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Pokemon Taron Legacy

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by PinsirKing, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Ok people this is a fan-fic about the region I created known as Taron. I have information about Taron that I will supply but for now I'll post the map of the region and the 1st chapter.


    Chapter 1
    The Beginning

    "Magmar, use fire punch!" the trainer yelled. Magmar's fist was set ablaze and Magmar thrusted it into Sceptile's face thus knocking it out. "Sceptile is un-able to battle! Magmar wins and victory goes to Max from Mauville City!" People cheered in the audience until the referee said something else. "Also since Terra is one of the final four contestants she still gets a prize so please go to the front desk to claim it!" Terra left without saying a word to the front desk.

    "We will now take a 10 minute break for our final match of the slateport battle tournament." As the referee said this some people stayed while others went to the bathroom or got snacks. Max Falls walked to a blue cooler and pulled out a soda. When he turned around he saw his rival Michael standing behind him. "You ready for our match?" Michael smirked. "You bet! I'll wipe the floor with ya!" replied Max. "Yeah right, That kid Tyler is stronger than you and I beat him. If I can beat him I know I can beat you!"

    "Yeah whatever.." Michael left Max to go get ready for his match. Meanwhile both Terra and Tyler walked up to the front desk. "We were told that we would get a prize for being one of the final four?" said Terra. "Oh yes please sit right there, the woman said behind the desk pointing at a bench. Terra and Tyler sat down on the bench and waited just like she said. A few minutes later Terra just noticed something and said: "Um can we go to the arena and watch the match?"

    "Yes you may, just remember to come back after the match." They nodded their heads and ran to the arena. Once they got there they looked for seats and sat down. They saw that match between Max and Michael were about to begin. "The match between Max Falls from Mauville and Michael Forrinston from Verdanturf begins!" "Go Magmar!" yelled max as he threw his pokeball. "Arise Lapras!" Both pokemon came out of their pokeballs and onto the battlefield.

    "Destiny Bond Lapras!" A shadow streched out from Lapras and connected to Magmar. "Grrr Magmar Fire Blast!" "Counter with Water Pulse" A huge blast of fire shaped as a star was launched from Magmar while a orb of water was created and shot at the star shaped blast. When both attacks collided it explode. "Hurry Lapras and use surf!" A tidal wave was created and Lapras came heading towards Magmar with it.

    "No Magmar!" The attack hit Magmar and made it faint. "Magmar is un-able to battle Lapras wins!" the referee said holding a blue flag to Michael's side. "Return!" Magmar returned to its original pokeball and Max placed it on his belt. When he did that he grabbed a different pokeball and threw it out. A ivysaur emerged from the pokeball. "Ivvy-saurrr!" the ivysaur roared. "Very well then, Lapras use Ice Beam!" An ice beam shot out heading towards Ivysaur. "Dodge and use sleep powder!" A purple colored powder shot out from Ivysaur's petal and made Lapras fall into a deep sleep.

    "No Lapras wake up!" Michael yelled. "Solarbeam!" Light was charging up in Ivysaur's petal. At that moment Michael pulled out a pokeflute and played it. Some people in the audience enjoyed the lovely sound and it made Lapras wake up. When Lapras woke up it saw a huge beam heading towards it. Lapras used ice beam and tried to protect itself but the beam was so close to Lapras it collided with its body and made it faint. "Yes Ivysaur we beat his Lapras!" "You forgot about Destiny Bond." replied Michael. "Huh?"

    When Lapras fainted so did Ivysaur. "Both pokemon are un-able to battle!" the referee yelled. Both of them returned their pokemon. Michael quickly sent out his Rhydon. "Come on Max send out your next victim!" Michael smirked. Max took his last pokeball and looked at it. "Please, help me." Max got a good grip of the pokeball and threw it out. "Go Gyarados!" This suprised Michael and Gyarados emerged from the pokeball and onto the field. "No matter! Use Sandstorm!" A sand storm shaped as a tornadoe headed towards Gyarados. "Counter with Aqua Tail!" Gyarados's tail turned into water and it stopped the sand storm and hitt Rhydon.

    When the sandstorm cleared Michael's mouth opened widely as he saw his Rhydon knocked out with one attack. "Rhydon is unable to battle!" "I must admit Max, your pokemon are good but..." Michael began to chuckle. "I have a gyarados too! Go!" He threw his pokeball and Gyarados emerged. Both roared at each other and flew over to each other with a aqua tail. Both of their tails clashed and made loud bangs. "Gyarados, Hyper Beam!" Max yelled. Max's Gyarados shot out a huge yellow beam heading towards the other Gyarados.

    Michael's Gyarados used a Hyper Beam as well and both beams were cancelled out. "Gyarados, Hydro Pump!" Max yelled. "Counter with Ice Beam!" A huge attack of water was launched headings towards the other Gyarados until it was frozen. Michael's Gyarados broke the ice with Aqua Tail and used Hyper Beam at Max's Gyarados. The beam was a direct hit and made Max's Gyarados faint. "Gyarados is un-able to battle, the other Gyarados is the winner! And victory goes to Michael Forrinston from

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