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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Rescue Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by EspeonTheBest, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Hello fellow humans-turned-Pokemon! The newest installment of the famous Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series has been released for North America and Europe! Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon is definitely a must buy.

    Although that's beside the point of this thread. As some of you know, the Bulletin Request Board is no more. The connection orb is in its place. Meaning that there are only a set amount of missions in the game. For those of us who have (somehow) gotten all 720 Pokemon to join your allience, you have nothing to do other than reach level 100. Then what? Well, here is you answer.

    Here people who have been defeated in a Dungeon can post their rescue password, or a link to their rescue QR code. For those of us who finished the game and want to be a good person, you can use those codes and passwords to save others. Even if you haven't finished the game and just want to take a break from the main storyline you can take a saving mission. Plus, this is a great way to get to know others who play the game.

    Note: I've recived information that players from North America are unable to rescue those who play in Europe. As I am a North American player, if you play in Europe I can't save you. If that situation happens though, I'll be happy to find you a European player who will be willing to save you! @Demelza explained why on the third page of this thread.

    Have fun guys! And I'll be watching to help anyone who wants it.
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  2. Welp, I guess I'm up first. (How embarrassing) I was defeated in the Sand Dune of Spirits on the 9th floor. Password and QR code uploaded on imgur right here. Thanks for the help in advance!

  3. I'm sorry for the late response! Are you still down? I'll save you. I'll give you reviver seeds too if you want.
  4. Yuap. I just went down not long ago.You're not late the the party at all. I'm not sure if the reviver seeds will be necessary, I'm 1 floor away from clearing the dungeon.
  5. Right, I'm already in at floor 4. Give me maybe a few more minutes. Is 10 reviver seeds ok? I don't like giving just one :)
  6. Man that's alotta seeds....:'| Yep. That'll be plenty.
  7. image.jpg
    Okie dokie! I saved you, I'll give you the seeds ASAP.
    Edit: I can only send one, sorry!
    #7 EspeonTheBest, Dec 10, 2015
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  8. Much appreciated!

    Edit: Yeah it'd be kinda silly to be revived and get surrounded by reviver seeds :p Oh well, the one should be enough to get me through.
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  9. Hey, it happened again :'| This time in Purifying Cave on the 15th floor..

    Here comes the Password/QR code.

  10. Ok, Ill try to save you but we are in the car and I don't have my 3ds. If you can wait maybe an hour, then I'll be happy to save you.
  11. That's alright, no rush. Take as long as you need too :)
  12. Hello, just checking in and making sure you haven't forgotten about me. I'm about to go to bed for the night, and I also have school tomorrow so really, no rush. Oh and good night!
  13. I fainted in Heart Lake, on the 15th floor, I think

    Sorry for the double picture, just look at one, they're the same!

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  14. Here! I can save you Undead. Espeon said she'll be back in a second to save tony.
  15. You both should be saved. Let me know if anything went wrong! My connection quit halfway through sending the save mail, so im not sure. Hopefully it would work.
  16. Can I have the code to the save mail?
  17. Yeah, I also need the code for mine.
  18. Espeon Ended up saving both of you....Undead I failed 3 times... :'|

    So she'll probably have the code soon
  19. Wait...did you save Undead or Tony? I saved Undead because I can't save Tony. I have never been to Heart Lake before. You have to clear the dungeon before you can rescue from it. 0.o
  20. Uh, I still need the rescue code to get revived too.
  21. Spy


    Oh my, I made a fatal mistake today, and used up all my rescues trying to fix it. @.@

    Can you please help? Thank you in advance.

    Edit: I would have just reset and left my items and money, but I sadly realized I had all my cash on me. ((Around 2,500+))

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  22. Of course I will, it's just getting pretty late here, so is it ok if I do it tomorrow?
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  23. Spy


    I don't mind in the slightest. It is actually pretty late here as well. Thank you so much!

    Edit: If it helps, I got completely destroyed on the 5th floor of Submerged Cave, from a few lucky Kingdra Hydro Pumps.

    |As you can imagine...I was over-joyed. Haha..|
    #24 Spy, Dec 29, 2015
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  24. please help im like a few floors from getting to mew cx
  25. I'm so sorry! Yes of course I'll do both of yours!

    Sky, I'm so sorry. I tried to log on and get the code, but all of my electronics, iPad and computer, wouldn't let me connect. I promise I'll do it right now and save you unless you were impatient which you had all the reason to be.
  26. Spy


    It's totally okay! I actually was going to apologize to you, as I couldn't get on either. I guess Pokecharms was down
    Anyways, if you have time don't think I was saved.. Unless someone randomly went on here and saved me without sending the revival mail, hahaha! Thank you again!
  27. @Spy

    If you need the passcode let me know. The files are too big to upload both.
  28. @dusk76

    If you need the password, let me know. The files are still too big. XD

  29. omg i never knew if u talked to carracosta he says don't left your dreams just be dreams
  30. You people seem nice, Please help me :(
    I'm in pretty deep and I couldn't rescue myself -.-

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  31. Alright! No worries, I'll save you ASAP. Thanks for the compliment too! :)
  32. ...? And what does that have to do with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?
  33. In 1 of the Pokemon games your partner is mew
  34. That's a spoiler. You're not requesting help are you? So either please post a QR code so I can save you or please stop chatting off topic.

    If you would like to talk about Pokemon Mystery dungeon, feel free to create a conversation with me.
  35. It's alright! No worries.
  36. I'm just new here so I don't know what to do
  37. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hey Mallory. As EspeonTheBest said, this topic is strictly for requesting help in Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. What you've been posting isn't related to the topic and is technically considered SPAM, which is against forum rules. It's best that you read the global forum rules before you make anymore posts. Feel free to send me a private message or post on my profile if you have any questions, too. Thanks! ^^
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