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Open Pokemon The Final Stand Sign Ups

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Blue_Flash4, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Zombies have invaded the region and a power outage has happened. All you can do is look for resources, use weapons on humans and zombies (no blood baths), and make bases.

    -at least one paragraph
    -you can have crushes (no further than kissing)
    -you can attack humans with your weapons (no blood baths)
    -regular poke charms rules

    How to make your characters (you can have up to 2)
    Weapon: (no loud ones)
    Partner Pokemon:
    Pokemon Team:
    Siblings: (optional)
    Region You Grew Up In:
    History: (optional)
    Crush: (optional)

    Here's my example:
    Name:Nick James Wilson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Personality: Cool and Kind to his friends.
    Appearance: Black hair, black leather jacket with a blue T-shirt under it, black pants, blue and black shoes
    Weapon: A silenced pistol, a combat knifes
    Partner: Poliwrath (male)
    Pokémon: Blastoise (male), Charizard (shiny and male), Venusaur (male)
    Family: parents (dead), sister (dead)
    Region he’s from: Kanto
    Crush: don't know anyone yet
    Other: best friend is Coop

    Name: Cooper (Coop) Parker
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Personality: Kind and Cool
    Appearance: Brown hair, green sweatshirt with a black T-shirt under, black pants, green tenni shoes.
    Weapon: A silenced pistol and also a knife he found in town
    Partner: Swampert (male)
    Pokémon: Salamence (male), Incineroar (male), Dragonite (male)
    Family: parents and 2 brothers in hoenn
    Siblings: 2 brothers that are in hoenn
    Region he’s from: Hoenn
    Crush: again i don't know anyone here yet
    Other: best friend is Nick

    RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-final-stand.20062/
  2. Hmm, before I sign up, I had noticed that a silenced pistol is not really the quiet silent weapon since it would actually only be having its noise reduced by 10-30 dB usually. (Which is still quite loud when seeing how much the noise it can generate.)
  3. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Well it’s quiet enough in my case.
  4. Name: Wyatt
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He wears a blue and black shirt and black shorts, he has blonde hair and often wears rubber gloves
    Personality: He is very smart and usually acts blunt in what he is saying, often coming off as rude.
    Weapon: None
    Partner Pokemon: Rotom
    Pokemon Team: Luxio(M)
    Family: Parents who are in Johto
    Siblings: None
    Region You Grew Up In: Johto
    History: He grew up in Johto where he grew a love for electronics and programming and also caught a shinx which he evolved, he has been friends with his rotom since years before. He just came on a holiday by himself to alola so he could meet the electric types of the region.
    Crush: None
  5. Hmm, I suppose I shall see how this goes after thinking for a bit. I have another bio for showing the Pokémon's information.

    Her name is Zala Stiol.
    Gender: Female
    Age: She is roughly about 16 Years old.
    Appearance: Zala has pale skin tone, a skinny build and short, brown hair. She wears green goggles and has on a digital watch on her right arm. She wears a sky blue camp shirt, as the pocket has a picture of a cream colored minus sign on the center area. She has on a red skirt and wears blue saddle shoes, which have gray soles. She carries around a black shoulder bag which holds various items to aid her and the Minun in most types of purposes.
    Personality: Zala is compassionate and soft-spoken towards others. She is friendly, affable and able to reach out to younger Pokémon more easily. Though she may seem like the dream girl that most younger boys like to hang around with, she can get carried away when it comes to caring for her Minun.
    Weapon: She has a six-inch scalpel and a carbon dioxide pistol in the model of a Pneu-Dart Model 190B that can be used to fire off darts in a silent manner. (A small pump on the top, rear area of the gun controls the amount of air being used to fire the dart. Most models of tranquilizer or stimulation darts can be used, the first making targets become knocked out within seconds and the second giving a wounded target a temporary boost before needing medical attention.)
    Partner Pokémon: She has a Minun. (More information is in the other bio.)
    Pokémon Team: She does not have any other Pokémon at the moment unfortunately.
    Family: Aside from her parents and not knowing their current location, she does not recall anyone else.
    Siblings: She has no siblings since she is an only child.
    Region You Grew Up In: She grew up in the region of Kalos.
    History: [This field will likely be revealed in the RP.]
    Crush: She does not have a crush on anyone yet, but this field may be subject to change at any time.
    Other: Aside from wondering how the outbreak happened, she is attempting to find a way to either hold out, escape or even figure out how to revert the zombies back into humans if possible.
    Name: His name is Yuto.
    Species: Minun
    Age: His age is unknown, but he looks rather young even to the trained eye.
    Gender: Male
    Special Features: He is somewhat able to go translucent as a result of being unknowingly exposed to a moderate degree of mysterious radiation in the past. However, the gift turned to be poisonous when he soon realized that his growth would come to a screeching halt; his development in both the physical and mental aspects would take more than a simple month to see a slight degree of improvement. Along with that, his saliva is a light shading of shamrock green.
    Ability: Volt Absorb (Restores the Pokémon's HP if they are hit by a damaging Electric-type move instead of taking damage.)
    History: [To be revealed in the RP.]
    Appearance: Yuto is your normal, everyday Minun. He is noticeably smaller than the average size for his species. He has a light layering of wrapping bandages around the top of his head, his left arm and the bottom area of his chest. He wears cerulean blue mittens, socks and a small scarf carefully wrapped around his neck; the clothing is all in the same, modest, comfortable shading.
    Personality: He is very antisocial when it comes to social interactions, as he does not speak in front of others for unknown reasons. He often communicates only with the help of his body language and electricity. He also has a very short fuse, is a huge crybaby and is extremely rebellious when it comes to dealing with the authority.
  6. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  7. Name: jackrey
    Gender: male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: like a human also has a french moustache
    Personality: resorceful but easily angered
    Weapon: (no loud ones) warhammer
    Partner Pokemon: hydriegon (shiny)
    Pokemon Team: eelektross,hydriegon,blazikin,steelix,primerina, dusknior
    Family: mum dad brother
    Siblings: (optional) brother
    Region You Grew Up In: Unova
    History: (optional) lost a arm to the shiny zweilos ( bit it off arm - now has a metal arm )
    Crush: (optional) N/A
    Other: strong and smart, good with crafts, rides hydriegon , wears all black ,
  8. im_the_rhyhorn

    im_the_rhyhorn Previously im_the_rhino

    Name: Rodney Hoggard
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Skin: Dark brown
    Hair: Mid-length, wavy, dark brown
    Eyes: Green, large
    Height: A little short
    Weight: Fairly muscular
    Build: Somewhat narrow
    Personality: Loud, but has a nice side to him.
    Weapon: (no loud ones) A screwdriver
    Partner Pokemon: Bronzong
    Pokemon Team: His trusty Bronzong and a Ludicolo
    Family: Mum (Zombie), Dad (Zombie)
    Siblings: (optional) Twin Brother (Zombie)
    Region You Grew Up In: Sinnoh
    History: (optional)
    Crush: (optional)
  9. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  10. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    All right guys you all can start posting on the rp now.
  11. (This seems very intresting, I hope I will be able to partake in this RP)

    Name: Minako "Mina" Kaitora
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: long pastel pink hair that waves at the ends, vibrant emerald green colored eyes, around 5"7, has fair skin, natural long and thick black lashes, natural pink tinted lips, and her bangs are styled in a straight blunt fringe. She wears a white off shoulder sweater, black leggings, and white leather boots that reach below her knees, her nails are perfectly styled in a oval shaped and are painted pale pink, she always wear a black choker that has a pink diamond placed in the middle.
    Personality: very cheerful, optimistic, and sweet, a bit stubborn at times, but she is very intelligent and can strategize a plan faster than most teens her age are able to, though she is super sweet and likes to think life is made out of rainbows and sweets, she can turn very scary, especially if you mess with her twin brother.
    Weapon: a pair of pale pink gauntlets that can turn into bracelets when needed to(Like Yangs in the show RWBY except without the explosive shots)
    Partner Pokemon: Serperior
    Pokemon Team:
    • Serperior (F)
    • Noivern (M)
    • Arcanine (M)
    • Garchomp (M, bigger than average)
    • Pangoro (M)
    Family: Michiro Kaitora (Mom, missing). Ryuki Kaitora (Dad, missing). Hiroshi Kaitora (Twin, alive)
    Siblings: Hiroshi Kaitora
    Region You Grew Up In: Unova
    History: she grew up along with Hiroshi in a wealthy family, she lived in a gigantic penthouse in Nimbasa City. But unlike most girls, Mina didn't like to play with dolls or dress up, instead Mina became very talented in boxing. But once the invasion took place and her parents went missing, Mina could no longer be carefree and practice whenever she chose, and had to watch over her younger twin.
    Crush: none at the moment
    Other: she likes to surprise people with her great strength and fearsome Pokemon, since others believe that she can't do anything due to her doll like appearence.

    Name: Hiroshi Kaitora
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Pastel blue hair in a two block haircut, vibrant emerald green eyes, fair skin, natural pink tinted lips, same height as his sister. Wears a large black turtle neck sweater that ends over his waist, white skinny jeans, black high tops. A black choker with a blue diamond in the middle
    Personality: very quiet and shy, let's his sister do all the talking, doesn't trust people as easily as his older sister
    Weapon: bow and arrow, the bow itself has a scope
    Partner Pokemon: Samurott
    Pokemon Team:
    • Samurott (M)
    • Togekiss (F)
    • Sylveon (M)
    • Beartic (M)
    • Gothitelle (F)
    Family: Michiro Kaitora (Mom, Missing). Ryuki Kaitora (Dad, missing). Minako Kaitora (sister, alive)
    Siblings: Minako
    Region You Grew Up In: Unova
    History: same as Minako, except he was a prodigy in archery
    Crush: none at the moment
    Other: nope
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  12. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    @Iced_Tae accepted
    You can start posting in RP whenever you like. :)
  13. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  14. @Blue_Flash4 , so I'm not sure if you know what a penthouse is but, a penthouse is a large apartment that sometimes has two floors, and due to that neither Mina or Hiro will be able to interact with your characters unless you fly up to the penthouse window, where they can see you
  15. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    @Blue_Flash4 expect a bio within late tonight or tomorrow.
  16. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  17. Chunky Ramen

    Chunky Ramen Previously Canadian_Fish

    Name: Gerom Haynes
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Very ruffled brown hair, rather scrawny, a blue hoodie, and cargo jeans, also red high-tops, and a belt, and sky blue eyes.
    Personality: Very playful, quite joking, can be quiet at times, however
    Weapon: bow, dual daggers
    Partner Pokemon: Bisharp
    Pokemon Team:
    Male/Focus Sash
    -Zen Headbutt/Night Slash/Iron Head/Dark Pulse
    Male/ Gerom's emergency Swedish Fish packs (About five or six on a necklace)
    -Fly/X-Scissor/Cross Poison/Ice Beam
    Female/Quick Claw
    -Night Slash/Icicle Crash/Low Kick/Swords Dance
    Family: N/A
    Siblings: N/A
    Region You Grew Up In: Sinnoh
    History: He came from an upbeat family, who passed the nature down to him, once they disappeared, however, he was forced to stay there.
    Crush: None Yet
    Other: N/A
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  18. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  19. I will give this RP a try.

    Name: Elvira Cana
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Medium-length brown hair with her trademark silver hat shaped like a sports visor. She owns a pair of blue eyes and light skin, with a scar running across her left cheek. She sports a plain, white tank top with aqua-colored shorts that sit just above her knees. A black scarf made from her destroyed vest is tied on the top of her right arm.
    Personality: Elvira is mostly sarcastic, laid-back, and somewhat short-tempered. Her roleplayer is pretty terrible at describing personalities, so enjoy this once sentence of personality.
    Weapon: A frying pan. Yes, it is very effective. Elvira will find something more useful later in the RP.
    Partner Pokemon: Ebisu, The Samurott Who Wields the Fishing Rod of Fortune
    Pokemon Team: Ebisu (Female Samurott with a golden fishing rod instead of two swords), Jurojin (Male Stoutland), Benzaiten (Female Swoobat), Hotei (Male Darmanitan), Daikokuten (Female Krookodile), Bishamonten (Male *Shiny* Haxorus
    Family: Elvira only lived with her mother and brother (yet to be named). She is unsure of their current status as of now due to being too far from her hometown.
    Region You Grew Up In: Unova
    Crush: No
    Other: bleh
  20. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    @Toramaru accepted, I am also pretty bad at describing my characters’ personality.
  21. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Name: Nate Oak
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Black hair, red and white striped shirt, blue jeans, red tenni shoes
    Personality: Funny and Kind
    Weapon: A sword that goes in a case like thing that is attached to his side
    Partner: Venusaur (M)
    Pokémon Floatzel (M), Rhyperior (M), Exploud (M), Exeggutor (M), Sceptile (M)
    Family: Prof. Oak (grandad), A brother that he’s never met, his parent’s whereabouts are unknown
    Region You Grew Up In: Kanto
    Crush: N/A
    Other: N/A
  22. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  23. Hi! Can I join? This is my character~

    Name: Sky
    Gender: Girl
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Light blond hair with dark, ocean blue eyes. She has a white shirt with white stripes, and her sleeves are torn from a zombie attack. She has dark blue skinny jeans and tan leather boots with fluff on the top edge. She has a green jacket and a light green cap that is slightly torn at the edges. She wears a small black bandana/scarf around her neck.
    Personality: Sky is quiet and usually prefers not to speak, but if she musters up the courage, she can and will speak up for herself. She is short-tempered, and can be rude at times. She always tries to be brave and as courageous as possible, but deep down she is terrified for her life. She is very protective of who she loves, especially her Pokemon. She has a huge problem with trust issues, and somewhat insecure.
    Weapon: (no loud ones) Bow and arrow, armed with flint and steel to set the arrows on fire. She also has a dagger and a few throwing knives.
    Partner Pokemon: Ares/Arcanine
    Pokemon Team: Liepard (Luna, girl), Absol (Storm, boy), Talonflame (Comet, girl), Mighteyena (Navy, boy), Leafeon (Ivy, girl), Arcanine (Ares, boy)
    Family: Lyra (mom,dead) Jason (dad,infected), Lillie (sister, alive)
    Siblings: (optional) Lillie, alive (somewhere in the region)
    Region You Grew Up In: Sinnoh
    History: (optional) Sky was little when the first zombies started to appear, about 10. She told her parents, but they didn't believe her. A year later, the zombies started to appear more frequently. It was midnight, and they broke into her house, killing their mom and infecting their dad. Lillie and Sky escaped out the back door and ran, ran as far as possible. Sky lost Lillie, and she has been on her own ever since, learning the ways of survival and how to fend for herself... until now.
    Crush: (optional) None as of now
    Other: N/A
  24. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

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  25. Thank you!
  26. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    No problem!
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  27. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Room for one more?

    Name: Jack

    Gender: Male

    Age: Roughly 20

    Appearance: Jack has a lighter skin tone than the average person and is standing at 6'4ft tall, with an average, thin build. He has dark-blue eyes and even darker, short brown hair. He wears a thick, black jacket over a police vest and a dark-blue jeans with black combat boots, along with a red scarf and black leather gloves. He usually wears a Skull cloth over his mouth and his jacket's hood to hide his Identity

    Personality: Jack is the type of person you'll get a constant eerie, untrustworthy feeling off, not just based on his looks, but the way he walks, talks and does things can make someone uneasy. Though he is willing to help others, for as long as they know not to overstep their boundaries and when to leave him be.

    Weapon: Sledgehammer, Crowbar

    Partner Pokemon: Crasher - Cacturne (M)

    Pokemon Team: Hypno (M), Hydreigon (M), Crasher (Cacturne, M), Marowak (Alolan, M), Golurk (M)

    Family: Parents (Presumed Dead)

    Siblings: Brother (Zombie)

    Region You Grew Up In: Alola

    History: Before the Outbreak, Jack was under arrest of Suspicion of Assault and Blackmail, though those Suspicions couldn't have been proven in time due to the Outbreak. During the Panic, he managed to take down a guard and escape Prison, stealing from survivors and stores for a living.

    Crush: None.

    Other: He is experienced in Combat, and always prioritizes himself and his Pokemon first.
  28. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  29. Hmm, I’ll likely be putting in a mystery character soon. (With the bio being put a bit later to maintain the theme of mystery.)
  30. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  31. Name: Auren Corve

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Auren is tall, and thin. He stands at 6’ 3”, and he weighs an astounding 185 pounds. His skin is slightly pale, and he has plenty of darker areas, because they’re scars. He has black hair, though he colored a streak of it white. Just to stand out among others. His face and body are laced with faded scars, particularly because of his training, though some burn scars are because of a tragedy near the beginning of his life. Could he be considered handsome? Yes, but it is marred by the scars. Duh. His eyes are a dark grey, though he recently gained an “edge,” if you could call it that, of black on the rim of his iris.

    Auren also likes to wear dark clothes, normally a black colored jacket with black jeans and black military boots. And he will wear these items when off duty. However, ever since he joined the Hunters, his clothes have become more appropriate for their work. His dark trench coat, black, embroidered Gaucho hat, back military boots, and somewhat-armored gauntlets are made to avoid bites, scratches, and look intimidating at the same time.

    Auren carries a satchel with him as well, in the style like Indiana Jones, obligatory dark colors as well. It carries essentials: herbs, vials, and ammunition, in addition to a MP3 player, with a cord to upload songs he likes.

    Personality: Auren tends to be quiet, though he can get animated whenever someone broaches a topic he thoroughly enjoys. Shyness is another main trait of his. He really has no idea how to introduce himself, though it gets slightly better when he manages to get introduced. Brilliant? Yes, he has to be, for engineering. His memory and logical skills are excellent. However... he tends to overlook the basics when he gets excited. That includes daily things in life. He also tends to be dark- after all, he loves Poe. He examines life bluntly, and if he thinks you’re doing something wrong, he will tell you so. And then give you an explanation why. Laced with sarcasm and wit. Based on his quiet and dark nature, he might seem brooding at times. He also enjoys heavy metal, though he is particular about the content.

    Weapon: (no loud ones): dual Sabers, Crossbow.

    Partner Pokemon: Cassius, an Absol

    Pokemon Team: Cassius, an Absol. Scipio, a Zorark

    Family: Tyron Corve, Father. Angylia Corve, step-mother

    Siblings: (optional): Auria Corve, twin sister. Daniella Corve (older step-sister, 20) Haylen Corve, older brother (21), Sivyania Corve, younger sister(17); Gyrden Corve, younger half-sister (7)

    Region You Grew Up In: Unova

    History: (optional): Oooh boy. Prepare for some BACKSTORY.

    Auren was born in a middle class family. His dad, a lawyer, his mother dedicated to taking care of a growing family, now added to by twins. He had an older brother by two years when he was born, but other than that, it was a normal birth.

    At age two, Auren and Auria had a baby sister. Though the birth was a hard one, both parent and child survived. However, it signalled worse to come.

    At the age of six, the family’s house burned down. Though no one has any idea what caused it, it resulted in the total loss of their earthly belongings. It also resulted in scars in the family, namely Auren, Haylen, and Tyron. Each one was burned fiercely, though they all survived this disaster. It just so happened that another family arrived on the scene: a family of Absols. It was with their aid that no one died, and Auren, looking for emotional support, latched on the the youngest Absol in the family. This was to be Cassius, Auren’s longtime partner.

    At age seven, Tyron got Auren’s twin sister a Ralts. She was delighted, but the main impact was Cassius had a new family member.

    At the age of 9, Auren’s mother was diagnosed with a serious form of cancer. She struggled for a year, before succumbing to the sickness. Auren, Auria, her Ralts, and Cassius, mourned together, as a unified family.

    The twins finally entered high school. Auren’s dark, quiet, and brooding nature made him a target for bullying, but that almost non-existent. Why? A) No one wanted to antagonize his beautiful sister, and B) he won almost all of the fights pitted against him.

    At 11, Auren and Auria’s father remarried, and the family grew. Soon after, a child was born to the newly-wed couple.

    At 16, Auria’s Ralts evolved into a Kirilia. Almost everyone celebrated, though the Kirilia was bemused.

    Auren and Auria were close, as close as twins could be. They did almost everything together. They ate together, they played together, they even managed to tease each other in similar ways. One example was when Auren started to get into Poe at 13, he started calling Auria “Ligeia.” Auria, in turn, started calling him “Narrator.” Even though they had their spats, they were inseparable.

    At 18, Auria got into a crash. It was devastating. She survived, but she is now in a coma. It was also around this time that zombies started appearing, and that a new, shadowy order arose to combat them: The Order of the Ghost. Seeing an opportunity to protect his family, Auren joined the order, and endured the brutal year-long training. It climaxed at the drinking of the “Hunter’s Bane,” a trial in which few endured. Auren, however and luckily, managed to survive. He then gained a Zoarark, which he named Scipio. He now enters the region with a task from his Order.

    Crush: (optional): You really think I would so blatantly tell?

    Other: Really, the Order of the Ghost is something I got from DnD: the class is a Blood Hunter. Heheh... Also, sorry for the long Character Sheet. New here, so I figured detail would help. Also, I am unavailable on weekends, just so you guys know.

    Thank you for reading this wall of text!
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  32. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  33. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Just tagging another person to see if they wanna join the rp.
  34. I’ll make my bio later, hopefully by the end of today!
  35. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

  36. Here are my characters!
    Name: Skylar Cosmos
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Blonde hair with a darker tip. She wears a ripped black top with black denim shorts, black trainers and a black hoodie around her waist. She has a red bracelet around one of her ankles, made of fabric. She has fair skin.
    Personality: She's a kind girl, she'll talk to most people, and isn't really one to dislike anyone in particular.
    Weapon: (no loud ones) Sniper gun.
    Partner Pokemon: Meowstic.
    Pokemon Team: Persian (Alola Version), Luxray, Liepard, Pyroar (M), Meowstic (F), Vaporeon.
    Family: Sister (Phoenix) Parents dead.
    Region You Grew Up In: Alola. (There is no region of cats, xD)
    Other: She loves cat Pokemon.

    Name: Phoenix Cosmos
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Ginger hair with a red tint. She wears a black crop top with a black crop hoodie which she ripped at the bottom, black jeans and black trainers.
    Personality: She's loving, kind, maybe a bit too trusting and brave. She will do anything to protect those she loves, especially having grown up in the prison and always seeing Skylar getting treated badly.
    Weapon: (no loud ones) Set of knives hidden in the tied up hoodie on her waist.
    Partner Pokemon: Aerodactyl.
    Pokemon Team: Staraptor, Braviary, Talonflame, Aerodactyl, Skarmony, (Shiny) Gyrados.
    Family: Sister (Skylar) Parents dead.
    Region You Grew Up In: Alola
    Other: Mostly goes for fire types or a full bird team.
  37. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

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  38. I have no idea what’s going on.. you guys have done quite a bit, someone able to catch me up?
  39. Blue_Flash4

    Blue_Flash4 Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette

    Sure, so pretty much there’s a power outage along with zombies in the city. Me and @_Tea ‘s characters are on a mountain and making a base up there. @Iced_Tae ’s characters are minding their own business at there house. @Snowy_Boi ‘s character is investigating the events of a fire by IcedTae’s house. And that’s all that I’ve read.
  40. Who wants me to join them? Or.. the two sisters anyway, or I can separate them to different people

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