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Pokemon theory [REPOST]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Colourtheory, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. This is a private roleplay between Colourtheory, Shiny Eevee, and Rileyixx. :blush:

    OOC: Just to start things off, this post will be short. But all posts after this should be longer.

    Marie hopped out of her bed. "Good morning Twinleaf Town." She said as she peered out of her window. "And how is your morning?" She finished with a laugh. She ran through the hall into the bathroom where she brushed her hair, and applied some beautiful bows to it. She rummaged through her closet untill she found a green bow shirt as well as skirt. "Beautiful." She said as she put it on.

    While downstairs, she saw that her grandmother had made her a favorite. Pancakes with juicy strawberrys, topped with whipped cream. Se sat in the brown oak chair, said goodmorning to her grandmother and rushed to eat her pancakes. When she put her plate in the sink, her mom asked "Done allready?"
    "Yes grandma. As you know, I have a very important functon to get to." She said. She put on a light coat, put on her blue plaid backpack with a pokemon symbol on the back, and opened the door. "Goodbye grandma! I will visit you soon!"

    And out the door she went.
  2. Ferris was rudely awakened by the sound of his alarm clock. His eyes slowly peeled open as his head moved up grudgingly to look at the time on his white oblong alarm clock. The clock face read 9:48, Ferris had not fully taken in what time he read on the clock mistaking the 9 for an 8. Ferris turned onto his other side hoping to catch a few more minutes sleep when the light coming from the other side of his slatted wooden blinds shone in his eyes. He sat up and began to rub his eyes lethargically he peered across to his clock again when he saw the clock reading 9:52 he shot up out of bed like a bolt and began to run across his wooden floor, when all of a sudden he tripped over a big pile of worn, smelly clothes which he had just tossed onto the floor for the past 2 weeks.

    Downstairs Ferris' mother giggled to herself "Looks like Ferris is up, better get his breakfast ready". Ferris' nose was met with the smell of sweaty socks as he brought himself to his feet. He ran out of his room in his black boxer shorts and run down the cream carpeted staircase and finally reached the large oak kitchen-diner. Ferris' mum placed a bowl of porridge, a plate with 3 rashes of bacon and one egg sunny-side up and a tall glass of orange juice "That will keep you going on your big day" she said "Thanks Mum" Ferris replied as he wolfed down the food placed in front of him. "Slow down and chew your food" Ferris' mother cried but she was too late as he was chugging down the orange juice. "Thanks again Mum" Ferris cried as he ran into the bathroom, "Heh he'll never learn will he"

    Ferris vigorously brushed his teeth, put his deodorant on and washed his face before brushing his tangled golden locks, 5 minutes later after he had conquered his hair problem he ran into his bedroom and replaced his underwear and threw on a pair of light grey skinny jeans and a white t-shirt on which had a picture of a strained out, greyscale abstact landscape. He took his plain black backpack ran downstairs and grabbed his grey canvas sneakers and a grey and black striped hooded jacket.

    Once he was ready to go he kissed his mum on the cheek and said "I wish Dad could have seen this, too bad he had to work today" to which his mother replied "I'm sure he would be very proud and remember he works at the Pokemart in Sandgem Town so you might get to see him if you hurry up". After hearing that Ferris ran out the door shouting "I love you and I'll come visit" but before Mrs Porter could reply her little Ferris had gone.
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    “I’m sexy and I kn-”

    “No, stop,” Victor said with a groan as he slammed the sleep button on his alarm. Exactly a minute later, the song started up again, and the teen growled to himself before getting up and unplugging the blasted device. “Seriously, why couldn’t I just get up an hour later?”

    “Because it’s the day today!” Victor looked up and saw a ten year old girl standing at the doorway. The girl was smiling at him as she ran up to him and gave him a hug.

    Returning the embrace, Victor replied, “And good morning to you too, Vicky.”

    “My teachers call me Victoria!”

    “And you’ll always be little Vicky to me, Vicky,” he said as he opened the door to his closet. "Go on down, I need to change." Vicky skipped on down the stairs as he took out a black polo and blue jeans. After changing, Victor descended the stairs, and saw Vicky bouncing around as she waited for him. Victor couldn’t help but smile when he saw her. As much as they fought sometimes, he was still most at ease around her, and let his emotions come out whenever the two of them were alone.

    Victor quickly made himself a quick breakfast of toast, milk, and juice, while his sister slowly ate a bowl of cereal. When his dad came down the stairs, the teen gave him a curt nod. “Hey.”

    “Morning, son,” came the reply as the man approached Victor and ruffled his hair a bit. “Big day today, huh?”


    “I remember my first day.” His dad laughed, and suddenly grew serious. “You mom’s already gone, so I’ll be the one to say this. Please be safe, alright?”

    Victor nodded, placing down his now empty glass of juice and going back to his room to pick up his backpack. His relationship with his dad, on the other hand, was much more strained. It wasn’t that they didn’t get along, they just didn’t get along as well as he did with Vicky. Finding the large bag, already stuffed full with spare clothes, potions, money, snacks, and even a cell phone and charger, lying next to his bed, Victor snatched it up quickly and ran downstairs. Before he left, though, he took one last glance around the house.

    “Hey, dad?”


    “Take good care of Vicky while I’m gone. I love you guys.”

    “I’m not that little anymore!”

    “Alright, will do. Keep in touch, alright?”

    “Sure.” And with that, he left the house, ready for his adventure ahead of him.
  4. "How could I not visit the fountain!" Marie said as she walked out the door.

    In the middle of Twinleaf Town is a fountain that is inhabited by wild Magicarp. Marie always fed the Magicarp and took care of them every morning. Marie made friends with one Magicarp in particular. His name is Bob. They had been companions ever since Marie was a young girl.

    Marie followed the blanket of orange sky that led to the fountain. She peered into the fountain. "Hello? Bob?" She called. Marie dabbed her finger into the water, making tiny waves. There was a small pause. Out jumped a fish like pokemon. It was Bob!

    "BOB!" Marie cried holding her hands out to grab him from the air. He landed right in her hands. "Magicarp." Bob squeeled. "Oh Bob," Marie began. "I finally get to begin my own pokemon journey. You know, the dream I have had since I was young?" Bob let out a large "Magicarp". "Well, today I pick my starter and I'm afraid I will be traveling alone. Because I won't have you with me Bob. You are a part of me. "(Katy Perry much? XD)

    Marie reached in her bag and grabbed a small pink digital camera. She positioned Bob on her lap. "Say cheese, Bob." Marie smiled. There was a flash and the picture of Bob and Marie came up on the digital screen. A partial tear rolled down Marie's face as she viewed the pictureof the two.

    "I'm going to miss you Bob. I love you." Marie said. "And don't you ever forget that." Marie chuckled. She placed Bob back in the water where it looked as if he waved his small red fin goodbye.

    Marie began to head towards the lab, hands in her pocket untill she felt three lumps in her pocket. When she pulled out the small round objects, she saw that they were poke snacks. "I forgot to give Bob his poke snacks!" Marie said in a panic. She dashed towards the fountain, accidentally tripping on a rock making her backpack fly up from her hands and over the fountain. Her backpack began to fall to the fountain, as did her head to the stone.

    "My pokegear!"
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    (OOC: This is officially the shortest RP post I have ever written)

    Victor started when he heard the sound of a girl yelling out in anguish not too far from where he was. He had half a mind to just ignore it, but in the end he gave in to his conscience and ran over to the source of the sound.

    When he arrived, he immediately saw the situation, but didn't quite understand what had happened; his legs just began moving by themselves, and he found himself holding onto the girl, bridal-style. The girl seemed to be around the same age as him, if not a bit older. Her hair was lighter than his, brown instead of black, and she wore a green shirt and skirt with matching ribbons in her hair. "You okay?" he asked, but then he saw the backpack as it plummeted towards the water.

    He couldn't think or act fast enough, being too far away from the fountain to reach it, and hoped that somebody else could catch it before her belongings all got wet.
  6. Ferris began walking to the north side of Twinleaf Town when he saw the two shadowy figures in the distance and saw something heading towards the centre of the fountain.

    Ferris ran towards the fountain and dived across it to grab the blue plaid bag and ended up face first in the fountain, Ferris hands hung over the side of the fountain and in them was the blue plaid backpack which was bone dry.

    Ferris stood up completely drenched and muttered to himself "That was a lucky catch" he climbed out the fountain and stared at the two figures in a confused and sort of belittling way. He did not know how to respond to the two people in this awkward situation, Ferris kept making quiet stuttering noises as if he was going to ask something. He eventually asked "Are you two a couple?, You would make a very nice couple" as he pushed the bag into the girls hands.

    He turned around to check if the Magikarp were all right and began to dry himself off. He introduced himself "Erm sorry for not mentioning my name earlier my name is Ferris" he giggled shyly.
  7. "Thankyou!" She said to the boy who had just caught her. Marie had Blushed because of the position the boy had her in. But Marie didn't bother to get out.

    Mesmerized by the boy she forgot about her pokegear and backpack. "MY BACKPACK!" She yelled. She saw a shawdowy figure running through the thick blanket of mist, jumping over the fountain catching the backpack.

    Marie's face lit up. "Two boys with glasses. Not to metion they are adorable. How hot." She thought to herself.

    After hearing Ferris act if they were a couple, Marie hopped out of the boys arms, blushing.

    "Uh.. oh. No, no, no." She said, her face turning dark red from blushing.

    To change the topic she ran to the boy who just introduced himslef and shook his hand.

    "Hello Ferris."
  8. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Couple? Victor thought as he set the girl jumped out of his arms. The girl was already replying to the question, though she looked rather embarrased to have been in such a situation. The other boy, who was also older than Victor, had introduced himself as Ferris, and Victor couldn't help but feel obliged to introduce himself.

    "I'm Victor, nice to meet you," he said, giving a curt nod to both of the older teens. "Glad everything's fine." Then he took a good look up and down the other boy and said, "Looks like you had a splash catching her stuff."

    He usually wasn't one to make jokes, but the situation was so absurd he couldn't help himself. He was beginning to feel uncomfortable around the two strangers, and made a sort of movement that suggested that he was going to slowly walk away from them. I can't stay here much longer, he said to himself, I have a journey I need to begin.

    (OOC: Blame school for another short post D: )
  9. "Oh!" Marie said as she heard the boy who caught her say his name. "Thanks Victor! I appreaciate it."

    Marie looked at Ferris. "Ugh! I feel so bad! Look at you, your all wet. Let me see what I have in my backpack."

    Marie rummaged through her backpack. She pulled out a green fluffy towel and wrapped it around Ferris. "I sure hope that keeps you warm," she said. "It is awfully cold out here."

    When she saw that Victor was slowly slipping away from her and Ferris, she ran towards him, grabbed his arm, and pulled him back.

    "How am I to thank you two?" She rummaged through backpack again and oulled out a small case. She opened it. She reterieved Six berries and two life herbs. She handed each to the boys.

    "It's the least I could do. Please, take them."She smiled. "So, are you guys off to start your own adventure and get a starter pokemon? Beings your out so early."
  10. Ferris accepted his herbs and berries and took a closer look at the blue, round berries, "These are the berries that the Starly's around here eat" he thought to himself as his face beamed up just at the thought of capturing a Starly for himself.

    Ferris continued to dry himself with the green towel when he realised what Victor and Marie had said to him.

    "Haha nice to meet you both, sorry about the confusion and stuff just the positions seemed a bit awkward" he chuckled as he rub the back of his head. "Oh and yes I am going to get my starter pokemon, once I get my starter I can go explore places I've never been and fulfil my dream of becoming a pokemon researcher and trainer" he said in a fast, gleeful tone.

    A few moments later, Ferris was finally dry and luckily no damage to the contents of his rucksack and handed back the towel to Marie "Thanks" he said in a reserved manner. Ferris was feeling uncomfortable around these new people, but tried to put it too the side to give Victor and Marie a chance at being his friend.
  11. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Victor blinked in surprise but didn't struggle when the girl suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him in even closer to the circl. Then, she began fishing through her bag and took out a few berries, giving him and Ferris a small handfull of it plus some random herb. "Thanks," Victor said as he recieved the berries from the girl. She was really odd, though he didn't dislike her for her optimism nor her willingness to be helpful. Then she had asked whether they were getting a starter, which he thought was a weird question. Then he remembered that it was still rather early, before most other people would be up.

    After Ferris had finished speaking, Victor just nodded in response to show that he, too, was going to the lab to get a starter. Both of them seemed to be the talkative type, which suited Victor just fine. As long as they did all the chatting, he would be okay with staying in the background.

    "We should best get going then," he said to his companions as he opened a small pouch in his backpack and stowed his berries away. If these people were like him, beginning trainers, he guessed that it might be best to travel with them. It went against his usually antisocial character, but the thought of traveling through the region alone was quite... daunting. Turning towards the girl, he queried, "What's your name? I don't think I ever caught that."
  12. It was sunset. The sky was orange with a mix of yellow. The sun was slowly lowering over the ocean horizon in Twinleaf town. Four year old Marie was playing with her Magicarp, Bob.

    She waved over the ocean as her parents' cruise left he docks of Twinleaf town, going to the Unova region.

    Her parents were hard workers. That's why they decided to take a crise. Over in the Unova region, a new vacation resort had opened up. It has over 300 bedrooms, a twenty four hour casino, a battle arena, and a gormet food resteraunt.

    Marie continued waving her parents away. Untill the sky turned unusually black. It look as if a red gyrados had emerged from the blue waters. Screams could be heard from the innocent passengers on the cruise ship.

    People on the cruise ship became scared. Scared enough to begin to actually jump of the cruise ship. Marie stopped waveing, and stood frozen in fear with Bob.

    Gyrados made a reddish orb from its mouth.

    With a flash of white light, the dark orb flew right into the cruise ship, blowing it up.

    "Mama! Papa!" Marie yelled has the Gyrados Dissaperaed back in to the water. And the cruise ship? Well, only the remains of wood and glass, sunk.

    The rest, was gone.

    Marie snaped out of her flashback. "Your welcome." she said blankly when the Victor said thankyou.

    It wasn't untill then that Marie felt she was making the two boys feel odd because of her blank and starriness.

    "Oh yes, we should get going if we want to get our starters." Marie said in reply to Victor as she walked away. She turned around. "My name? Marie."
  13. Ferris walked along with Marie and Victor. Ahead of the trio there was a signpost, Ferris scuttled infront to read the sign he read out loud "Lake Verity to the left, Sandgem Town to the right. Guess we are heading right then".

    The trio saw the path towards Sandgem but tall grass had sprawled across the path and pokemon now inhabited the grass. There was a brown fluffy pokemon gnawing on the surround trees and grey birds flying around and hoping in the grass hoping to find some berries that may have dropped in the grass.

    Ferris had an idea of how to get past the grass but meant wasting supplies which he knew wasn't a wise thing to do especially this early in his adventure but he took out one of the oran berries, Marie had given him for catching her backpack. He threw the berry in the trees to distract the pokemon to ensure the trio could get across the grass safely, the plan worked and the trio creeped across the grass so they didn't attract any unnecessary attention from the pokemon. "Looks like the rest of the path is clear." Ferris stated.

    "I hope I don't have to waste anymore oran berries because I wanted to use them to attract a Starly or Bidoof because I know they like them, plus they also make good healing items" Ferris said intellectually. He then turned away from his comrades and carried on walking towards Sandgem Town.
  14. Shiny Lyni

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    Victor felt that he had probably judged Marie and Victor too quickly, for the former had stared blankly off into space before snapping back to reality and giving a taciturn introduction of herself, while the latter wasn't far too eager to talk either, but was helpfully throwing berries (or rather, one, singular berry) to bait the wild Pokemon away from them.

    What a waste, Victor thought as he watched a crowd of Bidoof and Starly suddenly appear and fight for the oran berry Ferris had given them. They'll just want more and approach us later to beg for more or something. Much to his surprise, the creatures were too busy nibbling at the fruit to bother them, and the group managed to slip by without them noticing.

    As they walked by the hungry critters, Victor head Ferris say something about using the berries to attract wild Pokemon to make them easier to find and catch. While at first the idea sounded clever, after thinking it through a bit, Victor felt that it be more prudent to save the berries for other uses. Perhaps they could be used as a snack down the road when they were short on food, or a special treat for any Pokemon they might catch in the future. It would be risky to use the berries in the way Ferris had just described, especially with had the possibility of them getting stolen or eaten by a Pokemon before he could even have time to catch it. Well, it was his investment, not Victor's.

    He knew town wasn't too far now, but the trio had already walked a good amount without a lot of conversation. Victor himself was okay with this, never being much of a talking himself. However, he guessed that his companions would be more uncomfortable with the silence. He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something, but closed it quickly before anyone could notice. Since he usually didn't start talking until someone else did, he didn't know what to say to get the group to start talking. Besides, he could already see houses ahead of him, and guessed that Sandgem Town was only a few steps away from them now.
  15. (OOC: Due to waiting a while to post to no avail I'm posting)

    Ferris and the others were still walking to Sandgem Town but Ferris carried on talking from earlier about distant lands.

    "My Dad told me that there used to be something called a Safari Zone near where we lived in Johto, I don't remember it much but he said you only had so long to catch as many Pokemon as possible but you weren't allowed to use Pokemon you had to use conventional methods like throwing dirt to catch them off guard but makes them more likely to run or you can throw food which makes the Pokemon stronger and harder to catch but they are less likely to run away, its a game of luck I suppose"

    He babbled on some more "I've heard stories about a place called Hoenn and the Safari Zone there has wooden boxes where you put Pokemon food called Pokeblocks in to draw in more Pokemon and there is a rumour it makes it more likely to run into a rare Pokemon, it all sounds lovely and warm and stuff, I wonder if we have on here in the Sinnoh region?"

    The roofs they had seen before got gradually closer and closer and the colours on them got more vivid as the early morning mist slowly disappeared. Ferris took his glasses off and put them in his bag as he believed he wouldn't be needing them.

    The trio saw three buildings that stood out among the rest; a small building with a blue roof, a larger building with a red roof and a huge building that looked boring compared to the other two buildings. The huge building was the closest to the trio and assumed that the building was the Pokemon lab. The trio stepped inside.
  16. "A safari zone you say? Soundsnneat. We should see if the professorknows of any!" Marie said.

    When Marie saw that the ab was just feet away from her she grabbed both boys hands. Something she normally wouldn't do, but she let excitement take over.

    She walked steadily with both boys. Hand in hand. Marie's face was crunched up showing her eagerness to get to the lab.

    Then, she exploded.

    Marie bolted to the lab pulling both boys with her. "lets go!" She shouted.

    When she reaxhednthe door to the lab she didn't even bother to ponder at it. She just ran right into the lab. She kept on running until she ran right into the professor.

    Marie fell to the ground. The professor had tripped as well leaving the pokeballs to fly right through the air.

    Marie caught one of the low pokeballs and summoned the Pokemon from it. It was a piplup.

    "Piplup! Catch the pokeballs!"

    Piplub hopped in the air slapping each pokeball to one of the boys.
  17. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Victor was inhumanely dragged into the lab by the girl, slowly at first, then- Oh my gosh, I feel like my arms are about to get pulled off.

    When they got in, Marie somehow managed to continue forward and bumped into the Professor, which made her let go of both Victor and Ferris’s hand. As the two fell, Victor quickly caught hold of the aging Professor, luckily by the arms and not how he had saved Marie earlier. Looking up, the teen saw that his female companion had already caught one of the three Pokéballs from midair and released a small, blue bird-like creature.

    “Piplup,” she exclaimed, “catch the Pokéballs!” The Pokémon obliged, quite unlike its usual proud and unyielding nature, as it slapped the orbs towards the two boys. Victor helped the Professor stand before stooping down and picking up one of the Pokéballs, weighing the object in his hands before handing it back to Rowan.

    However, Rowan merely shook his head. “Those were meant for you three, since your parents had contacted me earlier about your arrival.”

    Victor, however, still felt unsure about holding the Pokéball, and realized that it was because Marie had so readily, without the Professor’s permission, released and used a Pokémon. And more than that, the creature had obeyed her, which showed just how much they had bonded within the first few seconds they met. Perhaps he was also partially unsure of himself, and didn’t know how his own Pokémon would react to him. Would it like him, or would he have to win its trust?

    He held the Pokéball like he was about to open it, but quickly glanced at Rowan for... comfort, or something. The Professor gave him a nod of encouragement, and Victor gave a tense nod back as he released the creature in the capsule.

    Only to find his pants aflame just moments after a Chimchar materialized in front of him.

    “Thanks for the gift, Professor,” he muttered as he quickly stamped out the flames and watched as the little monkey grinned back up at him mischievously. Victor held up the Chimchar so that he could look at it eye to eye, and narrowed his eyes at it. The critter began giggling, and the teen smiled in amusement. Okay, though their meeting wasn’t the best of meetings, it was doable. “How about I call you Rigel?” Victor asked, and Rigel began clapping his hands as though pleased with the name.

    Yes, this was going to be a great partnership.
  18. After being dragged by Marie into the lab and soon after dropped on the floor. Ferris went to his feet and started doing shoulder movements and massaging his shoulder in pain. But before he could rub off the pain chaos erupted again.

    Pokeballs flew everywhere and everyone had only just got there bearings again before Marie caught a pokeball, Ferris' eyes widened as he saw the proud, blue Pokemon, he had never seen anything like this Pokemon before. Marie told the Pokemon whose name was Piplup to catch the pokeballs. Piplup due to obvious reasons couldn't catch the pokeballs and batted a ball towards Ferris and the other towards Victor.

    Ferris heard the deep, stern voice of the even stern and intimidating professor just after Victor had picked up the ball that landed next to him. Mesmerised and confused with all the Pokemon and chaos, Ferris had forgotten about the ball heading for him. The ball bounced off Ferris' head and rolled across to the other side of the lab.

    Running after the ball but focusing on Victor release the next mystery Pokemon was a difficult task soon Ferris' saw an orange flaming chimp come out of Victor's pokeball and saw the bottom of his trousers alight this caused Ferris to step back in disbelief. The pokeball Ferris was chasing after rolled and soon stopped at Ferris' foot as he heard the chimp be named Rigel. Ferris noticed the pokeball next to his foot and picked it up and held it up in the air.

    'Haha, now to see my Pokemon' he released the Pokemon from the ball and out came a green derpy looking pokemon. His jaw dropped in shock at how derpy this Pokemon was but it quickly grew on him and placed the Pokemon on his head as it let out a loud cry 'Turtwiig'

    'So your a Turtwig then, guessing from your cry' Ferris stated. He continued speaking to Turtwig 'Well I'm going to name you Lyndon'

    Lyndon cried out in joy again 'Turtwiig'

    The professor now seeing the bonds between the Pokemon and the trainers said 'These Pokemon are already taking a shine to you already, I think you'll be wonderful trainers and will be perfect to help me with my studies, as you may know I study evolution in Pokemon and I've discovered that around 90% of Pokemon evolve, I need you three to help me in other areas such as location, movesets, etcetera, while I further my evolutionary studies. You three are also welcome to help in the field of evolution but to do this you will need this a Pokedex, which is simply an electronic encyclopaedia for Pokemon just they have no entries so you'll have to fill up by scanning Pokemon like so, these Pokedex's however will only show the name and location of a Pokemon unless the Pokemon is captured or you put observed information in manually like so. Here is three Pokedex's one for you each,'

    Ferris was excited with the idea of being a Pokemon researcher after listing intently to Professor Rowan's speech and swiftly took the Pokedex out of Professor Rowan's hands and stared ecstatically in all its gleaming glory. The professor also handed out maps to assure the three don't get lost while they are on their epic journey.

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