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Pokemon Sword and Shield revealed!

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Happy Pokemon Day, folks! In celebration of the release of the first generation of Pokemon Games 23 years ago today, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have finally lifted the lid on this year's brand new, 8th Generation of Pokemon games: Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    Set in the Galar region - ostensibly based off of Great Britain (pretty much just England though, really) - the first brand new Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch really put the system to work in bringing this new region to life. Galar is an expansive region with diverse environments— an idyllic countryside, contemporary cities, thick forest, and craggy, snow-covered mountains. In what's presumably a nod to a combination of classic Northern English cities and London, there's also a quite industrial feel to certain areas of the game, too. Something that's quite unique to a series that's either very naturalistic or very futuristic in its settings.​


    The new game's visuals feature a significant step up from both Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. The Galar region is presented with a lot of verticality and distant green and hilly lands. The camera is brought even closer to the player - though seems to still be fixed to a specific location behind and above the player, rather than being a freely controllable 3D camera.

    Although the world is brought to life in more detail than ever before, the Pokemon battles look very familliar. There are no big visual changes - beyond an improvement in textures and lighting - to the battle system that's been in use since X/Y, but the Switch continues to do a great job in realising it.

    We'll have to wait and see whether there will be any gameplay changes to these games, but it seems that after a dalliance with trying new things in Let's Go and the previous Generation, GameFreak have reverted to the standard "fight gym, get badges, become champion" formula with pretty typical random wild encounters and trainer battles.

    We did get a slight hint at the potential for something new to the series with a view of the protagonist heading out into a football stadium in a football kit, though. So watch this space for more.

    As well as our first look at the game, we also got to see the first three new Pokemon of Generation 8: the starter Pokemon.​

    Grookey is a Grass-type Chimp Pokemon and is described as "mischievous and full of boundless curiosity".

    Scorbunny is a Fire-type Rabbit Pokemon. It's "bursting with energy" and "always running about".

    Finally, Sobble is a Water-type Lizard Pokemon and is described as "stealthy" and "shoots out attacks as it hides itself in water".​


    We didn't get to see any other new Pokemon, though we can't help but wonder if this hillside chalk drawing (not unlike those you can actually find across Britain) might be our first glimpse at at least one of the game's new Legendary Pokemon...

    If you missed today's Direct you can watch the full thing here, or you can watch the trailer itself below. As ever, we'll bring you more information on Sword and Shield as we get it in the run up to its release at the end of this year. Let us know what you think of the new game's style, the region and the new Pokemon in the comments below!



Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Feb 27, 2019.

    1. Linkachu
      My immediate reaction to the new starter trio reveal was "Ugh, another grass monkey. Looks like it's Team Wabbit for me". But 10 minutes later, after staring at Grookey's artwork a bit, I realized just how endearing and precious the little chimp actually is - so I quit Team Wabbit and joined Team Grass Chimp.

      #TeamGrookey ftw!

      And with that said...

      Bun vs Chimp.jpg

      Cannot unsee this.
    2. Red Gallade
      Red Gallade
      Damn, didn't realize they shared the same pose... must mean it'll definitely be a Fire/Fighting upon the final evolution. As for the starers, I like them all and can't decide, hence why I'm making my choice when their final evolutions are revealed...

      And if Scorbunny is another Fire/Fighting type, I won't pick it regardless of how awesome it may look.
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    3. SaiyanDakon
      What if it may be Fire/Electric or Fire/Steel?
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    4. -AlexTheMimikyu-
      I usually don't pick grass-types. THIS IS GONNA CHANGE THAT-
    5. Luke The Riolu
      Luke The Riolu
      So the prophecy is true . . . Guess I am gonna go kill Nintendo
    6. Funny Sans Rat
      Funny Sans Rat
      The starters mildly resemble the power puff girls.
    7. Pokéboy098
      I really don’t think we need another fire fighting type starter (blazekin, infernape, emboar). It probably will be, but I could see it becomeing a fire/ground type too, and that would be cool.
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    8. Pokemon Fanfiction Novels
      Pokemon Fanfiction Novels
      I share everyone's fears for the potentially fire/fighting bunny. Perhaps the band-aids are an indicator of something other than getting into punching/kicking matches all the time, but if this comment section is any measure to go by, well . . . suffice it to say, we won't be the only fans with this impression.

      Not that it really matters to me. I'm more concerned that it indicates a disconnect from fan input about what we want in future games. For instance: 23 years into Pokemon games, and we have yet to see a mainstream adult protagonist, or even one of high school age. I get it, it's a kids' game, but I'd bet the deed to my house that over 2/3 of the current fans own cars. When will adult sprites at least be made an option?

      Also, the Pokemon Company rep pointedly stated that this new game would retain the core elements of the past, but simultaneously try new things. That can be interpreted countless ways, but I hope the new policy includes a resolution to back off with the constant storyline interruptions so prevalent in Sun/Moon. That game literally, literally, literally could not go five minutes without jerking gameplay to a halt with stuff about "take a picture of this Pikachu," or "those guys are such numbskulls," or "gosh, I wonder who that mysterious masked man could be." If they pull something like that again, the least they can do is allow for a skip option this time around.

      I will say that the graphics look awesome, and Sword/Shield comes as close as it ever has to the idealized version in my mind when it comes to 3D pokemon games. I'm also happy that so far, the pokemon look convincingly like animals, and not out-of-proportion aberrations from Azathoth's nightmares. More Suicune, less Trubbish, please.
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    9. toxtricity
      yo what if they end up as grass/fighting fire/electric and water/fairy types
      water/ghost would also be cool 4 sobble
      ive read that grookey could be based on morris dancers (groove+monkey, stick thing, etc.) so idk if fighting would be the best type for that but like. there is no music type so like.

      either way i luv them all,,, there hasnt been a gen where ive loved all the starters 100% equally since i think gen 2,
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    10. Pokéboy098
      I think Grookey looks ugly. Probs gonna be a grass/fairy.
      Sobble is totally gonns be a ghost/water.
    11. StarFan13
      how about my order fire then grass and finally water
    12. StarFan13
      here's my team look like Scorbunny, Eevee (Sylveon), unnamed Water type Pokemon (a Dolphin Pokemon), Unnamed Grass type Pokemon (a Flower Pokemon), and any misc. pokemon (a Female Meowstic, and a Male Mamoswine)
    13. E.K.A.N.S.
      They sure slayed Grookey's design. We already have a Grass-type monkey in Pansage yet they look distinct

      Tempting as this is, I don't have the time or money for it... :(
      Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
    14. GalacticDeg
      Also... I don't think anyone has noticed this but we might get 'Pokemon food' (like dog food) in the game, if you look at the scene with the London-like city at 0:23 you may notice an advert on the wall for it.
    15. +BlueSalty
      I have a switch. Im. Getting. This. Game.
    16. +BlueSalty
      My theory is that the wolf-like figures in the logos are some sort of legendary/mythical pokemon that will play some sort of role in the plot at one point or another
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    17. GalacticDeg
      @ThatOneSonicFan I think it's more than likely they relate to either the legendary mascots (Solgaleo & Lunala, Groudon & Kyogre) or the post-game one (referring to Necrozma, Rayquaza, etc).

      My guess is the latter as they're both the same wolf figure.

      Or the mascot legendary is only one with two alternate forms that cannot be changed.
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    18. +BlueSalty
      @GalacticDeg that's also a good theory. It could be maybe a pokemon like Aegislash. Well, I mean, sword and shield...
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    19. GalacticDeg
      @ThatOneSonicFan forget Alolan Pokemon, in the Galar Region, we get Legend...ised (?) Pokemon!
    20. xXHeroOXx
    21. +BlueSalty
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    22. Salted_Apples
      Scorbunny? More like fire - fighting - bunny. - This post was made by Grookey gang.
    23. Grand Master Koop
      Grand Master Koop
      People are really worried about Scorbunny potentially becoming a fighting type
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    24. Grand Master Koop
      Grand Master Koop
      *Is not a grass type*
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    25. E.K.A.N.S.
    26. xSuNaMi
      When I first saw the map, I thought It was a combination of the regions. I thought that the snowy part could be Mount Lanaryu[I think that's what its called] from USUM[you know? the place where the league is?], the cave could be Terminus cave, so on and so forth. While the Galar region was not what I hoped, it still looks really interesting.
    27. xSuNaMi
      I, honestly, want Scorbunny to end up as a fire-Electric type since the only one we have right now is that flipping' ROTOM HEAT!! Like, seriously, a MICROWAVE!! Plus, electric is my second favorite type behind dragon
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    28. xSuNaMi
      Honestly think the hill pattern looks like some kind of alter ego for Ultra Necroma, which is SUPER COOL!!!!!!! HYPE!!!!
    29. Grand Master Koop
      Grand Master Koop
      What’s wrong with Rotom-Heat?
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    30. xSuNaMi
      To be honest untill you asked me that I was kind of hating on it does no reason. But the design is just so simple( I get the thing with the appliances) but I also really like the electric type and I want a more interesting design for any future fire-electric type out there
    31. GalacticDeg
      @xHuRrIcAnE honestly I agree with Scorbunny's evolution.

      I feel like it would fit to be a Fire/Electric because of how Scorbunny is seen in the advert. They'd be even more bouncy and hyper if they had an Electric typing, if GameFreak don't decide to do a football rabbit.
      I think a Fire/Steel typing would work too, they could evolve the bandages into steel? Or maybe a more explosive metal like Caesium or something...

      For Sobble, a Water/Ghost final evo would work with the camouflage skill they have, and for Grookey, maybe Grass/Fairy? I have no reason for the latter, I'd just like to see it.
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    32. xSuNaMi
      Honestly, I would love it for Grookey to be a Grass-Fighting type.
    33. Red Gallade
      Red Gallade
      Like Chesnaught?
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    34. xSuNaMi
      Yeah! Like Chesnaught or Breloom(only two I could think of tell if there are more)
    35. xSuNaMi
      I think the thing with the metal would be really creative since we have such few Fire-Steel types(I think?)
    36. Red Gallade
      Red Gallade
      I just hope the Galar region offers more unique types.
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    37. xSuNaMi
      I would love it if there were new types. but I'm bummed that they went back to the original style instead of the style they used for Lets Go Pikachu and Eevee.
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    38. Sparkling Emolga
      Sparkling Emolga
      Now theres 3 groups....

      Scorbunny team
      Sobble squad
      And grookey gang.

      Im with sobble squad, he is just a pure boi.
    39. Eat_Glitter!
      T E A M S C O R B U N N Y F O R E V E R
    40. milk_tea
      So excited ...
      I hope they introduce a new Eeveelution; they seem to do so every other region. And this might be a foolish wish, but maybe they'll introduce three-type Pokémon. That would be so interesting.
      And, also, I keep swapping between Sobble Squad and Grookey Gang, but I'll choose when I see the final evolutions.

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