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Private/Closed | Pokemon: The Shattered Skies of the Five-Pointed Star! |

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by zodiac_queen, May 24, 2019.

  1. | Pokemon: The Shattered Skies of the Five-Pointed Star! |

    From the silent seas of Ambrette and Cyllage, to the southern plains of Kiloude, the Five-Pointed star of the Pokemon world lives on as one with many art influencers along with Pokemon Battlers of the most passion and beauty. Known World-Wide for it's dazzling Lumiose City, a bustling metropolis with a power plant in the deserts of it's mid-west region, a beautiful place with many landmarks to visit and enjoy.
    After a new, reigning champion dominated popular movie star Diantha, and stopped, along with destroyed, Team Flare, things have been well in the region. With nobody having to cower in fear in the midst of world-domination, no fear in the midst of a newly formed world. However, as every story must have, a new villain is terrorizing Kalos.
    A team gone unnamed as of recent news coverage, has been stealing Pokemon. Not too harmful, no, but with something new...they pose a threat. Scientists have found shards from an asteroid that crashed to Earth only a few months before our story begins, with high levels of radioactive matter. If a Pokemon reacts to these shards, they essentially become super-charged, allowing the Pokemon access to power they couldn't achieve with any amount of special training.
    News coverage tells of one scientist, Dr. Spears, being kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. However, she has been returned, and with only one known culprit. The man was captured, and through psychological manipulating gave the name of the organization he worked at. The name of the man was never revealed, but Team Guillotine was the root of the crime. Dr. Spears, as the main discoverer of the asteroid's details, claims that information was stolen from her and that this team knows the power of these shards.
    You'd think this world was peaceful, yes? But most are foolish, as their minds are like the naked eye.
    This world can generate horrors that will leave you crippled if you were to acknowledge them.


    Greetings, all! 'Tis I, zodiac_queen! Thank you for your interest, everything you need is below.

    - Keep in mind everything stated in Pokecharm's rules for role-playing! I am a new member, but I've read over the document.
    -No Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus, they make role-play no fun!
    -You can start out with 2 Pokemon, but all Pokemon are basic forms and will grow with the characters.
    -Pokemon may have more than four moves, but don't make it unrealistic.
    -Try to have at least decent grammar/punctuation, this isn't a requirement, just a polite request. Sometimes we make mistakes but it's no fun if a role-play is just one-liners and nasty grammar mistakes in words no-one can understand.
    -You have a limit to two (2) characters, more than 2 can be stressful to handle, especially if they're in different situations.
    -No Legendaries, Ultra Beasts, Mega Evolution, or Z-Moves, as they are simply too much of a hassle for somebody like me. Instead of those type of Pokemon, many stronger Pokemon will be used to represent our evil. I know Kalos's name-sake is Mega Evolutions but I can't handle it.
    -The story will begin in Ambrette town, some getting back from Lumiose while others may have been exploring the aquarium. Thanks!
    Character Submission Form

    (if any)
    (probably over the age of 13/14)
    Appearance: (a basic run-down of their looks)
    Place of Birth
    Trainer Type:
    (performer, trainer, breeder, etc.)
    Basic Biography:

    My Character (Auxerre)

    Name: Auxerre Beaumont
    Nicknames: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Auxerre is jot the most breath-taking specimen in all of Kalos, but she has a bit of charm to her, per say. The girl has long, black hair that would be down to her legs if she weren't keeping it in a bun all the time. Her hair is in nice condition, silky to the touch with a smooth texture. The beach-like temperatures in her city are probably why she keeps her hair like this, as it would be too hot to just wear it down at all times. She has brown eyes, not the least common color, shining in the sunlight a full spruce. Lightly tanned caucasian skin paints her features, as this also fits the norm for where she is located. Long, lanky arms and legs are probably another feature, her legs good for running at their length but her arms being a bit dysphoric. Auxerre, however, doesn't complain, as the composition of her round face gives good contrast to her round, soft face.
    Auxerre can be usually seen wearing a t-sgirt with jean shorts a great deal of the time, running shoes on her feet as she rushes with a bag in her hands. A default style for Cyllage city. However, she also sports tank tops, hoodies, and other shirts, some painting popular bands while others blank. She stays true to jeans though, as she is in clear pain whenever overheated.
    Place of Birth: Aspertia City, Unova
    Trainer Type: Auxerre strives to be a Pokemon Trainer, but her fears hault her greatly. She wants to overcome this, however.
    Personality: Auxerre...to say it simply knows what she's doing. Analytical and observant, someone who can find out a great deal about things on her own rather than just being told. Her appearance doesn't paint this picture well, but Auxerre has a lot stored in the mind of hers. Perfectionist is also a clear Tait, and she is often upset if an idea or a plan of hers goes wrong, but that angershe doesn't take out on others.
    Going into something without thinking or jumping to conclusions is one of her pet peeves, given her perfectionist trait makes her want everything to go as planned, perfectly played out as if not natural.Mature, definitely, could be described as a 'mom friend' when it comes to the protection of People and Pokemon, a gentle giant could be another term.
    Auxerre is compassionate, giving Pokemon and people the same mutual respect.
    Phobias: Auxerre is deathly afraid of Fighting-type Pokemon. It may be a tie to some of her past she doesn't remember, hut Auxerre gets jittery when around the Pokemon of the type, shaking and stuttering.
    Another fear of hers is probably loosing her sense of reality, or, in simpler terms, going insane. She doesn't want to lose the Pokemon and her family she's always had.
    Strengths: Auxerre is extremely intelligent, giving her thought to every single thing that comes through to her. Her opinions are well formed, and things are well structured when it comes to Auxerre and her actions.
    Weaknesses: Even though she likes to plan things..her plans aren't always free from being nonsensical. Auxerrre, as stated, shows good IQ, but there's a part of her that needs to learn and grow as she does. These mistakes can draw back to so much on her mind at one time, or Auxerre being in the middle of an emergency.
    She can also be a bit scatterbrained and a klutz, dropping things or tripping over herself.
    Basic Biography: Auxerre was born and raised in Aspertia City, a more popular location in Unova for its position at the base of a mountain, along with it's gym. Auxerre Beaumont attended the gym's trainer school along with her brothers, Apollo and Adrien. learning and taking charge of her education. She could have never dreamed of a better life, living with her parents and siblings happily everyday brought her more joy than anything else. During her time in Aspertia is when she found her first Pokemon, Beau. A Sewaddle left from it's group, injured and wailing for someone to help it. As her siblings already had Pokemon, Apollo a Shinx and Adrien a Purrloin, she saw it as an oppurtunity to help an injured Pokemon and gain her first partner as a trainer.
    However, a lot of the good times ended when Mrs. Audrey Beaumont, Auxerre's grandmother, passed away of old age. The woman had been living in Ambrette town at the time, her home in Cyllage city bringing her to love the waves crashing on the beach and the Rock-type Pokemon that lived there. Auxerre's parents then decided they would move, desperate to get closer to a loved one who was now deceased. At first Auxerre didn't understand- how could her parents just up and leave the only true home her and her brothers had ever known? But pain and grief struck her hard and answered her question, as she soon realized her parents were only mourning one of the only relatives they had left, and she was not to question them. So, she lived for awhile in Cyllage, enjoying the thrill of biking and learning from her parent's homeschooling.
    She then found her second Pokemon, a Swirlix who had been seemingly abandoned by it's owner and left in a box for free adoption. She took this again as an opportunity, taking the Swirlix home and getting it back to full health before adopting it and giving it the new name Harper.

    | - Beau / Sewaddle ♂
    Lvl. 8 | Swarm
    String Shot | Tackle | Bug Bite

    | - Harper / Swirlix ♀
    Lvl. 8 | Sweet Veil
    Sweet Scent | Tackle | Fairy Wind | Play Nice

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  2. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Hey, i wanna join , but i wanna play a Pokemon instead of a human, can i?
  3. I'm sorry, but this is probably gonna be a humans only role-play. People might play from the point of view of their Pokemon, but as said this is a human Pokemon journey role-play. Thanks for your interest.
  4. I might consider making a bio for this later, it looks interesting. My only questions are which two out of three Pokemon shall he start with alongside what level do they have to be around? I'm also assuming that even if they can evolve at a low level, you only want to see first evolution Pokemon as well as no Pokemon with no evolution lines like Mawile and Kangaskhan?
  5. Thanks for your interest in this role-play, means a lot! Anyhow, I can answer your questions, for clarification.

    1. Stated in the rules, everyone may start out with two (2) Pokemon. You can gain Pokemon as we move on.
    2. For levels, I'd imagine since I used Level 8 for both of Auxerre's Pokemon that the range would be Level 8-10 for starting Pokemon.
    3. If a Pokemon evolves early, (i.e. Caterpie, Wurmple, Weedle) then I think it would be fine to use their second evolution as long as it is not such a quick evolution as painted in the games.
    4. And for the basic, no evolution Pokemon, I'm sure it would be fine to use them as long as they are not being used unfairly or unjust.

    If you have anymore questions, let me know.
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  6. Considering I'm having a week off work, which should be ample time to set up a character, consider me interested. The story seems interesting and I'd be happy to provide a performer character.
  7. I'm glad you are willing to join, and adding a Performer/Coordinator to the cast will be wonderful. Color me thankful for the sudden interest.
  8. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    Name: Sam T Law
    Nicknames: S
    Gender Male:
    Age: (probably over the age of 13/14) 13
    Appearance: (a basic run-down of their looks) blue hair, brown eyes, basic T shirt and jeans
    Place of Birth
    Kanto, Palette town
    Trainer Type: (performer, trainer, breeder, etc.)

    Personality: is nice and reckless, reaoly talkative and annoyingly cheerful
    Phobias: Sam is extremely scared of electricity , so he doesn't like having electric pokemon around
    Strengths: his will makes his pokemon even stronger ((special bond))
    Weaknesses: he doesn't have a good mind for making plans
    Basic Biography: Raised in Pallette town, Sam has always wanted tobecome a pokemon master in Kalos, he was given a Pokemon as birthday and the professor gave him one, now he's here
    Riolu ((Level 9))
    Charmander ((level 8 ))

    Yeet and Yolo
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  9. Looks like I'm done sooner than I thought I'd be. Hopefully, my OC is to your liking. If there are any issues I'd gladly take care of them, don't fret to ask.
    Elizabeth Bonesse
    15 years old

    Lizzy is a petite, Caucasian girl who frankly looks like she’s just gotten out of bed after a ‘solid’ three hours of sleep; truth be told, that happens more often than you’d think. The main cause for her straight, lower-back length, black hair looking somewhat greasy in the sunlight; kept loose and mildly unkempt for negligence sake. Pale green eyes underlined by light redness of the skin indicating her lack of a proper sleep schedule; all set within a paler-than-average skin tone.

    Lizzy wears an oversized black hoodie with a stylized depiction of an Oran Berry in the center of the fabric; the image is made to look as if the color is dripping off the berry, revealing the greyness underneath. Since her hoodie more or less functions like a short-ish dress, Lizzy pairs it up with leggings; preferably a dim shade of red in color.

    Place of Birth:
    Pallet Town, Kanto Region
    Trainer Type:

    Lizzy is a true idealist, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While she may be perceived as calm, reserved and occasionally shy, Lizzy has an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Yet, some of her traits, unfortunately, put her at a high risk of being misunderstood. But, when she finds like-minded people to spend her time with, the harmony she’ll feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

    Lizzy is guided by her principles, rather than logic, excitement, or practicality. When deciding how to move forward, she will look to honor, morality, and virtue. Led by the purity of her intent, not rewards and punishments. She’s proud of this quality, but not everyone understands the drive behind these feelings, and that can lead to isolation.

    Though, at their best, these qualities enable Lizzy to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and parables, and understanding and creating a medium to share her ideas. Fantasy worlds, in particular, fascinate Lizzy, more than anything else. The strength of her visionary communication style lends itself well to creative works, and it comes as no surprise that Lizzy is striving to become a performer.

    Unlike the extraverted individuals though, Lizzy will focus her attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause. Attention spread too thinly will drain her energy quickly, and even causing her to become dejected and overwhelmed by everything she cannot fix. If not careful, she can lose herself in her quest for good and neglect the day-to-day upkeep that life demands. Left unchecked, Lizzy may start to lose touch, withdrawing into a hermit state, and it can take a great deal of energy to bring her back to the real world.

    Luckily, like the flowers in spring, Lizzy’s affection, creativity, altruism, and idealism will always come back, rewarding her and those she loves with a world view that inspires compassion, kindness, and beauty wherever they go.

    Acrophobia – Fear of heights
    Aerophobia – Fear of flying

    Seek and Value Harmony – No interest in having power over others, and doesn’t much care for domineering attitudes at all. Prefers a more democratic approach, and works hard to ensure every voice is heard.

    Open-Minded and Flexible – A live-and-let-live attitude and a dislike for being constrained by rules. Willing to give the benefit of the doubt, as long as it doesn’t challenge personal principles and ideas, supporting others’ right to do what they think is right.

    Passionate – Going all in! Dedicating time, energy, thoughts and emotions to the project. Being the first to lend a helping hand where it’s needed.

    Too idealistic – Taking idealism too far, setting herself up for disappointment as, again and again, evil things happen in the world. May also idolize her partner, forgetting that no one is perfect.

    Impractical – When her imagination is captured, she can neglect practical matters like day-to-day maintenance and simple pleasures. Sometimes taking it so far as to neglect eating and drinking.

    Dealing with Data – She’s simply so in tune with emotion and morality, that when facts and data contradict her ideals, it can be a real challenge to overcome.

    Basic Biography:
    A child born out of wedlock, raised by a single mother who took advantage of the girl’s gentle demeanor to pressure her into Pokémon battling despite wanting to pursue a career in Pokémon Contests. Many heated discussions were had, regarding the moral and ethical issues of battling for profit, before Lizzy buckled under the pressure. To satisfy her mother she went to a Pokémon Shelter the next town over and took a jittery Magnemite under her wing.

    However, it took just one battle with a wild Pokémon for her to realize she didn’t have the stomach to battle without cause, and the only cause she wanted to fight for was performance art. With careful consideration of her mother’s feelings, she eventually decided to reject her mother’s wishes and chose to walk her own path. Hitchhiking all the way from Kanto to ‘the ends of the earth’, finding herself in Ambrette Town’s aquarium with her ‘starter’ Magnemite, Bolton, and the Sneasel named Taiga who’d followed her for days back in the great outdoors before Lizzy buckled and took the Pokémon in.

    |Bolton / Magnemite (Genderless)
    Lvl. 8 | Sturdy
    Supersonic | Tackle | Thunder Shock | Thunder Wave

    | Taiga / Sneasel (Female)
    Lvl. 8 | Pickpocket
    Scratch | Leer | Taunt | Quick Attack​
  10. My last question that I forgot to ask is what will happen in terms of Pokemon who evolve via trade?

    P.S. Holy crap @Keybored, your bio makes what I have planned seem concise.
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  11. @Red Gallade Thanks! Also, I'm sorry for overdoing it, I guess xD
  12. This seems interesting and gives me another chance to use my Kalos Trainer OC. But before doing anything, I do have one question. Would it be alright if characters had Pokémon outside of the ones they are carrying?
  13. Alright, to answer these questions and approve those profiles. To begin;

    Both of the characters submitted as of yet are approved. Welcome to the role-play.

    Second, @Red Gallade, Pokemon who evolve per trade will be shortened down to level evolving or for instance, Harper, Auxerre's Swirlix, evolves through trade with an item. This may be shortened to the item being hard to obtain and will be given to the Swirlix to evolve it.

    And finally, @BlueMew392, that would be fine as long as only 2 starting Pokemon are present.

    Sorry for the late responses, something came up.
  14. Name: Allison Silverstone
    Nicknames: (if any) Allie (Note: Allie is her preferred name, as well as the name I will refer to her as.)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Appearance: She wears a blue t-shirt, a black hoodie, blue jeans, and black running shoes. She has fair skin, blue hair with purple highlights, brown eyes, and stands at a height of 5'6.
    Place of Birth: Lilycove City
    Trainer Type: Pokemon Trainer/Performer
    Personality: She's extremely bubbly and sweet, and always up for a challenge. She loves to make new friends, and rarely holds a grudge. She can be very rash, which can get her into trouble (and it usually does).
    Phobias: Autophobia (Fear of isolation/being alone. Minor, but present)
    Strengths: Performing, strategy, being put on the spot, technology
    Weaknesses: Intense social situations
    Basic Biography: She was born in Lilycove City, and became a trainer at the age of ten. She started with Contests and began to train as well. She travelled to Sinnoh, and then decided to travel to Kalos after hearing about the Pokemon Performances.

    Evie (Partner Eevee, Female, Level 10)
    Ability: Adaptability
    Moves (as of now): Bouncy Bubble (from Move Tutor), Covet, Baby-Doll Eyes, Sand Attack

    Zelda (Ralts, Female, Level 9)
    Ability: Trace
    Moves (as of now): Confusion, Teleport, Double Team, Growl
  15. Dead account

    Dead account Previously Super Lazy Man

    1. Thanks.
    2.this roleplay, at how many people do we start?
    3. Should i Omayewa mo shinderyu people and mention them so they join?
  16. 1. The character is approved, welcome to the five-pointed star.
    2. We're probably gonna start when 2-3 more people submit their characters.
    3. It's probably best not to bother people unless they'd be interested.
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  17. Name: Victoria Melis
    Nicknames: None
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Victoria stands at about 5'5" tall, has somewhat light skin, light brown eyes, and short light blonde hair (the bob hairstyle from the XY games with bangs). She wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a faded floral pattern, grey skirt, black high-knee stockings, black flats, and a black fedora with a white band. She also has an expensive small black backpack.
    Place of Birth: Lumiose City, Kalos
    Trainer Type: Pokémon Trainer
    Personality: Due to being raised in a rich family, Victoria can be a bit spoiled like any other stereotypical rich person. She is not one to admit or express her feelings so easily, even if it is with her friends, but down the line she will try to be a bit more open with herself.
    Phobias: Victoria fears the day her parents would successfully bring her back home and strip her away from her freedom. She's also afraid of the dark and tries to hide that fear, especially around other people.
    Strengths: Once she puts her mind towards something, she usually doesn't back down or give up on it so easily.
    Weaknesses: She can get overconfident at times and tends to beat herself up whenever it leads her to failure.
    Basic Biography: Victoria comes from a very wealthy family in Lumiose City, and her parents expect her to be like them and do stuff that they would do. After she confronted her parents about wanting to go on a journey, they were not willing to let her go on one as they thought it was unfitting for a girl of her status. After being forbidden to go on a journey, Victoria ran away from home without anyone knowing. She got her Froakie from Professor Sycamore and immediately left Lumiose City before her parents could notice she was gone.
    Species: Froakie
    Gender: Female
    Level: 8
    Moveset: Tackle, Growl, Bubble, Quick Attack

    She also has a Furfrou living with her parents, and a Bulbasaur living with her grandparents in Camphrier Town.
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  18. Name: Tony Falcon
    Nicknames: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Standing at 5'7" tall with rather pale skin as if he rarely went outside alongside short, somewhat messy Black hair and Dark blue eyes (The latter barely having any shine to them unless in moments he finds thrilling), his facial features are the kind that would get him called handsome every once in a while, his body figure shows slight signs of being athletic as if he's traveled before. His attire consists of a Dull grey hoodie under a Black knee long coat with Dark blue jeans and Dark grey trainers. He carries a black rucksack but only with one of the two straps.
    Place of Birth: Cyllage City
    Trainer Type: Pokemon Trainer
    Personality: Tony is mainly seen as calm, stoic, rude and blunt at first, despite this, he can be friendly if he wants to be and values whomever he sees as a friend, especially the Pokemon that he sees as his children. He can be very cruel when angry, rarely hesitating to use violence... but he does try to only use this on those who would harm his loved ones. For reasons unknown--likely to have a bit of a gentleman in him--he is shown to be slightly more open to women than men. When in Pokemon battles, he can show a more passionate and serious side as if he really enjoyed battling, the most likely time he would smile is during an intense Pokemon battle, especially if he became the victor, should he lose however, he would become extremely annoyed and angered.
    Phobias: He is afraid of being alone as he knew what it was like from experience and never wishes to return to such a state.
    Strengths: He is a passionate Pokemon trainer who always puts others before himself.
    Weaknesses: He has certain anger issues, this either coming from someone harming his loved ones to losing in Pokemon battles which he stubbornly sees as humiliation instead of 'a lesson'.
    Basic Biography: Born in Cyllage City to a loving father and a very busy mother, Tony was once a joyful boy who grew to admire the Pokemon he shared this world with. One day when he was only 4, he found an injured Teddiursa who he quickly took to get healed at a Pokemon center, since then, the Teddiursa followed Tony around and showed clear signs of gratitude. By the time Tony's father found out, he gave Tony a Poke Ball to catch the Teddiursa and the two entered a great friendship, the second they started their journey, Tony always trained Teddiursa and battled with him, adoring every second of it. During some time on their journey, the pair were attacked by a Beartic and Tony was almost left helpless, it was then that Teddiursa stepped in and miraculously evolved into Ursaring, eventually overcoming the wild Beartic who grew to respect the Ursaring's devotion to his friend.
    ...However, one time in Lumiose City, a truck swayed out of control and was about to crash into Tony, but Ursaring shoved Tony out of the way to take the hit for him and because of this needed medical assistance... but Ursaring didn't make it. Ever since Ursaring's passing, Tony quickly fell in to a state of depression and returned home, his father grew worried as Tony rarely went outside of his room unless his father had errands (excuses to get him outside) for him to do. During one of his 'errands' he found a lonely Mawile who seemed to remind him of himself and decided to take her in, to which the latter slowly accepted and realized that she too had a passion for battling just like his late Ursaring, this created a spark of hope in Tony, hoping that this was his chance to move on and return to the Pokemon Trainer life he adored so much.


    Mawile ♀
    Lvl. 10 | Intimidate
    Fairy Wind | Taunt | Bite | Astonish
    Tony found her all alone on one of his 'errands.'

    Noibat ♂
    Lvl. 9 | Infiltrator
    Supersonic | Tackle | Absorb
    Tony found Noibat from an egg which hatched a week after finding it.
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  19. Both of these characters are approved. I see it fit now that I make the official role-play post.

    A note to everyone, the story will begin in Ambrette town, as the characters converse in the aquarium or find themselves entering Ambrette from Lumiose. Thank you for your interest, you all have my thanks.
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  20. Will the characters meet up with each other or will they already be in a group (or groups?) when the RP starts?
  21. Perhaps the characters staying in Cyllage before the rp starts can meet up, and some staying for the aquarium or coming from Lumiose can group. As Auxerre starts the role-play leaving Cyllage, she can meet anyone from Cyllage as well who will be heading to the same place. No characters have to know one another.
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  22. I think I have an idea for a few other Pokemon he could catch later in the RP. One of them is hinted in the backstory.
  23. Ah, that's good. It's good to have ideas for future developments based on the character's fears and back story.
  24. A lovely evening to everyone, how are you all doing today? ^^
  25. I feel like the main kind of Pokemon he'd go for are those who are lonely or abandoned.
  26. Same for Auxerre, she feels so bad for the miserable, the lonely, and abandoned. When we get to the Pokemon breeder, she may pick up an egg abandoned by the original owner, like Tony had with Noibat.

    Good evening, on another note. I'm well.

    The role-play has been posted.
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  27. I don't expect Lizzy to be very eager to make additions to her team unless the pokemon in question wants/needs it. Otherwise she'd probably reason they'd be happier staying with their families. All about that emotional consideration.
  28. Name: Edward Hidlen
    Nicknames: Eddie, Ed
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Thin, silky hair had been growing out for just a tad too long. Reaching just below his ears, sporting a dark Prussian blue color towards the roots slowly blend out to a softer denim grey-blue hue, and his decorated with the occasional streak of a more sky-toned strand of hair which is all too blue to completely blend in with the rest of his head. Edward also sports smooth white skin, so pale it's hard to believe how much time the young male spends outside. Eddie almost looks sickly aside from the light freckles that dust his features, gracing them from his ghostly coloring. The young male's build is small overall, standing just an inch or so short of average at 5'5. Edwards exhausted face, which holds a bit of restricted charm to it, is soft and sad- but sparkles slightly. He rarely sports a smile on his pale lips, but sunken eyes are so strangely fiery and bright that their orange hue is almost startling.
    Place of Birth: Virbank City, Unova Region
    Trainer Type: Trainer... striving to become the best trainer, the champion

    Personality: Edward is in one word... quiet. Of course he's always thinking, just never talking. Though one could say he's matured since his childhood, it's still almost unrealistic how quiet the boy is. He'd probably shrug about 100 times a day if anyone was counting, and he'll even ignored 'yes or no' questions if he's not feeling up to it. The young male has absolutely no reasoning behind his lack of speech, which often appears as more obnoxious than mysterious to people. When he does talk, Ed is straight forward and concise- he certainly isn't shy though. In fact, one could go as far as to say he lacks a filter- and once he starts talking there is sort of no going back. Besides that, Ed is a fairly down-to-earth person, he's ungodly honest and prefers not to set his expectations too high. As a trainer, Edward is very power centered and can even seem a bit selfish as far as treating his pokemon. He tends to be a bit impatient and head strong when he wants something, and by some miracle Ed tends to get what he wants, as well.
    Phobias: Though not major, and perhaps hardly even present in most of Edward's journey, he possesses a rather invasive form of hydrophobia. This fear can completely paralyze him if he is introduced to a situation where he is surrounded by, or even just forced to go through a pool of water. Eddie does pretty well planning ahead and purposefully avoiding large areas of water.
    Strengths: Edward is a stubborn young man, and unfortunately tenacious in some situations. His hardheadedness can be a gift in many ways, he'd never back down from a fight- or start something without finishing it. Any pinky promise made by Edward has a 100% chance of being followed through, but god forbid you wrong the boy. He also is a fairly unfazed individual, though a minor strength Ed's ability to experience something without letting it stun or hold him back makes it easier for him to move forward with his goal at hand.
    Weaknesses: Edward's biggest drawback is his inability to try new things, or his refusal to do so. Eddie, who's as stubborn as a mule to begin with, is not very fond of taking risks. And he'd never go out of his way to try something new, he'd rather take the long way than risk getting lost along the short cut. He also is a fairly apathetic person when it concerns anyone other than him and his pokemon, though not an obvious trait at first- this selfish nature doesn't exactly help him as far as making friends.

    Basic Biography: Edward was never particularly interested in pokemon, growing up he wasn't very keen on doing anything with himself. The boy never took up any hobbies, he never excelled at anything or even tried to get better, either. Least to say, Eddie was missing that competitive streak that a child should have in order to grow. Never the less, he was a snarky kid with a knack for getting himself into trouble. At about 13, Ed was walking home by himself one night. When he did do something, likely errands for his parents, he planned it out so that he'd run into the least amount of people- he most often did things at night. It was a dark night, lightly drizzling rain, so Ed pulled the hood of his jacket over his head and walked with his eyes down.
    With a shopping bag hanging form each forearm, exposed despite his hands being deeply buried into the pocket of his hoodie, the boy dragged his feet through the puddle and make his way home. Note that Virbank city is home to the second weakest gym in Kalos, they didn't usually have especially strong trainers staying in town- mostly or others just passing through. One could imagine the surprise on Eddie's face when two monstrously large shadows clashed over and over, sending sparks flying through the rain and causing the ground to rumble. The young male, who wouldn't so much as blink at most things like this, turned slowly and began walking towards the clashing pair. Eddie stopped just when he could make out the pokemon through the, now, heavy falling rain. On one side was a Scolipede, an incredible beast that stood eight feet when it reared up. While it's opponent, a Bouffalant, had a fight in it's eyes- it's horns were so massive that Eddie flinched when the pair clashed again and the Bouffalant sent the bug type flying.
    "Like what you see?" a deep but gentle voice from behind Edward caused the boy to jump in place and spin around, eyes wide. The man behind Ed let out a heart chuckle, then with the raise of his hand the pokemon both silenced and stood in place. "What's your name? Do you want to be a trainer, too?" the man asked. Eddie gave no response, simply blinked at the stranger who seemed sort of confused by the boy's silence. "They're strong, huh?" the man smiled as he walked past Ed to pat both of his pokemon's heads before returning them. "Sorry if I woke you up, we'll be on our way now." the man said with a still genuine smile. Then, the man walked into the rain and disappeared- likely on his way to take on even stronger foes and gym leaders. Edward walked home without a word. Upon arriving at his home, his parents noted how soaked he was and expressed concern for him getting a cold of some kind. Edward allowed their cooing and adoration, he had but one thing on his mind- pokemon.

    - Salsa
    / Tepig ♂
    Lvl. 10 | Blaze
    Tackle | Tail Whip | Ember | Oder Sleuth
    - Oscar / Lilipup ♂
    Lvl. 9 | Vital Spirit
    Leer | Tackle | Oder Sleuth | Bite
  29. Another profile, probably the last one I'm going to accept. Welcome to the role-play, you can go ahead and hop on in @Barefoot_Kittens.
  30. I'm tempted to make a trainer card for Tony (Provided I can find a model closest to how I described him). But if I do, I may end up spoiling the Pokemon he would obtain.
  31. Is this still open? If so, I'd love to be a part of it!
    Simon Byrne



    Simon's build can be compared to that of a birch tree, as he has is rather tall, at six feet two inches, and has an extremely slender frame. Contrary to his low muscle tone, he is fairly athletic. One of Simon's most notable physical features is his layered ash brown hair that bounces loosely at his shoulders and frames his ovular face. Despite taking very good care of his hair, ensuring to keep its natural oils balanced daily, it often becomes tangled and frizzy due to his rugged lifestyle. He has close-set gray eyes that nearly match the dullness of his pasty complexion. He has the beginnings of a beard sprouting from his cheeks and chin.

    Simon's style is bohemian and free-spirited, though an onlooker might describe it as disheveled and eccentric. He aims for function over fashion, despite hailing from Kalos where the latter is emphasized in the local culture. His standard outfit consists of an oversized blue tartan-patterned flannel and a pair of faded black jeans with dozens of holes. Simon tops off the look with a pair of moccasins, feeling as though foot comfort is of utmost importance when traveling. For colder environments, he carries an old, beige workwear jacket. He carries a backpack that is obtrusively large and cumbersome.

    Place of Birth:
    Dendemille Town, Kalos

    Trainer Type:

    Breeder/Researcher. He is fascinated with the inner workings of the natural world, including Pokémon genetics, and has made it his goal to learn and record as much as possible during his travels.


    Simon is a dreamer through and through, but not in such a radical sense so that it would be off-putting for those meeting him for the first time. Despite his undeniable ambition, he very much moves at his own pace, which to many would be considered rather slow. In preferring to march to the beat of his own drum, Simon often attempts to rid himself of any responsibilities or commitments, including relationships with others, as to not be tied down or burdened by them. Although he is independent and appreciates time alone with his thoughts, he is friendly and generally well liked. Simon is strikingly optimistic in a way that may seem careless at first glance. He finds it hard to detect ingenuity in others and even puts his full trust in complete strangers.

    From a young age, Simon was captivated by nature. He is never satisfied with a surface level analysis and has an undying curiosity, electing to pursue the answers to the 'why' and 'how' questions of the world. In addition, he is a talented musician, his guitar going nearly everywhere he does. He has a thick Kalosian accent.

    Atelophobia - Fear of not being good enough
    Agoraphobia - Fear of places where escape might be difficult


    Always straying from familiarity, Simon seeks out new people to meet, places to visit, and concepts to master. He gains the most satisfaction from discoveries that challenge his pre-conceived beliefs and cause him to explore a subject on a deeper level.

    Simon is often guided by impulse rather than logic, which can lead to hasty decision-making in tense situations. At times, he can be overzealous in the pursuit of his passions, becoming obnoxiously excitable.

    Basic Biography:

    Simon was raised on a farm in Dendemille Town and had a working class upbringing, never quite having enough, but also never really left wanting anything more. He was fortunate to grow up in a tight-knit community where it was commonplace for neighbors and Pokémon to share and exchange food and goods so that everyone could live comfortably. Being an only child, Simon assisted his father in running the family farm, on which they mainly planted berries, the only crop that was capable of growing in the chilly north of Kalos. As a young child, he was keenly invested in the process a seed undergoes to form into a berry tree, and would track the progress of the fruit in a small journal on his bedroom windowsill, where he was afforded a magnificent view of the fields. This sparked his interest in Pokémon breeding.

    As he grew older, Simon began to take on more responsibilities on the farm, occasionally accompanying his father and the family Tauros on harvest shipments around the region. He realized how diverse a region Kalos truly was, from the the frozen peak of Snowbelle City to the temperate shoreside Shalour City, and wished to see it for himself. Upon proposing that he leave home on a journey to his parents, he was met with the rejection he expected. Disappointed but undeterred, he continued to work on the family farm.

    As a teenager, Simon insisted that he be allowed to attend school and, though hesitant, his parents agreed. He began to take courses in chemistry, Pokémon biology, psychology, and the like. Despite his innate intelligence, he struggled to remain interested in his classes and ended up dropping out. He realized he did not thrive in a classroom setting as he did when studying out in nature.

    As his childhood sped to its end and his 20s loomed, Simon began to reconsider his path in life. Most of his friends in Dendemille had left on their journeys years before or had resigned to a life of a farm work. His atelophobia kicked in and caused him to believe that he wasn't doing what he was destined to. One night, in an anxious, quarter-life crisis panic, he decided to pack a backpack and leave home without his parents' permission, hoping to do a quick circumnavigation of Kalos and return home before anyone became too worried.

    Pearl | Igglybuff ♀
    Lvl. 5 | Cute Charm
    Sing | Charm | Wish | Pound

    Thorn | Deerling ♂
    Lvl. 10 | Sap Sipper
    Tackle | Camouflage | Sand Attack | Double Kick

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  33. Welcome to the party @Berry Juice ! I don't think we have a researcher yet, nice ^^
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  34. Hey everyone, a quick question. If the trainers were to all meet in Ambrette town, would you like to advance in the direction of main storyline with the evil team or more focus in our characters for the first part of the role-play?
  35. We should probably establish some character, and bonds, before teaming up. Might feel forced otherwise, so- that's my opinion on the matter. Hope that helps~
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  36. That's what I thought. Just needed a second opinion.
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  37. I kinda agree with Keybored, seems too soon for the villains to show up the second our chars reach Ambrette.
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    Exactly, i agree with this
  39. I'll try and see about making my next post, shall I make something little happen for Tony on his way or just skip to Ambrette town after learning that Route 8 may offer quite the walk for him?
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