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Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Epiloque

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by MrButlerC, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. So, I'm currently on epiloque and It's really hard just to try to save our partner! Because U must go alone and my level was like 25. Any tips to get pass this easily?
  2. Well, I would try spamming wands. Luckily I was a fire type, giving me a huge advantage over the grass types and only normal damage from the poison types. But I know that using. A water type would hinder you because of the grass types, grass would be weak to the poison, fighting is just ineffective to most things in that dungeon, as with electric.

    So you're level 25? That's really impressive, considering I had to grind until I was level 32 at least to beat the main boss. So here's my suggestions.
    1. Find as many wands as possible. I particularly like Petrify, Slumber, Confuse and Guiding wands. Slumber and confuse help me defeat enemies on low health and no reviver seeds, petrify wands (stayaway wands work too) freeze up enemies I don't feel like messing with and Guiding wands help with finding the stairs faster.
    2. Get gold bars. Cofagrigus sells 5 reviver seeds for one gold bar, and boy do you rack up gold easily. I can get 25 reviver seeds for 5 gold bars- the amount I would usually gain in one dungeon. He also sells other neat trinkets, but I really like the reviver seed exchange.
    3. Bring looplets. I'm not sure why, but a lot of people I know who play the game don't use looplets. While in the dungeon grab emeras like Super Critical or Type Bullodzer. That and Big ears, which will let you see where the enemies are. Dizzying Payback, Dizzying stare and Lullaby all will save you the confuse wands and slumber wands I mentioned earlier. So try your luck with emeras.
    4. Lots of Oran Berries, Apples and Elixers. I know this is a really 'no duh' statement, but I myself sometimes get in a pickle where I wish I had oran berries or an Elixer- something I didn't bring on that adventure. I find that Oran berries are kind of hard to come by, especially in dungeons. I think Kecleon sells them, but still. If you have 3 Oran berries, bring 3. If you have 20 Oran berries, bring like 15+. With Elixers, 5 will probably make you get through it. Try only taking 5 apples too. Make sure you still have room for your wands and reviver seeds though.
    5. Save before entering the dungeon. Like right before the two yellow arrows that lead to the dungeon. That way if you die, you can restart the game and start off with all your items, money, but instead of being at the guild all you need to do is take two steps and youre in the dungeon.
    Here I'll prioritize items for you. Assuming you'll take my advice at least.

    First, Reviver seeds. I don't reccomend you fill your bag with them but grab quite a few; more than 10 if you can afford it.

    Second, Wands. Bring every one you have. They stack, so if you bring the four wands I suggested it'll only take up four bag slots.

    Third, a looplet. Don't bring more than what you need. I suggest one with more than 4 spots if you have one like that. Golden looplets are pretty common and they have six slots.

    Finally Oran berries. Just fill your remaining space with them if you can. Then add Apples and Elixers. In the dungeon if you run out of those two, they can be found on the ground. Just eat them there. If your bag is full, step on the apple/ Elixer and drink it without putting it in your bag.

    Hope this helped!

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