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Open Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: A Tale of Three, unofficial discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Sentorus67, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. As i was re-reading the RP i was thinking. Wynaut have a discussion forum. Therefore this will be the unofficial forum for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP. Note i say unofficial because I am not the one who started the RP and would rather not trample completely over there story. If SummerShaymin does not want the forum i will close it immediately and we can just stick to PMs.
    Anyways a couple rules.

    1. World Rules: Obviously these rules need to be followed no matter what so no double posting or unnecessary short posting
    2. SummerShaymin: Shes the one who started the post so it should be fair for her to get the final say in what happens in the RP.
    3. Other People Joining: When SummerShaymin started the Rp she wanted there to only be three humans. By the time i started reading the thread there were six. She wanted the RP to be open so i wont try to change that. However, i suggest that anyone new to RP come here as well so that we can change anything we need to.

    That's about the all i can think of now, but yeah lets go all the way with pokemon mystery dungeon :)
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  2. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    SummerShaymin is actually a girl :\
  3. Ok, She. but my rules still stand they way they do. Since SummerShaymin started the RP she ultimately decides how it goes. I will try to Contact her to ask for thought on the matters of this forum.
  4. Darn, the person was right there were six humans. Plus what is the point of being able to roleplay as a human when you become a Pokemon, I don't get the point of it. Especially when these people that are roleplaying as them are not even active
  5. Story reasons or just to feel special. Since she wanted only three i'll try to keep it that way. Lets think of it as a soft reset. Since its SummerShaymins story she should be the unofficial until active first human. Since Ej is active he can be the second human. If someone comes along or some who was human on the forums come back they should come to this thread to talk about the whole human idea.
  6. That could actually work since SummerShaymin made this role play she would be the one that decides whose human depending on who's active and who isn't
  7. Yeah, That basically my reasoning for most of this thread. I linked the thread to her for her to have a look but if she doesn't respond I say we just continue the RP like normal, Hopefully without without any bad blood for taking over the story.
  8. Yeah usually the leader of the role play is mostly there but even though this is one of my first role plays of this thing, this is the first one I have seen mostly unactive
  9. Although i'm still new to the pokemon RP forums, i know this not uncommon for fans to be more active than the creator but nevertheless. I just want the RP continues since i'm having fun.
  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Yea me two I'm okay if another person decides to be the role of the first human. I just am having fun with the RP and hope that the thread remains open for anyone who wants to join.
  11. I'm posting this on the discussion forum because i want to make sure everyone sees it. I was unaware of the conflict going on because of pms so now i'm just giving my opinion about it. Truthfully, i think the situation was grey and not handed all that well on both sides. here's my opinion.

    The main conflicts: the last thread was an accident and unintentional, best to just let it go. A strong character is fine so long as stellarwind does not get uppity about it and legendaries don't get tossed left and right.

    EJ: was just a bystander. nothing to really say.

    Brickbronze: Talking to Ej via pm instead of just the discussion forums is pretty shady. If you want the bring up ziru's character at least confront ziru about it. Also the insult about his sister was uncalled for.

    Ziru: The discussion about your characters strength was not an insult (but still shady) but just putting it into question. While again, the insult was unnecessary and mean, if Brickbronze is willing to apologize and move one. I believe its better to forgive and forget.

    I cant change any of your minds, but i just wanted to state on how i feel on the matters.

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