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Ask to Join Pokemon: The Great Adventure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DarknessLifes, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Story: Ash Ketchum has just woken up in a Pokemon Center, he is on his way to a new city he just discovered: Anchor City, a ancient place, but what would happen there? He meets new friends, new enemies named Team Asteroid, and.... His old friend, Ash-Greninja...... What will happen??? FIND OUT!

    You MUST have a OC which either resembles a Pokemon, a trainer (which will be later in the story), or another thing... JUST MAKE SURE IT'S NOT BEEN IN THE GAMES/ANIME!
  2. Ash: Ok, it's time! I'm heading to Anchor City, I have all my Pokemon, what do ya say, Pikachu?!
    Pikachu: Pikaaaaa!

    Ash and Pikachu walk off, into the distance
  3. After a few hours of walking, Ash and Pikachu see a Pokemon Center, they rush in, and meet Nurse Joy inside.

    Ash: Hi, Nurse Joy! Mind if we sleep here for the night?
    Joy: I don't mind, go ahead!

    The tired duo start to go to a room, and take a nap
  4. (what is an OC)
    "Nurse! Nurse! I need help! my Aipom he's hurt." A young boy named Jayson bursts into the pokecenter carrying his aipom and brings it right up to nurse joy
  5. (OC = Fan Character/Original Character)

    Ash hears the noise and starts to investigate.

    Ash: Oh, your Aipom! He looks very hurt... I hope he's okay!

    Nurse Joy: Well, of course we can heal your Pokemon! You can also wait in a special room, please wait while we heal your Aipom.
  6. JaysonL thank you so much

    Jayson hands Nurse Joy Aipom's pokeball and goes in the waitroom
  7. Ash walks up to Jayson

    Ash: Hey.... That Aipom of yours was pretty hurt, what happened to him? Oh! I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Ash from Pallet Town in the Kanto region.
  8. Jayson: Hi ash, I'm Jayson, I was training with AIpom and I noticed that these mean people were trying to steal this girl's pokemon, Aipom fought off their pokemon, he used too much energy
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    Children, children.
    Read the RP forum rules please. This is really not the way we RP around here.
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    Thread locked.
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