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Ask to Join Pokemon the universal region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starry Phantump, Aug 24, 2017.

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    The universal region formerly known as jhoto,as more trainers arrived at Vermillion port more building and such were needed to be built due to the region popularity and a young boy who dreamt of being a gym leader was ready to begin his journey
    As a young kid grabbed a pair of goggles and put it on his head,he grabbed a pokeball and put in his backpack as he stepped downstairs of his home and said bye to his mom"Mom I'm ready to set out for my journey"max said tightening his goggles"oh,ok sweetie do you have leafy"his mom replied softly"of course mom why wouldn't i"max rolled his eyes jokingly"oh I'm sorry I'm just nervous it feels like just yesterday you found leafy by the port"Max's mom hugged her son and gave max a kiss on the cheek"heh,don't worry mom,I'll be back before you no it"max said hugging back and walking out the door,he noticed a large boat docked at the port"huh the boat shouldn't be here it's only 11:00"max said walking towards the port
  2. A kid with a Starly stepped off of the boat first. The kid ignored Max, and walked by him. The Starly started to chirp at Max. What is it Ducky?" Aero asked his Starly. He turned to look at Max, and walked towards him. "Hey, do you have Pokemon?" Aero asked him, Ducky still chirping. "Because according to my Partner here, you do have one. In which case I challenge you to battle me. I just got here and I want to see what trainers are like around here."
  3. Max was shocked when a trainer challenged him to battle"huh, uh yah I have a Pokemon but I haven't battled another trainer before,I guess I could give it a try"max pulled a pokeball out of his backpack and tossed it confidently,out came a shiny Eevee with a orange scarf who looked battle ready"eevee!"it growled"huh,leafy your not usually like this,never mind that are you ready for battle...uh what's your name,heh"max scratched his head unknowingly and leafy rolled her eyes
  4. "Well, my name is Aero." Aero replied. "I want to be the best flying type trainer, and in order for that to happen, I need to beat many trainers. Anyways, Ducky you can beat this Eevee." The Starly flew down from his shoulder, and landed across from the Eevee. Ducky squawked at Leafy. "I will let you move first." Aero said.
  5. Lukas fiddled with the pokeball in his hand as he walked, "Take this as gift. I can teach you..." he mocked before looking up and scoffing, "Yeah right old man, I think I know how to throw a ball.". With a groan he attempted to read the map he was given, "So in order to beat the gym, I need one of them pokemen." he groaned before tucking it away. Lukas's purple gaze scanned the land ahead of him until he saw a pond which he assumed would be thriving with wildlife. As he dragged his feet a sudden figure popped up ahead of him causing him to yelp, "What the hell!" he screamed in surprise and threw the pokeball as self defense. The pokemon hit the pokemon right in it's head, and although it didn't give much of a reaction, a minute later the Wooper belonged to Lukas. Panting, Lukas rested his hands on his knees before tapping the pokeball with his foot.
    Lukas grimaced as he sent out the Wooper, "What are you?" he asked the slimy creature as he poked it, the Wooper looked down at his finger with a blank stare. "Whatever, you better be strong." Lukas huffed before standing up and walking away expecting his new pokemon to follow him.
  6. Grace wandered throughout the port town. She was trying to take everything in. She had always lived in Alola, which wasn't the most settled place in the world. The city was overwhelming to her. She just walked around, dodging and diving through the crowds, until she saw two trainers talking with each other. They both had Pokemon out, seemingly about to battle. Grace watched from a distance. A battle always got her excited. She sought out a more open area, where she wasn't getting elbowed out of the way by the crowd. She leaned on a tree, arms crossed, ready to enjoy the battle. She quickly identified the two Pokemon: A Starly and an Eevee with a scarf. They were probably beginner trainers, like herself. She was hoping she could maybe learn some battle etiquette from them.
  7. "oh,nice to meet you Aero,I'm Max,your Pokemon kind of looks like a pidgey but grey"max grinned as he noticed a crowd to form around the two as Aero gave him the first move"whatever you say,leafy attack the starly with swift"max yelled confidently
  8. The attack hit Ducky. "Ok then Max. I will give it my all to beat you and your Eevee!" Aero said. "Also, He is a Starly, not a Pidgey. Anyways, Ducky go use Quick Attack!" Ducky then started running towards Leafy at immense speed.
  9. The starly slammed into leafy launching her back,leafy growled with a few bruses on her"ok leafy use bite on the starly,oh I bet your wondering why I can use another attack with the choice scarf on leafy,to be honest I don't know why it's basically just for looks"max said shrugging
  10. As Lukas walked he occasionally heard a thud behind him, "What is wrong with you!" he finally snapped around causing the Wooper to simply look up at him with an 'O' shaped mouth. "Of course I've got the one with malfunctions." Lukas muttered, as he walked he saw a group randomly gathered. After pushing his way to the front Lukas made out that it a battle, a rather boring one if he did say so.
  11. "Well, I have to admit, it does look nice." Aero sighed. "Ok Ducky, fly out of there!" Ducky barley dodged the attack, having faint bite marks on his wings. Ducky squawked very loudly, and without warning, used quick attack from above.
  12. "not today,protect!"max shouted and leafy without hesitation created a green sphere around it blocking the starlys quick attack "ok,leafy let's finish it with last resort!!"max yelled hoping this would decide the victor of the battle, leafy began to charge at starlys as several stars formed around her
  13. Ducky bounced off of the protect, and landed right in front of Leafy. The Last Resort hit Ducky, and flew him into the arms of Aero. Aero did not look happy. Ducky got up, and chirped. "Alright then. You won." Aero mumbled. "You are now my rival, and I will not rest until I have proven the best of you!" Aero ran to the nearest Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon.
  14. "haha yes,I can't believe I won my first trainer battle,wait is that really how you get a rival,ok I'm not complaining"max pumped his fist in the air as leafy ran and jumped in Max's arms acting much more cheerful than when in battle,as the crowd decipated max saw Aero rush off to the pokemon center"oh right,healing,hey wait up for me"max ran after Aero with leafy in his arms
  15. Aero got his Pokemon and walked out. "Alright where do I go now?" Aero asked himself. He looked around but didn't find anything. He walked back into the Pokemon Center, and saw Max. "Max, do you know Where I go to find a Pokemon Gym?" Aero asked him.
  16. Grace watched the battle end from her spot. It wasn’t the most eventful battle, but it was something. She wandered around some more near the Pokémon Center, not even looking where she was walking. To be honest, Grace didn’t even know what to do or where to go. She had so impulsively decided to come to Johto, and now what? Lost in her thoughts, Grace walked straight into Aero, nearly knocking him over. As she recovered from the impact, she looked up and realized he was one of the trainers who had just battled. Grace felt her face grow hot as she blushed a little bit. She wasn’t very social, and was a little embarrassed that she walked right into somebody. She clasped her hands behind her back and spoke in a barely audible voice, “S-sorry. I was just thinking about things and didn’t notice you in the way. Sorry about that.”
  17. As Aero fell down, Ducky started to peck her head. "I forgive you." Aero said. "Ducky please stop pecking them." Ducky stopped, and went back onto Aero's shoulder. "Just please don't make it happen again." Aero sighed.
  18. Grace reached her arm out to help him up. She really felt bad, and she didn’t even know how to make up for it. “Actually, could you help me? I don’t know my way around here, and I’m looking for the nearest gym. My brother told me to go there to improve my battling skills. Could you show me where the gym is?” Grave said, all in one breath. Realize she just asked someone she may have minorly injured for a favor, her face went hot again.
  19. "I have no clue where to go." Aero answered. "That is why I asked Max, the guy who I fought against. He wasn't on the boat, so I guess he lives here." Ducky started to squawk at Max to get his attention.
  20. After max healed his pokemon,he walked up to Aero and the girl who Aero was talking to"well to answer your question,the first gym is north east of CherryGrove city,I can't remember it's name but even though it's the first one it's not the closest,but the league says you have to go in order with the badges since the region changed to help tourism or something like that"max looked at the girl and smiled"oh hello who are you"
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  21. "Alright then." Aero said. " Well, I bet i can get there before you do, Rival." Aero started walking out, when Ducky stared at Max with an angry look on its face. Aero started to go north to get to the First Gym before Max. On the way he tripped over something. As Aero turned around, Ducky was already pulling at a Hoppip. The Hoppip started to hug Ducky. "Ok?" Aero said confused. "Alright Ducky, lets keep on moving." Ducky was unable to move due to the hug of the Hoppip. Aero yanked Ducky out of the hug. The Hoppip started to look very sad. "Well, I do need another member of the team." Aero mumbled. Aero threw out a Pokeball to catch the Hoppip. The Hoppip stayed in. Hoppip was then released from her Pokeball, only to carry on hugging Ducky. "Ok Hugger, I can not keep you out, so stay in the Pokeball for now please." Aero told the newly named 'Hugger'. Hugger was put back into her Pokeball. "Well that was an interesting first catch." He Chuckled. He soon saw a City, and went straight into the Pokemon Center.
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  22. Grace turned towards who she assumed to be Max, and smiled. “My name’s Gracidia, but I just go by Grace. Nice to meet you.” Grace mentally kicked herself. She really didn’t like telling people her full name, yet there she was, blurting it out. Her face lit up a red color as she put her hands back behind her back. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to travel to the next gym with you and your friend.” Without even waiting for a response, Grace followed Aero north, and she even saw him catch the Hoppip. As Grace walked on, she noticed a rustling in a bush beside her. As she approached it, a Vulpix charged out. The small fire type jumped at her nearly bringing Grace to the ground. It started licking her face, just like a dog. Grace carefully reached to her bag which was sprawled next to her and grabbed a Luxury Ball. She pressed it to the Vulpix’s head, and it encased the creature. The catch was successful, and Grace now had two members on her team. She stood up, brushed herself off, and headed towards Viridian. She finally caught up with Aero in the Pokémon Center. Grace approached him, introducing herself. “I never caught your name. I’m Grace, by the way.” She said rather bluntly.
  23. "hey wait up!!"max followed Aero after putting leafy back in her ball and waving to the girl"names Max, nice to meet you"max caught up to Aero thanks to the hoppip hugging his starly,until he started running again,by the time they made it to azealia town,max noticed that grace followed them"hi again,oh Aero I think we passed the town where the gym is at"max simply rolled his eyes and walked into the center with the others
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  24. Aero turned around to see the same girl from earlier. "Oh, hi." Aero said. "I am Aero, and my partner is Ducky." Ducky chirped. Aero looked to see Max. "Wait we missed the Gym?" Aero asked. "Ok You lead the way this time. Also, when you have the chance, I would like to have a rematch with you."
  25. "I'll rematch later,but when your ready we can set out for.............violet city gym,aha I remembered,I still have to buy pokeballs and potions"max pulled out a town map and handed it to Aero and then walked into the pokemart"oh do either of you know how to cook because I need to grab cooking supplies if so"max asked before he walked through the door
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  26. Aero looked at the map. "I have no idea how to cook." Aero shrugged. "Just bring fruit or berrys, something that we don't need to cook, but won't spoil." Aero followed max into the Pokemart, and bought 2 Pokeballs, and a Potion. He then waited outside of the Pokemart for him.
  27. "I do a little bit of cooking myself. Just get some canned foods or something easy. I don't want to prepare a feast." Grace said. She headed inside the shop, picking up a few luxury balls and some potions and other supplies. "I'm ready to set out whenever you guys are."
  28. "ok" max grabbed everything that the group would need for the trip,after words max walked out of the center with his backpack full and with a smile on his face"all right let's set out for the violet city gym"max began to walk out of azalia town and towards violet city
  29. Aero followed Max. "So what is the typing of the gym?" Aero asked Max. "As you can see, I do not know much about Gyms here." Aero toke out the map to see where they are going to go.
  30. Lukas eventually grew tired of having to walk slowly and simply picked Wooper up holding it by it's head. "I got this down... we've got to battle someone." Lukas scoffed, "And then I guess we go to the gym, and win," he muttered the last part unsure of himself. With a shrug he saw the two trainers again, the ones that were fighting- had they made up? With a gruff sigh Lukas turned until he heard one mention the term gym. He looked down at Wooper and groaned before casually following these trainers, he didn't speak or even really look at them- just kinda stalked there footprints with Wooper in one hand.
  31. "if I'm correct it should be flying type"max answered as they continued walking,about 2 hours have passed and the sun began to set"it's getting dark,maybe we should set up camp for the night,what do you two think"max said as he petted leafy and sat down on a fallen tree
  32. "I think we should." Aero yawned. He toke out a sleeping bag, and pajamas. He went behind a few trees to change into them. He put his regular clothes into his bag, and went into his sleeping bag. "Good Night." Aero said, before falling fast asleep. Ducky fell asleep next to him.
  33. Lukas continued walking right past the group of trainers, "Sleep? What the hell is this, kindergarten?" he grumbled to himself. He looked down at Wooper, 'How far can it be to find a giant building' he thought to himself with a shrug. As Lukas walked a random rat jumped out from the grass, he let out a yelp before glaring at the Rattata. With a huff he flung the Wooper onto the battlefield, "Attack." he commanded blandly, at his partner's lack of reaction Lukas groaned. The opposing pokemon went right ahead and flung himself at Wooper in the form of a talk, Wooper whimpered as it was attacked and looked up at his trainer. "Uh... do your job!" Lukas called, Wooper took another hit- with a groan Lukas recalled the battle he had witnessed- he assumed that Wooper was just dumber than the average pokemon. "What use do you even have?" he growled, the Wooper flinched before squirting water at Lukas in a show of his power. "Whatever, do that- Now!" he said as Wooper fired a stream at the rat.
  34. Grace watched how quickly Aero fell asleep with a hint of jealousy. "I hate Insomnia," she thought to herself. Grace sat down against a tree, fighting to fall asleep. However, she lost that battle for multiple hours. After tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, she finally felt the call of sleep beckon to her, and she followed it. There were no dreams for her that night.
  35. "ok I'll see you guys in the morning"max set up a small sleeping bag and curled up inside it,leafy lay on top of the sleeping bag,max began to think to himself
    "I guess this is who im going to travel with,cool I like Aero and grace,I just hope we don't get seperated"soon after that he was fast asleep

    -------------------8 hours later-------------------

    Max yawned and stretched his arms as he arose from his sleeping bag"*yawn* I wonder if the others are awake yet"max noticed how both Aero and grace were still asleep"ok well maybe I should get fire wood for when grace wakes up so she can make breakfast"max walked off and began to gather broken twigs and such
  36. Aero woke up soon after, and so did Ducky. He looked around to see who was up. Max was gone, most likly getting something, and Grace is still asleep. "Alright. I think I need to train my newest member." Aero mumbled, getting up, and getting dressed. He then sent out Hugger, who immediately went and hugged Ducky, much to Ducky's dismay. "Alright, Hugger." Aero told the Hoppip. "You can hug him for one hour if you can show me what moves you have." Hugger nodded, and procedded to use Synthesies, Tail Whip, and Tackle. "Ok that is cool." Aero said. Hugger then started to hug Ducky, who was angry at Aero. Ducky then started to chirp. "Its only an hour." Aero told the Starly.
  37. Grace groggily sat up, wiping her eyes. It took her a second to focus on everything around her, and she was a little surprised to see Max missing and that Hoppip once again clutching the poor Starly. After saying good morning to Aero, Grace decided it was best to get cracking on a fire for food. She quickly made a fire pit out of some stones, and filled it with kindling. Stacking up a few sturdy pieces of wood in a teepee formation, she called out her newest team member, the Vulpix she caught the day before. Grace had the Vulpix use it's ember attack to light the flame, and then patiently waited as she heated up a pot of canned soup.
  38. "ok this should be enough"max finished grabbing fire wood and began to make his way back to the campsite,suddenly a person that looked exactly like max jumped out of the bushes"ahh,who are you,I mean who am i" the dopplganger snikered and grinned as it grabbed Max's backpack"hey give that back me,leafy swift"max commaded, leafy then shot stars at the other max knocked it back and Max's backpack out of it's hand,the max clone transformed into a zorua"huh,I've never heard of a Pokemon that can do that,that settles it your going to be the second member of my team,leafy quick attack"leafy charged and slammed into the zorua,it began to struggle to get up and began to pant"ok now my chance"max tossed a pokeball it landed on the zorua and absored it into the ball,it shock three times than clicked as small stars popped around it"haha I caught my first,well second pokemon,oh right I need to get back to the others"max ran off back to the area where they set up camp,once he was there he noticed that both Aero and grace were up and that grace made breakfast already"oh that's good,I forgot the fire wood,hehe,oh guys I caught a new Pokemon,I don't know it's species though either of you know what it is I don't have a pokedex"max said releasing the newly caught zorua
  39. Grace’s eyes went wide after seeing the little fox Pokémon as her Vulpix ran over to go play with it. “That’s a...” her voice trailed off mid sentence. She had faint memories of this little shape shifter from before she moved. One had lived in her neighborhood for a while. She reminisced for a second, then spoke up. “That’s a Zorua. They’re pretty rare, so you’re quite lucky. It’s a dark type, and it’s best trait is it’s shapeshifting abilities. Congratulations!” Grace spit out pretty much everything she knew about the dark type. “Serenity, come back.” She called out to her Vulpix, which stopped bothering the Zorua and returned to her side. Grace took a spoonful of soup and tried it. “Food’s ready!” She called towards the other two, pouring herself and her Pokémon a bowl.
  40. "a zorua, awesome,who would of thought I'd catch a Pokemon like this,so what am I going to name you"Max thought of a name that fit the shapeshifting fox pokemon he decided to eat breakfast and got some food for his pokemon of course,as max was about finished eating a name struck him"I'll call you shadow!"the newly named pokemon smiled and licked the hand of max"you like that name huh"max petted shadow and smiled back at it,leafy would often play and wrestle with the fox pokemon"hehe,oh are you guys almost ready,we still have to make it to violet city,and next time we get to a Pokemon center we can get are pokedexs if I call the professor,well if you don't already have one"max asked as he finished his soup,leafy and shadow began to try and get graces Vulpix to play as well

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