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Ask to Join Pokemon Trainer Adventure!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Elder Squid Inkay, May 18, 2016.

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  1. Okay so this is my first rp on this site so if these rules are a bit odd you know why... I hope you Enjoy!

    1. You are a trainer not a Pokemon
    2. You may pick one at of all the starters, and one Pokemon to capture later in your adventure (No legendary Pokemon)
    3. You earn a mega stone no handouts
    4. I decide who wins matches not you, for example no
    My squirtle fainted your bulbasaur in one hit I win! People get very mad at that including ME.
    5. And finally, be creative and have fun! And don't be mean/ salty to others if you loose! I hope I get someone to join and have a fantastic adventure with me! Thank you!

    In this pokemon world all the regions connect to a big center in the middle Called the mid region supercenter were u receive your starter and of course u can always catch your starter if one of your companions has a pokemon for you to borrow
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  2. "I can't wait to get my a true starter Pokemon, what about you Seed?" Seed:"Bulba!" Proffeser:"Here you go" *Kieran chooses Oshawott*
  3. [​IMG]That's My trainer (now)
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  4. "I'll name you Ocean!" Ocean:"Oshawatt!"
    Seed:"Bulba Bulbasaur"
  5. *Squid walks into kieran and accident and makes him drop his pokeballs*
    Woah im sorry mate, are you all right!
  6. *Holds out hand to help him up*
  7. Amelia timidly held her newly-caught partner, Fennekin, in her arms as she raked her mind for a nickname for her. Being a huge nerd, she settled on the name Peril. She went up to her older brother and handed the Pokeball containing his Bisharp back to him. "T-Thank you," Amelia muttered. The redhead rushed off, not looking where she was going, and collided with a passerby. "S-Sorry!," she blushed.
  8. "It's quite fine dear," "The name's Squid"
  9. "A-Amelia," she stuttered, "I'm so s-sorry a-about that..." Amelia shifted Peril onto her shoulder, then adjusted her glasses. "N-nice to m-meet you, S-Squid," she said, sticking her hand out for a handshake.
  10. "Nice to meet you too Emilia! Uh, say thats a real cute Fennikan you've got there. I'm looking for a Pokemon to call my own..."
  11. "W-well, I've h-heard that y-you can c-catch s-starter Pokemon here," the redhead mumbled, "I-I caught P-Peril a f-few minutes ago, actually..." Amelia was distracted by her thoughts when a wild Pokemon caught her attention. She pointed it out to Squid, then whispered, "M-maybe you c-could try c-catching that one..."
  12. *Squid turns around to see a wild Inkay* "Wow, whats that pokemon!"
  13. "I-if I recall correctly," Amelia paused, reflecting on her prior education, "T-that's an Inkay. D-dark/Psychic t-type, C-contrary or Suction C-cups for its a-a-ability." The green-eyed trainer dug through her bag, and found some Pokeballs she hadn't used when catching Peril. She handed them to Squid. "U-use these, S-Squid," she said.
  14. *Inkay looks at squid and runs into the forest*
    "Inkay, Ink!"
    "Oh no! C'mon Emilia lets make that fennikan more than a pretty face!"
    *He grabs Emilia's hand and runs after Inkay*
  15. Amelia trips, stumbles, and runs all over her feet in an attempt to keep up with the boy holding her hand with an iron grip. Her mind is filled with thoughts of worry. A hand flies to her Fennekin to keep Peril from falling off of her shoulder with this unexpected speed.
  16. "I see it!"
    *Inkay lets out a psybeam and blasts us back*
    "Woah, what was that!"
  17. "Inkay, Ink!"
    *It looks at Peril like it is waiting*
  18. "P-psybeam, I t-think," Amelia huffed, exhausted from all of the running. She lifted Peril off her shoulder, and then seemed to get ready for battle. "Peril, u-use E-ember on that I-Inkay."
  19. "Fenni, Kan!"
    *The ember connects and hits inkay down*

    "Nice shot Peril!"
    *Inkay gets up and performs another Psybeam*
  20. Peril takes it decently well, returning with a second Ember.
    (Peril has a Sassy nature.)
  21. *Inkay falls once more*
    "This is it, Your as good as mine Inkay!"
    *Squid throughs the Pokeball*

    "Aw yea I caught an Inkay!"
    *Squid runs over and gives Emilia a huge hug*

    "thanks so much Emilia!"
  22. Amelia timidly returns the hug, not expecting it at all. She gives Peril a thumbs up, before letting go of Squid. "Congrats," she says, "Are you going to give it a nickname?"
  23. *Squid looks down at the pokeball*
    "Nah, Inkay sounds good to me."
    *Squid throws the pokeball into the air*
    "Alright Inkay come on out!"
  24. "Inkay, Inkay!"
    *Squid catches his newly caught Inkay*
  25. Peril sniffs Inkay curiously, seeing if he posed a threat now.

    ((Sorry, I need to sleep. Not gonna reply til tomorrow. Cya!))
  26. ((Bye!))
    ((Btw what state do you live in cause its not that late at my house))
  27. ((I'm back, and it was like 10:59 where I'm at.))

    Amelia smiles at Squid, before turning around. "I-I should p-probably g-get back to the center. M-my big b-brother's gotta b-be worried s-sick about me," she called, starting to walk towards the supercenter. She lifted Peril to her shoulder once more.
  28. "Hey I was heading that direction myself, c-could we walk together..."
    *Squid said Blushing*

    "Sure," Amelia replied, slowing her trek so Squid could catch up. She started humming a random song under her breath.
  30. "Um, so Emilia, were are you from?"
  31. "Kalos," Amelia said, "To be more specific, Couriway Town. Me and my brother are here at the mid-region supercenter because he thought I needed a Pokemon. He let me borrow his Bisharp to catch Peril." Amelia then contemplated telling Squid the origin of Peril's name, but decided against it, not wanting to alienate him.
  32. "I'm from Sinnoh, but me and my mom just moved to Kalos as a daycare lady"
  33. "I've heard that it's really cold in Sinnoh. Is that true, Squid?" Amelia inquired. It was at that moment when she walked smack-dab into the wall of the supercenter. "Looks like we're here," she laughed, then turned to find a door.
  34. "This is it eh?"
    "Inkay, Ink!"
    "I can't wait to show off my new Inkay!"
  35. The redheaded finds a door, and pushes it open. Glancing up at the sign inside and above the door, she finds out she and Squid were just in Unova. "Gotta go find my brother, bye Squid," Amelia calls back to her new friend, before rushing off. This time, she's a bit more careful and gets to her brother without incident.
  36. "Ah, what a nice girl"
    *Squids happy feeling turns into pain when he feels a sharp pain at his back*
    "Oww... Ah...Umh...ah"
    *Squid picks himself up off the ground and turns around to see 17 year old kids behind him Snickering*
    ???: "Well Look what we have here boys, a little runt with his first Pokemon!"
    *They all snicker at him*
    "Hey whats the big idea!"
    ???: "Oooh we got a big tough guy here boys!"
    "Not as big as your forehead!"
    *??? picks up Squid by his shirt*
    ???:"Listen here Chump NOBODY talks to me like that."
    *??? throws Squid on the ground*
    ???:"Alright Skorpi lets beat up Inkay now!"
    "Skorpi, Skorp!"
    "Not today, lets go Inkay!"
  37. Hearing all the commotion, Amelia dashes back over to where she left Squid. She accidentally barrels into someone. She apologizes for her mistake, before ordering Peril to use Ember on the Skorupi.
  38. *Skorupi dodges and uses pin missile on Inkay and Peril*
    *Inkay falls to the ground in sheer pain*
    "Oh no! Inkay get up buddy I know you can do it, and use Tackle!"
  39. Peril shrugs the not-very-effective attack off, then returns the favor with a super-effective Ember.
  40. ((Bug is 4x effective agianst Inkay))
    *With Inkay's Foul Play and Peril's Ember would be enought faint a normal skourpi*
    ???: "C'Mon Skorupi stop being so weak at everything, get up NOW!!!"
    *Tears rolls down Skorupi's face as he is forced to get up*
    "Hey don't hurt Skorupi like that he needs rest!"
    ???: "He needs STRENGTH! Skourpi use Pin Missile once more!"
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