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Ask to Join Pokemon Sun and Moon: Alolan Adventure!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by OneModestManaphy, Nov 22, 2016.

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    Rowland squinted trying to make out the iridescent rays of morning sunlight. Rowland quickly clambered out of the sanctuary of his bed and changed into his day clothes and slung on his green leather backpack. He rushed down the stairs and was greeted by the alluring scent of pea-meal bacon and scrambled eggs, "Mmm!" Rowland exclaimed, "Come and get some! They're hot and ready, just for you Rowls!" Rowland's mom invited with a smile. Rowland bolted to grab a plate from the cupboard. Rowland nimbly grabbed a spatula and distributed the food onto his plate. Rowland sat down at the peninsula and, in no time, devoured his food, "Thanks for breakfast Mom!" Rowland thanked his mother, and before she had a chance to say another word, Rowland had rushed out of the door, "He's never normally quite this excited..." Rowland's mom thought,"but, to his accreditation, I suppose this is the day he'll be getting his first Pokemon." Rowland's mother let out a sigh, smiling a bittersweet smile. A tear trailed down her smiling cheek as she watched her son run off to get his first Pokemon...
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  2. Jacen woke up, feeling refreshed. He bounded down the stairs and saw a plate of pancakes with syrup waiting for him. He quickly inhaled the pancakes and rushed out the door yelling good bye to his mom. Today he would be getting his very own Pokemon! He rushed into the Pokemon Lab, already knowing which starter he would pick. It seemed obvious to him that Rowlet was the one meant for him, and together they would defeat every trainer in Alola. He arrived to see the Professor offer him a Pokedex and 3 pokeballs. Jacen took the Pokedex and claimed Rowlet. As he dashed out the door, he noticed a kid dashing out of the town to start his journey and caught up to him. "Hey! I'm Jacen. Are you starting your journey too?"
  3. "Yes I am!" Rowland replied. A few seconds after accepting his Pokemon, a fellow trainer had too accepted his partner, "What's your name? And which partner did you pick...oh, and did you name them?" Rowland asked barely able to contain his excitement...
  4. Melissa woke up one mourning excited because today she was getting her very first pokemon. She ran down stairs and ate some eggs and bacon. Then said goodbye to her mom ran to lab. She got her starter pokemon poppilo and her pokedex and 3 pokeballs.
  5. (OOC: I honestly feel like some things here are out of place. If there are any issues, please discuss them privately with me via conversation. I've also had moved my OC sheet over to the discussions, after noticing one now.)

    Alan had woken up in his fluffy bed while his Murkrow was still asleep, as he went over to his wardrobe and changed out of his pajamas rather quickly. He went over to the bathroom and cleaned himself, as he took a quick shower while he brushed and glossed his teeth soon after. He got put of the bathroom after he placed the towel back on the rack, as he went over to the Murkrow. He said to him as he gently picked him up, "Hey, rise and shine baby, time for a new day."
    Murkrow yawned, and quietly said while he fluffed his wings, "Mur... Krow..."

    Alan walked over to the kitchen after he cleaned the Murkrow, as he placed him in his highchair. He gave him a warm bottle of milk, as he saw him happily drinking it, while he held it using both of his wings and the special bird grip that was on it. He went over to the stove and made himself breakfast, as he made a sandwich that was composed of sourdough bread, followed by sausage slices, onions, a sunny side up egg, and finally topped off with the other piece of bread.

    He went over to the table and ate the sandwich at a slightly quick pace, as Murkrow was still drinking his bottle. He finished his sandwich rather quickly, as he got up and grabbed several more tiny milk bottles and placed them on a table that was near his rack. He cleaned all the dishes and the bottle once the Murkrow had finished, as he picked him up and went over to the rack that was near the front door. He placed him down for a brief moment, as he wore on his coat, followed by his mask. He picked up the Murkrow and placed him in his sling as soon as he got his boots on. He grabbed the milk bottles in a swift motion and placed them in the pockets that were hidden in the sling.

    He smiled, as he went out of his house and said to himself, "Well, I suppose it'll be just me and Murkrow. I'll probably head over the lab to maybe see some new faces, hopefully they won't be too fearful of my little baby." He walked to the laboratory that was a brief minute away, as he gently stroked Murkrow, while he quietly cooed at him. He slightly smiled, as he went inside the Laboratory and noticed some trainers that were already there. He saw them with their own Pokémon already, with their own Poké Balls and their Pokédexes, as he went outside and saw some people that were conversing with each other.

    He caught up to Jacen with a brief jog, as he noticed that he had a Rowlet. He went up to him as he said while the Murkrow timidly cooed at him, "Well hello, I see you have the grass owl here. I gotta admit, he does look a little cute to me. So what's your name? I'm Alan, and well this is my Murkrow, he is very timid since so many people are scared of him."
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  6. Nathan woke up to the bright sun in his eyes. Nathan got up excitingly, ready to get his first pokemon! He walked down the stairs of his house to find some pancakes on a plate for him. His mom wasn't there so he ate the pancakes swiftly, washing it down with a glass of milk afterwords. Then Nathan went to the door, where his Black and Gold cap, Green Jacket, Black, Blue, and Green backpack, and white sneakers were hanged on a stand. He quickly put everything on and ran out the door.

    When Nathan got to the beach side, where the professor's house was, he burst open the door, and saw a table with the three starters on it. Nathanael then saw some sticky notes under the pokemon giving information about the starters.

    First Nathan looked at Litten. "Wow!" Nathan said with excitement. "This one has to be the fire type." Litten then looked up to Nathan, sending out a little ember to show it's affection. When the ember hit Nathan he got a face full of smoke. "Still cool" Nathan fell a little, but got back up and rubbed off the smoke.

    Then Nathan looked at Rowlet. "Sweet!" Nathan exclaimed, with even more excitement. "This one seems very agile, so getting around the battle field and dodging attacks should be easy to it. also he has a little bow tie!" Rowlet bowed a little, thanking Nathan for the compliments.

    Finally, Nathan looked at Popplio. To impress Nathan, it made a bubble with it's nose and balanced it on it's nose, soon throwing it in to the air and landing on it without the bubble popping. Nathan clapped. "I think I just found my partner!" Popplio jumped onto Nathan's shoulder, and they walked out the house.

    "So, what should I call you?" Nathan asked. "Lio? Jumper?" Popplio nodded his head with disagreement. "Oh! I know! Pop. You like it?" Popplio jumped off of Nathan's shoulder, twirling around. "I guess that's a yes." Nathan replied. And so Nathan and Pop went off, starting their journey.
  7. Sola walked out of his house, excited. A year ago today he had met his best friend, Giggles. Sola carried the sea lion Pokemon gently in his arms wherever he went, but had not had the nerve to leave home and go on a journey when they met. Their bond has grown as strong as ever, and Sola decided it was time to go. He said a quick goodbye to his mother, and was out the door in a flash. Giggles did a twirl out of Sola's arms and onto the ground. She landed perfectly on the ground, and stood up on her hind legs with a cute face. "Alright, that's enough showing off for the day, bud! First order of business is saying a quick goodbye in Iki Town to Hala, and meeting the other trainers who are leaving today!" So Giggles jumped back into Sola's arms, and they were on their way.
  8. Nathan and Pop saw many people outside the lab. Nathan wanted to start a conversation, but he decided not to. He and Pop took a little stroll to Route 1 near Iki Town, trying to search for pokemon. A few minutes passed and they found nothing. Then a trainer walked by with a Popplio in his arms. Pop trotted over to him, wanting to start a conversation. Pop rubbed his flipper against the trainers leg. "Hey Pop!" Nathan yelled, quickly running over to him and picking up. "Don't run away from me!" Nathan said while softly stroking Pop's chin.
  9. Giggles talked with the friendly Popplio, excited to meet another from his old town. Sola decided to converse with the trainer. Putting on his most cheerful smile, he asked 'Hey, did Hala just give you a Pokemon? Are you going to complete the trials? I could use a travel partner!". Sola blurted it all out at once. He really needs to learn to be more social. "Do you want a practice battle?" he added on, in addition to all of his questions.
  10. "First answer: There's a lab on the beach side near here. that's where I met Pop. Second answer: I probably will complete the Island Trials. Third Answer: I would love to travel with someone! Fourth answer: Lets do this!"
  11. "Alright Giggles, let's go!" Sola yelled. The sea lion Pokemon jumped down in front of Sola, in a ready position. "Let's open up with a tackle attack!" Giggles lurched towards Pop with a fierce tackle.
  12. Pop was sent back a little. "Pound Pop!" Pop jumped into the air, doing a flip, then hitting Giggles head hard. Then Pop landed and bowed.
  13. "You alright there, Giggles?" Sola asked. "Respond with what we've been practicing!" Giggles nodded in agreement, the blew up a bubble the size of the opposing Pokemon. She sent the bubble flying, as it enveloped Pop and slowly started to lift him upwards.
  14. Nathan grinned a little. "Don't worry Pop! Try to guide it!" Pop tried swimming, since the bubble was filled with water. Soon enough Pop was able to guide the bubble very fast and went right after Giggles. "Now! Use Pound to get out of the bubble and then use Water Gun!" Pop swiftly used Pound on the bubble, quickly popping it. Then shooting a Water Gun mid-air.
  15. The water gun hit Giggles straight on, and Giggles fainted. "Alright, return." Sola said with a grin, returning Giggles to her Pokeball. "You did great out there." He put his hand out to Nathan. "Great battle! We should probably head to a Pokemon center after that one, I'm sure Pop is tired too."
  16. "Petty sure Pop agrees." Pop looked exhausted. So Nathan returned him to his pokeball. They seemed to get to the pokemon center fairly quickly. Nathan healed up Pop and waited for Sola to finish up healing Giggles.
  17. Giggles jumped out off the table into Sola's arms. "Feeling better, bud?" he asked. Giggles nodded in agreement. "Alright, let's go say goodbye to Hala and meet the other trainers!" Sola told his partner. The walk to Hala's house was a fairly short one, and an uneventful one. "Well Gig, I don't see any other trainers here. Let's see if Hala's home." Sola knocked on the door, with no reply.
  18. Nathan was concerned. Nobody seemed to be in the town. "Pop, You think you can put yourself in a bubble and fly up to get an aerial view?" Nathan asked Pop. Pop didn't hesitate and created a bubble easily. He jumped in and flew to the sky! Soon enough Pop came falling fom the sky. Luckily Nathan was quick enough to catch him. "You see anyone Pop?" Nathan asked. Pop nodded with disagreement.
  19. "Wonder where everybody is?" Sola though aloud. This was wrong. Iki Town was always busy, it was odd for everybody to just be gone. Giggles let out a little wail of confusion. "I don't know, bud. We'll figure it out soon."

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  20. (OOC: Ok, Goodnight!)

    Nathan didn't know how to react to this. A busy town in the morning, then a ghost town at dusk. "Well... I'm not sure what's happening, but, I'm sure everyone's ok. Maybe you can leave a note saying your gone? I feel like this is important to you..." Nathan said kindly. Pop wanted to get moving to Route 2 but Nathan stopped him and kept on talking to Sola about the situation.
  21. "I guess leaving a note is good enough." Sola said in reply. "Let's head to route 2 then!" Giggles excitedly agreed. As the pair walked through route 2, they noticed a grass rustling. "Sweet, a Pokémon! Let's see what it is!" As Sola carefully approached the grass, a Yungoos jumped out at him! "Giggles, use water gun!" The jet of water hit the Yungoos straight on. The yungoos responded with a tackle, which Giggles dodged. "Tackle attack!" Sola yelled. The sea lion Pokémon lunged forward at the Yungoos, catching it one the side. "Now's our chance!" Sola reached in his bag and threw a Pokeball. The beam of light engulfed the injured Yungoos, and the ball fell to the ground. One shake, two shakes, three shakes! The ball clicked. "We got it!" Sola yelled, picking up the ball. "Now, what should we call him?" Sola asked Giggles.
  22. Pop started to look in the grass. He found nothing. but suddenly, two blue fists pulled Pop into the grass. "Pop!!" Nathan yelled, as he dug through the grass. Then the blue fist punched him, while also throwing Pop at him. The pokemon arose from the grass and revealed its appearence. It was a Makuhita! "Pop, Pound!" Pop hopped over to Makuhita, slamming its head hard. The Makuhita went up for a punch but Pop dodged it. "Now Water Gun!" Pop sent out tons of water, sending Makuhita sliding across the ground. This was his chance. He graabed a pokeball and threw it directly at Makuhita. First roll, Second roll, Third roll, Caught it! Nathan picked up the pokeball and put it in his bag. "Great job Pop!" Nathan said, while giving him a high five. "Lets name him Punchy." Pop agreed.
  23. Rowland rushed down the street to the next town, and found a big, tall, handsome man blocking his way...Rowland looked back suddenly afraid, "I--I haven't any Pokemon!" Rowland managed to get out. The handsome man's face suddenly took on a playful grin, "Oh, I'm not here to battle...At least, to my knowledge's extent I'm not..." after a long pause, the man said, "The name's Kukui! C'mon, don't be shy, cousin!" he said offering his hand. Rowland reluctantly took it the man then gave Rowland a rough, yet endearing smack on the back, "A true pleasure to meet you!" Rowland suddenly had a change of heart about Kukui...maybe he wasn't quite so bad after all. Rowland was even taking a slight liking to the odd man, Kukui broke the silence, "Why don't I take you to Iki Town where you can get your first Pokemon? What do you think?" Rowland nodded ecstatically, "Thanks so much Kukui!" as they walked to Iki Town together Rowland and Kukui discussed why they had come to Melemele, "You're a professor!?" Rowland asked Kukui in disbelief, "Sure am!" Kukui replied smiling,"You certainly don't look like any professor I've seen before! You look like some kind of beach hunk or something!" Rowland said. Kukui chuckled deeply and let out a huge smile, "Here we are!" Kukui announced, "Iki Town straight ahead!"...

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