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Ask to Join Pokemon: The Unovian and Alolan battle

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ghostryder30, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. [Introduction] As the world of Pokemon continued to evolve, humans and Pokemon now reside with robots as companions throughout the decades, embracing a new era friendship and peace. However millions of attacks were said to only be found two organizations that seek to liberate or steal for the money. In order to combat this new threat, The Aether Foundation has persuaded the people and Pokemon to join with them and form a new force of hope. The new force of hope was called: The Master Sentinels. This is the story of how the Master Sentinels were born as avengers of the Ultra Guardians.

    [Prologue/0: Til the guardians wake...] (Play Music: [Destati - KH3]) Lusamine looked around the empty hall of the Ultra Guardian HQ, and began to ponder for a thought. "When will the Ultra Guardians reunite?" She asked to herself. "They saved millions of lives, stopped Team Rocket's schemes, and returned all the monsters back into their own world. But without them, who else will lead?" She then looked at the seven ride Pokemon; Garchomp, Dragonair, Charizard, Altaria, Metang, Flygon, and Noivern all ride Pokemon in a cryo-like slumber. "One day, you all will wake to the new leader." Said Lusamine. "Sweet dreams, until we meet again..." When an employee came to Lusamine, he gave her the report. "My psychic-type Pokemon has foreseen a powerful bright light in the form of a sentinel." Said the employee. "And who's that?" Asked Lusamine as Wicke, Faba, and their Pokemon teams gathered around to see who was chosen. (Music stop)

    "The son of Lea Kazudo..." Said the employee.

    [Chapter 1: Battle on the highway | Ryder & Circuit] (Play music: [Central Highway - Megaman X]) Somewhere in Melemele island, on the highway, screams and explosions were off. Vehicles destroyed or badly damaged. Whatever happened here has already begun. Ahead, was six heroes: Guzma, Bonnie, N, Skyla, Hau, and the lead of the platinum hearts: Ryder. "Master!" Said SER-M. "I found the belonging of the attack. It came from Team Rocket-roto." "Team Rocket?" Said Ryder. "This must be Giovanni's doing... Alright, time to fight the Team Rocket grunts. Guzma, you take the east-side with N. Skyla, you take the west-side with Bonnie. Hau and will take care of things from center-north." As they nodded their heads, Guzma and N went east, Skyla and Bonnie went west, and Hau stayed with Ryder. "Time for round 1." Said Hau. "Just like good times?" "Just like good times." agreed Ryder. "Raichu, I choose you!" Said Hau. "Circuit, I CHOOSE YOU!!!" roared Ryder. Both alolan Raichu and Circuit came out of their PokeBalls and looked at their masters. "Ready for another sweep?" Said Ryder. "Pika-pika!("All set!")" Said Circuit. "Raichu, take to the air and see what's going on." Said Hau. "Rai-rai!("Okay!")" Said Raichu as he took to the air and looked around. Until they were found by Team Rocket. "Always on our schemes...just toying around..." Said Jessie. "And that annoyance was already found." Said James. "You bunch have been a big pain in the neck just all the others who outsmarted us." Said Meowth. "Just because we're annoying doesn't mean we're doing our job to stop you all." Said Ryder. "You of all people have already known that the war between you and Team Plasma has already started. And I can't say...I'm impressed." "Piiikachu...("Uninteresting...")" Said Circuit in an exasperated attitude and tone. That made Meowth really angry. "Now look you little good for nothin'!" Said Meowth. "You want a war with us? I can make that happen!!!" "Anger us again, and you'll regret this!" Said Jessie in an angry tone. "I'll say!" Agreed James. "Raichu and I will take care of that Mareanie!" Said Hau. "Go show 'em how it's done!" Said Ryder. As Hau and Raichu began to chase after James, Wobbufett, and Mareanie, Ryder and Circuit stayed behind to fight Jessie, Meowth, and Mimikyu. "You of all people should know that we are better than anybody else!" Said Jessie who is still angry. Mimikyu seething with rage on Circuit to remember that it hates every last Pikachu. "That means Team Rocket wins with my Mimikyu!" Said Jessie. "And maybe your Mimikyu loses over and over." Said Ryder yawning. "Maybe we both know where it ends." "Mimikyu, use Wood Hammer!" Said Jessie. "Circuit, use Iron Tail!" Roared Ryder. Circuit and Jessie's Mimikyu both clashed their tails. "Piiiikaaaa!("I am vengeance!") Growled Circuit. "K-k-kyu!("Don't make me laugh!")" Snarled Jessie's Mimikyu. Circuit and Mimikyu focused on their strength to see who rises and who falls...but only one can remain bright and triumphed. With a full-force push, Circuit sent Mimikyu crashing into one of the damaged cars knocking it out at an instant. "Alright, you want to play fair?" Said Meowth. "Here's how I play fair! COME AT ME!!!" Meowth then used Fury Swipes on Circuit.
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    Nick was walking down the sidewalk in a destroyed city. "Damn," He said, "This place really got wrecked." He continued to the edge of the city and sent out his Venusaur and climbed onto its back and motioned for it to go onward. When they made it farther down the highway they started seeing explosions and destroyed vehicles. He saw Team Rocket fighting a gang of people. Nick motioned Venusaur to go off the road and they went into the edges of a nearby forest and sat under a tree.
  3. Ryder and Circuit dodged the Fury Swipes but almost fell from the highway. From above, Ryder can see a boy and a Venusaur resting under a tree. "Hey down there!" Said Ryder. "Can you give us a helping hand?" "Pika-pika!("We need help up here!")" Said Circuit.
  4. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick sighed and sent out Pidgeot. "Pidgeot, fly up there and use twister." Pidgeot nodded and flew up and trapped Mimikyu in a tornado that also swept up Meowth. "Venusaur, use vine whip to knock Wobbufett and Mareanie into the twister." Venusaur nodded and knocked Wobbufett and Mareanie into the twister.
  5. "How many trainers can this brat call upon!?" Groaned Jessie. "This feeling is just so wrong." Said James. "Like this is an infinite pain in the neck, all the time!" Said Meowth. "But at least this is our second blast off in Alola. Give it a go?" "Yes." Said Jessie. "Agreed." James followed. "We're blasting off again!" Team Rocket Said. Hau returned with Skyla, Bonnie, Guzma, and N to see Team Rocket get sucked into a twister. "Does Team Rocket say that phrase when they're defeated?" Asked Guzma in a bored tone. "All the time in a row..." Ryder Explained. Until another mine went off and the a part of the highway bridge fell down near the boy and Venusaur. Guzma, Hau, Skyla, Bonnie, and N avoided the fall, but Ryder and Circuit accidentally fell onto the boy's Venusaur as a safety cushion. "Sorry." Said Ryder to the the boy and his Venusaur. "Pika...("Our bad.")" Said Circuit in dismay.
  6. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    "It's 'ight," Nick said. "Name's Nick. You?" He returned Pidgeot into its Pokeball and put the Pokeball away in his jacket pocket. When he put it in his pocket his jacket moved to the side a bit and light shined off a gold badge that was under his jacket pinned to his shirt that indicated he was a champion, however the badge could barely be seen.
  7. "Call me Ryder." Said Ryder. "Nice to meet you, Nick." Ryder soon dusted Circuit from the debris and cleaned his crown-shaped champion necklace the fact that he is also a champion. Hau, Bonnie, Skyla, Guzma, and N climbed down from the highway rumble, and caught up with Ryder and Nick. Circuit soon greeted Venusaur in a happy tone.
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    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Venusaur also greeted Circuit and went back into his Pokeball. Nick nodded before saying "Nice to meet you too Ryder. Anyway, I gotta head out. See you later." He waved and then sent out his Charizard and flew off over the forest.

    Meanwhile, Aby was sitting in a lodge in the far outskirts of the forest. Her Espeon and Sylveon were laying on a rug in the corner of the building. She was cooking something to eat and then gestured for Espeon and Sylveon to come over and she fed them poke puffs before walking over to a nearby table and eating lunch.
  9. Ryder and the others looked around if anybody else was next. (Music stop) There was nobody else. Until a Team Plasma Admin named 'Shadow Triad' came out of nowhere and froze Hau, Guzma, Bonnie, Skyla, and N, except for Ryder and Circuit. "Did you really think you can stop us with only your Pokemon?" Said Shadow Triad. "Team Plasma is already at war with Team Rocket, and you can't stop it at all..." "I wouldn't be too sure about it." Said Ryder. "Then maybe Absol says otherwise!" Snapped Shadow Traid. "Absol, used Dark Pulse!" Absol then used Dark Pulse on Ryder and Circuit. Absol kept on wearing them down until they are injured. "Feels painful, doesn't it?" Snicked Shadow Triad. "No, not really." Chuckled Ryder. "I've suffered worse than this." "Pika-pikachu("Just a tiny scratch of dicipline.")" Said Circuit in a confident tone. "Then allow me to make it worse!" Until a Moonblast move came from Lusamine's Clefable. And Shadow Triad and his Absol both then escaped. As the ice thawed, the Aether employees took the five with them in the helicopter. Lusamine and Clefable then found Ryder and Circuit lying down on the floor. "Guess we're not that strong, huh?" Said Ryder. "You are strong." Said Lusamine. "But there was a secret backup the Ultra Guardians didn't know." "THE Ultra Guardians?" Boomed Ryder. "Like the best ones in you arsenal?" "Yes." Said Lusamine. "But in order to awake their ride Pokemon, you need to find the Sentinel Mech we hid in the Pokemon school." "Okay!" Said Ryder. "I'll go there! But, will you come with me?" "I will come with you." Said Lusamine. "Since you're the best enforcer of the Aether Foundation, Clefable and I will be right behind you and your buddy Pokemon." "Then come on!" Said Ryder. "We don't have a moment to lose!"

    [Chapter 2: The 'Sentinel Mech' and the burning Pokemon school | Ryder & Circuit / Lusamine & Clefable] (Play Music: [Scorch n' Torch - DK Tropical Freeze]) Lusamine, Ryder, Circuit, Clefable, and the others made their way to the Pokemon school on time, but it was on fire. "Wicke, Faba, look after the five and don't let anyone hurt them." Said Lusamine. "What about you two!?" Said Hau. "Don't worry about us!" Said Ryder. "We've got a secret to unveil." "Are you ready, Ryder?" Asked Lusamine. "I was born ready..." Said Ryder with a confident look. "Clefable!("To arms?")" Asked Clefable. "Pikachu...("To arms...")" Said Circuit. And Ryder, Lusamine, Circuit, and Clefable all went through the fire wall to get inside. It was a fiery, and dreadful zone. "No turning back now!" Said Ryder.
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    Nick flew over the forest then made a right back towards the city. He was flying over a couple buildings then turned to his left and saw the Pokemon School. However, it was on fire. "What the hell?" Nick said as he nudged Charizard to fly downward. When him and Charizard reached the ground he saw the group of people from earlier, minus Ryder and Circuit. He returned Charizard to its Pokeball and walked towards the group. "Hey," he said. "2 questions, 1. Why is the school on fire? And 2. Where is Ryder?"
  11. Wicke soon explained to Nick. "Don't you get why the school's on fire?" She asked. "The war has begun. And Ryder is with Lusamine with Circuit and Clefable to find the Sentinel Mech." "Don't tell us you're going in there, are you?" Said Faba.

    Inside the Pokemon School, Ryder, Lusamine, Circuit, and Clefable looked everywhere for the secret entrance. Ryder then looked at a picture of Lusamine, her daughter, her son, and her friends that were all here. "I'll keep this one safe." Said Ryder. "This is it." Said Lusamine. "It's time to get those ride Pokemon out and awaken the great sentinels. Are you ready?" "More than ever, Lusamine." Said Ryder. The entrance to the Ultra Guardians' HQ was opened and the four entered down the elevator to the HQ. "My friends." Said Lusamine. "It's time to wake." Soon, Garchomp, Dragonair, Charizard, Altaria, Metang, Flygon, and Noivern were all awake to Lusamine's command and they followed Ryder, Circuit, Lusamine, and Clefable to the mech hanger. "These two mechs are the only ones I have." Said Lusamine. "Clefable and I will take the 'Blazing Falcon' You take the 'Cyclone Defender' with your buddy Pokemon." "Okay!" Said Ryder. "Let's get out of here!" And the mechs' engines began to roar as they woke to life. "All systems go!" All seven ride Pokemon, the 'Blazing Falcon', and the 'Cyclone Defender' boosted their powers and escaped the burning school alive and landed on the ground near Ryder's friends and Nick. "What did we miss?" Said Ryder.
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    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    "Nothing much," Nick said as he stood there. He sent out Blastoise and Poliwrath. "Guys use Hydro Pump to extinguish the fire. Blastoise and Poliwrath nodded and used hydro pump to extinguish and take out the fire. After they finished Nick returned them into their pokeballs and looked back to the group.
  13. "Looks like the school will be alright." Said Ryder. (Music Stop) "Lusamine, is there a way to stop this war?" "There is, if we head over to the Aether Foundation." Said Lusamine. "We'll need a way to bring the Ultra Guardians back and put an end to Team Rocket and Team Plasma's war. There was something I hid at the Aether Foundation in case if the world is at risk, and it is bigger than the Plasma Frigate. We'll have to awaken the Aether Carrier." "Then we'd better get there now." Said Ryder. "All of you, follow our mechs and don't fall behind." Said Lusamine.

    As Ryder and his friends reach the harbor, Ryder's friends in the helicopter flew across the sea as Lusamine and Ryder in their mechs proceed with caution. "Can this mech fly?" Said Ryder. "It can, if the upgrade is complete." Said Lusamine. "We'll have to reach there in our mechs." "Then let's go." Said Ryder. The 'Blazing Falcon' and the 'Cyclone Defender' soon submerged into the Alolan seas and began to move towards the Aether Foundation. [Time Skip] As they reached the Aether Foundation, a crowd of trainers watched as the helicopter landed safely with the survivors, the ride Pokemon all safe and unharmed, and the mechs arriving safely from atop.
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  14. Keikaku was at the Aether Foundation, he was just standing there among the trainers, some of them asked a couple questions about being a champion and all, but not too much. Since he had arrived here from Sinnoh "I hope we can get into the action realll soon" He'd say.
  15. "That's the idea." Said Lusamine to the Sinnoh Champion. "Listen everyone, We need to awake the Ultra Guardians again. But first, we'll need this." As she pointed towards the sea, a large Helicarrier rose from the Alolan seas and the engines began to roar louder after igniting to life. The boarding bridge soon began to open up as they were brought to the landing area. "All trainers are to now board the 'A.S. Atlas'. I repeat, all trainers are to board the 'A.S. Atlas'." Said the P.A. speakers. "Everyone, follow us!" Said Ryder as he and Lusamine jump onto the Helicarrier.
  16. "I- well okay then!" He said, He walked to the A.S Atlas, being impressed as to how nice it, then he walked over to Ryder "So uh, what's an 'Ultra Guardian'?" he asked, as he looked over to the seas "As you can see, i've never actually been to Alolah" He joked .
  17. Lusamine then told the champion of Sinnoh about the Ultra Guardians. "The Ultra Guardians are a group of heroic trainers who helped the mysterious Pokemon return from distant worlds." Said Lusamine. "We believe that they are located in different regions in which we have look everywhere for them." "She does have a point." Said Ryder. "Besides, this is no joke." "Pika-pikachu.("We have to get moving.") Said Circuit. And they all waited for the Aether Helicarrier to take flight.
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    Nick had flown on the back of his Charizard to the Aether Foundation. He didn't know if he was suppose to be there but he had followed Ryder and his friends there. He had stepped onto the helicopter like the rest of the trainers and stood near the back of the helicopter away from everyone else.
  19. As soon as everyone got on board quickly, the Aether Helicarrier's turbine engines began to roar louder than a jet as it took to the skies. "Everyone, hold on tight!" Said Ryder. "Piiiiikaaaaaa!!!("We're going uuuuuuuuuuuuuup!")" Cried Circuit. Louder and louder, the Helicarrier lifted up slowly from the waters like it was lifting the anchor up from the ocean floor.
  20. ~Somewhere further away from the Aether Foundation and the group of heros~

    A masked trainer sat at on what had appeared to be a small edge as she looked down at the Alola region. A familiar Umbreon sat beside her appearing shiny with a black and blue flower that rested on her right ear as she had her gold eyes shut only listening to her surroundings. Blue had heard the flap of large wings before the sound of it's footsteps. She opened her eyes until she caught eye on the familiar bird appearing metallic as it approached JC from the beside only to use it's metallic voice to get her attention. JC had heard the metallic voice call to her as she turned her head slightly only to see the dark metallic blue large bird rest it's head on her shoulder as it's glowing red eyes with no eye balls glanced to her. She reached her hand out to the side to gently touch the metallic bird's head as this was Stellica her Corviknight. "Stellica? What is it?" She asked her.
    Stellica opened her beak to give out her metallic bird call only to say, "Corviknight!("I saw a strong wind lift up the water, as it looked to be a helicopter..also, Team Rocket and Plasma are causing much trouble once again") she explained. "I see....how irritating..." She sighed heavily. "-N will probably notify me about this once he finds me because he always seems to know where I disappear to-" she said in thought as Stellica raised her head to look down below as Blue closed her eyes again listening to her surroundings.

    ~Meanwhile on the Helicopter~

    Ryder, did you happen to find my close friend of mine?" N asked looking to him. "If you know who I am talking about?" He added.
  21. "You mean JC?" Asked Ryder towards N. "Yes. Though the search of my brother has taken it's toll right before doomsday was expired by me and JC. And as Champions of Alola, it is our duty to keep the world safe from the blackest dark days." "Master, I think you both worry too much. Don't you think?" Asked SER-M. "Not the slightest bit." Said Ryder. "Call JC. She'll be needed in this war." "Understood, master." Said SER-M. Ryder then hopped on board Knucker. "Where are you going?" Said Lusamine. "I'm going to find a friend of mine." Said Ryder. "Hold this ship until I bring her with me on board." Ryder, Circuit, SER-M, and Knucker took off to the sky and began to look for JC while picking up her call.

  22. N sighed before shaking his head as he got on his Hydredion before following Ryder. "Ryder, you have no idea in the slightest wher she would be and besides she doesn't have her device with her to call her, she left it in my room to make sure of that...I mean when she disappears like a ghost it's no joke at all, even traces of her scent are in the wind literally" he said. "I am more closer to her then you so I have a clear idea on where she could be hiding to get away from everyone...that's just how she is unfortunately. Even if SER-M is just as more intelligent as we are, it would be impossible to track her even with his help. Hydredigon is very familiar on the places she goes when she goes ghost so let me led if I may" N said. "N you too!" Lusamine called out. "This friend is very close to me and will be very reliable for this war, believe me" he said before taking off in front.
  23. "If you're eager to find her, then I'll follow your lead." Said Ryder towards N. "My buddy Circuit told me what it feels like to understand through our communications even if your father keeps blocking your path. I'm damn sure to finish what we all started."

    [Chapter 3: The ghost, the king, the champion master, and the streets of war | Ryder & Circuit / N & Zorua / JC & Blue] As Ryder followed N before landing near a building, SER-M scanned the entire city before giving the report to Ryder. "Master, I see no signs of her." Said SER-M. "We'll find her." Said Ryder. "We just have to find her. I trust N with my life, he'll find her soon." Ryder then turned to N. "N lead the way." Said Ryder.

  24. N nodded to Ryder. "Yes, understanding Pokemon clearly and know that they are in pain and how their feelings are towards trainers is very great experience, JC has this same ability which is why we are so close to each other as if we are siblings in a way," he said before looking around feeling something odd. "Strange...this is where JC would hide when she ghosts but she is not here...hm" he said as his Zorua was looking around as well until he spotted a familiar Absol on a flat rooftop. "Zor! Zoey's!("Look up there N!") He said pointing his paw up on top of the building. "An Absol? Wait I know that Absol!" he said as the Absol quickly noticed Ryder and N before it leaped off the building on the the ground leaping off at a speed that was fast then for a normal Absol at normal stats. "Zorua after that Absol! Ryder don't lose sight of that Absol!" he said as he took off again as Zorua leaped off into the forest after the ridiculously fast Absol who was using the trees to get away faster.
  25. "SER-M, scan for that Absol's traces!" Said Ryder. "Scanning!" Said SER-M. "PIKA! PIKA! ("Absol, wait! It's me! Your friend!")" Cried Circuit towards the running Absol. "Where do you think it's headed to?" Ryder Asked towards N. "An Absol wouldn't run just like that!" Said SER-M. "We get the picture, SER-M." Said Ryder. "But it can help us find JC. We just need a little bit of hope."

  26. N looked to Ryder. "I don't know why it rabbit off like that but that Absol only acts that way when a trainer is ghosted to prevent others from finding them and besides, that Absol was definitely stressed which gives me a very bad feeling...just watch out for that Absol carefully" he said as N leaped off Hydredigons back running on foot after the Absol. N stopped for the moment looking around until Zorua warned him. "Zorua!("N look out a Psycho Cut!-") he said as N quickly turned before jumping out of the way as the same Absol stood before him stressed and anxious. "Don't attack her Ryder and Zorua, you have no chance against an Absol belonging to a Strategic Champion" N warned as the Absol's eyes were now focused on N once he had said that word to her. "Blade! Blade the Absol! Calm down, tell me why your stressed and Anxious? Don't you remember me? I'm N remember the closest friend to JC!" He said as Blades eyes seemed to suddenly calm down. "Sol...("N? My apologies for not recognizing you quickly...my stress and anxiety came over me...") She said approaching him as she felt his hand touch her head. "It's alright Blade but tell me...why is there a reason you were stressed and anxious?" N asked her as he suddenly saw Blade's eyes show a hint of sadness which N did not like at all.
  27. "Anything?" Asked Ryder towards N. Circuit looked at Blade the Absol's eyes showing saddness which caught Circuit in dismay. Ryder soon pondered why was Blade sad. "Master?" Said SER-M towards Ryder. "Not now, SER-M." Said Ryder towards SER-M. "Let N have a talk with Blade." Until Ryder was spotted by his friend Hau and a new ally named Kacey. "Hau? I thought you were at the Aether Helicarrier." Said Ryder. "Lusamine gave me a short mission to help you and N. Not to mention that Kacey girl could be able to help us. Consider her as an ally." Said Hau. "Well then, welcome aboard, Kacey." Said Ryder.

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  28. Kacey smiled at Ryder "Hello, nice to meet you Ryder, Hau has already told you about you, so you are a champion in Alola. I'm very happy to meet you." Softy saw there was an Absol. Softy smiled at Absol. "So is it N speaking to that Absol?" Kacey wanted to know "Should I help N?" Kacey asked Ryder. "So Ryder is Absol yours?" Kacey asked.

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  29. N looked to the girl called Kasey. "No this Absol is not Ryder's, she belongs to a close friend of mine, something is troubling her so I am communicating with her now" he said to her before turning to Blade. "Blade can you tell me what is bothering you?" He asked her. "Sol...."(Team Plasma and Rocket took JC at her own will....they had threatened to harm the ones close to her....including us....they had proved it with Blue....but I know Blue is strong so she was able to handle it...that's what made her submit quickly to prevent any more harm to Blue...") Blade explained closing her eyes. "Absol....("It all happened so fast...as quickly as she was able...she tossed my Luxury ball asking me to find help but my anxiety and stress took over quickly... probably because...I know how it feels to be treated that way...") She added. N grabbed Blades head gently with both hands before touching his forehead with hers. N let go before turning to the group. "Guys, we have a problem on our hands.." he said as Blade caught eyes on Softy curious.
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  30. "I knew Team Rocket and Team Plasma are gonna be at each others throats." Said Ryder. "We'll have to find and save JC, and escort her the Aether Helicarrier." "Seems like a plan." Said Hau. "But we better be careful. Tutu, told me that Team Rocket and Team Plasma has placed turrets and androids into battle." "Then we'll have to use our weapons." Said Ryder as he pulled out his ion cannon. "Weapons ready, everyone."

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  31. N looked to Ryder and the others as Blade still had that look of worry in her eyes. "I think we should check something out first Ryder, if Blade is out of her Luxury ball here then it may be possible that her other girls are as well maybe even Blue" he said as Blade spoke to him again. "Absol.....("Blue isn't with us other girls....she went with JC because she refused to left her behind.....she is my best friend and training partner...") She said. "I see Blade...well we have to rescue both Blue and JC but Blade if you would lead the way to them that would help.." he asked her. Blade nodded before helping N onto her back before leaping off as his Hydredion and Zorua who was transformed into a Staraptor followed his lead.
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  32. "People go very fast..." Said Ryder. "Good thing one of mine's got speed! Circuit, follow them with Volt Tackle. I'll be right behind you!" "Pika, Pikachu! ("Got it!")" Said Circuit. "Hau, let's go follow N!" Said Ryder. "Okay. Right behind you!" Said Hau. "Kacey, you with us?" Asked Ryder towards Kacey.

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  33. Kacey nodded "Yes I'll come, whatever happens to the owner Absol I will help," Kacey smiled. Kacey looked at her Ultra ball. "Bolt, I CHOOSE YOU." Out came a Zebstrika. "I hope we're fast enough to catch up on team rocket and team plasma." Kacey looked at Softy. "Softy, come back." She pulled Softy into the ball again.

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  34. "Then we'd better hurry up." Said Ryder. "We've got to find and save JC and Blue before the Rocket n Plasma turrets and androids find us or they might find them. SER-M, keep track of Absol and the others." "Understood master!" Said SER-M as it kept track of Absol and the others while searching for JC and Blue.

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  35. Kacey is looking for clues to find JC and Blue "Where's Blue and JC?" Kacey struggles to find the two of them. "N, Ryder found something?" Kacey asked Ryder and N. "Otherwise I'll search. Lucky, I CHOOSE YOU. Lucky is smart enough to look for clues. I hope I have enough arrows." Kacey looked at the quill. "Liepard (I'll help)." Liepard leaved

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  36. N got off Blade looking around at the place where JC hid as he felt a slight nudge from Blade as he looked to her. "Absol....("This way") she said as she walked in front of the others as N used his hand to signal the others to follow him. Blade stopped as a cave entrance that was very dark to see inside as she picked up a lantern before facing the others. "Guys, do any of you have a fire type on you or a Pokemon that knows a fire type move so we can light up this lantern" he asked them looking their way.
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  37. "I've got no fire type Pokemon." Said Ryder. "Maybe I got one." Said Hau. "Incineroar, I choose you!" Hau then sent out Incineroar and asked it to light the fire. And it did. "Be careful. Even the Totem Pokemon are far from being agitated from the rubble." Said Ryder. "SER-M, keep track of our heartbeats." "Understood, sir." Said SER-M as he activated the heartbeat tracker.

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  38. Kacey was terrified, "Do we really have to go this way?" Softy was annoyed "Liepard pard (Can you be braver?)" Softy asked Kacey "It's not too scary here. Don't you hear Hau, even Totem Pokemon is scared," said Kacey "I hope nothing is surprising," said Kacey "By the way, is there another way to find your friend N?"

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  39. "Tutu told all about it." Said Hau. "I don't know why, but it did seem like they were afraid." Until Circuit bumped his head onto something metallic. "Pika...? ("Owie...?")" Said Circuit. Ryder checked the metallic object to investigate. "Master, what's that?" Said SER-M. "It looks like an old generator complete with control panels." Said Ryder. "I don't you should touch it master." Said SER-M. But Ryder began to power up the generator. "Please don't master." SER-M warned. "There might be an explosive device in this thing you know." "He never stops his investigations until there done." Said Hau. Ryder soon placed his hand onto a handle. "Master I think that's a bit too far." But Ryder pulled the handle to turn on the power. Lights brighten up the cave that was filled with mine shafts, rails, and mine carts. "I take it back..." Said SER-M. "This looks like s bunch of miners came by here to help the Totem Pokemon escape the rubble." Said Hau before asking SER-M a question. "How many miners survived the mines?" "I'm afraid... only one..." SER-M gulped. "Well, I don't see the downside of that." Ryder insisted.

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  40. Kacey was surprised to see the mine shaft. "Wow is this a real mine shaft?" Softy immediately came out of his pokemon ball. "Liepard pard (I love this place)" Kacey just smiled "Come on, Softy, come back." But Softy doesn't want to get into the poke ball. "Okay, I'm still confused why the team rocket brought JC, does anyone know why?" Softy, Vine, Lucky and Bolt know nothing. They all shook their heads "Do you know why?" Kacey asked two of her friends

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