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Open Pokemon: The Final Destiny

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by benzima2867, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. This is My Third RP so i know a bit so don't call me a Noob if i get anything wrong

    Name: Ben
    Age: 17
    Pokemon: Sceptile, Greninja, Lucario and Mystery Egg
    Home Town: Hoenn
    Clothing: Green Jersey, Blue Jeans, White hair and Green Eyes
    Personality: Psyched up, Good with Pokemon, Kind and Quick
    Home Town:

    -Kalos Region, Lumiose, Time- 14:30pm-

    "Wow!" Ben said as he checked his map seeing that it was Lumiose. "Huh, Lumiose city, So this is the place where i get my 5th badge here then i get to go and join the Pokemon Student Council at my University!' He said as he put the map away and head on to the Gym.
  2. Name: Luke .A. Williams
    Age: 14
    Pokemon: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Buizel, Eevee and an Egg
    Home Town: Vaniville Town
    Clothing: White T-shirt, Blue Jeans, Black hoodie, gray fingerless gloves, XY cap
    Personality: Kind, Smart

    Luke stood face to face against Trainer Joey. "I legit have no time for your Rattata." He sighed. "Pikachu, use Quick Attack." Pikachu nodded and struck the rat with all of his speed. The Rat fainted. He sighed and headed to the PSC. "I'm so young, and yet I'm in college."
  3. Ben was walking across to the Gym when he saw a trainer walking to the gym. "Hey there!" Ben said as he ran across to greet him. He thought to himself if this cloud be his new Partner....
  4. Name: Halt
    Pokemon: Infernape, Glaceon, Noivern, Mudsdale
    Home Town: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
    Clothing: blue t-shirt with a black jacket, black jeans with a blue stripe down them
    Personality: quick thinking, and good under pressure. Plans ahead and relies on his gut. Doesn't question his actions
    Halt sat on a bench outside the gym. He just left his job at the Gym as the referee, because Clemont thought he was good enough for his own Gym. 'I don't want a Gym, even if I am good enough for one. I guess I might as well challenge the Gyms then.' He thought, flipping open his badge box, showing five badges. 'I already have these, so I may as well get the rest.' Noticing the kids going into the Gym, he walked in after them. 'might as well watch the battle, they may want to come with me.' Halt thought, and silently sat at the spectator benches.
  5. Name: Zal
    Pokemon: Greninja Tyrantum Egg Umbreon
    Home town: Kalos
    Clothing: White Shirt Blue Jacket Yellow jeans
    Personality:Smart Fast as his greninja Mostly Silent

    Zal Wandered Through the city heading to Clemonts Gym "Greninja We will Train Against other trainers and gym leaders Just like Kalos"
    Zal Said Greninja Agrees with him

    "Greninja Lets head to the Pokemon center and Rest For Now Then we will Battle the gym" Zal Said As him and his greninja Get to the Pokemon center

    After Resting Zal Heads to the Gym With his greninja Ready to battle
    "Greninja Lets show them who we are And how powerful we are" Zal Said As Greninja Nods
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