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Private/Closed Pokémon: The Beginning

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ThatPokéLover, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. This is my first roleplay. To officially join, please post the following information.
    Name: Nickolas (Nick)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male (optional)
    Appearance: medium - height boy about 5'4". Chocolate brown eyes, and a thin frame. Long, wavy hair and small rectangular glasses.
    Personality: A bit quiet and timid, but very curious. Can he hot headed at times but extremely loyal. Aspires to be a great pokémon trainer and challenge the Elite Four of each region.
    Pokemon: Currently only owns a Growlithe, as Nick has just started his adventure.
    Hometown: Pallet Town
    Backstory: Nick always aspired to be a Pokémon trainer. When he turned of age, his father, Carter, took him out to catch his first Pokémon. While out in a nearby forest, a fierce storm descended upon the two. Nick got seperated from his father and became lost. Cold and afraid, he curled up in a tight ball to protect himself from harm. A Tentacool from a nearby body of water attempted to attack Nick, but a Growlithe appeared and saved him. The Pokémon kept Nick warm until morning and guided him back to his mother. Unfortunately, his father was lost to the storm and never returned. The young Growlithe stayed near the child and they became close friends. After a few years, Nick is finally ready to make his family proud and become a great Pokémon trainer just like he was meant to be.

    This is my backstory. Your does not have to be long, but just cover the basics. Thank you!
    #1 ThatPokéLover, Jul 19, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  2. Nick looked behind him at the receding town of Pallet. He was a bit nervous, starting out his adventure, but was very determined. He checked his bag once more before looking at his belt. Of course, he had no occupied pokéballs, and Growlithe enjoyed walking next to Nick. He also felt his pocket and made sure he had his pokédex. Breathing a deep sigh, he stepped farther into the forest. The sunlight was bright and warm. Many adventures had to await him on his way to challenge the Elite Four.
  3. Name: Brooklyn
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: petite girl (5'0"), pale, blonde long hair, green eyes.
    Personality: Quiet and shy, doesn't know how to stand up for herself, and easily gets pushed around because of her hatred for conflict. She is very studious, and wants to be a gym leader.
    Pokémon: Only an Eevee so far.
    Hometown: Celadon City
    Backstory: Brooklyn never really liked Pokémon until she was twelve. Her older brother ran away from home to join team Rocket, and left his Eevee in favour of their "better" Pokémon. Since then she developed a love for training, and has been striving to learn all she can about Pokémon as well as Team Rocket so maybe she could convince her brother to return home.

    Brooklyn hadn't really ever left home before... and never walked so far by herself, at least not without Gabe, her older brother whom she used to idolize. Now in his place, she brought along his abandoned companion, Eevee. They were on their way to Pallet Town to meet with Professor Oak and receive a Pokedex of her very own so she could collect all the data she could on the creatures she would be traveling all over Kanto to study. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a boy around her age walking out of the town. Biting down on her lip, Brooklyn kept her head down, hoping that he didn't notice her and passed her by. She wasn't any good at social interaction.
  4. Nick was occupied with his pokédex when he spotted a girl about his age walking near him. Growlithe barked and pushed his head against Nick's leg.
    "I see her, boy," Nick said smiling. He looked up at the girl passing by and mustered a small "hello".
  5. Brooklyn pressed her eyes shut. Talking wasn't her strong suit. Maybe she could just pretend she didn't hear? No, that wouldn't work, because Eevee hadn't missed a beat and scampered up to the boy and his Growlithe. "No no no..." She muttered under her breath before chasing the Pokémon, and coming face to face with that boy. "Uh... hi." She mumbled, desperately avoiding eye contact.
  6. Nick looked down at the cute Eevee as it curiously came up to him and Growlithe.
    "Hello little one," Nick said softly, rubbing the Pokémon's head. He stood all the way up as the girl came over to him. He could tell she was uncomfortable and tried to make the encounter the least awkward he could.
    "Hey. My name is Nick. I'm just leaving Pallet Town. I couldn't help but notice your tiny Eevee. He is a cute one."
  7. Her Eevee purred happily, pressing his head into the boy's hand. She sighed and did what she observed to be 'normal' when greeting someone new. She stood straight, shoulders back, and head up, and extended her hand to him. Though her body seemed far too rigid and unnatural. "Brooklyn." She introduced herself. The look on her face still had underplaying fear written all over it despite her best attempts of hiding it.
  8. Nick grabbed her hand and shook it warmly.
    "It is very nice to meet you, Brooklyn," Nick said with a slight accent. He could still see fear etched into her face and did his best to defuse it.
    "So your a fellow trainer huh? I plan on making my way to Pewter City for my first gym badge. You can join me."
    Nick's eyes grew wide and he corrected himself.
    "If you want, of course."
  9. Needless to say she was surprised by the offer to say the least. "I-I'm supposed to meet with Professor Oak. Get a Pokedex." She mumbled, not meeting his eyes. "But thank you." She added politely, running her hand through her hair.
  10. Nick smiled warmly.
    "Of course! However, Professor Oak isn't at his laboratory right now. His aide will surely be there, but if I recall correctly, he ran out of town shouting about something of great importance."
    Nick shrugged his shoulder and looked down.
    "I can help you find him if you'd like. I dont have anything of dire importance at the present time." Nick leaned against a tree and looked down at the Pokémon, who happened to be playing. Nick laughed.
    "Besides, they sure seem to be enjoying themselves."
  11. She nodded in agreement, glancing down at the Pokémon who were happily running, jumping and playing. It was too bad Eevee was so much more outgoing than Brooklyn. "I guess so." She mumbled with slight hesitation. "Yeah... okay. You probably know the town better than I do." She admitted softly. "I've never been here before." Brooklyn's eyes didn't quite meet his, they seemed to go right through him as a whole, almost as though they could look into his soul. He seemed nice... perhaps she could trust him? There was no way to be sure, she had some trouble with that in the past.
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Name: Eric Light
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male (optional)
    Appearance: Tall-5'9"-Wears a black hoodie,jeans, and shoes. Slick dirty blonde hair, a necklace,and coffee brown eyes. Has a white undershirt.
    Personality: A usually calm person. He knows a lot about strategy by watching television. Ignores distractions and doesn't mind making friends. He is kind to his Pokemon and to his friends.
    Pokemon: Currently has a horsea from fishing one day. He never used it in battle and he's going to try to get a Charmander.
    Hometown: Cinnabar Island.
    Backstory: Eric was an average child. He was until he was 10 years old. That day, he got his first Pokemon, a Horsea. He asked his parents if he could become a trainer, to which they replied no. He became very depressed and wept for weeks. Finally, he came out of his room, only to sit at the couch sadly. His parents explained that he couldn't become a trainer because there was no way to leave the island. One day, a child went to the island and opened the old gym. That child soon became champion, and ferries began opening to Cinnabar Island. He had trained his Horsea for years to evolve, but to no effect. He wanted to become a trainer as soon as possible, but he also wanted to celebrate his 16th birthday with his parents. It only took a couple of weeks, and then finally Eric left his home and took a ferry to the mainland...


    Eric finally got on shore and was so relieved he was walking on ground again. It wasn't that he hated the water, he simply liked being on land. He thought about taking Horsea outside his Pokeball and then realized there wouldn't be enough space for him to be in water, and for Eric to be able to see him. So, he continued exploring Pallet Town. He took out a map his father gave him, so he could find the lab. Once he reached it, he saw that the professor was absent. "Any idea where he is?" Eric asked. "No, maybe he's at Viridian City," the aide replied. Eric didn't like the idea of going through a route to get a Pokemon, but then realized Horsea could help him. He went back near the water and released Horsea. "OK, you need to get enough exercise to stay fit, but once you're ready to go, I'll give you some treats! Sound good?" he asked. Horsea nodded cheerfully, and happily went through the water. After a while, Eric shouted,"Alright, that's enough!" Horsea came back to his trainer and got sent back to his Pokeball.

    Eric began going past Route 1, and made sure he didn't find many Pokemon. He may had a Pokemon of his own, but there was no water nearby, and Horsea isn't the best on land. Luckily, he rented a bicycle, and continued. He saw some trainers along the way, and he stopped moving. "Hey, what'cha doing standing around here? Professor Oak ain't in Pallet at all. If I were you I'd follow me. I got a little tip on where he might be," he said.
  13. Nick looked up from his conversation with Brooklyn.
    "Oh, Hello! As a matter of fact, I was going to go help this girl get a pokédex. I know he is gone, and we were on our way to Pewter City. However, where might the professor be?"
    Nick looked down as Growlithe tentatively sniffed the Pokéball by the older boy's side.
  14. Brooklyn went quiet again, but that was normal for her, and sort of looked away, scratching the back of her head awkwardly. She merely assumed that now that Nick was talking to someone else, he must not be interested in her anymore and she'd be continuing alone. But when he explicitly said he was going with her, she couldn't help but smile a little, looking back up at him, and then shyly at Eric, giving an awkward wave.
  15. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Eric smiled at both Brooklyn and Nick. "Nice to meet you both," he said. Then, he looked at Brooklyn."I'm getting a Pokédex, too," he told here with a wink. He could tell she was shy, so he didn't want to make her feel unsafe. "Alright, the professor is at Viridian City, or so says his aide. We can go back to Pallet Town and get you guys bikes. I could lend my bike to one of you guys. Or we could just head there the way we are," he explained. He was looking at Brooklyn when talking about lending the bike. He petted the Growlithe with a smile. "You're pretty cute," he said. Then, he petted the Eevee. "You too."
  16. Nick sighed and looked back.
    "I'm sure we would both be pleased to join you," Nick said. "However, we will need to stop in Pewter City. Unless you are willing to backtrack. I intend to defeat the gym there. So..." Nick looked back at Brooklyn and raised his eyebrow. "Would you like a bike? Or walk?"
  17. Brooklyn chewed her lip, and glanced down at Eevee who squeaked and twirled cheerfully, and a thoughtful smile crossed her face. "Bike." She answered firmly, with slightly more assertiveness in her voice than ever before, before she cleared her throat. "I-If that's okay." She added quickly afterwards, looking back down to her companion. It was almost as if they could understand each other. Brooklyn then reached into her backpack and pulled out a large map of Kanto, looking it over. "I think.... I think Viridian is closer." She piped up again. "It's on the way to Pewter city."
  18. Nick looked down at his own map and furrowed his brow. He suddenly blushed a deep red color.
    " my map was upside down I believe," Nick said quietly. Growlithe pawed at Nick's leg furtively.
    "We are going boy." Nick whispered.
    "Alright, let's go back to Pallet Town and get bikes."
  19. Brooklyn laughed softly, but quickly covered her mouth with her hand to stifle it. She nodded in agreement and followed close behind Nick, while Eevee waddled at her side. She gave a few quick glances to Eric before finally piping up to him. "My name is Brooklyn, by the way." She stated softly. "Or you could call me Brooke for short..."
  20. "We need to just rent a few bikes and be on our way," Nick said. "If you need some pokéballs, I know where to get them."
    Growlithe followed close behind Nick, occasionally licking his hand and barking.
  21. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Eric smiled. "Yup. That's correct. And after I meet up with Oak, I'm heading to Pewter, too. It should be easier for me, though. Considering I have a type advantage and Fire-Types aren't very effective against rock-types," he explained. "Hello Brooke. Do you want to borrow my bike?" he asked.
  22. "I plan on catching a few more Pokémon before Pewter City. However, I believe Growlithe and I have a good chance at defeating the gym leader."
    Nick pet his Growlithe and looked back at Eric.
    "Would you like to accompany Brooke and I to Pewter after Veridian City? After that we could go to Cerulean City and challenge that gym, which I also happen to be at a type disadvantage in." Nick said sighing.
  23. Brooke smiled shyly yet again, brushing a lock of her long golden hair out of her emerald eyes. "I'd like that." She answered Eric, slowly seeming to start coming out of her shell. Eevee barked happily and leaped onto Brooklyn's shoulder, perching there as she nuzzled the girl's face, causing her to giggle. "I guess Eevee and I don't really have a disadvantage type wise... but that also means we don't have advantages. So we just have to train harder. But that shouldn't be a problem." The Pokémon purred happily in response.
  24. Nick smiled at the two before kneeling down to pick Growlithe up in his grasp. The Pokémon licked his face and barked loudly before jumping down and pushing Nick's legs.
    "Alright, alright. I'm going. I have to go get a bike. Ill be right back. Meet me back here guys."
  25. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Sounds good. There's a couple of grass type Pokemon around Cerulean City so you should be good there. I'll probably catch one as well," Eric told Nick. Eric got out of the bike and said,"You don't have a disadvantage, that's true. But you're best bet is teaching Eevee Bite. If I recall correctly, it should learn Bite once she starts training again. I see you're Eevee has been taken care of quite well, considering how shiny her coat is," he complimented Brooke. "Wait for me Nick!" Eric shouted while sprinting over to him. "Did he forget I need a bike too?" he wondered.
  26. Nick glanced over his shoulder at the boy running towards him and chuckled. Of course, he knew he should probably wait, since Eric needed a bike too. However, Nick and Growlithe were ever eager to begin catching Pokémon and earning badges.
    "Hurry up, then!" Nick shouted over his shoulder.
  27. Brooke's cheeks flushed a faint pink. "Thank you." She said gratefully, looking over to the Pokémon on her shoulder who was trying to climb onto her head. She winced as his claws tangled into her hair and decided to pull him into her arms. Everyone's always told me that my best bet is making Eevee evolve... But I don't want to do that. If Eevee wants to, that's his choice." She smiled a bit, but didn't follow as he ran. She merely stood there, awaiting their return.
  28. Nick looked around Pallet Town quickly. He was eager to leave his hometown and venture forth into the world. First thing though, he had to find a bike.
    "I think there is an older man in the northwest corner of the town who has bikes. I heard he is a Pokémon trainer though, so we should keep our guard up," Nick said quietly to Eric. Growlithe barked behind Nick and whined as they got closer to the house.
  29. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Well we can just beat him if he asks for a battle," Eric said. He felt confident in their abilities as trainers. They reached the house and saw the man.
    "Oi mate, who goes there?" the seller asks.
    "Relax, we're just here to rent some bikes," Eric explained.
    "Oh, I remember you. You rented a bike here earlier. What happened, did it get stolen or something?" the seller asked suspiciously.
    "I gave it to a friend, so she can borrow it. Is there a problem, sir?" Eric asked.
    "No, no problem at all. Except now you have to battle me. I will happily let regular people rent my bikes, put as I can see, your friend here has a Pokemon. That means, he's a trainer like me. So if you wanna get them bikes, you gonna have to fight me. If you win, I'll let you use my bikes for free. If you lose, you have to give me half the money you would've paid, and you don't get bikes. If you're a trainer, too, we can have a double battle. I sent out two Pokemon, and you and your little friend will get the money I would get if you lose a regular battle. But if you both lose, double the money for me," the trainer told the two greedily.
    "I'm fine with whatever, but what do you think?" Eric whispered into Nick's ear.
  30. Nick looked down at Growlithe. The Pokémon barked with determination and nuzzled Nick's leg. Nick looked over at Eric.
    "I guess we could do a double battle. You send one out and ill send my one out."
  31. Brooklyn, tired of waiting found her way to the bookshop- or well, Eevee traced their scents and followed them. She stepped inside just when it seemed like a battle was starting, and froze, staring at the two boys and the bike salesman. There was something familiar about the man... she was pretty sure she's seen him before.
  32. Nick looked down at Growlithe and nodded.
    "Growlithe, I choose you buddy!" Nick yelled. Growlithe jumped in front of his trainer and shook his head menacingly.
  33. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Alrighty then. Let's go Horsea!" Eric shouted. As soon as Horsea got out of his Pokeball, he seemed angry. Even though he knew his trainer wanted to protect him, he wanted to fight Pokemon, and was disappointed he couldn't. Quickly, he became happy he could finally fight, and immediately, he got into battle position. "We're ready for a double battle!" Eric called to the trainer.
    "That's what I like to hear! Now, go Zubat and Rattata!" he shouted. He wanted to make it fair, and this was the best he could do.
    "Are you serious? This is what I didn't want to waste my time on in Route 1, and this is what I fight now? Whatever, easy money," Eric said.
    "You!" the man shouted, which led Eric to point at him as if to say 'Me?',"No not you! Him!" the man said pointing at Nick. "You can go first."
  34. A surprised look glanced Nick's face. He gripped a tight fist and looked down at Growlithe.
    "Alright Growlithe, let's start off small... Use Ember on Rattata! Now!"
    Smoke grew out of Growlithe's mouth and he jumped up, shooting out a small blast of fire.
  35. Brooke's eyes widened, staring at the scene almost in a trance. And her Eevee was growling viciously, as if it wanted to battle the man itself. But first of all, Brooke wasn't in the condition to give orders, and second, the battle terms were already set and she couldn't interfere without it being majorly against the rules. Now all she could do was hope her friends would win.
  36. "Alright Growlithe, after Ember use Quick Attack!" Nick said it determination. Nick watched as Rattata dodged the ball of flame and his eyes grew on shock. Fortunately, Growlithe hit the Pokémon with the Quick Attack.
  37. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    The Rattata fainted and finally, Eric put his eyes on the Zubat. "Hey kid, why didn't you start battling?" the man asked. Secretly, Eric had been studying the man and Nick's battling styles, but he wouldn't have said it to either, at least, not right now. "If I wanted to study I should've asked for a single battle. I'm pretty dumb," Eric thought ironically. "Alright, I'll get our bikes quickly. Go Horsea! Use wrap on Zubat!" he shouted. Horsea jumped to Zubat and used his tail to immobilize Zubat. Now, it was as good as a sitting duck. (Zubat not Horsea) "Now use Water Gun on Zubat's back!" Eric called out. The weak Zubat couldn't do anything as he took the damage of a direct hit of Horsea's Water Gun. Horsea stopped wrapping around Zubat and Eric and Nick won the battle. "Told you I'd finish it quickly," he said with a smirk. "How?-What? Impossible! But you still won so take your stupid bikes. I ain't gonna give you the money, but you can keep those damned bikes!" the man shouted going into his house. Eric grinned and turned around to see Brooke looking at the two friends. "Couldn't wait huh? By the way, I don't think you need to come back here anytime soon," he said.
  38. Nick watched as the battle finished with a swift victory. He picked up Growlithe and fed him a berry. The young Pokémon barked happily, and rushed over towards the door.
    "Well, you were right. That was a quick battle," Nick admitted. "You did really well if I do say so myself. So... Are we off to Veridian City?"
  39. Brooklyn giggled. "You guys were great..." She didn't sound super enthusiastic. She was still eying the man they battled cautiously. "You two go on ahead. I'll catch up." She insisted sweetly.
  40. Nick eyed Brooke suspiciously, as he walked out the door. Something wasn't right.
    "Please be careful, Brooke. We will meet you at the edge of town."

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