" Hunter exclaimed, Sceptile then bolted forward toward the Chikorita ready to strike.
  20. "Chikorita, quick move out of the way!" Chikorita tries to avoid the sceptiles attack, but Chikorita is too slow. Sceptile lands the attack and Chikorita faints. "Chikorita! No!". Tracey puts Chikorita back into her pokeball, "Ok! It's time to win, go Zubat!" Tracey sends out Zubat, "Zubat, use confuse ray!"
  21. Sceptile got hit by the confuse ray, Sceptile then became lost on where he was "Sceptile use Night Slash" Sceptile then turned around & charged towards Hunter. "No the other way & up Sceptile" Hunter screamed. Sceptile then turned his way around & launched himself at Zubat.
  22. The quilava yawned and shook himself to wake up, while Ember perked at the sound of a battle. She slunk towards the source of he noise, watching cautiously from a distance. Niko, the quilava, followed suit and peeked around a corner at the battling Pokemon.
  23. Zubat flew out of the way of Sceptiles attack and used Astonish on the Sceptile, Sceptile is barely affected by Zubats attack.
  24. Lucy saw two boys battling. They are mighty Lucy thought
  25. Sceptile seemed to snap out of its confusion with a shake of its head "Okay Sceptile, lets finish this. Use Leaf Blade!" Hunter screamed as Sceptile jumped towards Zubat preparing to finish the battle.
  26. Zubat fell to the ground as Tracey watched in horror. "Wow..." Tracey returned Zubat to its pokeball, "You're really strong" and handsome Tracey thought to herself.
  27. "Hey, boys!" Lucy waved to boys who werer fighting "I'm Lucy, I saw your battle, you did it great."
  28. "Thank you both." Hunter said returning his Sceptile to his Pokeball "But then again you don't come in the top 32 in the Hoenn league by being weak."
  29. The trainer just sighed and glanced down at Niko. The fur along his spine was sticking straight up in excitement. He always liked watching battles. She leaned over and scooped up the oddly large quilava, ruffling the fur on his head and hoping he wouldn't decide to flare his flames, like last time. She started to step out and join the other trainers, then hesitantly decided against it and started back home to fetch her bag.
  30. name:felix
    appearance:6'2''white polo shirt with black jacket unzipped,red spikey hair,blue jeans,black sneakers.
    pokemon:shiny greninja,talonflame,raichu,umbreon,dragonair,cindaquil
    ambitions:to be the best trainer in kalos and have as many friends as possible
    personality:friendly,social,a little shy

    After felix left kalos and got 5 pokeballs,he decided to go to route 24.There were lots of trainers there."Hi.My name is Felix,"he said to a trainer with a sceptile,"want to have a battle?"
  31. "Hmph!" Tracey ran off to the Pokemon center and healed her Pokemon. She sat down behind the Pokemon center and let out her Chikorita, Tracey curled up into a little ball and started to sob. Chikorita nestled against Tracey trying to comfort her, "It's okay Chikorita, I'm not sad..." Tracey looked down at Chikorita "Being a Pokemon trainer is so exciting!" Tracey smiled at Chikorita as tears rolled down her face, she then proceeded to cuddle with her Chikorita.
  32. "I'll love to have another battle" Hunter replied to the other trainer glancing around to see if he could find any wild Pokemon before the battle was about to commence, after one final pan around Hunter said "Okay, Felix lets battle." then Sceptile got into its battle stance.
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  33. Ember arrived home, her quilava still in her arms. She set him down and snatched her army green messenger bag from her room, then slipped out of the house again. She made sure the door was locked before casting a glance down at Niko, then proceeded to retrace her footsteps back to Route 24.
  34. "Actually can you wait here for a bit, Felix. I really want to catch some new Pokemon." Hunter said "But after I do I'll still be up to battle." Hunter continued, he then walked off in search of some new Pokemon. Whilst searching Hunter stumbled across a Totodile. "Sceptile go, use Leaf Blade on that Totodile." Hunter exclaimed. Sceptile then hit Totodile with its leaf blade sending it flying. The Totodile then ran up to Sceptile & tried to us bite but Sceptile jumped out of the way just in time. "Okay Sceptile use Quick Attack" Sceptile then ran at speeds no human could charging at the Totodile making it faint. "Good work Sceptile" Hunter said very happily at his partner then Hunter tossed a Pokeball at the fainted Totodile. It connected & rolled once, twice, three times before clicking. Hunter then ran over to the Pokeball & picked it up & with excitement said "We did it Sceptile" Sceptile then smirked obviously proud of himself.
  35. She glanced around the Route to see if anyone was watching before she slung her bag up into the biggest tree she could find. She knelt over to Niko and allowed him to hook onto her shoulder, then hooked her fingers into the bark and scurried up the tree.
  36. Hunter then realised that he should go heal up his Pokemon, he left the route quickly & entered the Pokecenter where he was then greated by a kind Nurse who happiy healed his Sceptile & Totodile & he then left the Pokecenter & heard a faint sobbing coming from somewhere around the Pokemon center "Hello..?" Hunter said trying to sound kind, he then came around behind the Pokecenter & noticed a girl crying "Are you okay?" he asked.
  37. Tracey wiped the tears off of her cheeks and stood up, "Yeah, I'm fine." Tracey looked over to the person who had asked if she was okay. Tracey jumped back as she realised who it was "Hey, you're that kid from before!"
  38. "Oh yeah, are your Pokemon alright?" Hunter said in a caring voice. "I hope I'm not the reason you're crying. I was about to go back to the Route would you like to come with me?" Hunter asked the girl.
  39. Name: James
    Age: 13
    Appearance: tall with red hoodie black jeans and a grey tea shirt
    Pokemon on hand: axew,
    Where are you from: shinno
    Ambition: to beat the Pokemon league
    Personality: shy and self conscious,thinks no one likes him

    James saw hunter and a girl over by a Pokemon centre he wanted to walk up to them but didn't he instead climbed a tree and sat there he took out axew who sat on his lap
  40. "Hmm, I guess I'll come with you, I have nothing better to do." Tracey replied. Tracey's Chikorita hopped onto her head and Tracey picked up her bag and started following Hunter nto Route 24.
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