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Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Available Today

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    As promised a few weeks ago, the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version (try saying that five times fast) is now rolling out on the Nintendo eShop for all 3DS handhelds, including the 2DS. If you're in Asia or Europe, the demo is already live and ready to go, and if you're in North America, the demo will go live at 7 AM PST.

    If any of you have played the demo so far, let us know in the comments what you think of it!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Oct 18, 2016.

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    1. Teapot
      Just as a quick heads up: if you're thinking of posting spoilers or other things players wouldn't know unless they played the demo, please put them in spoiler tags.

      To do so, click the Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.51.59 am.png button in the toolbar, then click Spoiler, and put what you want to write inside the [SPOILER][/SPOILER] tags that appear. :)
    2. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      The demo is so much better than I had hoped for
      ash greninja' star ability increases the power of water shuriken and adds a new move animation
      ash sends you greninja, hau shows you around the demo city, you get attacked by team skull and then the professor leads you through a trail with a totem Pokémon hakamo-o at the end, upon completion you are rewarded with a z ring and the electric z crystal
      through out the demo there are a variety of NPC's that ask you to return at a real world later date to receive items such as star dust and star fragments
    3. NightRaven
      I'm going to play through it when I get home. (so it did happen...well, I'm highly insane for thinking it was just a dream [Sometimes I can't tell the difference -cough-])
      Anyways, I'm excited to get straight to it! ^^
    4. ~Pokelover~
      I went to EShop and the demo wasn't there?? Is this happening to other people too?
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    5. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      This happened to me you may need to restart ur 3ds or the demo may not be live in ur area yet
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    6. Luminescent
      Does the demo cost money? I was thinking of getting it but as of right now my 2ds isn't working.
    7. Teapot
      It's free :)
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    8. Aura
      "Hi let me introduce myself - I'm a mysterious old man!" Goddammit mate its too early for this.

      So I freaking adore this demo, and it would take me way too long to go into exactly what about it I like, so I'm just going to ramble on about a few things I noticed or some silly stuff I did. One of the most eye catching changes is how big the place feels. Normally in Pokemon games the towns you visit feel tiny, even areas that were meant to belong to huge cities didn't feel that big, but here it so does. Luckily you get the ability to ride around on a Tauros to traverse the distances faster (and to avoid looking at that very stiff and awkward looking walk cycle - I have concluded that the protagonist's mother is actually a member of the military and has been drilling the protagonist since they were a child). Also, that Tauros is easily my favourite thing here - I was tearing around town manically laughing aloud the whole time as I imagined the carnage I was wrecking as I charged around on this massive freaking bull. Only to be disappointed when it turns out that the NPCs in this game are made of freaking titanium - seriously, I can shatter boulders in a second with this, but I can't even make the NPC's flinch? Then I drove the bull into the police station, and nobody cared. I then raided said police station, and still nobody cared. Good to see the spirit of RPGs is alive and well.

      Another thing that stood out to me instantly was the music, or a few tracks anyway. The route music is one of the most calming tracks I've heard in Pokemon since Unwavering Emotions. But best of all was the Team Skull encounter theme - it is freaking perfect! Sadly the actual battle theme isn't as good, but that encounter theme honestly makes up for it. The grunts are also so derpy, I freaking love them so damn much already ♥ Although it really does make them seem like pushovers (more than usual for grunts anyway). Plumeria I especially love, although I do tend to be pretty biased towards liking people sporting slasher smiles. Its a weakness I guess. There's a lot more I could talk about - lots of little details that I really appreciated, like if you're in the special suit for riding Pokemon and get into a battle, your trainer in the battle is still in those clothes, or that you can hear Pokemon's cries as you get closer to the tall grass, but I'd be here all day. So instead I'll just say I'll probably be jumping into the game for a little bit each day until Sun and Moon is released - based on the dialogue from a lot of the NPCs there's going to be quite a few events going on that only happen on certain days, and I don't want to miss them.

      Oh, I should probably mention Ash-Greninja... yeah I don't care. If it only increases the power of Water Shuriken like it claims to then that's kind of lame actually. I mean it could be situationally useful but... come on, Protean. I'm also still not quite sure what makes it activate - I think it tied to how much damage you do, not take.
      Last edited: Oct 18, 2016
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    9. Thieving Fox
      Thieving Fox
      When is it available in Canada?
    10. Teapot
      I believe it's available now. :)
    11. alolatrainer
      Got it this morning...love it...just a bit short but hey...its a demo:)
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    12. Frontier Master
      Frontier Master
      Ash greninja's battle bond activates when you knock out an opponents Pokémon it raises both attack stats slightly and increases water shurikun quite dramatically which was buffed in sun and moon any way
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    13. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      Originally I wanted the demo. Then I heard that my prize was Ash-Greninja and I completely lost interest because screw Ash-wipe infecting a perfectly good Pokemon with his image and name. Then I heard about all of the amazing things that can be done in the demo from a friend. Sold! Downloading it right now.
    14. Aura
      Cheers, I'd gotten it into my head that it worked in a similar way to Zen Mode, hence why I was a bit confused. Still think its kinda lame though, and doesn't make a lot of sense to be there.
    15. Shocari
      Only saying this because I haven't noticed it in any other gameplay footage prior to the demo and don't remember anything being reported on it(but i don't really remember):
      Since you have the availability of battling multiple wild Pokemon should you choose to do so, I noticed that after using a move or even in the next encounter should you flee the first, that your moves in-battle will display text telling you if you a move is super-effective or resisted or neutral, which I think is a beautiful help to both new players and people who either can't remember the new Pokemons' types very well or get confused by effectiveness on dual-types, etc.

      And I'm not sure if this is the case for Z-moves or not, but:
      I noticed that since Pikachu used an electric Z-move thanks to Electrium Z, after choosing to use it, the move overwrote Pikachu's sole Electric move, Thunderbolt. Text for the move indicated that its power varied according to what move was used, so I'm unsure if it overwrites every Electric move in the moveset, or just the first one, since I didn't really get the sense that it would only overwrite the strongest. Any clarification on this would be nice without having to experiment once the games release.

      Other than that stuff, I was absolutely thrilled at how much more immersive the world felt, the music was rather excellent, and the adventure within was certainly a nice shakeup to the old formula that I cannot wait to get a better taste of. My palate has been cleansed, and I'm ready to savor every taste of this wonderful new world.
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    16. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      The one thing I enjoy most about the demo was ripping my way through town with a Tauros. Since I'm only barely literate in Chinese anyways (which is the language I ended up choosing to play in the demo because why the hell not), reading through all the text can get pretty tiresome and just running around full speed with my Tauros was a terrific stress reliever.
    17. Keleri
      After you get the items in the demo, there are also a number of timed events based on what day you first completed the trial portion of the demo. If you started yesterday, the first event is today. (Not huge, just extra items.)
    18. Mr Fishykarp
      Mr Fishykarp
      Its small but after you have beaten all of the trainers on the Trail route, including the new ones that appear after it is beaten, you can fight an Ace Trainer. When she sent out her first Pokemon, she through out an ultra ball. This means that NPC Trainers can now send out Pokemon using different balls.
    19. Soul-Heart
      Same! That's all I've been doing other than feeling bad about making a Rockruff faint. ;_;
    20. Chiknluvr
      Yeah. The Grunt used a Nest Ball to send out his Yungoos
    21. PrimalGarchomp12
      for me worst demo ever like a pseudo legendary is about to ATTACK you and the character is happy.what?!!!

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