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DPPt/HGSS Pokemon team help

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by ubertrance, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. 1 hi y'all i'm new here

    2 my team is in a slump can y'all help me

    MY TEAM: [lvls are low]

    Flareon lvl 76 [got from GTS]
    highest stat: Attack
    lowest stat: Defense
    Fire Fang
    Fire Blast

    Vaporeon lvl 57
    highest stat: Sp. Defense
    lowest: Attack
    Aurora Beam
    Hydro Pump

    Glaceon lvl 43
    highest: Sp. Attack
    lowest: Attack
    Ice Fang
    Icy Wind

    Leafeon lvl 46
    highest: Defense
    lowest: Sp. Attack
    Quick Attack
    Magical Leaf
    Giga Drain

    Jolteon lvl 45
    highest: Speed
    lowest: Defense
    Quick Attack
    Thunder Fang

    Dragonite lvl 60
    highest: Attack
    lowest: Speed
    Thunder Punch
    Dragon Rush
    Draco Meter

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Your team is not all that if you ask me.

    It has too many fire type moves. it will die when fighting a water type. try this moveset:-

    Attract/Iron Tail
    Iron tail/Hyper Beam

    Vaporeon. Much better. but still room for improvement. remove blizzard and hydro pump. they have very less accuracy.


    Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam
    Brine (because power doubles if opponent has less than half HP)

    Glaceon.Chuck Blizzard as i said before.

    Ice Beam
    Water Pulse
    Avalanche (a great ice type choice if you ask me)

    Leafeon.Again This will be killed while fighting a fire type. So Consider this moveset:-

    Sunny Day
    Solar Beam
    Shadow Ball/Toxic
    X-Scissor/Giga Drain

    Jolteon. Again too many electric moves. Do try this:-

    Charge Beam
    Shadow Ball
    Thunder Bolt
    Toxic/Hyper Beam

    Dragonite.off course a good choice but has a bad movest.It will die while trying to fight an ice type.So:-

    Hyper Beam/Giga Impact (how can you forget this??)
    Ice Beam
    thunder Bolt/Flamethrower
    Dragon Claw/Dragon Pulse
  3. Wouldn't Sunny Day increase the fire type's move? Doesn't seem so helpfull.
  4. Leafeon is immune to status while sunny day is up,and it makes solar beam only take one turn (however i believe leafeon is a physical attacker)

    EDIT:Based on psypoke,Leafeon is far superior in attack than special attack.It also gets Leaf Blade

    in fact,its special attack is as good as umbreon,making special not seem like a good option

    Personally it think Leafeon should use...

    Sunny Day / Physical attack (if you don't use rest,i dont think in this case the ability is worth it if u make fire too much of a threat to avoid status)
    Rest (i think its ability removes sleep when sunny day is up,making this a free full restore) / Synthesis
    Leaf Blade
    Another physical attack,or somthing that raises attack

    EDIT2:In a similar sense,Glaceon has pitiful attack,making avalanche a bad option...i dont know many physical ice moves tho...ice fang?
    EDIT3:WHAT AM I THINKING XD...i mean give Glaceon ice beam,not ice fang.Ice Beam Blizzard and such complement its high special attack.Theres plenty of special options to choose from to replace bite

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