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"Pokémon Stars" Rumoured for Nintendo Switch

  1. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
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    Just as most of the world are sinking their teeth into Pokémon Sun and Moon, Eurogamer have reported on a frankly incredible rumour: Pokémon Sun and Moon are getting a third version, codenamed Pokémon Stars, but on Nintendo Switch instead of 3DS.

    This would mark two major milestones for Pokémon: It'd be the first time a main-series Pokémon generation spanned two console devices, but far more importantly, it would mark the first time in Pokémon's 20-year history that a main-series Pokémon game is playable on your TV without additional hardware.

    Let's collect the rumours so far: Firstly, the game is being developed by Game Freak themselves, and the games have been in development in parallel with Sun and Moon themselves. That means that despite running on completely different hardware, Pokémon Stars already contains a lot of the content from Sun and Moon already.

    In terms of release date, the games are likely to be released in late 2017. It's rumoured that the games were originally due for summer next year, but were delayed – likely so that all effort could be put into polishing Sun and Moon for today's release.

    Those of you familiar with Pokémon know that the pattern of a third game usually includes minor enhancements over the existing games – Platinum had an expanded Pokédex and enhanced plot over Diamond and Pearl, for example, as well as extra features and post-game content. Rumour has it that Stars will be similarly enhanced - while it will still be set in Alola, and still use the same style as Sun and Moon, the game is likely to be expanded and polished over Sun and Moon.

    The games will be indirectly compatible with Sun and Moon too - while there's no word on battling or trading between the two versions (it seems unlikely at this point), you'll be able to transfer your Pokémon between Sun/Moon and Stars using the Pokémon Bank app. There's also a suggestion – currently much less reliable than the other rumours in this article – that new Pokémon will be available in the Switch version. It's possible that this will simply mean new formes, like in ORAS and Platinum, but nothing is confirmed so far.

    Lastly, the assets (Pokémon models, textures, etcetera) are said to be much higher-resolution in Stars than in Sun/Moon – indeed, the shot of Pikipek's model we saw all the way back in February is allegedly the Switch model, not the 3DS one.


    That's everything we know right now – and remember, none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo yet. That said, it comes from reliable sources, so we're happy to pass it along. As always, stay tuned – we will be reporting on all the latest Pokémon news, whether that be Pokémon Sun, Moon, Stars, or anything else, as it appears!
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Teapot, Nov 18, 2016.

    1. Brendan Savem
      Brendan Savem
      Regardless of whether this is a confirmed to be the 3rd main series for the games or not, the news that this is being developed for the Switch is already getting me excited. A standard-pokemon style game has notably been absent from the WiiU, while all its predecessors had at least one. The fact that we haven't had anything like this since Battle Revolution still puzzles me, but the fact we're getting one now is amazing. I don't think it'll be a launch title, otherwise Nintendo, or at least CoroCoro, would have clued us in by now. However, I think if Nintendo formally announces it at the right time, it could really build the Switch hype.
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    2. Silver-Solis
      I was expected Pokken tournament as a port, but this is Insane
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    3. Teapot
      The suggestion was originally "summer", which would have been rather interesting, but is now supposedly "later in the year". The obvious and by far the most likely answer would be mid-to-late November, but it could be earlier – maybe even as early as September.

      If we're lucky, we might get one of those too! :)
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    4. Palusokudo
      So there gonna put all 700 some all Pokémon in that game!?
      Damn that would be huge! I hope it's like Pokémon stadium.
    5. Teapot
      Well, the rumours are pointing to Stars being a classical third version – like Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, or Platinum. So, it's very unlikely they'll scrap the regional Pokédexes – especially as they're so large now. As for it being like Pokémon Stadium, it'll be an improved Sun/Moon on the Switch, so that means a full main-series Pokémon game on Nintendo's new handheld. The fun bit is that you can then plug it into its dock and play on the TV too.
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    6. Picnicker Virgil
      Picnicker Virgil
      I was always hoping that X & Y would get a third title on the Wii U, since the graphics would translate so well to a bigger screen. I have the XL and it still doesn't feel big enough to view everything on. And Sun and Moon would make PERFECT console games. I'm crossing my fingers that these rumors are true, or should I say I'm making a wish on a - no nevermind...
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    7. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Time to save up for the new console~

      Also, because I can

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    8. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      If these rumors are indeed true then I'm going to have to invest in a Switch by next year. Depending on the exact release date it might just be a well timed Christmas present. This is some pretty exciting news. :)
    9. Storm The Fabulous
      Storm The Fabulous
      Its a rumor, but still, I'm excited
    10. Mewtwofan259
      Is this from the same source that said that the NX would be a Handheld/Console Hybrid? If so, I can almost guarantee it to be true.
    11. Teapot
      Yeah – the source article I link to is from Eurogamer, who have broken quite a lot of Switch-related rumours (including its hybrid form factor and Nvidia Tegra chipset, both of which are confirmed true by Nintendo themselves), and they've yet to put a foot wrong. Before posting, I also checked out some reliable leakers that have thus far been right about the Switch too – they backed up Eurogamer's claims.

      Obviously, there is a reason "rumoured" is in the article title – this thing isn't real until Junichi Masuda turns up on Pokénchi with a Switch. But we tend to have a relatively good nose for rumours here, and we don't post them unless we have a great deal of confidence in them.
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    12. Keleri
      Dang this would definitely force me to pick up the Switch haha. The "Stars" title is very interesting, the astronomical link to Sun/Moon is clear but it also makes me think of "All-Stars" and my hope would be for a game incorporating more elements of the series in general, maybe with more pokemon or characters returning or (pie-in-the-sky) a multi-region game.
    13. Programmy
      Pls its not the end of 3ds games
    14. Teapot
      Well, that's true - Nintendo themselves have pledged to support the 3DS until at least the end of next year. It's not being phased out. It seems, however, that as Pokémon will be making its way to the Switch in its first year, which is definitely a positive thing for the new console, it signals that a lot of games will start being on Switch instead of 3DS almost immediately.
    15. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      I just picked up a Wii U recently, so I'm a little disappointed I didn't hold out for the Switch, especially with a new Pokemon main series game going on it. It also looks like they're trying to milk subscription money out of me with the Pokemon Bank thing.

      On another note, the Switch is huge. The 3DS is already barely able to fit in my coat pocket, much less my pants pocket, though that's mostly due to the fact I wear women's pants. :p
    16. Mr.Munchlax
      While I know these are still rumors and may not come true, I personally have mixed feelings over this. On one hand, I was so excited because I knew all the way back in February that Star (or technically Stars) would be the title for a possible third game! On the other hand, I'm a little annoyed that now I have to save money to buy a Switch so I can play it.

      If anything, I thought they'd make Stars a 3DS game and introduce new side games/add-ons that only work on the Switch. I remember them doing that for BW2 since it was still a DS game but they created Dream Radar (Prof. Burnet's debut) exclusively for the 3DS.
    17. Jenova
      This is why I am so glad I decided against getting a WiiU when it was on sale at my local game stores before the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch. (Well, that and because I don't have a TV or enough room in my current workspace for it to be hooked up to my monitor.) I actually didn't even consider how big it would be until you mentioned it Secad, considering the fact that I still have the old 3DS and still get overwhelmed by the 3DS XL's size. Looks like it's time for men's pants for the two of us!

      That being said, relating to Pokemon Stars, I absolutely can't wait. I remember a little after the Sun and Moon demo came out and there was that emulator hack with line-less design and cel-shading. To think that mod might be a step closer to the capabilities of the Nintendo Switch gives me such unbridled joy.
    18. Secad MS
      Secad MS
      It's going to be hard to find a pair of men's pants that fits the booty with a 26 inch waist and less than 32 inch inseam, but by gerbils, the switch will make me search if only for the sake of the Switch. As for the cel shading, didn't that start with X and Y already?
    19. Undynethe??????
      I still think Nintendo Switch will ruin Nintendo

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