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Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Officially Announced in Pokémon Direct

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    In today's Pokémon Direct, Game Freak have officially announced Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, confirming the reveal of the trademarks yesterday. As well as confirming that we weren't all fooled yesterday, we've learned that Sun and Moon will be released in late 2016 on the Nintendo 3DS. The games will be released in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, as well as the other seven languages from XY and ORAS.

    Alongside the official existence of Pokémon Sun and Moon, Game Freak also revealed that the Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow re-releases on 3DS will be able to transfer Pokémon into Pokémon Bank, and then into Sun and Moon.

    We've captured some of the in-development artwork briefly shown in the trailer for you to investigate below. Among the things we spotted were a new Pokemon Centre design, vehicle designs (which is intriguing as vehicles have never really featured in the games to the point where we'd expect a lot of design work on them), a look at what may be the new male Protagonist and some settings in the game as well as what seems to be a sneak peek at a new bird Pokemon.

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Feb 26, 2016.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni

      Also I'm wondering how you'll be able to transfer the Pokemon from RBGY to Bank, seeing how the way Pokemon's stats and whatnot were coded into the game were very different back when the original games were a thing. I guess they recoded some stuff?
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    2. Mr.Munchlax
      They're more than likely figuring out a way to reconfigure their codes to work with the new games, similar to how pokémon transferred from the previous games were converted into Fairy types.
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    3. glaman5266
      Perhaps the base stats were programmed the same way and just the stat exp was changed (same progression, just scaled down to 252 from 65K/stat or whatever it is).

      Either way, I'm really excited to see new moveset possibilities now that (formerly) Gen 1 only moves will now be available in the new gen.
    4. Burgundy
      We can finally transfer Gen 1 Pokemon :D That's super cool~
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    5. Teapot
      Interestingly, the press release and video both explicitly say that Pokémon from RBY on the 3DS can be transferred into Bank, and then into Sun and Moon, while saying that you can transfer Pokémon into Sun and Moon from X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire via Bank. The wording's odd, because it implies that only Sun and Moon will be able to receive Gen 1 Pokémon from Bank. I'm not really sure why that limitation would be, but the wording seems pretty deliberate.

      See for yourself:
    6. NonAnalogue
      @Teapot - It sounds to me like they're emphasizing where the Pokemon can come to Sun and Moon from, which is why they phrased it that way. I'm 90% sure that RBY will be able to transfer to XY/ORAS.

      Also, for what it's worth, I'm way more excited to know that RBY will be Bank compatible than the announcement of Sun/Moon, at least until we hear more about the new games. Plus, from what I've read, the Mew glitch is still present (hello free Mew in XY), and it looks like the surfing Pikachu minigame in Yellow has been altered so that anyone can play it, even without a surfing Pikachu.

      Now with this news about RBY being Bank-compatible, I wonder if Stadium is in the pipeline for the VC.
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    7. Starfall
      So pumped for this :D. I'm getting Pokemon Moon for sure :D
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    8. Mr.Munchlax
      Right now, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that the bird pokémon leaked in this trailer is going to be based on a woodpecker based on its color patterns, talons, & beak. Plus, the shape of its head looks pretty much has the same shape as most woodpeckers portrayed in cartoons
    9. Jhan Garc
      Jhan Garc
      It doesn't matter if you're a blazing Sun or a magnificent Moon. Train On!
    10. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Only Sun and Moon will be compatible with Pokemon traded into Bank from the Virtual Console Gameboy Games.

    11. Glitch Ghost
      Glitch Ghost
      Huh. The only vehicles in the games are the truck near the dock in gen 1, the plane in b2w2 and the lumiose cabs.
    12. IDom_
      *Insert very loud girly scream*
    13. NonAnalogue
    14. Mr.Munchlax
      It's disappointing, but it makes sense from a marketing perspective. With Sun & Moon being the newest pokémon games, Game Freak is more than likely doing this to make sure that a decent amount of players purchase them rather than just relying on their Gen 6 games to transfer their pokémon from RBY
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    15. Pikachewbacca
      I screamed so much when I first saw the announcement, this is what I was hoping for. Though I know a lot of people will be disappointed because they wanted a release date and/or Pokemon Z.
    16. AliTheDarkTrainer
      We are actually incredibly lucky this is the second time in the pokemon games that a new game has been confirmed/made in less than 5 years!!! I am really hyped now!!
    17. Scrafty
      Would there benglish language as well?
    18. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      @Happy Sprite boy they said they'll be releasing the games in the original 7 languages plus Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), so I guess not :x
    19. Scrafty
      @Kyubeon So how are we going to know what they are saying when it comes out?
    20. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      @Happy Sprite boy I saw that as "bangladesh" and not "be english" :p so my bad there. Definitely will be in English, it's one of the original 7 languages after all.
    21. Teapot
      @Kyubeon For a second there, I thought you were making fun of him!

      Just to clarify, @Happy Sprite boy, the two Chinese languages new to Sun and Moon are in addition to the 7 languages already in XY and ORAS. You'll definitely be able to play the games in English!


      ETA: Official site's updated, with this interesting snippet:

      So, that seems to confirm we'll be getting new Pokémon (although Magearna proved that, really), and this game will be set in a new region.
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    22. IDom_
      Wait hang on! I've looked through the trailer again, I caught this snippet you guys didn't notice! (Sorry about the fact it shows the youtube edge thing. Had to show so you can see the full picture).
      I don't know about you, but this looks like the inside of the pokemon centre! We can see Centres and Mart are back together again, the healing counter with Nurse Joy is in the middle, but what is the orange counter for? It looks like there's a symbol for some sort of coffee mug there. Interesting! I know the centre is not something to get too hyped for, but every snippet is worth it! I also like the look so far.

      Attached Files:

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    23. Aura
      All aboard the hype train choo choo! I can't wait to see what this games will bring us, but from the few images we've seen I'm already really curious. They seem to be designing vehicles for some reason, which is weird because they're usually conspicuously absent from the Pokemon games (outside one infamous one). One even looks like some kind of Pokemon Ambulance so it will be interesting to see where that goes.

      I'm also so wondering how exactly the transfer system between the Gen I games and Sun and Moon will work. I mean, we don't know what they've done with all the glitches and glitch Pokemon, so imagine trying to transfer one of those into Pokebank...
    24. Doodle Bab
      Doodle Bab
    25. AliTheDarkTrainer
      (you do mean come out right?) Yeah it is really cool that it has been confirmed and coming out in the same year, but we also have to take into consideration all the other pokemon games to come out this year/last year, like "Great detective pikachu", "Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire", and some other games that I don't remember. This also gives us a small reason to worry (Even though it is very thin) the main series pokemon games are usually made 5 years apart from each other, not one after another.
    26. Teapot
      Er, Black 2 and White 2 were 2012, XY was 2013, and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were 2014. We haven't had a large gap between games in a very long time.
    27. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      *Maniacal laughter* This is incredible. I was slightly disappointed by the lack of new Pokemon or gameplay in the trailer, but the excitement already more than makes up for it. I'm also a bit disappointed by lack of a continuation/expansion of the Kalos storyline in the form of Z or X2Y2, but I don't think we're quite done with Zygarde yet. I heard an intriguing rumor that the new region will be based off of Spain which borders France so we might return to Kalos like we did to Kanto from GSC and HGSS or since the region is nearby, any cataclysm there also disturbs Zygarde.

      As for the transfer between RBY 3DS and Sun and Moon, I'm really curious how that will work. There were two reasons Gens I and II were incompatible with Gen III. One was a hardware issue, the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance just couldn't communicate. The other, as @Kyubeon already said, is a completely different data structure between the games. For RBY 3DS to be true to its roots it would need to remain the same broken mess we know and love, but to be transferable would need to be able to convert the IVs, rewrite the EVs, assign Abilities, determine Gender some other way than higher IVs are males lower IVs are females like in GSC, and figure out a way to determine shininess. Also, can Missingno be deposited in PokeBank, and if so, what the bloody damn hell becomes of it? My inner scientist must know!

      Regardless, I am excited! My brother and I have already decided he's getting Sun and I'm getting Moon. I've also decided to continue my Version theme naming by playing as a girl and naming her Usagi (after Sailor Moon for those who don't get the reference). Or I could go for the stupidly obvious and be Luna. :p
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    28. IDom_
      Well everyone, I've been looking at some analysis videos on youtube, and after a bit thinking, this new region might be based off Hawaii. The yellow truck shown looks like a fire truck, and fire trucks in Hawaii are usually yellow. The general wildlife feel to the fountain area also fits in, and that hotel/aquarium would fit too! The Pokemon Centre's 'Woody' feel also fits in with the theme. It's just pure speculation, but it's all we got. We'll just have to have patience...

      Which is something I don't have. ;_;
    29. Green Dragon
      Green Dragon

      But in all seriousness, YES. I am SO GLAD this isn'y a New 3DS exclusive.

      Also UnknownBirdy looks like a woodpecker.
    30. AliTheDarkTrainer
      I was thinking today has many reasons to celebrate, not only this but also for the release of another pokemon game. RB & Y for the 3DS we can't forget about that (Even though it is only on the Estore currently) Since it has been confirmed that RB & Y will be able to send pokemon to Sun & Moon Via bank, will it only be able to do that with Sun & Moon and if so why such a large limitation. It also seems we have more questions than answers currently...
    31. hackmaster
      Question: Is this still Gen. VI or is it a "Gen. VII"?
    32. A_Dub03
      Can't wait! So excited for new Mega Evolution, new Pokemon and Gym Leaders! I just hope we have more Mega Evolutions for gen 4 and gen 5. Maybe even 6.
    33. Teapot
      By all accounts, this is the seventh generation of Pokémon. :)
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    34. AliTheDarkTrainer
      I did some research and found "In Chinese mythology, the sun is sometimes symbolized as a Three-Legged Crow called a sunbird. There were ten of these sunbirds, each of whom are the offspring of Di Jun, God of the Eastern Heaven." [insert lots of story here] "Houyi realized he had acted out of anger and knew he was in trouble with Di Jun, but reasoned that since he had already begun the task he might as well finish it and shot the remaining suns out of the sky one-by-one, but before he could shoot the last sun the Emperor came to stop him reminding him the world needed the sun. From that day the remaining sun-bird now scared by Houyi, always did his duty and behaved well, always rising and setting on time." maybe this legend could have something to do with the possibly legendary bird pokemon?
    35. Red Satoshi Ketchum
      Red Satoshi Ketchum
      When the game come out I'm naming the new female character in Pokemon Sun and Moon after a Sailor moon female character :D
    36. topazwolf91
      wait :o did I just say that?
    37. Neopolitan
      Pokemon Moon ftw. :\=|:
      Also, finally!:-O
    38. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I guess time flies, because I was not expecting Gen VII so soon! Once I start a real job, I'll get a new 3DS to mark the occasion. I'll need a little but more information to decide whether I'm getting Sun and naming my character Soleil or Moon and naming my character Selene. Yes, because I'm that cliche'd.
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    39. OnePiecefan11
      I'm hopeful that this will be a huge step up from X and Y. Also Gamefreak....... BRING US MEGA FLYGON AND OUR FIRST POISON TYPE LEGENDARY!!!!! (Shia Labeouf's voice) DO IT!!!!!
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