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XY/ORAS Pokemon Teams Club

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Ryu Nura, May 5, 2016.

  1. Ryu Nura

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    Hello, I am trying to put together a group that will consist of teams(similar to those we fight in the games). Each team will have a Primary type or types and must use ATLEAST ONE of that type in any battle with another team/teammate. I am doing this to basically have fun battling with rivals and trading with one another. Leave your name and friend code down below to join and also state which team you want to join or if you wish to make one. I will also hold events for this "club" such as giveaways and tournaments(single and teams). Teams can also hold their own events. Teams may also have their own backstory and image if they'd' like.

    P.S.- I must approve of your team before you can make it. Teams can also have whatever ranking system they want.
  2. Is it ok if i join this group? I love battling in tripples

    My team Consists of Mewtwo Y, chandelure, klefki, groudon, gliscor and some other pokemon i cant remember at the time being
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  3. Ryu Nura

    Friend Code:
    This is a club that will have many teams that will battle one another and trade together. I currently have no rules on legendaries but when you join a team, your leader might. But yes, you can join. Post your friend code and whether or not you want to make a team or join one. I currently run the only team, Team Draco whose primary type is Dragon. Keep in mind this is a "for fun" kind of battle club and not true competitive.
  4. Bulbaevolution

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    I'd like to make a team for this. If possible I would like it to be one with Pokemon of Dark typing. It can be Dark primary or secondary. For this specific Group I'm retraining my team but my party will be, Umbreon-Hydreigon-Sableye-Shiftry-Greninja-Krookadile. If this would be possible just message and Ill give my code.
  5. If we only need to have at least one Pokemon of the type indicated by the team, then do you mind if I join Team Draco? I battle with Staraptor, Aegislash, Venusaur, Lucario, Delphox and Tyrantrum, and I rarely go into battle without Tyrantrum. Let me know what you decide, and if I'm accepted, I'll Pm you my FC.

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