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Pokemon TCG Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Carmen Lopez, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. Did you ever play the TCG or did you just collect, like me? I still have a binder full of cards that I keep in plastic covers to protect them XD This thread is dedicated to your favorite TCG cards--be it because you like the artwork or the attacks. They don't have to be ones you own either.

    I love the artwork on the cards because it gives an official alternative to the Sugimori art and we get to see the Pokemon in a different light. While I stopped collecting a while ago, I've seriously considering restarting because the art is so awesome. Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from my collection.

    Ampharos is cute in general, but I was thrilled to find this in a booster pack of cards ♥ I love the holo-ness and how Ampharos departs from its usual cute look.

    I adore Jumpluff so much ♥ The only thing that could make this cuter is if they Jumpluff were shiny XD

    Again, a different take on Arcanine. I love Arcanine so seeing a 'cute' version of it is just cool

    I don't own this particular card, but I just think it's win:


    Before Infernape debuted in the anime, I looked at their TCG cards to get an idea of movement. This one really stuck out to me big time because Infernape looks so cool in it ♥ Also it seems feminine to me, so yeah XD
  2. I played the TCG for a bit, but after Hoenn came out with new rules, I stopped. My deck is still around, though it hasn't been updated with Pokemon from Gens 3-4, and I don't plan on doing so. Children's Trading cards are expensive, especially if people recognize the card's potential in a competitive match.

    Her're a few choice cards from my deck.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Back in the day, these cards were beastly. I remember them fondly because these two took down a This one Water Pokemon who I forget, and a Charizard respectively. Gotta love cheap energy costs attacks.


    I loved this card a lot. Mostly because everyone else who battled against it hate me for its attacks. A 50/50 chance of draining your opponent's health to just one damage counter os a pretty good deal, at least in theory.

    Now, I think I mentioned before, but one of my fave artists in the TCG is Kouki Saitou. His Eevee family artwork has to be one of my favorite TCG sets.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    Speaking of Jolteon...


    Light Jolteon has the most adorable TCG art evr I think.

    And last but certainly not least...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I might have the Great Encounters Buizel card, it's lovely...But I really also want the promotional card that came with tickets to the 9th movie. <333
  3. My friend and I would buy each other these cards for our birthdays, so I always keep my favorites.

    [​IMG][​IMG] I am a very big fan of dark Pokemon since the evilness looks awesome on these two.

    Team Rocket may be evil, but they have very tough Pokemon in my opinion.

    and finally: [​IMG] Wouldn't you be afraid if one was walking towards you like this?
  4. Pokemon cards are what made me love Pokemon ♥ I love collecting them (even though I rarely add more to my collection these days) and the art has always been my favorite thing. I don't know anything about how to actually play the card game but whatever~

    [​IMG] I really like this picture of Magneton for some reason. Magneton usually don't interest me much but this picture is just awesome.

    [​IMG] Same thing with this card; Illumise are usually kinda blah (I prefer Volbeat, and even them I don't like very much) but this card is so sweet. I love the childish style it's drawn in. The only thing I don't like is the yellow E-reader strip around the edges. Those always bothered me when I used to collect more.

    [​IMG] Cacnea doing laundry. This is adorable.

    [​IMG] Lotad is meltingggg. I want to pour water on him or something. You can see that this is drawn by Mitsuhiro Arita, who's my favorite TCG artist~

    [​IMG] I always thought the pictures with little clay figures in them were cool. This one is exceptionally amazing ♥

    I have a folder on my desktop for cool looking TCG cards. I could post in here all day long, but I'll stop here~
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    It'd be more meaningful if I could upload the image of my own base set Charizard card, but it's not here right now. Regardless, this guy is probably still my favourite Pokemon trading card for nostalgic reasons. I got mine in my 2nd or 3rd booster pack way back when, and when I realized how much it was worth I treasured the silly thing like no other card. It's doubtful that the thing is worth much of anything now (someone prove me wrong if it is), but I still love it anyways. It became the central card of my deck and the source of many of my strategies. :)

    I honestly do love the artwork of many other Pokemon cards, but I can't think of any offhand. XD;
  6. Poe


    So, I recently stumbled upon my old Pokemon cards the other day. For fun, I decided to gather them, and meassure how tall the pile would be, since it was a quite big bunch of them (And no, I have not energy whatsoever to count them).
    Apparently, I got a pile of Pokemon cards that's 8 cm tall... =_0 (3.1 inches)

    I don't know if anyone here ever collected the cards, or still have them. But if you do, I'd like to know how many you got/how tall the pile is. And how you got them. Trade? Bought? Gift?
    (I personally don't recollect buying this many cards. 0_0 I think a friend gave me most of his when he quit Pokemon. I deeply hope that's true... T_T)
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  7. I actually have a few cards... one of my sisters used to buy them with her allowance because she liked them. You couldn't actually play with them though, not enough energy cards. I also won a few packs as part of a contest once.

    Another of my sisters used to put a pokemon card in her ID tag for school. We used to do the same thing, except we scanned and edited our cards to look like Harry Potter or Naruto characters. :D
  8. I used to collect them for the pure lulz of it all. Now, I have an entire shoebox full of them at my dorm.

    When Rising Rivals came out, I actually spent tons of time trying to find Roark's Rampardos- and when I found one, I celebrated with my friends by sorting my cards on the floor of an elevator at 2 am. Good times.

    Also, I totally don't keep that card in my wallet. Not at all >>;;;;
  9. My deck is 22.0 CM = 3.5 In. = 266 cards. O_O. I have a lot of cards don't I. Pretty big. Keep the cards mostly in 60 decks. Whoa.

    Here are some of my card designs I like:
    [​IMG] Turtwig, my favorite of all pokemon.
    [​IMG] I started collecting when sinnoh was out.
    [​IMG] Shaymin looks cute!
  10. Merged Carmen's favorite TCG topic with Pokemon cards topic into the TCG discussion, since the subject is pretty much the same.
  11. Weell, I don't have pictures, but I LOVE the artwork of Elite Four Lucian's Gallade in the Platinum Set. Epic looking, man!

    His Alakazam isn't half bad, as well as Roark's Aerodactyl and Wake's Floatzel 8)
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  12. Anonymous

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    I used to collect cards but now I dont because I have alot of stuff to buy but I once got a box of cards and when I opened it there was a spinarak card that said sugmori at the top instead of spinarak! Also there was a jynx that was spelt junx and there were loads of mistakes in the other cards I am pretty sure they were all fake!
  13. [tt]I lost count of how many cards I have I have a HUGE deck but I got it organized into 60 good pokemon, Trainer cards, and some energys. I have a dark gyrados but my new Team galactic gyrados is a basic pokemon card and does 100 or less damage! Kyogre holo can do 60 damage and has the pokepower Drizzle! I don't have pictures but I LOVE Dark Charizard/Wartortle and the eevee/evolutions cards, too.[/tt]
    [move]I love pokemon![/move]
  14. I was at a shop the other day that was selling Pokémon cards for $20 a pack and I thought, ‘That’s a decent price. I might just get one.’ I open the cards that afternoon and I saw the most pathetic attempt at fake cards ever. The holographic cards were peeling (Very common in fake cards) and lots of them had incorrect stats, like a Cyndaquil with 300HP and an Ampharos with a 400 power attack. The font was not the font that was usually on the cards and it kept on referring to it as Pok é mon. There were a whole lot of grammatical mistakes to and random letters here and there. When I payed close attention to the box, I realised that the copyright claim said ‘©2012 Nintendo’ and that the blurb was for the Pokémon DP cards when the front said it was HGSS... So yeah...

    I went back to the shop where I bought them from to complain and I had to go through three people at the store before I got my money back. It was really hard to convince them that they were fake as the people knew absolutely nothing about the TCG.

    Anyway, the cards that I do have are awesome. I have two decks and a whole lot of spare cards. My favourite cards are:
    This one is the powerhouse of my Electric/Grass deck. I think that an electric Feraligatr is an awesome idea and the artwork just blows me away.
    Gengar is another one of my strong ones, but he is in my second deck, the Water/Psychic one. The artwork isn’t anything special, I just like his stats.
    I don’t actually have this one, but I love Mothim and this artwork is brilliant. The stats aren’t anything special, but this is still one of my most wanted cards.

    (Just a note, I got permission to revive this thread.)

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