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Private/Closed Pokemon - The Rotre Islands

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Mokko, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Mokko

    Mokko Previously Blatant Mokery

    Hasiera Island - Dylan's House
    Dylan sat at the edge of his bed in anticipation, staring at a clock. He hadn't slept the previous night- he was afraid he'd oversleep. Today was the day that he was finally going to get his trainer card. Or, well, apply for it at least. He was fairly confident that he would be accepted as a trainer, however, but that didn't stop anxiety from nearly taking over.

    The trial that teenagers went through to get their Trainer Cards (along with permission to go on a Pokemon Journey and explore career options) was left vague. The applicants had been told to meet at 9:00 AM at Hasiera Shores, the lowest point on the whole island, right by the foamy water. It was a bit of a haven for water types, as most beaches on the Rotre Islands were.

    Dylan had calculated the perfect time to start walking toward the meeting point. If he wanted to get there early, but not too early, he'd have to leave at 8:43, and it was currently 8:41. The clock seemed to mock him by taking longer and longer to display new numbers.

    He refused to attribute his anxiety to excitement. He didn't want whoever was in charge of the trial to think he was some hard-headed and moronic go-getter who wanted to travel to islands for fun. No, he was serious about this. A journey was the first step to becoming a Pokemon Professor. That, alongside frequent research.

    Dylan's Murkrow was perched on his head, as usual, eyes closed as it waited for its trainer to finally get up and start walking. Unlike Dylan, Murkrow had gotten some shut eye last night, though still seemed a tad groggy. Maybe it, too, was feeling anxious. After all, this trial wasn't just a test of the trainer, but a test of their partner Pokemon, as well.

    Dylan stood, heading downstairs. His brother was at work right now, and unfortunately wasn't there to say goodbye. When Dylan found himself at the dining room table, there was a note. He picked it up and read.

    Little bro,
    Sorry I have to work at this hour again. I know this day means a lot to you, and I wish I could be there to see you off. Give me a call and update me on your progress every now and then, alright? Mom and Dad send their love, too. Maybe at some point the four of us can meet up during your journey. I packed your backpack with a few Pokeballs, some oran berries, and snacks. There's also some money in there, but you'll be getting plenty more when you and that pesky Murkrow of yours are crushing the competition.
    Travel safely.
    Love, Derek.

    Dylan blinked. His brother had always been thoughtful, and he appreciated that. He'd have to thank him when he got the chance. He turned and noticed that his backpack was by the door.

    "Well, Murky, it's time to get going,' Dylan stated. "Let's ace this trial. It's the first step toward my dream- and yours, I guess, since it's to have infinite Oran Berries. When I become the professor, I'll buy you a surplus. Guaranteed.

    Murkrow seemed content with that plan, and chattered a little tune before Dylan approached the door, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. They left the house, and were greeted by the familiar setting of Hasiera Island. Warm, and peaceful. Dew covered grass decorated the hills, houses spread throughout the tame forestry. Pokemon and people alike were outside, though the most common Pokemon on the island was Aipom- it was Hasiera's unofficial mascot.

    He mustered up the courage to begin the walk toward Hasiera Shores, feeling the pressure already. As long as the trial wasn't anything too crazy, he figured he'd be okay.
  2. When Jake Got up, he was very excited. He was so excited that he practically junped out bed. He quickly got dressed and Grabbed a pokeball that had is litwick. He released litwick as he went downstairs. His parents we're waiting for him in the Kitchen with breakfast cooked for him. Jake sat down with his parents and began eatting with his familly when his mom handed him his bag, it was filled with an abundance of Health items and some pokeballs and money. After Jake as done eating, he got up to leave, his parents handed him a Dark Purple stone. Jake didn't know what it was, so he just shoved it in his pocket before waving bye to his parnets and started to walk to where he would take his test. After Jake walked for a while, he saw another trainer that was going or lookee like he was going to the same place as Him. Jake decided to go up to him and say hi. So Jake went behind him and tapped his shoulder and said. "Hi!"
  3. Tom sat on a rock facing the sea, listening to the waves lap softly against the shore. He allowed his feet a short break, nestling them in the sand to feel its coolness between his toes before they were to be consumed by his cumbersome hiking boots. He tried to relax, the apprehension of starting his Pokémon journey waking him at the crack of dawn. He decided to arrive at Hasiera Shores earlier than the other Trainers in order to survey the scene of the trial and find a bit of peace before setting off. Tom always felt comforted in the outdoors, especially in the company of wild Pokémon.

    Tom watched as a cast of Krabby scuttled on the shoreline, the frothy waves splashing up against their segmented legs. Slimey, bits of sand sticking to his moist body, sat next to the boy, equally enthralled with the Water types. The Krabby blew bubbles, which caught the rising sunlight and created a beautiful display as they floated past.

    Despite the scene in front of him, Tom's mind constantly drifted to his parents and his home. He wasn't homesick, per se, but it felt strange to finally be on his own. He felt anxiety creep up inside him, but quickly suppressed it, electing instead to focus on his upcoming trial. He was unsure of exactly what would be in store, but he felt confident in his ability.

    Tom lightly closed his eyes and affectionately scratched behind Slimey's antennae as he waited for the other Trainers.
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  4. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d



    "Your underwear. Did you remember to pack that?"
    "Yes, Ma."
    "Oh! Your toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental care is important."
    "Packed and ready."
    "Don't forget-"
    Harlan smirked down at his mother. "Ma. I'm fine. Really." He gave her a nod, prompting her to let out a sigh. "I know, I just... What if things go wrong?" Her son gave a light-hearted shrug. "Then I'll figure it out. And really, Ma. The trials don't last forever. I don't really need much of this stuff-"
    "But you're taking it, regardless." His mother cut him off with a stern, but fond look. He let out a chuckle. "...'Course, Ma." She smiled up at him. "You're getting so big..." She sighed. "Gotta go, Ma. Love ya." He bent down, kissing her on the cheek. Harlan had found that a lot of his friends found this action to be weird, but it was a family thing. They were close and trusting of each other. His mother kissed his cheek, before hugging him. "Just be careful, Harlan."
    Returning the hug, Harlan let out another chuckle. "Ma, really. I'll be fine. I'll be back with a trainer licence before you know it." They pulled apart, his mother giving a nod. "Yes. You're right..." Her voice trailed off, before she looked at his shoulder, and picked off a bit of fuzz, before beginning to straighten his shirt. "You'd best get moving. Your father's waiting for you in the truck." Harlan gave his mother a nod, before turning and walking out. "Bye! Love ya, Ma, be back soon!" He called back as he opened the door, and left the house, a Pokeball latched to one of his belt loops on his denim jeans. His Treecko would only be in there for a short while. As much as the Pokemon hated being in the Pokeball, he had agreed when Harlan had revealed he could sleep in a little. The Treecko had taken the opportunity to catch some shut-eye, though it was arguable that the Pokemon slept enough as-is.
    Harlan's home wasn't exactly noteworthy, but to him, it was special. A single story tall, with a decently sized backyard, and average front. The front door led out onto a patio, which led to a short concrete pathway, leading to the driveway, where his father was waiting for him in an old, red, beat-up pickup truck. Rows of flowers planted by both parents lined the front of the house, a single Oak tree in the middle of the lawn with a tire swing attached.
    Harlan opened the door to the passenger seat, climbing inside, an old school backpack slung over his shoulder as he came in, full of all the things his mother was sure he'd need. He swung the back off from over his shoulder, setting it on the floorboard between his legs, before shutting the car door. "Ready?" His father asked.
    Harlan looked a lot more like his father than his mother. His mom was short, with curly black hair pulled back into a bun all the time, her brownish skin always seeming to be giving off a radiant glow. She wasn't a large woman, but she was undoubtedly plump. She also wasn't one to trifle with. She'd beat anybody over the head with a book if they ever even considered disrespecting her, her husband, her children, or even her pets. She wasn't a mean woman, just had too big a heart. There'd been times Harlan had shown those qualities, but in physical appearance, the only thing he'd obtained from his mother was the hair. Long, wavy, and always pulled into a bun. He was glad he'd managed to keep that aspect, as both of their hair was pretty freakin' awesome, in Harlan's opinion. While his mother was Samoan, his father was a tanned Caucasian man. He was tall and slim, but packed enough muscle to make appear husky with power. The family enjoyed doing things together, and one of those things happened to be hair length. Harlan's dad had long, surprisingly silky brown hair. He'd sometimes pull it into a ponytail or a bun, but usually liked to keep it long. His beard was usually about three or four inches long, and equally as, as some would call it, 'majestic' as his hair. He'd been called Jesus many times because of his features, which he was happy with. He'd played Jesus in several nativity scenes throughout Harlan's youth.
    His dad usually liked to wear an old, beat-up black hat with a Pokeball symbol on the
    front. It had come from his own childhood, back when he'd once been a trainer starting his journey, before the rules and regulations became changed in favor of better protection of children, which he was completely for. Harlan had gained many of the other physical traits his dad had. He was tall and beefy with muscle, and the both actually happened to have a black mole on the outside of their left biceps. When it came to personality, they were both even more alike. Both were pretty laid back and casual in many situations, while also being understanding, light-hearted, and fun dudes to hang out with. Harlan had always had an amazing relationship with his parents, siblings, pets, friends, and even some strangers he'd made acquaintances out of. He gave his dad a grin, who returned it.
    "You bet I am." The younger Andreone stated, giving an excited nod as the
    senior turned his attention to the road, looked both ways, before making his way out of the driveway, and onto the black pavement of their street. "Big day. You excited?" His dad asked. Harlan gave a nod in reply. "Yeah... I've been putting this off for way too long."
    His father couldn't agree more, but didn't bother voicing this. "I'm sure you'll do fine.
    Most people less fortunate always end up getting their licence, it'd be absurd if they just didn't... give you one."
    Harlan chuckled. "Yeah... I just hope they don't make me do squats or something. I hate those."
    Father and son both laughed at this as they made their way down the street.

    "Come on, Ju-Ju." Junie heard her father's muffled voice behind the door to her room.
    She let out a sigh. As badly as she wanted to just sleep the day away, she knew that wasn't an option for her today. Besides, it was her dad. She could never say no to him. Both he and mom always put up with her, gave her advice, and did everything they could to make her happy. They were one of the few things in her life that gave her a sense of normalcy.
    Unlike her best friends, Vera the Vulpix was hopping about excitedly on the bed, yipping and yapping in an effort to get Junie to start moving. Despite missing a paw, that didn't deter the small fox Pokemon from being as active as she possibly could. "Okay, I'm... getting up..." Junie groaned loudly. Loud enough for her father to hear. Slowly, the teen sat up in her bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, her thin frame shoving the blanket off of her. Vera rubbed her body against Junie's side, reminiscent of a cat, which had always managed to humor the girl. "Sleep well?" She asked the Pokemon, who gave a small yip in reply.
    Junie rubbed her smooth, bald head, before swinging her legs off the bed, and standing up to do some more stretching. Her lack of hair was the source of her abnormality. She was just naturally bald, and had been made fun of her entire life for it. She wasn't exactly unattractive, either. She'd managed to catch a lot of attention from people, but for some reason, they shied away at the discovery of her baldness. She'd never totally understood what the big deal was, but it made her feel rejected. Unimportant. The
    bullying for her lack of hair had never helped. It had actually gotten so bad, that her parents had been forced to pull her from public schools, and begin homeschooling.
    Shortly after this event, she'd gotten Vera. There was an instant connection between the two, what with their traits that made them 'different'. Junie's baldness and the missing paw Vera had.
    Junie hadn't learned it until later, but Vera had actually been abandoned by her previous trainer due to her disability, cast aside. For a while, this had greatly angered Junie, and she swore to find the trainer responsible, but after a while, she simply accepted what had happened. Though she'd still knock the guy's teeth in if she ever met him.
    After sluggishly changing into fresh clothes, mostly black in color, and slipping into her black hoodie, she pulled the hood over her head before finally opening her door and walking out of the room, Vera at her heels, following excitedly. The two made their way down a set of stairs, arriving in the conjoined Living Room and Kitchen, which her parents had so originally named 'The Litchen Room'. Both parents were sitting at the dining table, waiting for her. Upon seeing her, they both stood up. Her father was a tall,olive-skinned, lean man with gaunt cheeks and scrawny limbs. He had matted, short, dark black hair that was rarely ever brushed, and bright greenish-yellow eyes. Her mother was just as thin, just as pale, and just as tall. Junie had obtained more of her mother's qualities in appearance, as they both shared wide hips and broader shoulders, leaving her father to seem like the smaller individual.
    Compared to her parents, Junie had a lot more muscle on her bones. She spent a lot
    more time being active than the two, as they had desk jobs, and when they weren't
    working, they were usually lazing about the house, or checking up on Junie. Their daughter, meanwhile, spent more time than she'd actually like to admit outside, being active. She hated being outside, but did so for Vera to give her a daily exercise, which
    had started ever since Vera had been adopted by Junie's parents. At that time, Vera had been rather sickly and frail. Exercise was needed alongside a healthy amount of food daily. Junie had taken it upon herself to care for her new best friend, which had only strengthened their bond.
    "You look beautiful." Her father smiled at her. "Dad." She sighed. "I look the same every day." He only smiled in reply as her mother pursed her thin lips. "You know the rules." She began, and when she started listing off said rules, Junie said them with her, having grown used to hearing these rules.
    "Don't do anything you'll regret. Don't take drugs. Don't sleep with some dude. Don't
    steal. Don't lie." They finished. "Yeah, mom. I know. Can I go now?" Junie asked, shifting awkwardly on her feet as she shoved her hands into her pockets. "I don't want to be late."
    "Of course, sweetie." Her father smiled, giving her a nod. "I can drive you there-"
    "No, it's okay. I'll walk." Junie cut him off, before walking towards the door. "Well, aren't you going to say goodbye?" Her mother asked, folding her arms over her flat chest. Junie shrugged. "I'll be back. It's just a licence, I'm not even starting my journey yet."
    "But it's the first step. Just... be careful, please?" Her father's brow was creased in worry. It was widely known that these trials were a pretty social event, and Junie didn't do so hot in social situations, becoming overly stressed and sometimes even goes into cardiac arrest. This is due to her panic making her heartbeat irregular, which is the
    perfect recipe for cardiac arrest to happen.
    "I will, dad. Bye guys. Love you." With that, Junie opened the door and stepped outside after Vera bounded out of the two-story house onto the front lawn. Not that Junie would ever brag, but her family wasn't exactly short on money. They had one of the larger properties on the island. Maybe not the biggest house, but when it came to acres of land, they were pretty blessed. The backyard was where Junie and Vera spent most of their time, playing together, away from the rest of society, their only company each other, and they were happy with this. But now, times were changing. A new chapter was beginning, and life at home would soon be drawing to a close. Every kid gets a Pokemon licence to start their journeys, for many different reasons. Personally for Junie, she wanted to become a Pokemon Master. Why? To prove herself, and prove that Vera were capable. People were always looking down on them, and that never failed to upset her. She wanted to become famous. She wanted to be respected, and adored. She wanted to feel... accepted. Most of her life, outside of her parents and her Pokemon, she'd been estranged because of her appearance. It had always been fair, to discriminate somebody like that just because they were slightly different in appearance than what fit the norm.
    Junie and Vera made their way off the property, and onto the sidewalk, heading down it, Vera bounding about, stopping occasionally to sniff something here or there, and maybe yip something at Junie. Not much managed to excite the girl, but her adrenaline was pumping. She was hyped for what came next, and just hoped she could make the cut.
    With this thought crossing her mind, an old, beat-up red truck drove by her down the street. Of course, she thought nothing of it, and the passengers inside, paid her no mind, though this wouldn't be the first time they'd be crossing paths this day.
  5. Kathrine got up from her bed and went down the stairs to meet up with her father,she was pretty excited to start her journey,the same could be said for her father as she picked up her Oshawott and hugged him.
    “You don’t understand Father how much this day means to me,it’s where I go on an adventure and explore. It’s one of the best days in my life!”
    Her father didn’t say much but he still smiled and nodded to respect her decisions and what she wanted to do.
    “That’s nice to hear Kathrine.”
    “Glad you understand Father,still there’s that trial that I have to do before I go on the real thing.”
    She then headed outside with the breeze of the wind passing by,giving her a sigh and relief and some time to cool down before she got on her way.

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