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Pokemon Trainer Protector Team- Series 3

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by windsaver, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. OCC: PM Me To Join. 5 other People Max. 5 4 3 2 1 Full Cast Slots Remaining This RP Is based in the made up Singa Region. There will be maybe 6 new Pokemon encountered along the way. Each Person must have 2 Pokemon on hand at the beginning but no 3rd stages. It is about a group of people who protect trainers and pokemon from the harm of villains. Please Use People Names and not Usernames. Any real name may do.
    (It may be a bit short)

    Kyle Stepped off The Plane. He was one of the first to exit from the metal giant and now he was taking his first step into the small Singa Region. He knew there were many Pokemon around the region and many trainers. But the thing that he was most interested in was the fact that a new team of villains had shown up. He had research them online and read about them in the papers.

    “Huh, So this is the Singa Region... Looks nice enough” he muttered.
    He stepped into the terminal of the small airport and started walking slowly towards the baggage area. He turned his attention to a wanted poster showing a man with a headband on. There was writing underneath it, Kyle read it quietly.
    “Hammond, Wanted for cruelty to Pokemon and the break-in of a high security prison which caused 3 prisoners to escape.”
    He realised this was the man he was looking for, but the new information about his team members meant that he wouldn’t be able to do it alone. He needed a team. He took out the Pokeballs containing his Prinplup and Buizel. He knew that they couldn’t take all of the villains at once. Also, If they got defeated, he had no other Pokemon on hand soit would mean that he could be taken as a hostage and his Pokemon, well, it was too hard to think about.

    He then looked out the window and noticed a figured rushing off the plane. He realised that the figure was of the person sitting next to him. He remembered that this person was asleep and must not have woken up until a few minutes ago. He chuckled, but wondered if the person could help him take down Hammond and his group of villains. It seemed highly possible but the person was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he heard panting and saw the same person who was on the plane running out of the gate. He needed to catch up if he wanted to speak to this person.
    (Thought That The Next Person Would Find it easier to write this way)

    Current Members: Windsaver (Kyle), Riley (Adam),Psy-Teen (Juliet), Kwilave Kid (Liam), VulpixRoxx (John), Antiscocial (Marty)
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  2. Adam had fallen asleep on the plane to Singa, without taking any real notice to the kid he was sitting next to. He had woken up when Charmeleon's pokeball had started to vibrate. He looked around and saw that everyone else had left, including the kid next to him. He hurried off the plane, and ran through the gate, panting loudly. He saw the kid he was sitting next to, and payed him no notice. That is, until he started running after him. Adam ran out of the airport, the kid close behind.
    After a bit of running Adam swung around and said, "Alright, WHAT are you following me for? What do you want?!" He instantly reached for Charmeleon's pokeball and flung it out, letting the fire type out. Charmeleon swung his claws out in a big arc, golden skin glittering. He growled, and fire crackled inside his maw. "Let's start with the basics. Who are you, and why are you following me. Don't bother lying otherwise Charmeleon here is more than happy to slash your head open." Adam said, waiting for a response.
  3. "What the Rush?" Kyle Panted a the boy came to a stop in front of the baggage claim. He looked around the same age as Kyle was.
    Kyle was pleased to see that the boy was full of fighting spirit. It was usually hard to come across someone so eager to fight. He noticed that the boy had a charmeleon. A good partner for someone with a fiery spirit. Kyle thought for a second and put his hand on one of the pokeballs on his belt. Then he rose his head and calmly started to talk to the boy, completely ignoring his question.
    "Well, I think the real question... Is who are you? You were sitting next to me on the plane on the way here and I noticed that you were tossing and turning...Bad Dreams? Just then Kyle Took one of the pokeballs from his belt and threw it in the air.
    "Prinplup, It your time to shine!"
    Prinplup jumped out of the ball and did a flip in the air before touching the ground. Kyle looked at the boy and grinned.
    "Now to sanwer your questions" Kyle said softly "My Name is Kyle ad I'm a Trainer Protector"
    Kyle the gave a sharp look at the boy. He seemed ready to attack at anytime.
    "And all I want to know is....Can you fight?" Kyle said as he lifted his hand.
    "Prinplup Bubblebeam!" Kyle Shouted.
    Just Then Both Pokemon Jumped into the air. Kyle noticed a crowd starting to form.
    He looke back towards Prinplup to See him releasing many bubbles towards the Charmeleon.
  4. "Let's waste no time! Flamethrower, followed by Dragon Claw!" Adam shouted, Charmeleon complying within under a second. Charmeleon shot a large funnel of fire at the Sinnoh starter, before lunging after the flames with a claw glittering purple, blue and gold. This was a very effective maneuver as if one misses, the other is sure to hit. True to word, both attacks hit, Dragon claw doing more damage. "If you can defeat me or impress me, then I'll tell you my secrets! And yes, I can fight!" Without saying a word Charmeleon lunged forward, about to hit if not for a voice coming from the crowd.
    "Hey kid! That Charmeleon you have, I believe it belonged to boss!" Adam looked around to see a very familiar face leering at him, to which he swore under his breath.
    "Charmeleon! Return! Hey, you had better start running Kyle! He saw you with me and he's not going to let you off that easily!" Adam returned Charmeleon, before running felt pelt through the crowd, the man giving chase. Adam turned a corner when he saw some more men heading in his direction. He noticed Kyle running after him, and motioned for him to run faster. He burst through the doors of the airport and took a sharp turn, confusing the men behind him. They ran in another dirction, and he wiped his brow. He noticed Kyle clearing his throat, obviously wanting to say something.

    OoC: SPIS
  5. "Excuse Me, but would you stop with the running!" Kyle Said as he caught up with the boy.
    "Not to sound impatient but I still don't lnow your name so anyday now would be great!" Kyle added
    "I'm Adam" The Boy said.
    "Well, Adam... I hope that you are ready to explain what is going here. If I didn't know any better those looked Like Gama Soldiers..."
    As Kyle said this one of the people pursuing Adam jump from behind and tackled Kyle down.
    "Hey! Let Go! Prinplup Use Aqua Jet!" Kyle Shouted as he struggled with the man.
    "Oh no You Don't!" Said The Man. "Cacturne! Use Bullet Seed!" He Shouted As Cacturne swung out of the Pokeball.
    Both Move were heading quickly towards the opponent. Kyle knew that if Bullet Seed Hit Prinplp it would hurt. But Just Then He had in idea.
    "Buizel! Use Ice Punch on Prinplups Aqua Jet!" Kyle Yelled. Buizel Swiftly appeared from the pokeball and hit the Aqua Jet with his icy hands. The Whole Jet froze, still heading for Cacturne. Just a moment later Cacturne was knocked out on the floor.
    The Man Got up and Returned Cacturne to it's pokebal before running off.
    The Boy then ran from the building and quickly got into a bus that would hopefully get the Men off there tails.
    "Well, I definatey think you have some explaining to do! Why did that Man Say That Charmeleon Belonged to the Boss and Who Is The Boss anyway!?" Kyle Asked as they sat down at the back of the bus.
    Kyle Turned Around to check if the Men were still following them. Luky for them, the road was clear behind them. Kyle then turned to look at Adam and waited for a reply.

    Ooc: There are still 4 places open. I may invite some people if they want to join. Please PM Me.
  6. Adam sighed. "'Tis only fair I suppose... Those guys I were running from weren't Gama soldiers, they were all like, bodyguards or grunts of this guy, who they only called boss. Charmeleon used to belong to the boss, that is until I stole him."
    "Start from the beginning." Kyle said, getting comfortable.
    "I was out traveling one day when I saw these men raiding a daycare. I saw one grabbing this gold Charmander from the yard, while the others stormed the place. I challenged one of them, but he beat me and my pokemon, saying I was worthless. I followed their van on my only Pokemon, Ponyta and when we got to their base, I forget where, they took the Charmander to 'Boss'. The guy who showed him got promoted, and the Charmander was given to 'Boss'. I was found and kicked out, but I've been watching their actions since.
    "One day, I saw them training a gold Charmeleon with a black collar. The Charmeleon stuffed up a move and was shocked through the collar. I couldn't help my self and ran in and challenged the trainers. The guy lost, and before he could do anything I ran up to him, and snatched Charmeleon's pokeball. I ran off as fast as I could, and lost them. I thought I could lose them in Singa, but obviously not.
    "Those bad dreams were about when my most trusted partner, Torchic, died. There was this wild Gyarados, and I stupidly entered the area around it's lake. It attacked me, but Torchic stopped it. The Gyarados Used a massive Hydro Pump, and the force killed Torchic. I escaped, but I still think it's my fault that he died. You said you were a Trainer Protector. What is that?" Adam finished his story, and looked at Kyle, trying to determine if he would be a good ally or not.
  7. "I understand... I know how hard it is to lose a Pokemon. I once had a Marill, I used to always take care of it. But a Muk attacked it when we were training and it developed some kind of disease. It died only a few days later..." Said Kyle as he looked into blank space.
    "Anyway... You Asked What A Trainer Protector Was... Well, In simple terms we are an organization of trainers who try to disband groups of criminals know for harming Trainers and Their Pokemon. The Gama Soldiers are currently at the top of our list for odd reasons. You see, they used to be weak and small. But theyseem to have a new boss. Possibly the same man who you were told about." Kyle Said as he looked out the window.
    "Anyway, Ever since the new boss they have become powerful. In fact we have reason to believe that they have three new executives due to a prison breakout..." Kyle added.
    "But wait! How come I've never heard of you guys?" Said Adam.
    "Well, we usually stay hidden except for when we are on duty, like I am right now. I was sent here to hopefully gather a group that can help me take down The Gama Soldiers. You Said that the men you met weren't Gama Soldiers, but I think they are now... Hopefully by the end The Gama Sodiers will be gone, but with everyone we have taken down, they always come back.
    Kyle Looked acrss to the other seat which, until now had someone sitting in it. The Bus had stopped at the entance to a town and he could see people getting off.
    "Huh!" Kyle Muttered
    "What?" Adam Said
    "I think it's time we got off" Kyle Replied
    Both Boys quickly got up and left the buss. They stepped out into a small town. Kyle looked left and right but realised that the perso he saw was nowhere to be found anymore. The Boys found a cafe and entered it. They sat down at a table near the back and were about to relax when someone smaked their fist onto their table.
    "Well, Well, Well. If it isn't the Brat and his Friend! We followed you all the way from the airport to find you... Now give us The Golden Charmeleon! Or Else..." The Taller of the grunts said.
    "No!" Said Adam.
    Both men took out a pokeball and threw it in the air.
    "Cacturne, Ready for a rematch?" Said the smaller one.
    "Hitmontop, Teach these kids a lesson!" Said the other
    Kyle Got up slowly and took a pokeball from his belt.
    "Buizel, Your turn again!" Kyle Said.
    Adam stood up, ready to fight and took out a pokeball.
  8. "Ponyta! Go!" A horse with a blazing mane stood next to Kyle's Buizel, fire and water about to fight together.
    "Cacturne! Start things off with a bullet seed!" The man said, Cacturne sending out a barrage of seeds.
    "Hitmontop! Rock smash!" Hitmontop complied, bringing a foot near Ponyta at high speed.
    "Ponyta! Flame wheel!" Ponyta took the kick and then started circling its head round and round, flames following it's path until it sprung out towards both enemy pokemon. The Hitmontop flinched a bit, while the Cacturne reeled backwards. "Tackle while cacturne's off balance! Then finish it off with stomp!" Ponyta rushed at Cacturne, ramming it with his head, then when Cacturne was on the ground, started pounding its hooves into the Cacturne until it fainted. Ponyta trotted back to Adam, who stroked it while the small man returned Cacturne. "Kyle, I'll be generous and let you have Hitmontop. And by the way!" He shouted to the men, "In case you haven't noticed, Charmeleon isn't always going to be gold! He's shiny!"
  9. "Oh Adam, You Underestimated me... Buizel, Now!"
    Without another word buizel jumped high into the air. It Did a flip in the air and then created a whirlpool. I t flung it at hitmontop and trapped it inside of the whilrpool. Then buizel ran up and punched his fist into the water, instantly freezing it with Hitmontop trapped inside.
    " Okay, Buizel! Now use Iron Tail!" Kyle Added
    Buizels tails swung around and then smashed the ice to pieces. Hitmontop fell out unconcious and very cold.
    "Hey You Brat. I'm Telling the Boss About You! You better watch it!" Said the Taller Grunt.
    The Men ran out of the cafe after collecting their pokemon. Kyle looked at the door and saw someone walking away. It was the same person who was on the bus. He ran outside but the person was gone again.
    "Ugh... Where did you go?" Kyle Muttured.
    "Hey Are You Alright?" Adam saked as he walked out with Ponyta and Buizel.
    "Yeah, I'm fine. We should probably take a walk around town and see if there is A Pokemon Centre that we can stay at tonight" Kyle Said
    "Good Point" Adam Replied.
    They returned their pokemon and started to have a look around town. They saw May stalls and shops along the way and finally came to a Wodden Pokemon Centre. They walked in and went up to the front desk.
    "Welcome to the Juro Town Pokemon Centre!" Said Nurse Joy
    "Juro Town!" Said Kyle
    He knew he was ight about who he saw... But where did they go?
    "Do you need to saty overnight?" Joy Continued.
    "Yes Please" Said Adam
    "Here is the key to your room. We are a free service! Thank You for staying with us!" Joy said cheerfully
    The Boys went to the room and lay on the bunk bed. Kyle at the bottom and Adam at the top.
    They started to drift off and fell asleep.

    OoC: The Mystery Person will be revealed when a third person joins. So Please PM me.
  10. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    “did you have a nice night Juliet” Nurse joy said sweetly.
    “yes thank you nurse joy” Juliet said as she approached her desk and received my pokeballs from the nurse.
    “Thank you for visiting Juro town pokemon center we hope to see you soon” she said.
    As Juliet walked to the center of the room she saw two young boys that were lost at the fact they were holding a rural map of the singa region upside down.
    “hey boys! it may help if you did this,” Juliet chuckled as she turned the map the right way round ”And I'm Juliet” she said as she shook the boy's hands.
    “and you are...” she asked
  11. "I'm Adam, Nice To Meet you" Adam Replied
    "I'm Kyle" Kyle said "I'm sorry but Have We met before?" Kyle Asked
    "I don't think so..." Juliet Replied
    Kyle seemed to remember Juliets face from somewhere. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but he just knew that he had met her before. Kyle and Adam looked at the map again, this time it was the correct way up. They scanned the region for a while, pointing out where they thought The Gama soldiers were most likely active.
    "Excuse Me" Juiet Said
    "Yes, What is it?" Kyle answered
    "Well, What Are you doing with the map?" She Replied
    "Nothing you need to know about" Adam said
    Kyle Looked over at Adam and then looked back at Juliet. He wondered what pokemon she had. She looked like she could take on some grunts. Maybe They Needed to test her first.
    Kyle Then looked back at Adam and then whispered, making sure that Juliet coudn't hear.
    "You Know Adam, She Looks pretty strong" Kyle Started
    "What are you suggesting?" Adam Asked
    "A Tag Battle, that way we can test how strong she really is" Kyle Said
    Kyle and Adam then turned back to look at Juliet. She appeared to have not heard hat they had said but they ddn't know for sure.
    "Well?" Juliet Said
    "Here's the deal" Kyle Said as he took out one of his pokeballs "If you beat us then we will let you know what we are up to." Kyle Continued.
    "Both of you? Well Okay." Juliet Said
    "Alright Then. Prinplup, Out you Come!" Kyle Said
    Prinplup hopped out of the pokeball and started shaking it's body as if it was drying itself off.
    "Huh? That Prinplup has Dark Blue Spots! Not white ones like other prinplup do" Juliet Said
    "Well if you are amazed by that, you are gonna love this! Charmeleon it's your turn now!" Adam Said
    Charmeleon jumped out of the pokeball, blocking out the sun for a moment befor landing next to Prinplup.
    "Wow! a Gold Charmeleon! That is so cool" Juliet Said
    Kyle and Adam Waited for Juliet to take her pokeball out.

    OoC: To all the members and joining members. Can we make the Paragraphs neatly spaced. Also can we make them longer. I'm a bit tired aof writing long paragraphs and then being followed by around 6 lines of writing. Also keep writing in thrid person.
  12. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    "Girafarig, Leafeon center stage" Juliet said as she threw her pokeballs into the air, the two pokemon stood proud on the floor of the pokemon centers back yard arena.
    "Charmleon use Dragon claw!" Adam commanded, as charmeleon lunged at girafarig, claws bared, Juliet shouted,
    "Girafarig psychic!" and the split second after those words were shouted girafarigs eyes glowed with a ultraviolet light that surrounded charmeleon and threw him backwards into prinplup.
    Looking ticked off after pushing the exhausted charmeleon of him, prinplup dove into an aqua jet. As Prinplup speeded toward leafeon she smirked and fired a powerhouse leafstorm stright into the heart of prinplups aqua jet.A cloud of smoke formed as prinplup shot backwards.
    Kyle and Adam looked at Juliet in utter shock.
    "what?" Juluet asked, feeling creeped out by the boys's staring.
    "wha?... how?... how did you beat us that quick, and how in gods name are your pokemon so strong?!" Kyle muttered through amazement.
    "vigorous training and polishing our moves perfectly in contests" Juliet taunted.
    "contests?" Adam said in a confused tone.
    "well I am a coordinator" Juliet said as she pulled out and showed them her contest ribbon, there was only one but it was still a ribbon.

    (your turn guys :) )
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  13. "Nice. That's a Sinnoh ribbon." Adam peered closely at it while he fed a small yellow seed like medicine to Charmeleon, the pokemon springing to its feet. He walked over to the Leafeon and shook hands with it, saying something to it before returning to Adam. He stroked his head and gave him a sitrus berry, Charmeleon growling happily.
    "So, when did you last go to Sinnoh?" Adam asked, looking back at Juliet.

    OoC: SPIS
  14. It was just then that Kyle Remembered where he had seen Juliet
    "I do remember you! You were competing against My Friend Megan back in the Snowpoint City Contest, where you won that ribbon"
    Juliet Looked up at Kyle after Putting away her ribbon
    "Oh Yeah! I remember her, she was the really bratty one" Juliet Smurked
    "She was Just trying to scare you...Anyway a Deal is a Deal" Kyle Said
    "Well then, what is it you are trying to do?" Juliet Asked
    "Well I, I mean we are part of a group of Trainer Portectors." Kyle Started
    "I'm just new to all of this but I know that we defend trainers from elite groups of villains" Adam Added
    "Really, well then I suppose that you are here on an assignment?" Juliet Enquired
    "Yep, We're here looking for The Gama Soldiers." Kyle Said
    "That Bunch of Losers? They aren't even worth the time, besides they're weak" Juliet said as the three of them started walking towards an Ice Cream van.
    "Well, sounds like you haven't heard about the new executives, they were in a high security prison" Adam said abruptly
    "No, I didn't hear about that. But ou can tell me more after Ice Cream" Juliet Said as she ran towards the van.
    She didn't notice that she had run straight into someone
    "Hey! Watch It!" Said The Man
    "Not you again..." Kyle Said sarcasticly
    "You Two, Well it's a good thing there are three of you because we brought our friend" The Taller One Said.
    From Behind the Two men stepped another man. He was tall and muscular and had a neat selectionof six Pokeballs on his belt.
    "So you are the troublesom two? Well I was always told never to judge a book by it's cover, I'm Lexington a Gama Soldiers Executive" He Said
    Juliet ran back to the side of the boy as quickly as she could. The Man then took out three Pokeballs and threw them high in the sky.
    "Ampharos, Electrivire, Manetric. Teach these children a lesson!" Lexington Shouted.
    "Adam" Kyle Said "Be careful with Charmeleon I have a feeling they are here for more then a battle" Kyle Finished
    "Right, I'll stay Alert" Adam Replied
    "Prinplup! I'm counting on you!" Kyle Said
    "Charmeleon! Let's go!" Adam Said
    "Leafeon! Help us out!" Julit Said
    All three Pokemon took to the floor and stood ready to fight
    "The three Primary Types. This should be a breeze!" Lexington said

    "Prinplup! Use Whirlpool!" Kyle Said
    Prinplup sent a whirlpool flying towards the three electric types
    "Be careful, Any physical contact will stun your pokemon" Kyle Said
    "Right. Charmeleon, Flamethrower!" Adam Shouted
    Charmeleon Jumped above the Whirlpool and sent a flamethrower towards Manetric.
    "Okay Leafeon, use Leaf Storm!" Juliet Said
    Leafeon sent leaves flying at Ampharos.

    All three moves hit sending the three pokemon into a mixture of Fire, Water and Earth.
    However the Electric Enemies weren't done yet,
    "All of you! Use Thunder" Lexington shouted
    Suddenly a Massive amount of electricity was hurld towards the Leafeon, Prinplup and Charmeleon.

    OoC: I have 15 applications for joining. To be bumped up please get your required information which I sent to the applicants in to me ASAP.
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  15. "Why are you following us around? Dig! Then Mud slap!" Charmeleon jumped in the air and burrowed under ground. The three electric types started looking around worriedly before Charmeleon jumped for a split second while grabbing Manetric and pulling him back under. This happened so quickly that no-one saw it, except for Adam. Ampharos was the next to go, and then it was Electrivire. They were thrown out a couple of seconds later, followed by three successive Mud slaps. All three pokemon fell to the ground unconscious, and Charmeleon shot out of the original hole, standing up straight. The men looked shocked, and ran away. Adam turned to his friends and smiled, "So, Ice Cream's on me."
  16. Kyle looked at Adam. He was Happy but Irritated at the Same Time. He calmed down a bit before speaking...
    "Do You ever let us finish our battles...?" Kyle Said Sarcastically.
    "Sorry. I didn't mean to ruin it" Adam Chuckled
    The three of them bought their Ice Cream and decided it would be best to start travelling.
    "I think we have been here long enough" Kyle Said
    "Why do you say that" Juliet Asked
    "Well, we have already encounterd an executive meaning that the Gama Soldiers have spread out" Kyle Replied
    "Your Right. They must be pretty confident if they are spread that thin" Adam Said
    "Well, there is a bus that is leaving in half and hour to Tapez City. I heard there have been problems with criminas there. Maybe there is a connection." Juliet Said
    "Well, we better get going then shouldn't we." Kyle Said
    The Group made their way towards the bus and took a seat at the back, making sure that they got the full blast of the air conditioning due to the year round heat in the Singa Region.
    "Much Better..." Adam Said as he lay back in his seat.
    "Is it a direct bus to Tapez City?" Kyle Asked
    "It has one stop at a place called Botina Garden. It's really nice there and it's also a good place to catch pokemon." Juliet Said
    "It usually stops there for two hours for tourists and also so people can have some lunch." She added
    "Well, I guess we should enjoy it" Kyle Said.
    The bus left the terminal and started the journey towards Tapez City. Kyle noticed that there was a lady on the coach who would, every so often look over at them, then down at a piece of paper and then back. Kyle Suspected something but didn't ewant to jump to any conclusions.
    The Bus took a stop at a gas station and the three of them headed into the small shop to buy a couple of supplies. Kyle noticed that the lady was standing by the window of the shop looking at them again. As they walked towards the door she abruptly juumped back onto the bus.
    "Did you notice that woman in the window?" Kyle Asked
    "Yeah, I don't think she on our side" Adam Said
    "Was She from the Gama Soldiers?" Juliet Said
    "Maybe, but it's hard to tell" Kyle Said
    They sat back down on the bus and after various discussion of what they would do next they arrived at Botina Garden.

    Ooc: We will stay at Botina Garden until I post again.
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  17. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    As the three continued to chat, *beep, beep, beep* Juliet looked down and saw her poke'gear was ringing.
    "hello... oh hi mom, yeah I'm fine... whats up?" Juliet asked, "yeah sure I'll pick it up when I get to the Botina garden... ok mom bye" Juliet said as she closed her poke'gear.
    "that was my mom apparently she took advantage of the home to poke'gear GPS she had installed, and sent a package to the nearest mail order service in the direction I'm going." Juliet explained.
    "Well whats the package?" Kyle asked in curiosity.
    "She said its new bag and clothes for my contests." Juliet said.
    “nice.” Adam commented.
    “does your mother know you're traveling with others?” Kyle asked.
    “No, not yet she likes the fact I'm a coordinator just not that I will travel long distances to achieve the ribbons I need for the grand festival” she said to the boys.
    “well your quite brave then being able to do what you want even if its not what your parents want?” Adam said.
    “its who I am I've always been quoted by people as being the free spirited sibling, rather than being quiet or my know-it all like my older sisters.” Juliet explained.
  18. "I know the feeling" Kyle Said
    "My Older Brother Just Happened to be A member of Team Galactic, the last time I saw him"Kyle Added
    "Ouch, that must hurt" Adam Said
    "A bit, but I got over it" Kyle Replied
    The three of them proceeded into the Garden and heaed towards the psot office
    "How May I help you?" The Man at the counter Said
    "Hello, I'm Juliet Monroe and I belive there is a package from my mum here" Julie Said
    "Ah Yes, just wait one second." The Man Said
    "I think we'll wait outside for you" Kyle Said
    The two boys went outside and waited for Juliet to come out. As they waited they saw the lady again only this time she was walking towards them
    "I Smell Trouble..." Kyle Said
    "Yeah, Me too" Adam Replies
    Juliet Left The Post Office, she seemed very happy with the new clothes she got from her mother.
    "Hey, guy look what I...Have" Juliet Said
    She noticed that the others were looking directly at the woman. Juliet looked at her as well.
    She was wearing a knee length black and purple dress with a slit at the side. Her hair was dark and spiked up in various directions and she was wearing dark purple lipstick.
    "Guys, who is that?" Julie asked
    By that time the lady was standing right infront of them.
    "I guess you deserve that much...I'm Demetra, Lead spy of The Gama Soldiers" She Said
    "More of you!" Adam Said
    "You see, ever since you beat Lex they had to send me to take you out!" Demetra Said
    "Well That won't happen! Buizel you know what to do!" Kyle Shouted
    "Ponyta! Are you ready?" Adam Said
    "Girafarig, centre stage!" Juliet Shouted.
    All three Pokemon took to the battlefield. Already a large amount of people were watching.
    "Oh Please, you weaklings cold never beat me! Voodette! Mismagius! Gengar! Serve Your Lady" DemetraShouted
    "Voodette?" Kyle Said
    "Ah, This is a great time to use the Pokedex feature on my Pokegear!" Juliet Said
    Juliet Turned on her pokedex feature and pointed it a Voodette.
    "Voodette, The Voodoo Pokemon and the evolved form of Banette. Voodette is found wild in the Singa Region and can be obtained by giving banette a voodoo rock."
    "Voodette, huh" Adam Said
    "Indeed. Buizel use Ice Punch on Gengar" Kyle Said
    "Ponyta! Use Flamewheel!" Adam Said
    "Girafarig, Psychic" Juliet Added
    Al three pokemon sent moves hurling at the enemy.
    "Gengar, Use Shadow Ball!"
    " Mismagius, Confuse Ray! And Voodette! Use Voodoo Dummy!" Demetra Said
    "Voodoo Dummy? What's that?" Adam Asked
    "Voodoo Dummy make all damage dealt on Voodette also occur on the pokemon that attacked it." Demetra replied
    Vodette was hit by girafarigs physchic and was thrown to the floor and fainted. The Girafarig was also lifted and dropped to the ground knocked out.
    "Girafarig!" Juliet Said
    Next, Flame whell and Confuse Ray combined sending the Flame wheel back at Ponyta but twice as large.
    "Buizel, divert your attack at Mismagius!" Kyle shouted
    As Ponyta was shrouded with flames, buizel hit mismagius with a Knock Out Blow. Both Ponyta amd Mismagius fainted.
    Now it was buizel and Gengar
    "Look at you! The Last one standing."Demetra Said "This should be easy"
    "Don't ever underestimate me, that was a big mistake." Kyle Said
    "Buizel, Ice punch the ground!" Kyke Said
    "What?" Adam and Juiet said
    "Just the the whole floor turned icy and buizel started skating alongthe ice.
    "Now Buizel! Jump! Then UseWhirlpoo, but make it small!" Kyle Said
    Buizel made a small whirlpool, just large enough to cover Gengar.
    "Now use Ice Punch" Kyle Said.
    "Gengar was now trapped in a dome of ice and frozen solid.
    "Finish it, use Iron Tail!" Kyle said
    Buizel hit the ice with Iron tail sending Gengar flying to the ground unconscious.
    "No!" Demetra Said
    "Yes!" Adam And Juliet Said
    "Very well, you win this time. But I'll be back to get you soon!" Demetra Said
    Demetra Ran off and the crowd cheered. The Three of them then left the battlefield and went exploring in the garden.
    "Hey! Look" Kyle Said "It's a Marill"
    "Somethings not right" Said Juliet
    Just Then A Muk jumped out by Marill and Sent A Sludge Bomb at it.
    Kyle then flshedback to seeing his Marill being hit by sludge bomb and recalling how it eventually killed it.
    "No!" Kyle Said
    He Jumped and caught Marill and they went flying to the ground away from Muk.
    Then Muk dissapeared into the forest.
    "Wow!" Adam Said
    "Are you okay?" Kyle Said
    Marill nodded and then jumped on to Kyle's head playfully.
    "Hey! That tickles." Kyle Said
    "Look's like Marill Like yoy" Juliet added
    "Hey! You should catch it!" Adam said
    "Ah, Your right. Marill will you come with me?" Kyle Said
    Again Marill Nodded and ran down to an empty pokeball on Kyle Belt. It dissapeared into the ball andindicated thst it was willing to go.
    "Wow! You just got a Marill" Juliet Said "It's so Cute!"
    "Yeah, Hey Maybe she will come in handy" Kyle Said
    "She?" Adam Asked
    "Yeah, it had smaller ears so it is female" Kyle Said
    The Three of themrealised that there bus was leaving and they quickly sat down at their seats
    "Tapez City! Here we come!" Adam Shouted as the bus left
  19. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Scenes of vibrant city passed by the teams window on the bus when they saw a sign saying "Welcome to Tapez city".
    "Well here we are" Juliet said excitedly.
    "Looks like a nice place" Adam pointed out.
    "I guess" Kyle agreed.
    "Guys I have a favour to ask." Juliet said awkwardly.
    "What?" Adam and Kyle said suspiciously in unison.
    "Well, when we were in Botina Garden there was a flyer up for a Contest and I would like to enter." She said.
    "That's fine with us we don't mind waiting" Adam reassured.
    "Thanks." Juliet replied.
    Suddenly the tires of the bus grinded to a halt and the doors opened to a new town.
    "Wow this place is great" Juliet putting on a pair of stylish sunglasses.
    "Yeah it's... big" Kyle said.
    "Do you not like it here?" Juliet asked.
    "It's ok its just not my kind of place" Kyle admitted.
    "well were here now so lets just get on with..." Adam was cut off when a young kid fell over when running and crashed into Juliet.
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  20. Kyle Tuned Back to see what had happened and burst into laughter at the sight of a boy lying on Juliet
    "Seems like you are always getting knocked down" Kyle Laughed
    "Hey, would you get off of me!" Juliet Shouted as she struggled to stand up.
    The boy rose to his feet. He was Black and White Jacket and a shirt with a grovyle on it.
    "Who are you exactly?" Adam Said
    "Um...I'm Liam!" He replied
    "Well Liam! You should watch where your going!" Juliet Shouted
    "Where are you going anyway?" Kyle Asked
    "I'm heading to the Stadium! The Pokemon Conests sign-ups close in half and hour!" Liam Said
    "Hey Juliet, lookslike we need to get there before you miss out on this contest!" Adam Shouted

    The three of them followed Liam to the Stadium. It was large and could hold thousands of people. It has what appeared to be carvings of pokemon
    on the pillars outside of it. The inside however looked very modern, they ran to the desk and watched Juliet and Liam sign-Up to the contest.
    "Hey Juliet! Whilst we get some seats why don't you get ready! We'll see you out there."
    "Okay Guys. Cheer for me!" Juliet Said
    The two boys past the many taken seats in the stadium and came across two in the middle. They sat down and waited for contest to start
    The Lights dimmed and suddenly a large pink 3D Hollogram of a Wailord Jumped out of the stage floor and then back down. This was followed by And Amazing opening show of many Pokemon from all over the world. The Hollgorams flew above them as well as crawled below them before all the hollograms were seen in the middle and burst into a puff of pink smoke.
    "Welcome to the Lapez City Pokemon Contest!" Camea voice from a woman who appeared from the smoke.
    "I'm your host Marain and lets kick things off with our proliminary round!" She said
    "Our fist contestant is a Boy called Liam from this very city! Give it up for Liam!" She Said
    The crown roared with excitement and the boy entered the stage.

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  21. Liam went onto the stage and said "Go Grovyle and Staravia" the pokemon came out on the stage.
    "Alright guys you ready" Grovyle and Staravia nodded "Grovyle use Sunny Day" Grovyle used Sunny Day and the whole stadium filled with light.
    "Now Staravia like we practiced okay" Staravia nodded again"Okay Staravia use use Double Team now use Feather Dance and".
    Staravia made copy's of himself and used Feather dance as his feathers glistened in the light"ooh aah" said the crowd as the performance ended.
    "And now the judges give the score for Liam's dazzling peformance" said the announcer as everyone looked at the judges
  22. "It was an excelent performance, I enjoyed every second of it." Said Mr. Contesta
    "Not to Mention! Remarkable!" Added Mr.Sukizo
    "Grovyles Sunny Day Complimented Staravias Feather Dance Very well" Said Nurse Joy
    "Alright Boys and girls its time for our next co-ordinator!" Marian Said
    The two boys watched the other co-ordinators perform their combos. They were all stunning and different. Some were more vibrant in colour and some of them were simple but effective.
    Meanwhile Juliet watched from the competitors room. She was nervousabout the what would happen but she had trained for this.
    "Hey!" Liam Said
    "What? Oh, Hi Liam" Juliet Said
    "Don't worry, you're gonna be great" Liam Said
    "Wow, Thanks Liam" Juliet Replied
    One by One the co-ordinators finished performing with their pokemon
    "Next, we have a girl named Juliet! Give her a cheer!" Marain Said
    "Looks like Juliet has some serious competition to beat!" Adam Said
    "Yeah, but I think she'll be great" Kyle Added

    Juliet Stepped on to the stage. She was wearing the dress that her mum bought her. Her hair was curled for the occasion.
    "Alright,you can do this" She murmured "Girafarig! Leafeon! Center Stage" She Shouted
    Leafeons Pokeball opened and leaves started to fly around Leafeon as she emerged. Girafarigs Ball gave her a pink aura and when the leaves and the aura combined they were thrown into the sky creating a dazzling light effect.
    "Incredible" Marian Said "Even Before Starting The Pokemon have created an amazing effect by simply emerging from their pokeballs!" Marain Said
    "Wow, She knows what she is doing!" Adam Said
    "Told You" Kyle Replied.
    Juliet Stood their ready to perform.

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    "Ok guys this is it. Leafeon use leaf storm into the air, Girafarig use Psybeam through the middle!" And as the words rolled of Juliet's tounge, Leafeon sent a heavy amount of razor sharp leaves into the air and Girafarig used Psybeam that caged and imploded the leaves until they burst into coloured confetti that floated gently onto the two quadrupeds.
    "wow that confetti is really amplifying the two pokemon's natural beauty" Announced Marain as the two stood in their ending poses "and now the judges will show their feelings on the performance"
    "The way those moves played of each other was truly astounding, well done" said Mr. Contesta.
    "Remarkable!" said Mr Sukizo.
    "Those Moves worked together perfectly and the pokemon themselves look happy and healthy, well done Juliet!" said nurse Joy.
    As the compliments where said Juliet went back to the waiting room, waiting in bridled anticipation for the other acts to finish and the last 16 to be announced...

    next ones of to you for the results windsaver (no pressure)
  24. "Well out of the 32 co-ordinators that have performed today we will now reveale are top 16. These 16 will compete in the final stage to win the Tapez City Ribbon!" Marian Said
    A Board appeared on the screen and one by one the pictures were shown. Liam came on the boards quickly and was followed by juliet nottoo far behind.
    "Yes!" Juliet Shouted
    "Nice Job" Liam Said "Maybe I'll see you in the final.
    Meanwhile back in the podium, the two boys had just caught the attention of what appeared to be two men dressed like the two grunts they saw earlier.
    "I suggest we get out of here" Kyle Said
    "Yeah, lets see if we can lure them away from all these people." Adam Said
    The two boys started to leave and were soon followed by the two grunts. They exited into the trainers courtyard where there was a large battlefield in the middle.
    "Hey! You Two!" One of the Grunts Shouted
    "You Get Back here now!" The other said
    "What Do you want?" Kyle Said
    "You Two are on our list of pests" Said One
    "Yeah and your other friend in the contest too" Said the Other.
    The Boys Stepped onto the battlefield platform and suddenly a voice was heard
    "Activating battle Training"=...Please Wait" It Said
    "What?" Adam Said
    The two men jumped onto the other platform and soon the battlefield was covered in a dome.
    "Please Select you battle ground" The Voice Said
    Kyle andAdam had different choice in front of them.
    "What's going on?" The Grunts Said

    Kyle Pressed option number four and soon the dome surrounding them dissapeared andthey were all standing underwater.
    "Hey, I can breathe" Adam Said
    All four of them were then place with an option.
    "Do you have any water pokemon?" It Said
    Kyle pressed yes and so did one grunt. Meanwhile adam and the other grunt pressed no.
    "The Pokemon Programming system will provide three pokemon for the tripple battle battle" It said to Adam
    "Begin" It Added
    "Okay. Prinplup, Marill, Buizel! Out you Come!" Kyle Shouted
    "Well. What did I get? Huh, look three pokeballs! Okay you guys your turn!" Adam Said throwing the pokeballs in the air.
    A Watertortle, tentacool and Mantyke came out.
    "Awesome!" Adam Said
    "It My Turn now! Huntail, Carvanha, Sharpeedo! Take them out!" One Grunt Said
    "Lets See. Who evryou guys are teach these brats a lesson!" The Other said
    Milotic, Corsola, Kingler cam out of the pokeballs

    Meanwhile back on stage Juliet was defeating many opponents and Liam was doing the same.
    "Okay Everyone! Are two finalists are! Juliet and Liam!" Marian Said
    "Wow, we did it! I'm in the final!" Juliet Said
    "I'll be looking forward to our battle" Liam Said
    The Time Came for the two of them to get to the battlefield.
    "Alright Are You Ready! On the left is Juliet and On The Right is Liam! Ready Co-ordinators! Go!" Marian Said
    "Grovyle! Staravia! Go!" Liam Shouted
    "Leafeon! Girafarig! Centre Stage!" Juliet Shouted
    All four pokmon burst on to the stage in a ray of light.
    Staravia! Use Aerial Ace! Grovyle use Bullet Seed!" Liam Said
    "Girafarig Use Psychic on that Bullet Seed!" Juliet Commanded
    Girafarig Rose It's head and sundenly the bullet seed shot up in the air and dispersed.
    "That Was An Incredible Move! Not Only Did It Show off Girafarigs Psychic, but it also deflected that bullet seed" Marian Said
    "Leafeon Use Energy Ball on Staravia" Juliet Said
    "Not If I can Help it! Grovyle Surround Staravia in a Leaf Storm!" Liam Said
    "The Leaves Are Protecting Staravia from the Energy Ball" Marain Announced
    Both Scores Were Equal and there were two minutes left. Juliet Looked into the audience but couldn't see Adam and Kyle
    "Huh, Something Must Have Happened... Girafarig Now Use Confuse Ray!" Juliet Said
    "Grovyle! Use Bullet Seed!" Liam Shouted
    "Leafeon! Use Leaf Storm On Girafarigs Confuse Ray!" Juliet Said Grinning
    "What!" Liam Said in Shock
    Confuse Ray and Leaf Storm Combined and sent both pokemon flying but also causing confusion.
    "Time's Up!" Marian Said as the Bell Rang
    "And The Winner Is....Juliet!" Marain Announced
    "We Did It, We Did It!" Juliet said jumping with joy.
    "Nice Battle Juliet!" Liam Said
    "Thank You" Juliet Replied
    "Congratulations! I Believe this is your first Singa Ribbon?" Mr Contesta Asked as he presented the ribbon.
    It was blue and had curled pieces of fabric.
    "Yes! Thank You!" Juliet Replied

    Back at the Battlefield Kyle and Adam were facing two tough opponents
    "Hang in There you guys!" Kyle Shouted
    "C'mon You Can Do It!" Adam Added
    They were just about to be ht by the grunts Pokemon when they heard to voices outside
    "Kyle, Adam! Are You In There?" Juliet Said
    "Hey, Are you alright?" Liam Added
    "The Contest Must Have Finished!" Kyle said to Adam.
    They Looked across at the opposite field and found the grunts missing.
    "Where did they go?" Adam Said
    "They must have heard Juliet and Liam!" Kyle Responded
    The Dome Closed and Kyle and Adam Exited into the courtyard where they found Juliet and Liam.
    "Hey! Who Won the contest?" Adam Asked
    "Check It Out!" Juliet Said as she took out her ribbon.
    "Thats So Cool!" Kyle Said
    "Sorry To Interupt but look at that!" Liam Said Pointing to the sky.
    Above them was a large helicopter which was flying towards a mountain. It had The Gama Soldiers Emblem On It
    "Where Are They Going!" Adam Shouted
    "They Look ike they are going to The Hallu Volcano Factory!
    "Whats That?" Juliet Said
    "It where they produce all the energy for the region!" Liam Said
    "We have to get there quick!" Kyle Said
    The Fourof the started running along the path to the Volcano Factory where they would hopefuly find the Gama Soldiers.

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    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    As they approached the factory they saw the grunts were guarding every entrance and exit.
    "they must have the employee's inside" Juliet whispered to avoid being heard by the grunts.
    "we have to get in" Adam said
    "agreed" the others said in unison.
    "I have an idea, and you'll have to bear with me" Juliet said "If I distract the guards you guys take them out and steal they're uniforms" she explained.
    "sounds like a plan, but how do plan to distract them?" Kyle asked.
    "easy the number one way to distract a man... food and a girl in a skirt" she said as she signalled them to look away, when they turned they saw Juliet in a brown miniskirt, brown beret and a sashed top.
    "okay well I'm ready just throw my the boxes of cookies in my bag." Juliet said, only to get no reply, only three lads staring at her, "Guys!" she said clicking her fingers.
    "sorry" kyle said as he threw the cookies, "why do you have those cookies anyway?"
    "I have quite the sweet tooth" she said blushing.
    And with that said she took the boxes and walked up to the guards and said flirtatiously "want some cookies boys?" the three men looked at each other and ran over to her...
  26. The Boys Then Jumped out from behind the grunts and landed directly on them before knocking them out.
    "Okay! That's good for us... But What About You?" Kyle Said
    "I'm Sure I'll Find Something" Juliet Replied "Just go on ahead!"
    The Boys left Juliet and got into their outfits and enter the facility.
    "These outfits are really uncomfortable!" Said Liam
    "Purples not really my colour..." Adam Said
    "Guys! Focus!" Kyle Whispered
    "Hey! You Three!" The Boys Heard from behind them
    "Um....Yes Sir?" Adam Said
    "Why aren't you on guard for those kids that Lex told us about?" He Said
    "Um... We were told to walk around the facotry to make sure they hadn't snuck in!" Kyle Said
    "Hmm... Very Well. Carry On" The Man Replied before walking past them.

    Meanwhile. Juliet was in search of a storage room.
    "Bingo!" She Said
    She Pulled the handle but had no luck in opening the door.
    "Oh! Wait A Second!" She Said to herself
    She took out a hair pin and placed it in the lock. Then she turned it until she heard the faint click.
    "Yes!" She Said
    She Opemed the door and found various different uniforms, including the perfect one for her. It has a short skirt and tank top with high gloves.
    She snuck out of the room fully dresses with her extra accesory of a Gama Soldiers Hat. Then she entered the Building. She heard voices around the corner and quickly jumped out and landed directly on top of the three boys.

    "Whats The Big Idea!" Kyle Said as he struggled to his feet.
    "Sorry Guys..." Said Juliet, rubbing the back of her neck. "Did you find anything?" She Asked
    "Well, we just saw a security tape of two boys trapped in the tower room with Lex and Demetra!" Kyle Said
    "Yeah, They were tied up" Liam Added
    "We think the room is this way so we should get a move on" Adam Stated.
    The Group ran towards a door which had the words Main Observetory written on it.
    "What should we do?" Liam Asked
    "Adam and I will go in first and distract Lex and Demetra. The You two sneek in and un-tie the boys.
    "Got it!" JUliet and Liam Said Together.
    Kyle and Adam walked up the stairs into the control room whre they we greeted by Lex and Demetra.
    "Status Report!" Lex Demanded
    "No Sign of intruders Sir!" Kyle Said in a deeper voice
    "Wait What is that out there on the hill!" Adam Said pointing in front of him
    "What Where?" Demetra Said.
    Just then Liam and Juliet snuck in
    "Don't worry wer'e going to save you!" Juliet Said
    As she proceeded to undo one of the knots whilst Liam undid the other.
    "Wait a Second!" Lex Said "It's you isn't it!" He Added
    "Look over there!" Demetra Said Pointing at Liam
    "Gah! Calling all troops to the main Observatory" Lex shouted into his walky-talky.
    "Ah! Vulpix SmokeScreen!" One of the boys said as a puff of smoke blinded the Grunts
    "Come on This Way!" Kyle Said as the six of them escaped.
    They all ran out of the building and saw Lex and Demetra Staring at them angily.
    Suddenly The Observatotry Glass Broke and Lex Jumped Out.
    "You Rotten Kids! You have Ruined Everything!" He Shouted.

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  27. Lex and Demetra emerge from the broken glass pieces and are followed by 4 other grunts.
    “Ugh….look at this mess…you kids are such a pain..” Demetra said
    “You’re all gonna pay for these damages plus more..” Lex followed.
    A flock of Golbats were summoned and surrounded Kyle, Ada, Juliet, and Liam. Before they could call out their Pokemon, two rays of thunderbolts shocked all of the Golbats down. The grunts turned to see two boys standing behind the smoke.
    “What do you guys think you are doing? You two just got yourselves into one big trouble” Demetra said.
    “Oooo someone thinks they’re scary….” one boy said
    “Scary looking….” the other boy said
    “How DARE YOU! Who do you think you are?” Demetra said
    “Im John…and he’s Marty and we’re here to save the day!!!” one boy said.
    “Enough games boys…it time for some action! Manectric…GO!” Lex yelled.
    “Gengar…Let’s teach them a lesson” Demetra commanded
    “Looks like they want a battle Marty” John said
    “Well…we were taught to be respectful to our elders….” Marty joked.
    “VULPIX!” John exclaimed
    “HERACROSS!” Marty yelled
    “Hey! We can help too! Let us take care of this!” Juliet said.
    “LEAFEON SPOTLIGHT!” Juliet said
    “PONYTA GET’EM” Adam said
    “STARAVIA GO!” Liam yelled
    “MARILL LET’S GET THEM!” Kyle yelled
    “Grunts….Keep them busy! We’ll take care of these two!” Lex ordered.
    “YES SIR!” the grunt said.
    Demetra and Gengar ran towards the other side of the building as Marty follows.
    “Looks like it me and you old man..” John said
    “Hmph….Manectric…Quick Attack GO!” Lex ordered
    Manectric charges as Vulpix stares at her opponent
    “Vulpix,…dodge and use smokescreen!” John commanded
    Vulpix dodges Mamectric’s Quick Attack and bounces of a nearby rock and releases a smokescreen. Manectric looks around intently looking for Vulpix as LEx yells, “Manectric…Discharge!”
    The smoke cleared up but Vulpix could not be found anywhere.
    “Vulpix! Flare Blitz!”
    Vulpix hits Manectric with the Flare Blitz and Manectric falls, but barely gets up

    On the middle of the building, Juliet, Adam, Kyle, and Liam are battling the grunts.
    “Leafeon…Leaf Storm!” Juliet yelled
    “Duskull…Shadow Ball!” one of the grunts ordered
    Leafeon easily dodges the ShadowBall and hits her Leaf Storm
    “Marill…Iron Tail!” Marill attacks Seviper but Seviper blocks it with Poison Tail
    “Staravia…Aerial Ace!” Staravia swoops down to attack, but Shuppet dodges and uses Double Team. Staravia looks confused as it looks around
    “Ponyta…Flame Wheel!” Ponyta flares up and hits Lairon. Lairon flies off and hits some rocks
    Manectric charges once more and hits Vulpix with a quick attack, but Vulpix quickly gets up.
    “Vulpix…Extrasensory!” John yelled as Manectric is attack by an unseeable force. Manectric falls to its knees, but quickly jumps up and Vulpix hits a flamethrower and barely hits one of Manectric’s legs.
    The scene shifts its focus to Demetra and Marty.
    "Heracross...stand you guard and use Megahorn...GO!" MArty yelled..

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  28. "Gengar! Shadow Ball!" exclaimed Demetra!
    Gengar tried to dodge the Megahorn attack, but the force of the Megahorn hit Gengar in a bone shattering attack.
    "Good, Heracross..." said Marty, "...now, while it's down, use Bug Buzz!"
    Gengar hastily got up and dodged Heracross's attack.
    "Gengar! Use Shadow Claw!" shouted Demetra.
    "Heracross, dodge it and use Aerial Ace!" yelled Marty to Heracross.
    Heracross jumped out of the way. His high Speed was apparent.... especially as he was battling a Gengar.
    Gengar lunged at Heracross, in a second attempt to bring it down, but Marty's training of the Heracross was apparent and Heracross proceeded to strike a huge blow onto Gengar.
    It hit Gengar and knocked it out before it hit the ground. It slid back to the feet of Demetra.
    "I trained that.... so well!" she cried!
    "......Not as well as me, I guess...." said Marty, who did a faint grin and walked back to where John was.

    "Hey John, need any help? Demetra was... well let's just say she was BELOW below average."
    He produced Heracross' Poke ball and returned it.

    "Nah, Marty. I can handle it myself." said John as his battle continued.
  29. Demetra Got Back On her feet laughing.
    "You Think I'm Done! I have so much more to show you! Voodette Use Torment!" She said throwing the pokeball.
    "What!" John Shouted
    Suddenly Vulpix stood there in agony twisting and turning.
    "Vulpix! No!" John Shouted
    "Well Marty! This is payback for defeating my Gengar! Watch your friend Suffer!"
    Just then Heracross was thron back at Marty's feet. He turned and saw Lex with his Electivire
    "No, Heracross Please!" Marty Shouted. But Heracross was already down.

    Kyle Looked over at the Boys and Jumped towards Lex.
    "Marill Return! Prinplup use Aqua Jet!" Kyle Shouted.
    Prinplup Produced as powerful Aqua Jet which sent Electivire backwards, but it wan't over yet.
    "You Two, Are you Crazy!" You SHould Have Let Us Handle Them!" Kyle Shouted
    "We, We're Sorry!" John Said
    "Get Out Of Here Now!" Adam Shouted from the Distance.
    The Two boys ran for cover in the trees and waited. Just Then there was a blast from inside of the factory which silenced all of the battles.
    "What Was that!" Demetra Said
    "The Groups saw this as there chance to escape. They Started to run off. But Suddenly Adam Heard a call from behind him.
    He Saw a small Pokemon Running towards him and then clutch his leg.
    "Magby?" He Said "Why are you following me?"
    "What's wrong?" Kyle Asked
    "Look at this little guy" Adam Said Laughing.
    "It's so cute! I want It!" Juliet Ordered
    "No Way! It's Mine!" Adam Shouted "Magby are you happy to come with me?
    "Mag! Mag!" It Said
    "Is it a boy or a girl?" John asked as he came over
    "Definately a Boy! Liam Said
    "Nice Catch" Marty Added
    "Okay Then! Magby I'll put you in this pokeball" Adam Said
    Magby Happily Jumped into the ball and was eaily captured.
    "Nice!" Kyle Said
    Just then they hearda voice shouting at them
    "Get Them!" Lex Shouted as a bunch of grunts cam after them.
    "Let's get out of here!" Kyle Shouted as they started running down the hill and back to the city.

    The Ran Straight for The Pokemon Centre. It was night time and all was quiet except for nurse joy who greeted them.
    As They Started to walk towards their rooms a helicopter light shone through the skylight.
    "Ah! What's That!" Nurse Joy Screemed
    "Oh No! If they shut off the power, all of the sick pokemon will die!" Liam Said
    "Please Help Us!" Nurse Joy Said
    They Looked up and saw Lex twisted with anger.
    "We need to lure them out of the city!" Kyle Suggested
    "But How?" Juliet Inquired
    "There's a large field just past the city! I could get us there!" Liam Said
    They ran out of the pokemon centre and headed towards the field. They were closely follwed by the helicopters.
    They continued running until they found the large open space.
    They Stood there and awaited the helicopters.

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  30. OoC: Who said I was less frequent?

    Adam smiled at the thought of a new friend, but was quickly snapped out of his dream by the sound of helicopters. He looked up and snarled, much like Charmeleon would. He reached for Charmeleon's pokeball and flung it outwards, Charmeleon propelling itself upwards with a small tail flamethrower. He used a dragon claw on one of the choppers and it swerved off to crash somewhere else. Charmeleon was recalled as Magby was sent out.
    "Magby! Ember!" Magby let out an ember that melted through on of the landing bars of the remaining chopper. The chopper hovered above the ground while some Gama soldiers and Lex and Demetra hopped out. "When will you stop following me! One tiny pokemon! Surely you can catch another!" Adam shouted, but was only met by an incomprehensible shout and five pokemon unleashed. "Fine then, we'll do it this way."
  31. Ooc: You Did when you fogot who Lex and Demetra were :p

    "You See Child! The Charmeleon is very rare! Give it to me or I will call for Matril!" Lex Said
    "Who's Matril?" Juliet Said
    "You Insolent Girl! Hoe Dare You!" Demetra Scream
    "What Did I Do!" Juliet Said
    "Matril is the Co-Founder of The Gama Soldiers. He escaped prison with Demetra and Lex!" Kyle Said
    "Well, Because of your stupidity we will withdraw!" Lex Said
    All 5 Pokemon were withdrawn and then a large siren went off.
    "He's Coming" Demetra Said Laughing.
    A Rope Came flying down in front of them and a Large Man came Down to the ground
    "Matril! These Are The Children!" Lex Said
    "Have You Pests Been Interfearing with our work!" Matril Said
    "What Work! You Mean Trying to Destory us!" Liam Said
    "So Impatient. I better teach You A Lesson!" Matril Said
    "It's Six against one. Your going to lose!" John Laughed
    "Confident Are We! Very Well you ma send out your pokemon first!" Matril Grinned
    "Charmeleon! Let's do this!" Adam Said
    "Prinplup! Get Him!" Kyle Shouted
    "Leafeon! Centre Stage!" Juliet Said
    "Staravia! Aid Me!" Liam Said
    "Heracross! Go!" Marty Added
    They Stared at John who was thinking about what to do.
    "Yes! Pikachu! Assist Our Friend!" John Said
    All Six Pokemon Burst out of their pokeballs and took to the field.
    "Ha! So Weak! Rhyperior, Salamence, Tyranitar, Abomasnow, Flygon, Magnezone! Take Down these Brats!" Matril Shouted
    "What The!" John Said

    The Group Were Nervous about the battle ahead of them. They Stood Waiting.
    "Listen Guys! We Have To Aid Each other! Any Ideas?" Kyle Said
    "What if we did things like a contest!" Juliet Said
    "Perfect!" If We Treat This Battle Like A Contest we can trick Him" Kyle Said
    "Yeah, Only one problem some of us don't know about contest battles!" Adam Said
    "I Do! Just watch Juliet, Liam and I!" Kyle Said
    "Now Prinplup Create A Whrilpool Dome!" Kyle Added
    Prinplup Jumped up and created a huge dome, surounding all the pokemon and trainers.
    "Woah! That is so cool!" Marty Said
    "That's It! All we have to do is try to push his pokemon into the whirlpool!" Liam Said
    "Exactly!" Kyle Replied.

    OoC2: Psy-teen or Kwilava Kid Next. First Come First Serve! :p
  32. "Everyone clear on the plan?" Kyle said
    "YES SIR!"
    "Alright! Let's do this!" Juliet said
    "Let's GO!!" Adam yelled

    "Abomasnow use Hammer Arm!" Matril shouted
    "Heracross dodge" Marty said.
    "Abomasnow Ice Beam!" MAtril commanded
    "Stravia use Aerial Ace on Abomasnow from the back!" Laim said
    Staravia hits Abomasnow and Abomasnow flies to the Whirlpool
    "Thanks Liam! Look out!" MArty said
    "Huh?!" Staravia is hit with Salamence'ce Dragon Rage
    "Heracross...Megahorn...Full Force" commanded MArty
    Heracross makes Salamence fly right to the Whirlpool
    "Yes!" said Marty and Liam as they give each other high fives!

    "Nice one guys!!" Juliet said
    "Leafeon...our turn!"
    "Flygon, Dragonbreath..." Matril yelled
    "Leafeon dodge"
    Dragonbreath catches Leafeon's left leg"
    "Leafeon! NO!!!" Juliet screamed.
    "Chameleon, Flamethrower!" said Adam
    "Flygon, Ancientpower!" Matril yelled
    Flygon dodges and hits Charmeleon with Ancientpower and sends Charmeleon flying to Adam's arm
    "Adam!" Juliet yells as she run to Adam's aid....
    "Together?!" Adam asks
    "Lets get'em!" Juliet follows
    "Flamethrower!" "LEafstorm!"
    Flamethrower and LEaf Storm swirled and hit Flygon and send him towards the Whirlpool bringing Tyranitar with it to the whirlpool

    "Magnezone...Thunder!" Matril said
    "Pikachu! Absorb that blow!" John said
    Pikachu raises its tail and absorbs the shock, but before Pikachu finishes absorbing Magnezone used Take Down and sends Pikachu flying
    "Pikachu! Are you okay?" John asks"
    "Pikachu....Quick Attack!" John commands
    Pikachu hits MAgenezone with a QuickAttack, but it bare does any damage.
    "Alright!!! LEt's try Iron Tail!"
    Pikachu hits the Iron tail and sends Magnezone flying to the whirlpool

    "Finish it guys!" Kyle yells
    "Heracross....Signal Beam"
    "Staravia....Aerial Ace"
    "Pikachu....Volt Tackle"

    All the moves hit the whirlpool and crates a big explosion in the sky.

    As the smoke clears up, Matril's pokemon are all lying in the ground fainted.

    "Yes!" Kyle exclaimed!
    "You're done Matril!" John yells

    "Not quite silly children" Demetra says
    "You dont know what MAtril has up his sleeve" Lex continues
    "ENOUGH! You kids dont know who you're messing with. Next time we meet, you wont be smiling. Lex...send the troop back to headquarters."
    "But sir? these kids..."Lex questions
    "Enough Lex....No questions" MAtril commands
    "Yes sir!" Lex and Demetra say as they give the kids an angry look
    "Till next time....twerps!" Demetra exclaims..
    The flying ships leave the area as our heroes look up in the sky and stares...

    "So.... is that it?" Liam asks
    "No way...those people are up to no good and the next time they cause trouble....We better be there to stop them" Kyle adds
    "Yep...we're gonna take them down!" Juliet happily says
    "Looks like their headed to north" Adam says

    "Well let's go! We gotta get them!!!" Marty says as he runs ahead with John
    "You'll join us!?" Kyle asks
    "Why not!? This is the most fun we've had all week!!!" John follows
    "Catch us if you can!!!" Marty yells as he and John run further

    "Hehe....GET'EM!!!" Juliet screams as the rest follow John and Marty towards their next adventure
  33. "Ha, Try to out run me!" Kyle Said as he sprinted passed John
    "Likewise!" Said John as the two proceeded race each other.
    "Hey Wait Up!" Liam Shouted from the distance
    The two boys stopped, out of breath. As they waited they decided to look at their surroundings.
    "Let's See...The Helicopter went over that cliff over there..." Kyle Said as he stared towards the cliffs
    "Right, But Over there on Hishida Mountain is the best way to go" John Said Pointing towards a large cliff which seemed to have a path carved into it which was just visible.
    "Hey Guys!" Juliet Said as the others caught up.
    "Hey, I think John Just Found the best way up." Kyle Said Joyfuly

    The Group all Look towards the large peek and then went over to the small stream which was purtruding from a cave.
    They were about to go investigate when they heard a voice.

    "Kyle?" It Said
    "Huh? What's that?" Kyle Said looking around
    "It's me Megan!" She Said
    "Hey, It's that one..." Juliet said Sarcasticaly
    "Oh, Juliet! Hi!" Megan Said
    "What Are you doing here?" Kyle Asked
    "Well If you must know I'm helping Professor Rowen with some research. Top Secret Research!" Megan Said
    "Let me guess, an old friend?" Marty whispered to Juliet, who nodded back
    "Oh! Hold On!" Megan Said "I bet you guys Are after the Gama Soldiers, Correct?" She added
    "Why do you care?" Said Juliet
    "Well, I happened to come across this when I was in the Hishida Mountian Range" Megan Replied
    Se Pulled out a photo of a what appered to be a training ground for new Gama Soldier recruits.
    "I bet that's where Matril and the other guys went!" John Said
    "Hold on! how do you expect us to get in, we've created such an impact that the recurits would prbably be checking all over the city for us." Liam Said to the others.
    "Well, It just happens that this cave leads through to an area near the training ground. But it takes a long time to walk through and it's dark" Added Megan

    The group looked into the cave a realised that there was a blue glow coming from inside. AZs they got closer they saw many crystals faintly illuminating the cave.

    "We better hurry, these crystals only last for a few days before they loose the illuminating light!" John Said
    "Well, then lets go!" Adam Said
    "I have this for you, It's a flashligh just in case!" Megan said as she handed the flashlight to Kyle
    "Thnk you, It was nice seeing you again!" Kyle Said as the group went towards the cave

    Megan nodded and waved goodbye, then started to walk away from them. The group proceeded into the cave and switched on the flashlight.
    It would take a while to navigate through it. As they got deeper thet starter to here atrange pokemon noises. They hudled together and switched on the flashlight only to find many Sableye standing inffont of them about to attack.

    OoC: Thank Goodness this was kept alive.

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