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Open Pokémon 'Strays'

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by EnderTheFox, Sep 13, 2017.


What kind of plot twist should we add?

  1. Natural Disaster |Comment|

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  2. Thevies

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  3. Being force out

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  4. Other |Comment|

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  1. It has been suggested to me for some other ranks, so if you have any rank suggestions I'll gladly look into it!
    Out in Alola, rests a group of trainers who have been abused and live out on the streets with no place to call home. Abandoned by society, these trainers have come together and made a home for themselves out in the caves of Poni Island.

    The 'Strays' have ranks among them to keep them in order. So now, everyone who once was abandon has a place to call home.


    • Follow the pokécharms rules
    • Fakemon are allowed BUT you must be VERY descriptive
    • Shiny pokémon are allowed BUT they must be passed by me, if I say no then no
    • You can ask for a high rank but you must past the assessments given unless none is given |Captain Head:Guard|
    • You can have up to 3 people and six pokémon for each
    • For now Mega evolution's/Z moves are banned
    • No 18+
    • Put your favorite pokémon in other |In the human forms|
    • Romance is allowed
    • Minimal gore if any at all
    • Please be nice to everyone
    • Have at least one of your characters start outside of the group
    • Pokémon can use all the moves they have learned
      |TMS included|
    Robin Key|Female|18|6 Pokémon
    Halt|Male|18|3 Pokémon
    Serah Avalon|Female|14|3 Pokémon
    Medic's Apprentice
    Head Guards
    Guard apprentices
    Kara Mavis "Karma" Garcia|Female|16|5 Pokémon
    Asriel Dreemurr|Male|16|6 Pokémon
    Jezebel|Female|17|6 Pokémon
    Leader:The one in charge |Usually the past captain unless they both past then the position is chosen by the Medic|
    Captain:Second in command |Chosen by the leader|
    Medic:The healer of the group |Usually the former apprentice unless they both past then the position is chosen by the leader|
    Medic's apprentice:A healer in training |Chosen by the Medic|
    Head Guards: They choose the people to go out on patrols and choose where they are stationed at what time |Chosen by Leader/Captain|
    Guards:The protectors of the group |Follows the head guards commands|
    Guards apprentices:Guards in training
    Trainers:Citizens of the group
    Member assessment: To become a member you must beat or tie a six on six/full team battle with Anyone of your choice in the group
    Medic assessment: The medic will choose when they feel their apprentice is ready
    Guard assessment: To become a full guard you must beat or tie a six on six/full team battle with your mentor
    Head Guard: To become a Head Guard you must beat a three on three with the captain or another head guard
    Captain assessment: To become captain you must beat or tie on a one on one battle with the leader

    Sexuality:Not needed

    Name:Robin Key

    Description:Robin is a tall female wearing a black crop-top with dark blue jean shorts, she never wears shoes. She has Violet eyes and dark red hair tied up in a pony tail

    Description:Pyre is blind, he wears a black blind fold over his head which covers his eyes.

    Description:Quill has a scar over her left eye, from when she was first found out in the White Forest as a Starly.

    Species:Raichu |Alolan|
    Description:Volt was Robins first Pokémon, he has been with her for over 5 years.

    Description:Whisper is Robins first ghost-type, so she rarely battles with him since she has a hard time with his ghost-typing

    Description:Tide was found at Poni Island when she ran away from home, ever since he has evolved into one of her best pokémon.

    Name: Halloween
    Species: Roserade |Shiny|
    Gender: Male
    Description: N/A
    Other: Halloween was found on the day of Halloween, hence the name.
    Main RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-strays.17852/
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  2. Human
    : Kara Mavis "Karma" Garcia
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: -
    Rank: Trainers
    Description: Karma has a brown chin length hair, pale complexion, hazel eyes and a slim built. She wears a white turtleneck sweater, blue with lavender stripes hoodie, black cargo track pants with white lines on either side, brown sneakers and a black belt bag.
    Other: Favorite Pokémon-Greninja​

    : Poseidon
    Species: Froakie
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears a focus band on his left arm
    Other: :-

    Name: Amphitrite
    Species: Popplio
    Gender: Female
    Description: Fierce and aggressive, but have a big heart

    Name: Nereus
    Species: Dhelmise
    Gender: Genderless
    Gender Pronoun: He/His
    Description: The Pokémon who stuck with Karma's side since she was five. The wisest and oldest Pokémon in her team

    Name: Hyperion
    Species: Morelull
    Gender: Male
    Description: The first non-water type Pokémon of Karma, also the youngest

    Name: Aphrodite
    Species: Oricario
    Gender: Female
    Description: Karma gave her a utility belt that holds multiple nectar bottles filled with pink and purple nectar since Karma hasn't been traveling pass Poni and Akala islands​
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  3. Yes you may have a Froakie.
  4. Alright I edited mine. If you dont mind I have a few questions. Is the Rankings really that short? Shouldn't there be also an Informant who will deliver stray trainers or information for the Strays and the stray trainers?
  5. Your accepted! and maybe, I might update the ranks in the future. But since this is just starting out I'll keep the ones I have right now but I guess I'll add rank suggestions in the info.
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  6. Hey I might join you, but I would like more information on it. Also, I would want a shiny mudbray. Thats a must.
  7. I would like to join, but is there any forms, or do we make our own?
  8. I'll be joining soon since I gotta tweek a bit of my newly created Fakemon's moves first before signing up. I should hopefully be done by tomorrow if things aren't too rough with my illness I'm having to go through...

    As an additional note, the Fakemon of mine that I am going to be using is a Fire/Dragon type, and I will be having quite the information in my character templates since my Fakemon does need to be described after all hehe.

    I might be having only one Pokémon for my trainer character since he is quite the powerful one to say the least since well, even though he's still in his first stage/baby form, he's the baby to the pseudo-legendary in one of my fan made regions.

    @Sun and Moon, just to answer your question since the RP creator is not online at the moment, yes there is a form to fill out before signing. (It's located on the first post towards the bottom with the green button labeled forms. Click on that and it'll reveal itself and you should know what to do from there.)
  9. I need to get one more , anyways what more info do you need and I'll try to provide the best I can Glaceon, and yes I will allow your shiny mudbray.
  10. Since my character is from a widely unknown region to the world, I will be having him be the rank of a trainer since he and his Pokémon are not as known to public knowledge. (If you don't get what I mean, essentially almost no one knows who the Pokémon of his is.)

    I am approximately halfway done with my Fakemon bio since there's quite a bit of information I gotta put in for him; especially his description and all. (Appearance will be in words since the staff said it is highly frowned upon to use images for appearances and I am not exactly that great at art, so I will be using pristine detailing instead.)
  11. Name: Asriel Dreemurr
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Rank: Trainer
    Description: Standing a tad tall at 5'9", Asriel is decently muscled and the muscles he has are well defined. His short yet thick hair is white as snow and naturally spikes up in the front. His eyes, large, round, and expressive are a bright emerald green. He wears a long sleeved green sweater that has two yellow stripes along the chest, black slacks, and white sneakers. He always makes sure to have a golden flower tucked behind one ear. He always wears a silver heart locket around his neck. Sweet, shy, and emotional, Asriel is loyal and kind. However, he does go through spells whee his emotions cease to be and he is potentially dangerous during these times. He does his best to control them though. Due to this instability in his mentality, he is quite timid around other people.
    Other: Lycanroc, Midday form

    Name: Flowey
    Species: Golisopod
    Gender: Female
    Description: A golisopod with a golden flower pinned behind one of her facial spines.
    Other: Emergency exit is her ability.

    Name: Jackie
    Species: Breloom
    Gender: Male
    Description: A breloom with a expert belt wrapped around his head.
    Other: His ability is technician.

    Name: Kirara
    Species: Flareon
    Gender: Female
    Description: A regular Flareon wearing a light steel chain with charcoal taking the place of a pendent.
    Other: Flash fire is her ability.

    Name: Twist
    Species: Hippowdon
    Gender: Male
    Description: Twist always has some leftovers hanging around his neck.
    Other: His ability is sand force.

    Species: Sensu style Oricorio
    Gender: Female
    Description: A sensu style Oricorio who has a sharp beak over her natural beak for reinforcement.
    Other: Dancer is her ability.

    Species: Stoutland
    Gender: Male
    Description: A stoutland with a choice band as a collar.
    Other: His ability is intimidate.

    Name: Jezebel
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Rank: Trainer
    Description: Her hair, which is long and silky and reaches the small of her back, is an eminence shade of purple. Her large eyes are the color of molten gold. Standing at 5'4", she is very slender and has fair skin. She usually wears long sleeve shirts that have loose sleeves and are slit at the wrists. They neckline plunges in a v-neck to the bottom of her ribs. She wears faded skinny jeans that are frayed and torn from her knees up. For shoes, she goes simple with silver and black sneakers.
    In colder weather, she wears a form fitting black blazer over her usual style of shirt; she always makes sure the loose sleeves are sticking out of the cuffs just a bit. Her faded skinny's are replaces with dark navy ones, free of tears and fraying. The ends of her jeans are tucked into black combat boots. She'll also toss a dark sapphire blue scarf around her neck.
    Sassy, independent, and a bit rude, Jezebel is quick to anger and isn't afraid to throw punches. While kind and loyal, she is a fan of playing mind games. Do not be fooled by her harmless demeanor; this girl has a strong sadistic streak.

    Other: Lycanroc, Midday form

    Name: Derek
    Species: Drampa
    Gender: Male
    Description: He is wearing a simple chain necklace with a life orb for a pendent
    Other: His ability is berserk.

    Species: Dragalge
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears a small jar holding black sludge around his neck as a necklace pendent.
    Other: His ability is Poison Touch.

    Species: Whimsicott
    Gender: Female
    Description: She always has some leftovers hanging around her neck.
    Other: Prankster is her ability.

    Species: Heliolisk
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears choice specs.
    Other: His ability is Dry Skin.

    Species: Dusnoir
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears a shadow tag as a necklace pendent.
    Other: His ability is Frisk.

    Species: Shiftry
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears black glasses.
    Other: His ability is Chlorophyll.
  12. -.- my descriptions are terrible compared to yours...

    your accepted! man its been awhile since I wrote this...
  13. Yours ar fine and thank you :) is there an rp link already?
  14. No, but I could make one now. Not many people have joined but I really wanna make this one work.. It took me three hours to come up with and write that info up on top XD
  15. I believe it :) Make the rp link. I find that draws more people cause they browse the rp threads and find sign ups frm there
  16. Alright, i'll get to it! give me a second though I'm really hungry XD
  17. Me to, actually lol :p
  18. Omg I forgot about this, so sorry!
  19. I'll post after I'm done with work in about an hour
  20. Quick question: How would we select a medic if we don't have any? (Because I'd like my trainer to be a medic since most of her Pokémon have some sort of healing, including one that was formerly a doctor.)
  21. Well for now I will allow you to be medic since there wasn't one to start off with.
  22. *casually shoves some information while sipping on a cup of tea*

    Well alright thanks. Since Fakemon are allowed in this RP, I suppose I'll be using one of my mainstream PRP charaters. (I changed my mind about the Fakemon I wanted to use since well... time ain't exactly on my side sometimes.)

    Name: Her name is Serah Avalon.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Rank: Medic (Healer, doctor, holy grail, call them whatever you want, they're the ones that you can rely on if you get in a tight situation. Medics specialize primarily in the field of medicine, and as such excel at healing others and remedying the dreaded status conditions.
    Hometown: Her hometown is Idyla Town, a town of masked nirvana that is within the lavish, Avaloian District, located in the northern area of Camtonia.
    Age: She is currently 14 Years old, as her birthday is months to come.
    Height: 4'11" / 1.5 m
    Weight: 104.6 lbs / 47.45 kg
    Hair: She has long, blond hair that is curled in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Her eyes are sky blue, as the surrounding area near her pupil is a bit grayish.
    Clothing: She wears a pale white camp shirt and a pale blue, short-sleeved skort. The camp shirt has a picture of a lightly pink heart that has some vague pictures of a familiar Pokémon and human about to hold hands. She has on black, knee boots with socks that are as white as cloud nine and wears a dark brown satchel around her left shoulder that holds her items she carries around; such as everyday supplies and Tyler's Poké Browser since he cannot exactly use it anymore.
    Identifying Marks: She does not have anything too dramatic like scars that one would see from a WWII movie, though she does have some small patches of freckles on her cheeks and nose.
    Musculature: She has a skinny build and light muscle mass.
    Personality: Serah has a gentle outlook towards others, as she is rather compassionate towards the young. Her optimistic nature leads her to persuade others to get them to see other stories instead of looking at everything in black and white. She can be rather overprotective of her Signita since she often spoils him with a flood of love and indulgence.
    Skills: She can reach out to other Pokémon more easily than a typical person can and specializes in the field of medicine after following Tyler's footsteps.
    Past: She used to work in a Pokémon nursery with her aunt, Lani until she decided to meet Tyler in the hospital of Remedal. Over the course of some weeks, she learned from Tyler about the field of medicine until one day... he was discovered missing! She got into a state of panic, knowing that she did not have a single Pokémon for four years to come despite being able to get herself a Pokémon from the laboratory if she asked nicely enough. She endlessly questioned others and searched relentlessly for Tyler until one day, he was discovered within the ruins of Remedal Hospital years later, weeping at his broken plaque and sitting on some rubble with his lab coat that was far too big and complex for him to now wear. She saw his ID held in his shaky hands that he would often use to gain access to staff rooms, as she decided to have him as her first Pokémon after realizing that he would need more than just help if he was going to have the best normal life he could. She made sure that his belongings were secure in her bag and had to unfortunately take ownership of the Pokémon in his Poké Balls beside him since she knew that she could not leave his Pokémon behind, even if he could no longer direct them. She decided to still follow Tyler's steps to becoming the doctor that he was and hoping that he can live a life that is as normal as possible for him in spite of his completely new life.
    Family: Bardo Avalon (Father; Deceased), Emily Avalon (Mother), Mindy Avalon (Fraternal Twin Sister)
    Love Relationships?: She does not have any love relations at the moment, though this is always subject to change.
    Goals: Her main goal is to try to get Tyler to be as comfortable as he can with his new life and to also develop more combat strategies to conquer battles more effectively.
    Pokémon: She has a Signita currently with her after going back to Camtonia to check on him, give some treatment and take him with her in hopes of getting him out of his comfort zone. She also has a Pritotdus and a Camtonian Cranidos since Tyler cannot exactly command them, though his Thalasyik is currently assisting with Serah's ill mother. (Information about Thalasyik will be revealed later or upon request since he is currently not with Serah at the moment.)
    Name: His name is Tyler Frost.
    Species: Signita / Cross Seal Pokémon
    Type: Water Ice
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: His native region is Etepeal.
    Age: His real age is currently unknown, though his physical appearance does make him appear rather young.
    Height: 1'10" / 0.56 m
    Weight: 17.9 lbs / 8.12 kg
    Special Features: He has some white, elastic bandages snugly wrapped around the top of his head with Serah's help since he has some bruises from prior fights against harassing trainers and Team Regressive.
    Hidden Power: Fighting
    Ability: Torrent (Increases the potency of all Water-type moves when the Pokémon is in trouble.)
    Appearance: Signita is a pinniped, slightly canine-like Pokémon that is primarily pale blue. His head is slightly big in proportion to his body, as he has light blue eyes and a small snout with a tiny nose capable of tracking various scents from a good distance. Two small teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth, as they are in the upper row of his mouth on opposite sides. His arms each have three fingers that lack any claws due to his seemingly young age. His underside and tail is that of a dark cadet gray, as his flipper-like tail has a black striped pattern around it.
    Clothing: Tyler wears a specially made lab coat made by Serah's mother that is tailored for his body and needs. There are some pockets on the inside and outside areas that hold some medicinal items as well as his foldable clipboard and his special black, thick pen made for his small hands; which have a multitude of functions.
    Personality: Tyler seems to be an outcast when faced with social encounters, as he rarely speaks due to his voice that others describe as silly and babyish. He tends to hide behind his friends, trainer or any object in sight when forced to answer a question deemed too personal. His fish out of water nature makes it significantly harder to hang around other Pokémon, since he is not as understandable as a typical Pokémon would be under normal circumstances. Although he retains some of his former traits, his emotional side often gets the better of him when it comes to bottling up his rage and tears from significant emotional stress and/or trauma. Due to his memory loss however, he does have some trouble doing some basic or understandably advanced tasks for his infantile body.
    Primary Moves: Pound Rush, Examination, Water Snipe, Icicle Shooter
    • Body Expertise: Due to having prior knowledge on various Pokémon from treating them in his hospital in the past, Tyler is able to utilize weak spots and type matchups more effectively on Pokémon battled before.
    • Practitioner: Having an anterior mastery of medicine means that Tyler is able to use all artificial healing items, such as Potions and Antidotes. This can be done in the midst of combat or simply in the overworld should his trainer decide to let him fiddle with the childproof mechanisms.
    • Nimble Fingers: Being quick with vast, hands-on experience he obtained at youth, Tyler is able to interact with any task somewhat quicker.
    Past: Most of his past is currently unknown due to large memory loss that was somewhat resolved by his friend and caretaker. What is most known about him is that he was involved in Project Sapien, an abhorrent experiment conducted by Team Regressive in an attempt to synthesize a chemical that would permanently revert Pokémon from their final evolutions back to their basic forms. However, instead of making their desired compound... they accidentally discovered something that would completely change a person's life.
    Family: Much of his family remains unknown due to his memory loss.
    Love Relationships?: He has a crush on Mindy Avalon, who is Serah's sister.
    Other: His species is the Water-type starter obtained in Etepeal typically by beginning trainers. His favorite treat is wafers coated with a liberal amount of peanut butter.
    Poké Browser Entry: "Signita is the water starter Pokémon for Etepeal. Typically, they are given to beginning trainers or they can rarely be seen in the wild in colder areas napping on some patches of snow near the frosty seas."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 10 x 5
    Accuracy: 100%, but can be evaded more easily
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: An elementary move that most species of Pokémon learn from the start or early on. The user strikes the target with a series of quick strikes.
    Effects: The chance of critical hits increases when all strikes connect.
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Status (Exclusive Move)
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 35
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 10 Meters
    Description: The user briefly analyzes the target and assesses their outlook, behavior and other newly known facts to gain an insight on the target.
    Effects: Reveals information about the target this move is used on; this move can be used multiple times on the same target to gain more detailed information.
    Type: Water
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 70
    Accuracy: 85%
    Power Points: 15
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 25 Meters
    Description: The user takes in a deep breath of concentration and launches a dense shot of highly pressurized water at the target.
    Effects: The move's power is doubled if the target is hit in their weak spot.
    Type: Ice
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 15 x 6
    Accuracy: 80%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: 12.5 Meters
    Description: The user assaults the target with a barrage of frosty icicles.
    Effects: May inflict Expose on the target, halving their resistance to Ice-type attacks.
    Name: His name is Ping.
    Species: Pritotdus / Lil' Operations Pokémon
    Type: Cyber (Yes, I'll be getting into their weaknesses and resistances here calm down people!)
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: Camtonia
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though it is estimated to be in his near teen years.
    Height: 1'04" / 40.64 cm
    Weight: 7.2 lbs / 3.27 kg
    Special Features: Unfortunately, he has no special features.
    Hidden Power: Dark
    Ability: Suppression (Attacking a Pokémon has a slight chance to interrupt their attack or even put them into a state of panic; causing them to go into uncontrollable bursts of fear for a brief moment. The chances of this ability working is increased on weaker Pokémon and decreased on stronger ones. This ability cannot occur more than once every second and physical-based moves have a higher chance of triggering this ability.)
    Appearance: Pritotdus is a small, humanoid Pokémon that has a primarily earth stone gray, humanoid body composed of predominantly data and other miscellaneous matter. When he is in sleep mode, his body is curled into a small, cube-like structure to preserve his internal temperatures and energy. His gray, antenna-like tail still protrudes upward in a slight manner, as it can be pulled to awaken him from his nap; though he typically despises this. In the times that he is awake however, his body appears to have a regular shape of a robot that looks like a toddler to most eyes. The veins on his body sometimes glow in a greenish hue, typically to produce more energy in the events of combat; though this can be halted at will should the situation demand it. He has pale green square eyes, a small nose composed of two tiny nostrils and mini cube-like protrusions on the side of his head that give off the impression of ears. Four small teeth can be seen when he opens his mouth, as they are all in their respective corners. His underside is in the shade of a presidential blue, as all of his limbs are short and stubby. His emerald green hands and feet each have four fingers and three toes; all of which lack any nails or even claws whatsoever. His short, gray antenna-like tail has two pale green stripes and is tipped with a emerald green disk.
    Clothing: N/A (Mainly because it is hard to fit his body needs and he does not like wearing them.)
    Personality: Having a long history of driving arrogance that steered him into trouble with the Zealous Squad back in Camtonia, Pritotdus tends to be rather unrelenting at first to strangers and others that he perceives as a threat; even if they are as cute as a baby Pokémon to one's eyes. His workaholic nature usually tends to make him rather cranky and impulsive the next day, since he has an obsession with protecting someone he dearly loves and he still retains his old habits before an old friend of his helped jailbreak him some time ago.
    Primary Moves: Swift Strike, Recovery Drive, Shoot n' Scoot, Digiload.
    Past: [Nothing in this section yet since not a spec of this Pokémon's past has been revealed yet.]
    Family: [Also nothing unfortunately in this section yet since this is currently unknown.]
    Love Relationships?: None at the moment.
    Other: He can create small data weapons that are typically used for combat, as they are only meant to make the target disoriented and eventually faint from the sonic rounds they fire off.
    Poké Browser Entry: "It has been said that Pritotdus was first created by a desperate engineer that wanted to discover how the code for Cyberspace's entry security worked. Nowadays, it can commonly be seen with police forces all over the region of Camtonia."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 60
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: An elementary move that most Pokémon typically know from the start or learn soon in their childhood. The user strikes the target in a brute, but prompt manner.
    Effects: No secondary effects, but this move has increased priority over other moves.
    Type: Cyber
    Catagory: Status (Egg Move)
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 20
    Target: Self / Single Ally
    Range: N/A (Self); 10 Meters / 2 Tiles (Single Ally)
    Description: An advanced move that most Cyber-type Pokémon usually learn in their teen years. The user quickly patches some wounds by creating and using a hastily made drive filled with recovery code.
    Effects: Restores HP proportional to the Pokémon's current HP and condition. (I.e. More HP will be restored if the Pokémon has lower HP and being poisoned for example.)
    Type: Normal
    Catagory: Special
    Power: 20 x 5
    Accuracy: 75%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: All enemies in range / Random Targeting
    Range: 10 Meters
    Description: A basic move that most Pokémon in the Camtonian Police Force are taught in training. The user swiftly attacks the target with various tiny projectiles densely filled with energy; then hastily moves away from the area after executing this move.
    Effects: No secondary effects on targets, but this move may have increased priority on some turns. Also grants the user a brief period of increased evasion after this move is executed.
    Type: Cyber
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A (Normal Usage); 40−100 (Pritotdus Usage)
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 45
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A (Normal Usage); 5 Meters (Pritotdus Usage)
    Description: An intermediate move that most Cyber-type Pokémon learn in their middle child years, as it has different, but certainly odd effects depending on the Pokémon that uses it. The user gathers up some data and uses it to refill their power to execute their other moves with efficiency. When Pritotdus uses this move, he has a rare chance of throwing his data weapon at the enemy instead after creating a new set; causing massive damage at the center of the explosion.
    Effects: Refills PP on another desired move proportional to the percentage of this move's PP spent (Normal Usage); May inflict stun, making the target unable to act for a brief period of time. (Pritotdus Usage). Note that the other usage is an easter egg by me. c:
    Cyber-Type Affinity:
    *NOTE: Any type not mentioned below is neutral to the Pokémon's resistances.

    • Luckily, Cyber-type Pokémon are immune against Ghost and Dark-based attacks; taking no damage from those types of moves whatsoever.
    • Additionally, Cyber-type Pokémon are resistant against Electric, Rock, Psychic, Steel and Fairy; taking only half the original damage from those types of moves.
    • Unfortunately, Cyber-type Pokémon are weak against Fire, Grass, Fighting, Poison, Bug and Ice; taking twice the original damage from those types of moves.
    Name: His name is currently unknown.
    Species: Cranidos / Head Butt Pokémon (Camtonian Form)
    Type: Psychic Rock
    Gender: Male
    Native Region: Camtonia
    Age: His age is currently unknown, though he does look a bit young at first glance.
    Height: 2'5" / 73.66 cm
    Weight: 24.2 lbs / 10.98 kg
    Special Features: He has some scars on his feet after tripping numerous times on hard cement in the past.
    Hidden Power: Ground
    Ability: Down to Earth (Every time the Pokémon deals or receives damage, the Pokémon regains up to 5% HP and PP for a random move. Every 20% HP missing will reduce the cooldown of Rock-type moves by 0.5 seconds. The effects of this ability cannot occur more than 15 times every 20 seconds or roughly about 3 turn cycles.)
    Appearance: Camtonian Cranidos is a small Pokémon with a primarily fossil gray body that gives resemblance to the pachycephalosaurus. His beak is slightly curved in a vague shape of a hook, as he has hazel eyes along with a seafoam green, dome-shaped head that is hard to the touch. There are four flint gray spikes on his head; two are behind and the others are on their respective sides. His seafoam green back has a large spiky pattern while he also has a stubby tail that tapers rather quickly. He has a fossil gray underside, while his hands each have three tiny claws and his feet each have three claws and one more in the rear.
    Clothing: He only wears an ultra pink scarf around his neck since he dislikes wearing most types of clothing due to the fact that they are rather uncomfortable for him.
    Personality: Coming into an era where the world of his is completely different, Cranidos tends to struggle with being able to talk to others since it can be rather hard to understand him most of the time. As a result, he usually ends up either getting frustrated or keeping too quiet to the point where it would make his trainer want to bombard him with questions and the dreaded concerns. His quirky habits can often get the better of him, since it can be difficult to lay down the bad habits and pick up the newer, better ones that his trainer constantly attempts to get him to do.
    Primary Moves: Juncture Charge, Abrogate, Stone Pike, Chronolock
    Past: [Nothing in this section yet since not a spec of this Pokémon's past has been revealed yet.]
    Family: [Also nothing unfortunately in this section yet since this is currently unknown.]
    Love Relationships?: None at the moment, though this is subject to change.
    Other: He tends to struggle a bit with technology and most types of conventional berries since he is not exactly used to modern terms.
    Poké Browser Entry: "According to the old legends of Camtonia, Cranidos took a new form of adaption in order to outsmart Mother Nature after their kind was almost extinct from a major flash flood."
    Moves Information:
    Type: Psychic
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 20 x 5
    Accuracy: 100% / Fails if timed incorrectly
    Power Points: 25
    Target: Single Enemy
    Range: Close Quarters Combat
    Description: The user rushes towards the target and utilizes extreme timing to hit the target with adjoining strikes of psychic power.
    Effects: Critical hits land more easily if this attack is timed perfectly.
    Type: Psychic
    Catagory: Status (Egg Move)
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 15
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: An advanced move that most Psychic-type Pokémon usually learn in their experienced years, as this move takes some concentration and timing to correctly execute. The user takes in a deep breath of attentiveness and reverts all damage and status conditions inflicted upon from the prior turn.
    Effects: Makes the user's current HP reverted back to the amount left on the prior turn, as well as lifting up the effects of any status conditions that were recently inflicted upon. (Cannot ease Perish Song, Condemn or OHKOs however.)
    Type: Rock
    Catagory: Physical
    Power: 85
    Accuracy: 100%
    Power Points: 20
    Target: All enemies in a straight line
    Range: 5 Meters / Piercing
    Description: The user charges towards the target and thrusts them with a honed, blade-like stone. This can often leave their target quite defenseless if they are caught off guard.
    Effects: If target is not guarding or under the effects of any defense buffs, has a high chance of inflicting Fragility, halving the target's defense for five turn cycles.
    Type: Psychic
    Catagory: Status
    Power: N/A
    Accuracy: Sure Shot
    Power Points: 1
    Target: Self
    Range: N/A
    Description: A highly sophisticated move that very few even master in their old ages, as this move will more than not put an arduous amount of pressure on the user attempting to utilize this move to the fullest extent; causing most to restrict their usage to only once per battle to prevent a comatose from occurring. The user takes in an enormous amount of concentration and locks their energy levels; preventing them from raising and lowering. This move is best used when the user is anticipating a fatal plummet of strength from an incoming attack that would otherwise make them faint right on the spot.
    Effects: The user's HP will not decrease or increase from any moves or status conditions for two turn cycles. After this move expires, the user will become exhausted and have their battle stats halved for five turn cycles.
  23. I'm assuming I'm accepted right? (I'd love to get to the RP as soon as possible to be honest since I don't wanna be too late with 2 pages of stuff...)

    *Tyler can be seen greedily eating his big jar of peanut butter wafers*
  24. Yes, your accepted.
  25. *Tyler is still eating as he can't seem to resist the urge to lay off the sweets*

    Signi. (Translation: Thank you.)
  26. *Tyler pokes you as he passes a note*

    You know... you forgot something important reguarding ranks...? I'm also getting there in the RP...
  27. Oh goodness what did I forget..
  28. *Tyler passes another note after placing the jar back where it was and pretending he totally didn't secretly eat anything from it like a good boy once his trainer comes*

    Here's a good hint, and it's one word that should be a bit distinct here: Rank.
  29. Name: Halt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Sexuality:Not needed
    Rank: (can I take captain?)
    Description: tall and slender. He wears bright blue and jeans. His hair is a dark red color, and is spiky. He can be caring to rule followers, but to others, he will become very mean.

    Name: n/a
    Species: mudsdale
    Gender: male
    Description: SHINY pokemon. Kind, and very loyal.
    Species: monferno
    Gender: male
    Description: a normal monferno who likes to attack fast
    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: female
    Description: kind and cute acting. She is mainly a kind pokemon, but she is good at battling.
  30. Accepted, and yes you can take the caption position.
  31. *Tyler throws a cute little paper airplane with a note before trying to post in the roleplay*

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  32. Ah so sorry! I totally thought I did, she's been added!
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    I'll be making my full way over to the RP then.

    I may introduce another character sooner or later depending on the circumstances.

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