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Ask to Join Pokémon Survivor! Discussion/Sign ups thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jakoboi, Jul 19, 2019.

  1. I know Renz. I am just joking around. I did not mean anything mean by that. I would never be mean out of spite. So sorry if that came off as rude or mean any way.
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  2. Wow, this has blown up quickly. I think there is a RP Thread that I should be replying to. Hopefully I can squeeze it in.
  3. @Breon
    Accepted, my dude!
  4. Radical my dude
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  5. Well I’m digging all the contestants so far! I’ll consider to start the actual thread after at least 10 people are able, I’ll go up to a max of twenty if possible! So keep tagging if you think someone will be interested!
  6. Oh, I was being idiotic and thought the thread was up XD.
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  7. @JesusoChristo
    When you said "feel free to decline me" did that mean you didn't want to participate in the RP cause if you did then we'd have our minimum of ten to start
  8. He was telling the people that he ping that it's okay if they don't want to join.
  9. Oh! Well if that's the case then. I'll start working on the actual thread!
  10. Yayyyy! I’m so excited for this!

    (Even though I’ve never watched Survivor, but who cares? Right? R-right?)
  11. The host of the game show best be like Chris otherwise I'm going to be sorely disappointed but I'll deal with it
  12. ^^
    Its gonna have a lot of total drama vibes. Not totally though. It won't be as gross.
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  13. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Oh shooooooooooooooot, we'll be ready. ;)
  14. Oh! I already have an idea for the main challenge, but I could make it even better for y'all if you just answer this quick question.
    Which region has your favorite set of starters?
    I'll accept one vote per person and majority wins! And yes, the winning trio will be incorporated into the first challenge!
  15. Willow Tree

    Willow Tree Previously Brightheart

    Kalos I guess. ;-;
  16. Kalos and Hoenn, although Kalos beats it out slightly.
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  17. ~Add~

    ~Add~ Previously Nisha-Labyrinth

    I am deleting my other character to this one

    Name: Elesis (She title herself Blazing Heart to make her more fired up)
    Gender: Female
    Age(15-25): 19
    Appearance (all clothing will initially be shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes): Red hair and red eyes. Stands in the height of 5'6. Have 2 loose belts that tilted to make an X. Wears a long white jacket with a ripped end Have pants that are long and short (left leg short side and right leg long side). Have a broken super short black jacket (the zipper is broken (the zipper goes all the way up)) that shows her stomach. Also wears a red and black stocking (only for the left leg), and wears black boots that have a red stripe (in the middle of the toe part of the boots) and has golden designs on the black boots. Also wears long black fingerless gloves with golden designs on the gloves. Holds a large black and red claymore with a large blade and it has a large neon orange symbol and a yellow orb in the middle of the handle and the blade. She has a firing touch, and she can be seen as a fire from far away. She kills enemies with the firing blow.
    Personality: Fierce and wild, very supportive in ideas and comments and can be a little bit bossy because she takes care of her brother for most of the time in her life. Brave and kind, got guts to battle on.
    Reason for competing: She likes to fight and as the young girl she is, thought fighting goes with it, plus, she has nowhere to go, so she thought this she could get to know people, but never knew this is survival. She is forcefully made to doing by a enemy who name is Raven, and threatened to kill her brother.
    Personal life/job/hobbies: No jobs yet. Her whole family died of a fire and she was the only one who escaped. Annnnnnnnnnnd her hobbies is to train in the gym and battle.
    Favorite Pokémon:
    All fire or fire/dark types
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  18. I love how everyone's having a fairly normal entrance, and then there's Allie just crashing down the stairs.
    Basically sums her up in a single post.
  19. I prefer either Kalos or Unova
  20. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    sinnoh, of course!
  21. Is it too late to join? This seems really fun!

    Character bio:
    Name: Mia Yates
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance (all clothing will initially be shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes): Messy blonde hair tied back into pigtails. She's around 5'5 and has blue eyes. Her t-shirt has a camo pattern and she matches it with a plain army green hat.
    Personality: She grew up living in Rural Alola. In her youth, she would often spend time with a friend who lived on a farm which gave her a decent amount of experience working with Pokémon. She also was a Scout (or what ever the equivalent is in this universe) which gives her a little experience with survival. Both of these give her quite an adventurous attitude. She tends to slip into a leading role, getting initially frustrated if she can't, although, if she gets along with the person in charge she'll be quick to back them up. She can be quite stubborn getting fixated on certain ideas. She also doubts her skills, usually underestimating herself. She isn't very good at getting to know knew people, but as soon she's found a common interest, she will get much more comfortable. She is however, very good at talking to groups.
    Reason for competing: Mia wants to move to Hoenn to break into the Contest Industry. She figures even if she doesn't win, fame from the show will make it easier, and if she does? Well that's even better! She assumes she won't win, but thinks she'll do well.
    Personal life/job/hobbies: Works at a Pokémon daycare, looking after younger Pokémon specifically. In her free-time she attends dance classes in preparation for contests. She tries to pass these skills onto her somewhat bedgruding Leafeon. She still helps out at her friend's farm, but far less frequently than when she was a kid.
    Favourite Pokémon: Leafeon, specifically her Leafeon, Cinnamon, all though she also is a fan of any Pokémon with good contest potential.
  22. @EllieBeth
    Accepted! Go on and post in the main thread!
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  23. I'm going with the unpopular opinion of Unova.
  24. ^ I like Unova.

    Another unpopular opinion: I like the Unova anime.
    *Collective gasp*
  25. I heard the sun and moon anime gets pretty good
  26. Name: Aran Urskine
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Appearance: A somewhat but not overly pale young man with a seemingly normal build, Aran stands at a mere 5'4", but that sure doesn't stop his rapid facial growth. He will arrive at the island clean-shaven, but that won't last long. His beard will match his hair - a dirty orange and also cut down, from a reasonably long mane to a mere couple inches spiked up to prepare for the coming challenges. His sunk-in eyes are a dark yellow-green-brown and surrounded by the grey rims of small rectangular glasses, as he is nearsighted. Clothes? Loose clothing like sweaters and sweats, typically, though in this case he dons cargo pants for some, er, utility, supposedly.

    Personality: Aran's pretty consistent in his actions across various circumstances: neutral, pragmatic, and generally upfront with whatever's appropriate and reserved with what isn't (in his mind, anyway). However, during particularly intense times in one way or another he may slip up and succumb emotionally to whatever's happening. Nevertheless, context generally doesn't dictate his behavior, and as such it is more prone to sway from internal forces unrelated to the present situation. Formalities are a chore he ignores or is oblivious to, so he's kind of dumb in that aspect.

    Reason for Competing: Let's just say his, uh, network(s) persuaded him to do this on the basis of gaining experience or doing something 'productive', though he bets that they were at least partly influenced by the fact that he said he'd split the prize money if he won the thing, or maybe he's being tested. He feels pretty out of place in reality television, a genre that garnered some head scratching from him in the past, but he does admit that it could be, like, a character-building experience, or something.

    Personal Life/Job/Hobbies: Aran left school years ago and has been working full-time for a relatively small, mostly non-profit organization for raising awareness and acting upon various issues in society, although he and others have been recently questioning the legitimacy of the 'non-profit' bit due to questionable activity, potentially illegal or even criminal. His hobbies include listening to music, surfing the web, tennis, and playing chess with his pokemon team (he always loses to those who know how to play).

    Favorite Pokémon: Although never any members of his team, Aran is quite fond of Barboach and Whiscash from vivid childhood memories.
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  27. @Organis Accepted! Please feel free to post on the main thread.
    Can you and @EllieBeth and @~Add~ please vote on your favorite starter trio please?
  28. This is a hard one for me but I'm going with Johto.
  29. Revealed a plot point for Allie a bit early. Kinda felt like giving her something that made her unique.
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  30. I'm reckon Johto!
  31. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age(15-25): 16
    Appearance (all clothing will initially be shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes): Brown Hair, green eyes
    Personality: Cool
    Reason for competing: To win
    Personal life/job/hobbies: Eating
    Favorite Pokémon: Meowth, Growlithe, and Butterfree
  32. @JC499
    Your bio is a bit too simple my friend. Please edit it and make it more fleshed out, and then I’ll accept you!
  33. GackGack27

    GackGack27 Previously JC499

    Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Age(15-25): 16
    Appearance (all clothing will initially be shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes): Brown Hair, green eyes
    Personality: Cool and Outgoing
    Reason for competing: To win at all costs
    Personal life/job/hobbies: Eating and Sleeping. Otherwise I'm a student
    Favorite Pokémon: Meowth, Growlithe, and Butterfree
  34. Okay let's try this: I want you to type what you would put down as your first post on the main thread here so I can review it.
  35. ~Add~

    ~Add~ Previously Nisha-Labyrinth

    I say Kalos
  36. Name: Sam
    Gender: Male
    Age(15-25): 17
    Appearance (all clothing will initially be shorts, t shirts, and tennis shoes): Sam has brown skin due to his father being African american and mother being English. He has long curl hair that he puts into a man bun. His eye color is hazel. He wears glasses. Though he is lean, his arms are muscular and he has abs.
    Personality: He likes listening to music. He is rebellious. He like's making people laugh. He is drawn to quiet people.
    Reason for competing: He is raising money for his village, Tapu Village.
    Personal life/job/hobbies: Helping people out, playing with is pokemon, and battling.
    Favorite Pokémon: Pikachu
  37. @Samuel#1
    Accepted! Post in the main thread and I'm pretty sure we'll start getting to business soon!
  38. Not relevant because I probably won't be joining but anyone who hasn't seen Survivor... Why are you all sleeping on one of the greatest shows on television?

    Sorry to interrupt, just had to open your eyes. (that said, a poke-survivor doesn't sound like my cup of tea. lmk if you ever do vanilla survivor, i've been trying to think of how to make one forever)
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