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Private/Closed Pokémon: The Regional League

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Blue_Flash4, Oct 30, 2019.

  1. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    For information or to join go to the discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-the-regional-league.21644/


    Nick was planning on meeting Cooper at the new championship known as the Regional League. They decided to go early since the league opened a week early so people could practice or meet their possible opponents. Nick got their and looked around he didn’t see Cooper so he went to the practice room. Their were a bunch of people in the room. He looked around but stopped when someone caught his eye. It was a girl training with an Empoleon. He refocused and saw an open spot on one of the practice battlefields. He walked to the spot and turned to his opponent who he then realized was Cooper. “Hey, Coop!” Nick said. Cooper smiled and responded “Hey Nick, it’s been awhile!” They shook hands and Nick said “Yeah, it has.” They then stared the battle. Nick sent out his Typhlosion and Cooper sent out his Swellow.
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  2. Hearing about the League in Kanto, she decided to take a break from her champion job and refresh her mind with this league. She arrived early this morning taking refuge in the Pokemon center. Nobody knew who she was because she wore a white wolf blue-streaked mask and black hooded cape to hide her appearance. A shiny Umbreon walked beside her wearing a black and blue flower on her right ear. She made her way to the league as she heard it opens early to practice and study her opponents. Upon arriving there she saw many trainers from around the world practicing before the league as she walked over to one of the walls and leaned against it crossing her arms against her chest as she watched how the trainers battled. The shiny Umbreon named Blue sat beside her eyes shut but opened them for the moment to watch their Pokemon battle thinking of ways to dodge and encounter them.
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  3. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Cooper commanded his Swellow to use sky attack but the Typhlosion blocked it. Nick’s Typhlosion uses Eruption sending the Swellow flying off trying to dodge the fire. While the battle was going on a mysterious man named Zen watched it from a distance hiding between the group of others watching the practice battle. Hearing the action A young trainer with an Empoleon also turned and watched the battle this trainer’s name was Phoebe.
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  4. Firey Argentston and his Fiance, Ariana Montgomery made it to the tournament site, and figured that preparing their teams were necessary, especially if they ended up facing each other.

    "Pi?" Pichu asked.

    "You are still very young." Ariana whispered to her Pokemon.

    Firey's Absol, Sharp, had popped out of her pokeball when they arrived and was currently walking with her trainer as Firey spotted somewhere big enough to train his Volcarona.
  5. Monty sat in one of the cafés on League grounds, quietly sipping an Oran berry tea while trying to drown out the low hum of noise that permeated his very being. Why is everything so...loud? He thought as we listened to people shout, cars honk, and explosions sound from the battlefield. He shook a hand through his dreadlocks as he finished his tea, and slowly stood up from his seat. I need to get somewhere more...quiet. He thought as he walked out of the café doors.

    After a short walk, Monty found himself in a deserted trainer lounge. It was still fairly early in the morning and the first day, so while there were plenty of people at the training grounds they seemed to be only the most devout battlers; everyone else was still in their rooms or not even at the League yet. Monty put the blinds up on the floor-to-ceiling windows, then sunk into one of the many plush couches that dotted the room. Finally, some peace and quiet, Monty thought as he shut his eyes.
  6. FrostyTheBean

    FrostyTheBean Previously Snowy_Boi

    Nate walked into the Regional League. He pulled out his phone and texted a group chat of him, Nick, and Cooper and said 'I'm here' He then continued walking to claim a room before all the good ones were gone. Before the league started Nick, Coop, and him decided to share a room. He was tasked with claiming it. He found a room and set his stuff in it. He had gotten two spare keys for Nick and Cooper. He just had to find them.
  7. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy and Ariah Lightwood were walking through the training centre, Bellamy had his Shiny Umbreon, Ren and his Espeon, Aeris located on his shoulders while his Leafeon Jade walked next to his little sister with her Shiny Eevee, Ginger on it's back. Bellamy turned his head to Ariah as they walked, "you know you didn't have to come by the way, your so annoying" he joked. Ariah looked at him, with a joke look of shock, "me annoying, no. Your annoying" she said punching his arm, "no you are" Bellamy argued ruffling her hair, "hey!" she exclaimed shoving him..right into a girl leaning against the wall with her pokemon, Bellamy steady himself turning, "oh God, I am so sor.." he stopped take a back by her face, she was really pretty, he shook himself and continued "I am so sorry, um, I guess your here for the league, uh, my name is Bellamy Lightwood and this is..", "My name is Ariah, nice to meet you, your pokemon is really cute what's her name" Ariah butted in excitedly.
  8. (Btw JC's face is covered by her mask so you probably only saw the mouth part of her face xD)

    She saw the boy named Bellamy and the girl named Ariah as it would be rude to not speak to then since they have been so nice to her. "Her name is Blue, my partner and as you can see a shiny Umbreon and yes I am here for the league mostly taking a break from my previous job that I have and don't worry about but make sure you watch where you are going next time because someone else will react stronger than me but not in a nice way" she advised. "Are you two here for the league as well?" she asked as Blue looked up to the girl giving a smile as she cute her eyes wagging her glowing tail. "Umbreon!" she said. "Don't worry she doesn't bite, just gentle like me" she said. "Not to mention stubborn" she added looking down at her before had looked up for the moment spotting someone that seemed familiar to her, a guy with a Gengar.

    (I am going to make a char bio for the guy that I mentioned in my post so you know who he is)

  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    (I meant to say her eyes, I assume they are visible.)

    Bellamy straightened himself up "I am, she isn't, she just came to watch" he glanced around it was a big place, "There are a lot of people battling aren't there" he said absentmindedly, as he looked around Ren and Aeris had dropped off on his shoulders their tails swaying in a synchronized fashion. He turned back to JC "so do you do this kind of thing often..uh..I didn't quite catch your name, sorry", he said stumbling on his words slightly. Ariah was still stroking the Umbreon, while Ginger had jumped down from Jade's back to sniff at the Umbreon, she had a nicer smell than Ren.
  10. (Actually no they are not her mask covers her whole face as only her mouth and chin is visable as she also wears the hooded cape to hide her hair)

    "JC, JC Wolfa" she answered leaving the part where she was actually the champion of her own region, Alola. "Also yes there is and they will be tough to beat so don't except them to go easy on you, me included" She warned as Blue smiled enjoying the petting but had noticed Ginger sniffing her seeming to like her nice scent. She gave Ginger a nudge before looking to Ariah as she placed her front paws on her chest licking her cheek continuously as she wagged her glowing tail.

    "Its a rare sight to see another shiny Umbreon other then Blue, tell me are male Umbreon's personality different from the female's or is he just shy since Blue here has a gentle temperament but is stubborn" she finished.

  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy chuckled slightly "oh no, Ren is just lazy, he likes to sleep a lot and Aeris does basically anything Ren does, it has it's uses and it flaws". He thought for a second "you wouldn't want to battle, would you" he asked. Ariah giggled and said to Bellamy "why can't Ren be like this, he seems to hate me for being energetic", she turned back to Blue patting her head softly, Ginger had decided to wonder back to Jade, who wrapped her tail around the shiny eevee protectively.
  12. She looked to Bellamy. "Battle?" She questioned. "Let me warn you I am not an easy opponent to beat but if you are prepared for that then I will accept your challenge, Blue gets very eager when she is in battle so don't underestimate her or all of my teammates for that matter" she added as Blue looked to the male Umbreon giving a smile before looking back to Ariah as she backed up a bit before doing a backflip trick to show Ariah. "Umbre!" She cried happily. "Well, every Umbreon is different and if you train them well they become more eager and energetic and not to mention stubborn but I practically raised her from an egg so she has been a very compatible partner to have and besides I can understand her in a way like what she is saying" she said as Blue looked up at her not going to deny that she was like that.

  13. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy shrugged, "I would expect no less, so we doing this?" he asked stepping back. Ariah stood up and picked up Ginger from Jade's back, Jade then walked over to Bellamy, "Double battle or Single?" he asked watching, he had a suspicion in his mind about something and this battle might help confirm it. He stood tall and waited for her response.
  14. Firey had released his Volcarona, along with his fiance released her Hydreigon.

    "Volcarona, Bug Buzz!" Firey yelled.

    The Bug and Fire type Pokemon had sent red rings towards the Dark and Dragon type. Hydreigon dodged the attack and retaliated with Flash Cannon.

    "Volcarona, Cover yourself with Fiery Dance!" Firey called out.
  15. She had this feeling he might be suspicious of her as this seemed to irritate her as she leaned off the wall. "I wouldn't mind a double battle but let me warn you, Bellamy, I won't go easy on you," she said as she flicked her hooded cape as the outfit she was wearing appeared visible for the moment including her long dark brown hair that was pulled up before it covered her again. "Well, what are you waiting for? Let's start this battle you wish to challenge me with Bellamy before the actual league starts, come Blue" she told her as the Umbreon followed after her to the battlefield.

  16. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy caught a glimpse of JC's hair as she went, he followed her, Jade at his heels, when he reached the battlefield his sent out Wamp and Shadow, he watched JC, wondering what pokemon she was going to send out, he decided to move Ren and Aeris onto Ariah's lap as she was sitting nearby, neither of them woke up. Ariah sat with the two on her lap, Ginger sitting next to her and Jade next to Ginger, they were all waiting to watch the match.
  17. She saw the Swampert and Greninja thinking for the moment. "-Hm a Swampert and Greninja...Swampert is a water/ground type while Greninja is a water/dark type...Hm I don't know what moves they will have up their sleeve so I'll go easy here. If Greninja is a dark type then Blade will be the best bet and as for Swampert Meadow Hm I'll go alomg with just that-" she finished. "Blue you stand by next to me" she said to her as she pulled out two Luxury ball as she threw them up in the air as they both opened. "Blade, Meadow lets go!" She said as an Absol with a rose at the side of her head on her blade appeared out in one of them while the other one a Spring form Sawsbuck stood right beside her. She caught the two Luxury balls in her hand before placing them away. "Absooooool!" "Sawsssssbuck!" the girls cried as they stood in battle formation. She had to think this through clearly so remained steady for now looking to Bellamy.

  18. FrostyTheBean

    FrostyTheBean Previously Snowy_Boi

    A girl with a Leafeon walking beside her walked into the Pokemon Regional League. Her name was Aleah. As she walked into the league she heard many people running around getting ready for the League to start. She walked past the practice room to a grass field. She layed down in the grass and stared up at the nearly nighttime sky. She felt her Leafeon lay down beside her. She heard her other five Pokemon come out of their pokeballs and surround her.
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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy stood for a second before saying "let's go then shall we, Wamp, use Hammer Arm, then Earth quake. Shadow use Water Shuriken then Aqua Ring" the two water types went into action, Wamp slammed the ground using Hammer arm, launching Shadow into the air before he used Earthquake, Shadow while in the air fired off Water Shuriken before using Aqua Ring to act as a healer.
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  20. She thought her strategy carefully before it came to her. "-Meadow Light screen then Horn leech and Blade Sword Dance and X-Scissor!-" she commanded in her thoughts. Meadow used Light screen before she leaped forward as her antlers lit up as she hit the Swampert directly before turning around swiftly back to her place. Blade used Sword Dance before leaping up as her blade grew bigger as she knocked off the Water Shurikins before using X-Scissor with her claws directly on the Greninja causing him to he slammed down to the ground. Blade landed back on the ground next to Meadow remaining still. The girls had determination in their eyes not willing to go down that easily.

  21. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Wamp took the hit and Shadow used Hydro Pump to steady himself and then his aqua ring healed him of his damage. "Wamp, Hydro Cannon then Hammer Arm. Shadow use Shadow Sneak then Hydro Cannon", Bellamy shouted. Wamp shot at the floor with Hydro Cannon to send himself high into the air, before using Hammer Arm to come flying back down at the Absol, while Shadow, vanished into shadows, before popping up behind the Sawsbuck and using Hydro Cannon.
  22. She acted quickly as it was a bad move to get behind Meadow. "-Blade Sword Dance again and then Psycho cut, Meadow Jump kick and Energy ball!-" Blade used Sword Dance before she took the hit of Hammer arm taking a lot of damage but remained standing and at that moment she grabbed the Swamperts arm with her mouth before using Psycho cut at close range before pushing him back with her claw to bring distance again. Meadow took the Hydro pump hit as she used Jump kick to cut the Hydro pump off before hitting the Greninja right in the chest with her back hooves before she turned around quickly using her antlers to throw him back behind her using Energy ball to hit right behind him.

  23. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick had his Typhlosion used fire blast and he saw the Swellow hit the ground in defeat. “Nice job.” He said to Cooper. “I gotta head out now. See ya” He then left the training room. He knew the league starting assembly was going to be soon so he decided to speak to his Pokémon before it started. He saw his Poliwrath, Blastoise, Charizard, Typhlosion, Infernape, and Ursaring come out of their pokeballs. “Alright guys this is it. We need to give it our best for the next week or so and win the league!” His Pokémon all nodded in agreement and nick returned them to their pokeballs.
  24. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy watched how JC's pokemon attacked with precision and skill, he was satisfied that his theory was correct, he nodded to Shadow and Wamp, Shadow moved under Meadow's attack and used Shadow Sneak to return to Bellamy, while Wamp took the hits and then backed up towards Bellamy. Bellamy returned them both to their pokeballs and clapped, "a well deserved win for you I think, such skill, it is incredible. But what else would you expect from a Champion" he stared her down to clarify whether his assumption was correct. He had come to this conclusion earlier when looking at her pokemon, his sister had made him watched many different Pokemon battles before coming here, and some of her champion battles were the ones he saw, he had asked to battle so he could be absolutely certain.
  25. She gave a smirking smile. "Well done fellow trainer, you figured out I was the Champion, well done girls for holding back," she said as they both nodded before they both were sucked back into their Pokeballs. "I was holding back the hold time, did you honestly think I would show my true power just like that Bellamy, I could easily tell that you were testing me," she said. "You must keep it a secret that I am the Champion of Alola under this mask and hooded cape, it brings less attention to people" she added. "You won't be battling me when the league starts, however, at least not at the beginning it's only after you defeat every trainer to get to me in the final round which was why I was called out here today to participate in the league," she said. "Once that happens, then I can reveal my appearance to the audience and the challenger I will face so basically I am the "special" guest on the final round" she added. "However, let me warn you about a certain trainer that I saw that will enter the league to get to me, he's not as well skilled as me as his battling is very messy and very unpredictable, he has many tricks up his sleeve that can leave your team badly hurt with moves in the end. If you end up battling him in the league, remain cautious and focused but don't let your strategy be easy to see to him because once he figures it out that's it you have no chance of beating him. Remain Vigilant and think before acting, his partner is a Gengar and I believe his typing style is dark and ghost now if you will excuse me I must take my leave, I'll return once the league starts" she finished before walking out the front entrance of the League. Blue leaped over to Ariah gently nudging her head before leaping off following after her partner as all that was seen as the light blue glow of her rings lighting the way back out.

  26. Running towards the Regional League, fearing she would be late, was Victoria with her Bulbasaur running beside her. Once they've arrived at their destination, both proceeded to stop on their tracks and pant heavily. Sure the competition wouldn't start for about a week, but there was no way Victoria was going to miss a week's worth of preparations and an assembly for the participants.

    "Phew. We made it," Victoria said after catching her breath, "That'll be the last time I oversleep on an important day. Next time, I'll probably set an alarm."

    "Bulbasaur," the grass-type replied, looking at his trainer after regaining his breath also.
  27. ~~~Celeste~~~

    Celeste had arrived at the Regional League, stepping off a private helicopter on the roof of the resort/domicile area. Sylvia hopped off after her, her ribbons still wrapped around Celeste’s upper forearm, followed by Lucas looking calm, cool, and collected, he almost immediately tripped over by tripping over Sylvia while he tried to catch up. He did a quick flip and recovered without incident, and tried playing it off as if nothing happened. “Silvie?” Sylvia managed while looking at Lucas with concern. Lucas shrugged and chucked.

    Celeste had missed the feeling of being in the official circuit, it brought back a strong sense of nostalgia, now, she spends most of her time traveling Alola and enjoying the sights, slowly working her way to the Alola League and challenging their ever-changing Champion since it was still relatively new. Beyond that, she has not participated in an official League in almost a year, ever since she claimed her fifth Champion title from Champion Alder in Unova.

    Receiving a special invitation from the official Pokémon League came as a relative surprise to her. They had invited her to be a special guest of honor, participation is optional, but they did want her to participate in several exhibition battles with other fellow Champions, and be part of an event that allows other trainers to challenge regional Champions and other Hall of Fame trainers to battles to get the experience battling at that level and also feedback from the battle. Celeste could see what they were trying to do and it was a chance of a lifetime for these trainers to battle trainers of such caliber so they can see what they have to work towards, the potential where they can get to. She had wished she had gotten an opportunity similar to this when she was working on defeating the Elite Fours and the Champions. She saw it as a chance to inspire greatness and motivation for these trainers and decided to participate. Her team was ecstatic at the chance of meeting old friends again, in and out of battle.

    The letter came enclosed with a card as well. The symbol indented onto the back of it was the symbol of Champion Diantha’s Mega-Keystone. A personal note that she had handwritten and enclosed with Celete’s invitation. Diantha was basically encouraging Celeste to go, promising that it will be a good time. She didn’t need more convincing but the personal request from Diantha absolutely made Celeste accept the invitation. Celeste had always been one of Diantha’s favorites ever since they battled so long ago, Celeste trying several times before achieving victory over the Champion for her first ever title. Diantha would always have a special place in her heart.

    Celeste gave the helicopter pilot a thumbs up and the flying machine took off. Silence settled in once more and the air was repopulated with various Pokémon noises, too numerous to focus a single one out. She made her way to the entrance to the domiciles and was greeted by a familiar face, with hair fashioned into large and long twintails and a very imposing looking Metagross behind her.


    Ani Humeri was a newer Spire Master back on Veritas Island. A few years younger than Celeste but also a very accomplished trainer in her own right, having claimed two Champion titles, one from Kalos, and another from Unova. She was dressed in her usual richly adorned backless white, violet, and purple Lolita-styled dress with matching boots, long fingerless gloves that ended mid forearm, and a small sling purse. Accentuated with a large violet colored hair bow and a large violet bow at the small of her back on her dress, with the centers being Pokéballs, a collar, and earrings, all with Pokéball designs on them. She was also wearing Z-Bracelet on her right upper thigh like a garter ring. She was carrying a matching violet and purple colored parasol that shaded her fair skin from the light.

    “Wow, don’t you like to make an entrance?” Ani said, her voice was joyous and uplifting. Ani had arrived a few days earlier to check out all the excitement and scenes, she was not disappointed. She had received a similar invitation to Celeste and to participate in the same events, and not required to participate in the tournament itself, but she had considered it and might do so for fun.

    “Just getting dropped off is all,” Celeste smiled at her, the two of them hugged like old friends, Sylvia and Lucas greeted the Metagross (X-Law) who nodded at the two. “Is Ceres here yet?”

    Ani shook her head “No, she should be here though at any moment.” Ani had received messages from Celeste and Ceres that they were going to arrive this day.

    “Is she coming from Unova? She never got back to me to where she was.” Celeste looked over the edge of the helipad at the resort areas, battle arenas, the various booths, shops and plazas below, it all seemed like a very good time.

    “I don’t know, I thought that she would be in Hoenn around this time of year researching Pokémon near the Sky Pillar. By the way, the Alolan League Champ. JC is here. Saw her battling someone for fun down at the training center earlier.” Ani was just making conversation at this point. The two of them were waiting on Ceres now, so they could explore the area together. Ani had already been around, but she was paying more attention to the trainers and their Pokémon more than anything else, hoping to spot someone else of note.

    Celeste turned away from her Pokénav, she was writing a message to Ceres “Oh really now? How’d you know it was her? She’s usually quite careful with her disguises and stuff.” She resumed her message she was writing to Ceres.

    “C’mon now luv. It’s not hard to tell when one trainer completely outclasses another. And besides, how many shiny Umbreons do you see walking around… well there was the one that the trainer she was battling had.” Ani said aloud to herself, “but that’s beside the point.”

    Celeste grunted in acknowledgement as she sent the message. “Perhaps she got the same invite we did. Or she could be the acting ‘Champion’ battle for the Grand Finals of the tournament since Alola’s League is still fairly new, it would draw quite the attention to the region if JC does well showing off Alola’s power… I hope she does well, it’s such a beautiful and wonderful place, I normally don’t like people all that much, but I LOVE the people there, they’re so nice and genuine. The amount of hospitality they have really makes it worthwhile to visit.

    Ani nodded in agreement, she had visited the region a few years ago, challenging the island Kahunas and trials, there were a ton of fun and she got some neat items and accessories unique to the region. The League at the time was not yet established so she didn’t get a chance to challenge the Champion there. Just then Celeste’s Pokénav lit up with a response message from Ceres.


    A loud powerful roar boomed in the air startling the two girls. Sylvia flinched while Lucas and X-Law looked to the sky at the source of the sound.


    Ceres was riding on the back of her Salamence, Sorrin, curled up comfortably in her lap was Whisper, her Espeon. Ceres waved at her two friend in the distance on the helipad. Sorrin roared again, no doubt the entire tournament grounds heard him, he was always the happiest when he was in the air, and loved announcing his arrival. Ceres looked down and could see several people startled by the large dragon’s roars. “SO SORRY, I DIDN’T MEAN TO FRIGHTEN YOU ALL!” she yelled down the best she could but the people below probably could barely hear if at all.

    Sorrin approached their destination extremely quickly, breaking his speed with a mighty flex oh his wings and then softly landing on the helipad. Ceres pat the dragon and Whisper cried out in approval. Sorrin watched the two climb off his back and tuned his gaze to his trainer. In addition to her usual casual dress, Ceres was carrying a large messenger bag, the front flap of it decorated with ornate gold designs of vines, feathers, and a large Pokéball. “Hello again, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” Ceres greeted the two other trainers with open arms. She hugged them both. Sylvia and Whisper danced around each other in joy before nuzzling their faces together, Sylvia partially wrapping her ribbons around Whisper’s chest before separating. Sorrin eyed Sylvia with a slight look of suspicion and caution. She returned his look with curiosity and wonder.

    “Always good to see you Ceres.” Celeste said as she eyed Sylvia and Sorrin’s interaction.

    Sylvia was at his feet now while Sorrin looked down at the little Fairy. Whisper watched the two of them with interest. Sylvia executed a playful flourish with her ribbons and Sorrin immediately toppled over and fake fainted. The thee of them laughed as Sylvia walked back to Celeste and Sorrin stood proudly behind Ceres, leaning his head down as Ceres wrapped her arms around him gently patting him on his head and neck. Whisper sat neatly with perfect posture next to Ceres.

    “Good to see you again Ceres,” Ani curtsied slightly, “Your hair is also kind of messed up by the way.”

    “Oh?” Ceres touched her head a few times then shook it. Her hair had been windswept but easily fell back into it usual style and place. “Better?”

    Ani nodded with a smile.

    “Well, I’ve keep you all waiting out here long enough, let’s head inside shall we? I saw some pretty interesting places around the tournament grounds that would seem like fun to visit.” Ceres smiled as the three of them headed into the domicile. Ceres received the letter but ignored it for some time until she was contacted by Celeste asking about it, to which she finally opened it and decided to attend to meet up with old friends, and perhaps make some new ones. Research was slow and the Battle Spire was in its off season. She was sure that her Pokémon were also itching for some good battles, they could only be idly lounging around and helping Ceres with mundane tasks for so long, she trained them as a competitive battling team after all, they belonged in the Pokémon arenas.

    Ani returned X-Law while Ceres returned Sorrin.

    Ceres and Celeste quickly got their room assignments from the staff once they presented their invitation letters. All three of their rooms were around one another on a higher floor for special guests. While inside the domicile the three of them were recognized several times, mainly Ceres and Celeste, but the trainers never approached them merely whispering and stealthily gesturing at them.

    After the three of them briefly visited each other’s rooms they were eager to get outside and explore the grounds. They exited out the front door and agreed on visiting the training center first to see the other trainers there, and started to head towards their destination. Ani had let X-Law back out and was riding on top of him as it levitated through the air with its legs tucked up.
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  28. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick was chilling outside when he heard someone say his name “Nick Wilson?” Someone called out. He heard everyone around him go silent. He turned around and saw someone working for the league holding a paper. “Why yes that’d be me.” Nick said. The Guy then said “As Champion of Kanto we need you and any other champions to meet up so we can discuss how all of you will participate in the League.” Nick nodded and followed the man to a room where the guy said over an intercom. “Any champions of any region please meet on the league battlefield for a special announcement.” Nick then followed the guy down to the battlefield where they waited for the other champions.
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  29. Both Victoria and Bulbasaur were startled by the sound of a loud roar. They looked up to see a Salamence soaring through the air with its trainer on its back, who soon apologized for her dragon-type's loud roar. The pair sighed in relief. "It was just a Salamence," Victoria said, "Probably a contestant for the tournament." She then looked down at the grass-type. "Let's go look around and then call mother and father after," she said.

    "Saur!" Bulbasaur replied cheerfully with a nod, obviously loving the idea.

    With that, the two went off to explore the league grounds to see what it had to offer. As they explored, they saw various participants with their Pokémon, the dorms for the trainers to stay in, and the training locations. They then heard of a request for champions of any region to gather through the intercom. "Champions, huh," she said to herself, "Now there's a surprise."
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  30. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy, sighed that had been a hard battle, harder than usual, he had faced and beaten many Champions, he never took the position from them, he couldn't be bothered, he just thought they gave a better battle than most, he had battled and beaten Champions in Kanto, Unova, Johto and Alola, but then those Champions were overthrown and new ones took their place, he came to this event hoping to face them here where replacing them as Champion was not a thing, he could just battle them for the thrill. When he heard the announcement he started to wonder who was here, Alola's Champion and Kanto's Champion he had already seen, but he wondered if that was it.
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  31. After exploring the league grounds, Victoria entered the league's Pokémon Center, which was big compared to any other Pokémon Center. She looked around and saw an area with video phones lined up against the wall. "Perfect!" She said went over to the phones with Bulbasaur behind her. She stepped up to a phone and dialed the number of her parents' house in Kalos. As it rang, Victoria lifted up Bulbasaur and carried him in her arms. "I know you want to say 'hi' too," she said to the grass-type.

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur replied happily.

    A few seconds of ringing have passed, and Victoria's mother appeared on the monitor after answering. "Mother!" Victoria said with a cheerful cry from Bulbasaur.

    "Victoria, honey! So glad that you called," her mother replied with a smile, "I see that you've already arrived at the league."

    Victoria nodded and went on to ask, "Where's father?"

    "Oh, your father is just clearing our schedule so we could watch you compete on TV," her mother said with a groan, "Even though he was supposed to do that days ago." "But dear, I said I forgot," said the faint voice of her father in the background. "Would you be quiet!?" She spat towards her husband to the side, "Our daughter does not need to hear any excuses you have for your mess ups!"

    Victoria and Bulbasaur just simply watched awkwardly at Victoria's mother asserting her dominance. "Umm..."

    Her mother turned back and cleared her throat. "Anyways, back to more pressing matters. There's something I want to discuss with you about," she said, getting a bit serious, "I've been doing some research on the Regional League and found out that a lot of the participants consist of very powerful trainers. Trainers that...may be out of your league. And to top it all, two region Champions will also be making their appearances. So even if you manage to advance through the tournament, you'll have to face one of them, and they will not be very easy to defeat."

    "Wow, way to give me some confidence here, mother," Victoria said with a small nervous chuckle at the beginning.

    "Well, I would rather be honest and brutal than to give you false hope," her mother said, "Don't get me wrong, dear, you're a great trainer, but these other trainers appear to be very tough. Are sure you want to go through with participating?"

    Victoria looked at Bulbasaur for a few seconds before looking back at her mother with a nod. "Of course I do," she said and petted Bulbasaur on his head, "Even if don't win, this will still be great training before going for my eighth badge and the Pokémon League."

    Her mother smiled, happy to hear that response. "I'm glad to hear that," she said, "Are you sure you don't want us to tell Professor Sycamore to prepare your Pokémon for transfer?"

    Victoria nodded. "I'm sure. I want to wait to see what kind of Pokémon my opponents have, but even then, that won't be necessary," she said.

    After explaining her decision, Furfrou came to Victoria's mother's side to greet its trainer. "Ruff!"

    "Furfrou! Don't forget to cheer us on, okay?" Victoria said to the normal-type.

    "Bulbasaur, Bulba!" Bulbasaur said to Furfrou, assuring that they will do their best. "Ruff!" Furfrou replied.

    "Well then, I wish you the best of luck, honey," her mother said.

    "Thank you, mother. I'll do my best," Victoria said, "I'll talk to you soon." With that, she proceeded to hang up and take a deep breath shortly after, trying to get any nerves out of her system.
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  32. She stopped in her tracks hearing the intercom say that champions should meet in the league battlefield. She looked down to Blue seeing her gold eyes make contact with hers. She nodded to her before making her way back to the league as she already saw a male standing there as he was waiting for other champions to appear. She stood next to him remaining silent as Blue sat beside her closing her eyes waiting for the announcement to be said before she could be on her way again. She didn't know what the announcement would be about but its possible it was about the league match up.

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  33. As the announcement ended, the three of them looked at one another. Celeste shrugs, “Well I guess the training facilities will have to wait.”

    Ceres frowned slightly but perked right back up, “Well at least we get to see who else of note is here!”

    “That’s the spirit girl!” Ani looked around briefly, “It’s this way, follow me!” The three of them turned and began walking towards the official battle arena.

    As they neared they noticed more and more people gathered round. No doubt they were there to check out the champions that were present at the League. Many of them whispered and waved.

    Ceres waved back and smiled politely at them, Celeste continued walking without really acknowledging them with a stern face, and Ani did much of the same but with a joyous smile. They soon approached a man who was waiting holding a clipboard near the arena. A masked girl with a shiny Umbreon was already waiting next to the man.

    Assuming that JC wanted to keep her identity hidden, Celeste greeted JC with a silent wave and a nod. Sylvia waved at the Umbreon with one of her ribbons.

    “Hi, hi!” Ani said climbing off of X-Law and standing in-between celeste and the man, the Metagross standing behind all three of them.

    “What’s up?” Ceres tilted her head slightly to the side, “I like your mask!” Ceres stood over opposite of Ani. Whisper nodded in silence at the Umbreon before following her trainer.
  34. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick looked as 4 other people came in. One he recognized as the Champion of Alola but not the other three. He then saw the man with the clipboard say “Greetings Champions Of Kanto and Alola. You other three can go since you didn’t accept the Champion title.” He said looking at the trio that came in at the same time. He then looked back at Nick and the masked girl and said “I callled you two here to say that since you two are Champions we moved you two up to the Semifinals by default” Nick smirked. The man then went on to say “That is all we needed to tell you. I’ll see you all tomorrow when the League begins.” The Man then left.
  35. She looked to the girl who complimented her mask as she gave a gentle smile under it as she reached out her hand becoming visible showing her bandaged for the moment before placing it on the girl's head gently. "Thank you, sweetie best of luck in the league if your attending it," she said before lowering her hand down listening to what the man had said that she was placed in the semifinals by default since she and the other guy were the champions. "Best of luck everyone, see you tomorrow in the league, I'll be watching you very closely as you battle each other and if one of you constants are lucky to get to me just be warned I won't go easy on you so prepare yourself to the fullest, come Blue" she told her before walking into the dark hallway again as she left the league going to return tomorrow morning. Blue nodded at the Espeon before she stood up opening her eyes for the moment nodding to the trainers as good luck before leaping off following her partner out of the battlefield.

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  36. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Nick chuckled a bit after the comment the masked girl said as she left “Same goes here.” Nick said to the trio as he exited out of a different door. As he left the battlefield he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and read Nate’s message. He responded saying ‘alright Frosty,’ which was Nick’s nickname for Nate ‘meet me at the Pokémon center’ he then put up his phone and went to the Center. When he got their he overheard a call between a girl with a bulbasaur and her parents. He heard the parents mention ‘two region champions’ and he glanced over at the girl doing the call. He saw her end the call and continue to stand there.
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  37. Bulbasaur looked up at his trainer after she took a deep breath, picking up the nervousness she's feeling. "Saur," the grass-type said with a worried tone.

    Victoria looked at the grass-type in her arms with a smile. "I'm fine, really," she reassured, "Sorry for making you worry, though I appreciate your concern. Whether the odds may be stacked against us, we'll just to do our best."

    "Bulba!" Bulbasaur said cheerfully.

    Victoria was about to head to the counter to get her Pokémon looked at but refrained from doing so when she turned to see a boy looking at her, which caught her by surprise a bit. "Oh, hello. I didn't see you there," she greeted him, wondering how long he was he standing there and if he heard her conversation with her mother.
  38. Firey and Ariana's training was interrupted by the announcement.

    "I know I can handle Champions, but you need to be very careful when battling." Firey whispered, "I beat Sidney of the Hoenn Elite Four, it was no easy battle, Volcarona went toe to toe with Steven Stone's Metagross. He's probably the only one on the team that has a chance of defeating a champion's Pokemon alone."

    "I know I'm not that strong." Ariana responded.

    The two returned their Pokemon and went to the Pokemon Center to heal their Pokemon. The spotted a girl with a Bulbasaur, and Ariana went to try to talk with the girl, after she gave them Hydreigon. Her Mudkip hopped out of his pokeball and walked up to the Bulbasaur, exclaiming "Mud!"
  39. The three of them watched as the two semifinalists departed.

    “Did JC just pat me on the head?” Ceres asked aloud, her accent made her inquiry more humorous than it was. “Does she not know who I am?”

    “To be fair Cece, you probably keep the lowest profile out of the three of us.” Celeste chuckled. “I don’t really get a say in the matter, but Ani just loves attention.” Ani made a move to say something but backed down. “Yea, that’s what I thought.”

    Ani laughed aloud “Touché Celeste….”

    “I guess its fine, I’ve not spent too much time in the Alola Region, just enough to collect a Z Ring and the appropriate Z Crystal for Sorrin.” Ceres sighed, “Well on the bright side, there is a chance that we can battle one another with how the brackets are set up.” Ceres said looking at the match ups.

    “Aww that’s not fair there’s a chance of me facing you on the second round?!” Ani frowned. “I’ve never beaten the two of you before except that one time, but those wins were so close it was practically a draw!”

    “Well I hope you haven’t been slacking in your training then, you should fare much better now.” Celeste looked at the name of her opponent, it was someone she recognized, and too bad he hadn’t appeared yet.

    “Well, it’s not like you two have just been sitting on your butts, you guys train all the time, it’s going to be the same as always… but, I’ve done it once, I think I can do it again!”

    “That’s the spirit!” Ceres smiled at Ani while giving her a thumbs up, it was pretty dorky looking. “Anyways, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to hit up the Pokémon Center though, yea?”

    The other two agreed and the three of them headed off. Ani was still riding on top of X-Law. Whisper and Sylvia walking alongside their trainers, Sylvia having her ribbons wrapped around Celeste’s hand and upper forearm, and bounced along happily, while Whisper was cool and followed in silence.

    “Pardon us.” Ceres said as the three of them passed Nick. They noticed a young girl and her Bulbasaur. She looked a bit shaken up. There were a few others in the Pokémon Center already.

    Celeste went up to the counter after some others left and greeted Nurse Joy. Ani followed in last having to return X-Law so he didn’t break he door.

    Sylvia leapt onto the counter and greeted Nurse Joy and her Chansey by waving her ribbons about like a wave. Lucas looked up over the counter and nodded at them. “Hey Nurse Joy, just a routine checkup would be all.” Celeste took off her five Pokéballs off of her custom wrist band and her necklace which had the sixth, and placed them into the tray on a cart that another Chansey had wheeled around.

    “My oh, my! What a lovely Sylveon you have!” Nurse Joy gently patted Sylvia on the head, she rocked side-to-side happily. The Chansey pushing the cart called out to Sylvia who looked back at Celeste with an expression of worry and slight anxiety.

    “It’s ok Sylvia, I’ll be right here when you get back like always.” Celeste picked her up and placed her on top of the cart. “She doesn’t like to be separated from me.” Celeste chuckled. “Nurse Joy and Chansey will take great care of you, you know they always do.” With that the Chansey carted her Pokémon off to the back with Lucas following behind the Chansey. Celeste then took a seat by the window and waited for her friends.

    Ceres and Ani then handed Nurse Joy their Pokémon and joined Celeste at the table. They looked around at the other trainers in the room and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Ceres was looking at the young girl with the Bulbasaur and the other girl who was trying to talk to her and her Mudkip.
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  40. Victoria looked down at the Mudkip that approached them and was trying to get Bulbasaur's attention.

    "Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur replied and jumped out of his trainer's arms, landing in front of the Mudkip. "Bulba," the grass-type said as it extended one of its Vine Whips to greet the water-type.

    "Aww, well aren't you just adorable," Victoria said as she watched the two greet each other. She looked back up to see a girl that had came up to them along with the Mudkip. "O-Oh, I'm sorry. I was a bit distracted by the Mudkip," she said, feeling a bit embarrassed that she didn't face her before turning her attention towards the water-type, "Is this Mudkip yours by any chance?"

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