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Pokemon sprites galore I AM TAKING REQUESTS

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Gammadon12, Aug 6, 2009.

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  1. Post any sprite you would like i dont mind. Speaking of them heres one.

    Red pichu(UPDATED)
  2. It's decent, but very... stale.

    Perhaps try splicing more variations of colors to it rather than a solid dark red? Know what I mean?
  3. yeah i know but i got the idea from seeing a pic and i hvae never seen a red one before so i thought why not

  4. and dude i said post dont criticize others sprites
  5. I'm not particularly certain what you mean seeing how you never asked me to post.

    If you're not up for constructive criticism, you've come to the wrong place. I attempted to be as least-blunt as possible, mate. Don't take it personally.
  6. i didnt mean like just you but i said in the first one just to post them and that was kinda to everyone reading it
  7. and im not taking it personally im just not a fan of critisism
  8. Criticism is needed in order to learn from your mistakes and make better creations in the future though. Other people are just trying to give you tips on how to improve on your sprites.

    The pichu looks like it was recolored with the default paint red color, and it's rarely ever a good idea to use those colors. Also, saving in JEPG ruins the quality of your sprites. Try saving them in PNG on future ones.

  9. yeah thx
  10. Gammadon, I'm sure you have a lot more sprites worthy of this thread. Because I must tell you that we do not consider recolors as spriting. I believe thou also does fusions, and that is a more acceptable presentation for this thread.

    Please note that threads consisting of nothing but recolors are normally locked on sight. Thank you for your time and I hope we can see a bit more spritery from thee.
  11. ok but thats the only one ive posted and yes i do do fusions and dont take this the wrong way but why are you guys so stingy
  12. We're not being stingy at all. We're actually just helping you out by reminding thee of the rules and regulations of this forums. We have dire consequences simply because we do not appreciate that people fail to read and follow the simple regulations we have placed.
  13. well in my perspective you guys are but k w/e
  14. New ones i guess.

    Gammadon and heres its egg

  15. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    ... You know, there is really no excuse to post these ONE SPRITE AT THE TIME rather than just posting a batch of sprites in one post.

    Seeing from your previous behavior on the forums (and your godawfully oversized signature for that matter) I really don't see a reason to allow you to continue being here.

    Locked and banned. Have a nice death.
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