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Pokémon TCGO Comes To iPad

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    A surprise reveal was made today as the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online has now been released in the form of an iPad app. The app hit Canada earlier this week and has since been added to the US and UK iTunes store.

    A nice shiny trailer showing the trailer off was release and can be viewed above. If you want to download and use the app then your iPad must be running iOS 7 or higher.

    It's also worth noting on my iPad Mini the app is crashing shortly after booting it up, it's unclear if it's a common problem or just something I'm experiencing but either way it's worth keeping in mind.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 30, 2014.

    1. Linkachu
      Not only did I have no idea that this had already been released in Canada...

      Time to finally update my iPad iOS. </3
      (We ignore the fact that it's completely silly that I'm still running iOS 6 in the first place :angel:)
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    2. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      Heh. Myself, I've never really gotten into the Trading Card game, but this may change things up. If it's for the iPad, it just made this a bit easier for me to use.

      Also considering I've really never touched the trading card game, or even bothered to learn how it works, this might become my fixing-things-of-all-purposes duct tape. :)
    3. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      It's worth baring in mind that while the TCGO app/game is a great way to learn the game, and to practice with new decks, it's not very functional without going out and still actually buying the cards to redeem the codes for in the app. You won't really be able to get any of the cards you need to build a real competitive level deck in-game.

      I hope the iPad and PC versions have cross play. And also that they get their fingers out and put it on Android sooner rather than later...
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    4. Teapot
      I can't see why they can't release on Android sooner rather than later - it's only a Unity app... I don't really get why it wasn't simultaneous!

      Mind you, @Demelza's app is crashing on boot now, so maybe they should fix the iOS version first!
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    5. voidaquariums
      This... Is... AMAZING!! Seriously, I'm a hardcore PTCGO player, and my computer crashes all the time when I play it. ♥
    6. awesoman
      I'm downloading this into my I pad right now! :)
    7. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc

      *gets slammed by @Teapot *
    8. JamesTheRedEngine
      Finally. Is it coming to android? No. Wii U or another console? No. Then why the hell do we care they did ONE little thing right?

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