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Open Pokémon: The Ovrio Region

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SinnerFromBeyond, Nov 30, 2016.

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  1. Rules: no bad language or inappropriate statements. Plz use past tense and no one sentence responses. Use " for when you are speaking. Also describe your character and what they may be doing. If you would like to join plz send me your character sheet which will look like this.


    After submitting this I can allow you to roleplay here. I have gym leaders set up and I'm working on the elite four. We will be using the website Pokémon Showdown to simulate our battles. You can check it out. Also any starter is allowed but you must start with a starter and catch more Pokémon on the way. Have fun!!!!

    My trainer
    Name: Scarlet
    Gender: Female
    Starter: Bagon(male)
    Appearance: Scarlet wears a brown trench coat with a golden necklace. She has long Black hair and bangs that cover one of her eyes. She has sky blue eyes and has pale skin.
    Goal: To be part of the Elite Four
    Personality: Sassy, strong, careful, loud, bubbly, cheerful.

    Scarlet opened her eyes realizing it was the day to begin her journey with her neighbor Sky. She jumped up and got dressed grabbing Bagon who wasn't even awake, he's a heavy sleeper. She rushed to Sky's house after saying goodbye to her mother. She knocked on the door and waiting for it to open
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  2. Name: Sky
    Gender: female
    Starter: sentret
    Appearance: wears a dark green cape, brown tanktop, black pants, brown boots, long dark brown hair and green eyes, tan skin
    Goal: to see the orvio region in its entirety
    Personality: quiet, will only talk when with people she knows, has a long fuse when it comes to making her made but when her fuse reaches its end she goes hulk.

    Sky opened the door, still looking half asleep and gave Scarlet a uninterested look before going to shut the door, muttering quietly, "to early".
    Sentret popped her head out from behind Sky and waved at Bagon and Scarlet, "sentret"!
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  3. ( Name: Eren

    Gender: Male

    Starter: Croagunk (Male)

    Appearance: http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/12/120766/1790081-ramirez_in_soltis.png

    Goal: To research Pokemon and become a successful trainer

    Personality: Calm and Silent, but talks every now and then. He has a good temper and wants the best from his Pokemon. )

    Eren came out of the house, dressed in a Black Shirt and Dark Blue Jeans with some tennis shoes. He let his Croagunk out of the house as well so they could travel together. There, He saw Sky and Scarlet, walking by them. He remained silent as he approached.
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  4. "Bagon!!" He yelled waving back. Scarlet grabbed the door and pushed it back open. "We agreed to this time!!!" She yelled with excitement . Bagon waddled inside and gave Sentret a hug
  5. Sentret hugged back and made happy noises. Sky let out a huff of air before telling her one moment and trudging back to her room to get ready. She pulled on her cape and made sure that everything was in its place before walking out again, "ready".
  6. "Woo lets go" she grabbed her arm and dashed to the center of town where a battle was commencing. The 8th gym leader Cicle stood with her partner Politoad. On the other side was a trainer with a Raichu. The Politoad was strong and quick dodging most of its moved. The Politoad let out a water pulse as a final blow.
  7. Sky's eyes widened as she was dragged along. Sentret leaped onto her shoulders and watched the battle with interest, cheering a little bit. Sky watched to, taking notes and thinking about different strategies that the challenged could have used to win. She pulled the neck of her cape up a little and crossed her arms as she watched.
  8. Scarlet was amazed at the battle. This made Scarlet pumped. "To our adventure!" She sprinted off towards the brown gates sepereating the route from the town
  9. Sky let out a huff of air but followed after her friend none the less. Sentret chatted away but it wasn't like Sky could understand her. She reached up and pet her pokemon's head, the normal type letting out a murmur as it relaxed. She looked one more time at her home town before trudging on to her journey.
  10. The White-haired teen followed Scarlet and Sky as they walked together. Croagunk walked beside him, like the loyal Pokemon he was. He smiled, and took a small breath in and out as he traversed the path. "... Would you two... Wait Up...?" Eren asked as he continued to follow.
  11. Sky heard the boy's call and stopped, grabbing Scarlet's arms as she did. Sentret looked at the boy and his Croagunk, waving at the two. Sky blew some hair out of her face and nodded over Eren. She crossed her arms again, fiddling with the straps on her bag, "hello".
  12. "Hey... So... Your going on a Journey? ... Sounds fun... D-Do you mind if I accompany you? I also want to get s-stronger with my Pokemon and their b-bonds..." He asked as he kept on walking, stopping in front of Sky. "... I-Im sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.... I'm Eren, the... New kid around here..."
  13. Sky nodded and looked Eren over. Sentret climbed down from her shoulders and strolled over to Croagunk. Patting him on the back like they were long time friends. Sky looked at scarlet and titled her head, "you care if he does? I'm Sky".
  14. He smiled a little. "... It also seems that your Sentret likes Croagunk."
  15. Scarlet observed everything around her. She looked at the grass, the tree, even the gates. She loved being on her own journey. She turned around and realized Sky was a few yards away from her.
  16. "She's friendly," Sky nodded and sentret ran up to her and climbed back into her shoulders. Sky pet her Pokemon once again before looking at Croagunk and offered her hand to Eren, "nice to meet you".
    Sentret cried a welcome before almost falling off of her trainer, grabbing her cape and almost choking Sky.
  17. "You too..." He said.

    Croagunk also gave a welcome to Sentret.
  18. Scarlet waddled over to them. "We should all go on a journey!!!!" She yelled with excitement. She grabbed them by the wrists and dragged them down the route with excitement. Bagon rode in her smalle black satchel she carried
  19. "... Is she always like this?" He whispered to Sky, Croagunk following them
  20. Sky let out a squeak as she was once again dragged, sentret holding on for dear life as she had almost fell off again. Sky glared at scarlet and tugged on her wrist, "introduce yourself. Your being rude because of your eagerness".
    Sentret made a sound off agreement and the the Pokemon scrambled for a better hold on its trainer.
  21. "... Uh... I'm Eren, and... Your a Trainer too?" He looked a bit confused at both of them. Croagunk let out a small sigh.
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  22. "Explorer," Sky mumbled pulling on Scarlet to try and get her to calm down. She glared at the girl but didn't say anything. Sentret relaxed when her trainer got out of the others hold and was happy when Sky slowed to a walk.
  23. "Oh.... Well, its nice to meet you." He smiled a little, okay with Scarlet's excitement. "I knew there was going to be some strange people, but... she may be the strangest I've ever met, so far... I'll probably meet more crazies later." He thought deeply, looking at Croagunk in a bit of confusion. The Poison-Fighting type Pokemon just shrugged his shoulders and continued to follow Eren and the group.
  24. Sky crossed her arms and waved them over to a small sitting area. She sat down and started to massage her right ankle, "scarlet. You need to stop pulling on me like that. I rolled my ankle".
    Sentret crawled onto her lap and used its chair as a sitting post.
  25. Eren went into the shade of that area. He remained quiet while Croagunk returned to the ball.
  26. Name: Danny
    Gender: Male
    Starter: Froakie
    Appearance: Royal blue hair, blue eyes, were'still a silver Hoodia and black pants.
    Goal: To be the greatest master of them all!
    Personaility: Kind, but quick tempered. Loves his Pokémon. Likes puns.
  27. "Sorry I just get carried away." She said with a sigh. She looked up ahead to see a group of people running. They wore green and brown capes that covered their body. They stopped and made a blockade in front of us. "We are Team Emerald! Our job is to collect Rayquaza and change the world for the better. Now hand over your Pokémon!" The team yelled. There were five. 2 were girls 3 boys. "No!" Scarlet yelled standing up and confronting them. Bagon jumped in front of her and stood his ground. "Fine face us!" They yelled. 4 of them sent out poocheyana and the man in the middle sent out shroomish. "Bagon use-" just then Gym Leader Cicle and her Politoad used hydro pump and their Pokémon were wiped out. "Don't pick on these children!" She shouted. The team vanished into the woods.
  28. Sky looked up nodded to the gym leader. She stood on her ankle to see if it was ok and nodded happily at it. Sentret crawled onto her shoulders and waved to the gym leader happily, "sentret"!
    Sky shook her head at her partner but didn't say anything.
  29. Cicle turned to them. "Hello young trainers. I am sorry about those thugs. They have been at this for a while." She said with a smile. "Anyway maybe if you guys get enough badges you can come and face me. I hope you like diving underwater." She said with a smile. She walked away with Politoad and vanished into the forest around them. "Well that was fun!" Scarlet yelled
  30. Sky let out a huff and waved. She crossed her arms and moved her hair out of her face. She walked back over to the other girl and shook her head, "sure it was. Almost getting out Pokemon kidnapped and having to be saved by a gym leader".
    Sentret frown at her trainer and smacked Sky in the head with her tail.
  31. "Well does it matter... our Pokémon are safe?!" Scarlet turned and looked down the route to see the next town which was Vivial Town. Scarlet pointed at the view off the Pokémon center in the distance. Scarlet ran towards it without a word
  32. Sky shook her head and booked it after her friend. Sentret held onto her cape and made a happy noise. Sky dodged around people and slid under a stopped wagon. She caught up with the other girl and stuck her tongue before taking the lead, "got to be faster then that scarlet"!
  33. Scarlet touched the Pokémon center door. "Woooo!" She yelled with a smile. She looked to her left to see a gym. "That's the first gym Sky!" She yelled pointing and jumping. She ran inside and went to the pokemart where she bought 10 POKEBALLS and an extra premier ball. "I wanna catch something!"
  34. Sky shook her head and followed her. Sentret was happy and leapt down to follow them on foot. Sky smiled at her Pokemon and the normal type almost ran into a pole because she wasn't paying attention, "where do you want to catch it"?
  35. "Hmm I don't-" and Emolga passed the window quickly. "Eek" Scarlet sprinted out of the Pokémon center as Bagon waddled after to her. She chased after the Emolga who wasn't even aware of Scarlet. Emolga landed onba tree next to the gym. "Bagon! Headbutt." She ordered as Bagon rammed into Emolga
  36. Sky stayed at the pokecentre and talked to sentret. She watched a few random battles and passed out on the couches. Sentret moved around and talked to other Pokemon and said hello to trainers.
  37. Emolga rolled onto the ground and got up angrily. "Headbutt again!" Bagon rammed into the the little Emolga. Scarlet threw a pokeball an it was caught! "Wooo" she ran back to the Pokémon center and tried to shake Sky awake "I got an Emolga!"
  38. Sky screamed and fell of the couch. Sentret ran over and blinked at her trainer. Sky glared at Scarlet and stood up, "good for you. That actually hurt you know".
    She folded her arms and rubbed her nose.
  39. "Sorry but there is a gym up head! You should find a Pokémon for yourself too!" Scarlet suggested as she handed nurse Joy her Pokémon. Bagon waved as she we put into the back room.
  40. "I'm fine," Sky smiled and followed her. She stood by and watched. Sentret ran over and climbed onto her shoulders. She adjusted her cape and moved the hair out of her face.
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