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Ask to Join Pokemon: Soulbound

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TheJustinMan, Jan 27, 2020.

  1. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    A solemn vision of fire, electricity, wind, and other elements rushed past as the rather distressed and horrible looking bird Pokemon rushed off with the last bits of remaining data. Under order of the chief, it was this Corviknight's job to hide the last scraps of Searcher data in a point, and seal of the entrance so it could only be discovered after a long time passed. "Have to do what the chief demands. I need to hurry, my colleagues are fending off those Pokemon for my sake." He thought to himself. Nearing the edge of the complex, a few Conqueror Pokemon surrounded him, including a Staraptor, Skarmory, and Talonflame. "You oughta hand that over. If you don't, it could getcha killed!" Taunted the Skarmory with a smile. "That won't be happening!" yelled an Unfeazant that came to aid this Corviknight, followed by a Magnezone. While fighting, the Corviknight rushed to get out of there, but the Skarmory pursued him, using Steel Wing to cut through the steel-like carapace and injure the black bird badly. Little did the Skarmory know that this left him wide open, so the Magnezone shocked him while Corviknight finished it off with Steel Wing. "GO... YOU MAY BE INJURED NOW, BUT WE'RE DEPENDING ON YOU. HIDE THAT KNOWLEDGE, AND THEN IF YOU STILL HAVE TIME, TEND TO YOUR WOUNDS. BUT, IF YOUR FATE MAKES A TURN FOR THE WORSE, LET IT BE KNOWN IT WAS NOT IN VAIN. YOU MAY NOT BE KNOWN TO THE FUTURE GENERATIONS, BUT YOU'LL STILL BE HERO. EVERYONE IS COUNTING ON YOU. GODSPEED, BRAVO." the Magnezone said, before being blasted by flame. Bravo, having a rather fatal looking gash, took these words to heart, and flew as fast as he could, not once slowing down once, even if his wound was bleeding. Once he finally made it to the cave that happened to be the place the knowledge was to be stored, he used the last of his attack energy to Steel Wing and Brave Bird the wall, effectively covering up and trapping himself in the cave. "Well, I... I guess this is it for you, Bravo. You had a good run." He said to himself. With the last few minutes of his life, he wrote in footprint as he scattered the data accordingly. "This is the last bit of the legacy of a long lost group. Be mindful of whom you share this with..." The data finished. And with that all said and done, the Corviknight willingly accepted his death, and layed in a part of the cave where he would be able to rest peacefully...

    On the other side of the story was a human courier. Beleived to be the fastest of all the members, it was his job to hide the same knowledge, but from the human prespective. As he ran, he undercame an even more violent scene. Bodies with arrows and gashes from the fighting. Intense fire rising from buildings and surrounding plants. The crushing of buildings with boulders from trebuchets, and the innocent people running from the scene. But he lay all that aside, and continued to run for his life. Horseback soldiers pursued behind him, being able to easily reach his speed with their steeds. Before they successfully caught up, his own allies held them back. A single lucky arrow struck the courrier, badly injuring him. But the courrier stayed strong. His allies mounted him on a horse, and they rode into the distance. The human traveled, before ditching the horse in a place not too far from his destination as to not draw attention. The human began to slow, but he knew he'd be able to make it to the altar. This constuction was made as a hiding place for the knowledge, and since they did not have access to gunpowder yet, they had to make a one way sealable entrance. This was not an unexpectency, the humans beleived that a day like this may come. With the humans last remaining energy, he wrote the same message that Bravo did, and prayed to both the god of the human and Pokemon world that the people who find the knowledge be blessed...

    Justin woke up in a cold sweat. His phone was on from last night, where he'd been watching a video. "Damn, must have stayed up watching YouTube again." He thought to himself. His dream last night was... well, he didn't like much of what he saw. "Probably just my brain forming a really wierd fan fiction over what I've been thinking about... or maybe it's just a random dream, everyone gets those. Wait, what time is it?" He said queitly to himself, before realizing it was around 6:15 in the morning. "Should probably get ready for school, then." He continued to do his morning routine, which consisted or a shower, typical hygiene, and a mediocre breakfast. After that, he drove himself to school as he normally did. "Here's to another somewhat boring but okay day." He said to himself, entering the building.

    King woke up in the same fashion that Justin had. "Was that a... human? What was going on in that? That was a little scary, to say the least..." he thought to himself. After getting up, King went out into the main room of his house. Houses in the Pokemon world were not makeshift by any means, but they weren't as modern and technologized as human houses, either. "Oh, good morning, King. I'll need some help later today with the berry fields. Other than that, you're free until about and hour before sunrise, okay?" his mother said, being somewhat of a dignified Samurott. "Yeah, I gotcha. Guess I'll just hang around town for the day." He said, the second part saying it to himself. He was still a bit distraught by the dream, er, nightmare he had. Nonetheless, he'd try to keep it from people, at least, the ones he didn't trust. He grabbed a Cheri berry on his way out, and began to wander towards the towns outskirts.

    @EeviumZ @LunarSilvally @Night's Shadow

    https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-soulbound-but-i-actually-start-the-rp.21977/ if you want to sign up
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  2. ~~Allie~~

    The teen woke up with a start, her eyes wide. She'd had that same dream again. And it was even more vivid this time.
    For a couple of nights now, she'd been dreaming of... another world? She wasn't sure what it was - filled with Pokemon. For the first few nights, she'd dismissed it as her own imagination. After all, she loved all things Pokemon - in fact, her bedspread had a Pokeball pattern and she had an entire drawer dedicated to all her Pokemon games. And she had a lot of Pokemon games.
    But now, she wasn't so sure. Was she going insane?
    The visions were so vivid. Every night, more details were added into this new world.
    Glancing at the alarm clock, which read 4:56 AM, she turned on her lamp. She pulled a sketchbook and colored pencils out of her nightstand, and began to draw. She had to put this on paper.


    Eve woke from her slumber with an incoherent mumble, sitting up. What had just happened? What had she just seen?
    She held her paw to her head. No one could know that she'd been dreaming about humans. She'd be a laughingstock for dreaming of children's fantasies. The dreams just wouldn't go away.
    "Why me?" she mumbled, her voice still slightly slurred from exhaustion.
    Deciding that she was too tired to do anything, she just curled back up, prayed the dreams wouldn't come again, and went back to sleep.
  3. Jay

    Jay Riverwing bolted upright from her slumber with a gasp. Her heartbeat slowed, as she realized it had only been a dream. Then excitement filled her. The dream had been so real! Surely this was proof that Pokémon really were real.

    I better not share this with anyone yet, she thought. Who knows what it could mean. And anyways, this is my dream, my discovery.

    Still, she was excited, and wrote a note to herself in her dream diary that turned into an elaborate sketch. She looked at the picture, uncomprehending. Why had she drawn a Zoroark? She had only meant to write herself a note so she wouldn’t forget...

    Shaking off the remnants of the dreams, Jay shrugged on her black hoodie, pulled on her blue jeans, slung her backpack over one shoulder, and set off for school, platinum hair tied back.


    Ark nearly fell out of his tree when a face appeared in his dream. He gasped, jerking himself awake. Was that... a human?

    She had a strangely compelling face. How he even knew she was female was unknown to him. But her skin, so pale it was almost blue, and silvery hair contrasted so well with her gray eyes...

    Get a grip, Ark, he scolded himself. You’re starting to sound like an ice type, all obsessed with the shades of blue and platinum in this... face.

    Unnerved, he picked himself off the tree branch and clambered down. He was hungry. The Zoroark cast an unappealing illusion around himself and headed to the river to fish.
  4. She jolted up slowly placing a hand on her head. It was the same exact dream that she was having over and over that ends up in her own sketch book. "That dream again....it has to be important...if I keep having the same one again..." She sighed before looking at her bed side seeing Dove her white Siberian husky looking at her. "Good morning girl" she said gently petting her. She glanced at her clock seeing the time. "Well...school is not going to walk itself..." She said as she got out of bed washed up, got dressed, ate breakfast then grabbed her bag and placed her sketch book inside. "Wait for me Dove, I'll be back later" she told her as she wagged her tail gently licking her cheek. "Hehe easy on the slobber..." She told her before standing up as she grabbed her skateboard along with knee pads and elbow pads before walking out the door closing it. She placed her Bluetooth headphones in her ears as she looked through her phone for music as she pressed play. She had skated off while texting Shadow her older brother who was away for a while. She kept those dreams she was having to herself to avoid any drama as she skated her way to school.


    Blue woke up from the same dream as she looked around making sure it was a dream. Her blue rings glowed brightly since she slept in a more darker area unlike her sister Sparkx the Jolteon. "Was that....a human I saw in my dreams...I have only heard of them in fairy tales but the aura about her...it's...calming...like myself..." She said before standing up stretching. "Well, better meet up with Sparkx, I did promise that I would help her out today as the berry shop" she said walking out as she made her way to Sparkx berry shop. "But as long as I get free sweet berries I am fine with it" she added.

    @ThatJustin’sASpy! @EeviumZ @Night's Shadow
  5. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!

    As Justin walked into school, it was rather obvious that he didn’t look well. At least, he didn’t look as well as he used to. Everyone usually saw him wither either a neutral expression or a slight grin. But now, it was a frown. A medium sized frown. If this happened, that meant you could tell that something was going on. But nevertheless, Justin continued on to class, not saying a word to anyone who tried to talk to him, at least not in the halls. “Something about today doesn’t sit right with me. Guess it’s just that dream I had. Nothing too serious... but then, why am I so nervous?” He thought as he got to his desk. He tried to shake it off, but his emotions clung tight to the anchor weighing them down. “I’ll be gone by the end of the day...”

    King also couldn’t get the feeling out of his head. The Pokémon in the village knew kind well, and they greeted him, which he greeted back. But they also knew something was up. Nevertheless, before they could talk to King about it, he was already on the town outskirts. King didn’t have to go to Pokémon school anymore, he’d already learned about dungeons and dangers and all of those things. “Maybe a swim could help me shake it off!” He thought. He began heading towards the river, unknowing that another was on the way there too.
  6. She had gotten to school but she didn't feel so well suddenly. She didn't understand why but it seemed to bother her quite a bit. "Man...has the dream I have been having...making me feel tired?" She said to herself but shook her head. "That just...seems impossible...." She said sighing as she headed to class sitting down at her desk taking out her sketchpad starting to sketch out the dream she had once again on another page. "Maybe I should leave early today just in case.

    Blue was helping out her sister at the shop but she seemed a bit out of it today as well. Her sister Sparkx grew in concern as she looked to her sister. "Blue, is everything ok?" She asked. "You seem out of it today?" She added. "I'm alright sis, I think I'm still just tired...but I'll manage" she said. "Alright, but if you need a break just let me know" Sparkx said as Blue just nodded unaware of what she will experience.
  7. ~Eve~
    Finally, the Evolution Pokemon decided that she was not going to sleep, and dragged herself up. She was tired, but she didn't want to have those dreams again. She'd be a laughingstock if anyone found out. And knowing her, they'd find out.
    Feeling bored - there was no school today - she decided to head down to the river. She always enjoyed swimming, despite the fact that she was not a Vaporeon and never would be. She was greeted with puns by the town residents, which she couldn't help but crack a smile at. She was notorious for her puns.
    Finally, she arrived at the river, diving in. She felt the cool water on her fur, closing her eyes. She loved water, always had.

    It was a while later, and Allie's alarm clock had begun to beep. She smacked it in an attempt to shut it off, to no avail. Finally, she just threw it at the wall. She was barely conscious, let alone rational.
    She was exhausted. She had dreamed all night, and stayed up late drawing. She marveled at the vivid drawing she'd made. Normally, her art skills were very limited, but this was easily her best work.
    She got ready and headed to school. She was still beyond tired, nearly falling over as she got to her desk.
  8. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!


    Justin was unbelievably lucky to have woken up at a time where he could have at least gotten 6 hours of sleep. This was unhealthy of course, but he was a Noctowl for sure, usually watching YouTube or JJBA, or playing Pokemon Shield until he felt tired enough to go to sleep. He'd seen a few other students enter the classroom, but none of were any interest to him. He sighed and closed his eyes, now going back to the visions he had. This time, they were different, more tame and peaceful, like the ones he'd seen before last night. They were filled with luscious forest and vast blue rivers, tall mountains and stooping vallies. Some even had visions of villages, similar but human villages but different ... *RIIIIIIIIING!* went the school bell, reawakening Justin from his daydream. He felt the day was gonna be okay, but he wasn’t sure how he was gonna be for the rest of the day...


    King walked down to the river, but before he got closer to the water, he saw a Zoroark on the other side. It seemed as if they were doing fishing, so he thought it best not to disturb them, especially because he might scare away the fish if he made a commotion in the water. He also wasn’t sure if the Zoroark was friendly or not, so he waddled away extra quick. After finding a spot quite a bit away from the other fellow, he jumped in, letting the cool yet warm water consume him. “Ahh... this is refreshing...” he said, as he came back to the surface and began to floated along it. He didn’t notice the Eevee who was also swimming, either because he wasn’t paying attention, or he just didn’t care as long as they didn’t talk to him.

    (@Night's Shadow if you want me to change the post I can. It feels like I auto-ed because your character technically wasn’t fishing yet...)
  9. JC
    She heard the bell ring as she sighed closing her sketch book as she got out her class items as she placed them on the desk as she watched the teacher come in. She started to instruct as she sighed again letting time pass by for class to end. All she wanted to do was play on her Nintendo Switch and play Pokemon Sword or Let's go Eevee and not be bothered by anyone. She started to look around herself as students sat down in the desks until she saw a guy in a daze as if he didn't have enough sleep. She shook her head and left him be as she looked to the front of the class again resting her chin on the palm of her hand.


    She had took a break as she decided to head to the water to freshen up. She didn't know what was wrong with her today as she was a bit out of it. She came to the water and saw an Eevee, a Zoroark fishing and a Dewott. She stood in the middle between them to not disturb them as she lowered her head for a drink feeling the cold sensation going down her throat. She looked at her reflection for the moment before backing up a couple of steps and leaped off the edge doing a flip before jumping in. She saw many of the fish Pokemon under water, Goldeen, Marikarp, Finneon, Feebas, and even a Milotic. She held her breath of course but a Primarina appeared in front of her making a bubble for her to breath in around her head allowing her to swim as long as she wanted. "Thanks Delta" she said to her. "No problem Blue, want to swim together?" She asked. "Sure I don't mind but watch out for the fishing line" She warned. "Oh don't worry I am very careful with not getting hooked by those" she said giving a smile as they both swam together.
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  10. Jay
    Jay barely heard the bell ring; she only headed to her first-period class when she saw other students, who had been milling around aimlessly, start walking purposefully to their classrooms. The visions were becoming more vivid, even during the day, robbing her of proper sleep every night. Dark circles under her eyes stood out prominently against her bluish-pale skin. With any luck, she would find out what they meant soon.

    The splitting headaches that accompanied them could not be helped; Advil, Tylenol, nope. Nothing worked. Jay was usually top of every class, but since the visions had started her grades had plummeted, in every class except PE. Every pound of her foot on the blacktop sent assurance coursing through her mind that this was reality. Unfortunately, she didn’t have PE until fifth period, so she still had to bear the brunt of teachers sending her disapproving looks as she fell asleep on her textbooks for the rest of the day.

    A couple other students looked as tired as she felt. JC, a kid she really didn’t know other than by face, Justin, who was staring off into space as if daydreaming, and Alison, who went by Allie.

    True to her prediction, she awoke to the student next to her digging an elbow into her ribs.

    Other Pokémon were starting to pass by the river. Ark bared his teeth in resentment, but kept his head down. He just wanted some fish! But nothing swam by except an Umbreon and a Primarina side by side. He couldn’t eat that.

    Tired beyond belief and annoyed at the lack of fish, Ark abandoned the river for his tree, climbing the sturdy, knotted branches until he reached the top, where he plucked some berries and ate them.

    Not my favorite, but hey, gotta eat something. Ark grimaced as the berries’ bitter juice ran down his throat, but kept eating. He didn’t want to be starving as well as sleep-deprived.

    Once he had eaten his fill, Ark lay on his stomach on a thick branch and looked out at his world, feeling for the first time that there was something missing.

    Or maybe, someone.
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  11. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!


    Justin sighed, and got ready for class to start. He was quite pale, but it was not noticeable as he was a kid who didn't get much sunlight anyways. He rather loved staying inside to do everything, though occasionally he’d go outside so he didn’t feel too lazy. But the day would be a dreadful one, hopefully somewhat less dreadful as long as he didn’t have anything like homework. “Hell... that dream put me out of it... better try to get to sleep early tonight...” he thought before opening a text book.


    As King swam, he only noticed that more and more Pokémon began to come near the same spot he was, and he wasn’t able to shake off the menacing feeling of the dream. Although, it did seem like the Zoroark had stopped fishing, which he’d felt a bit bad bad for, as he felt like the one responsible for scaring away his catch, even though it was also the other Pokémon’s fault as well. He swam up and out of the water, and went in land to lie down. “I can’t believe this. I just wanted a peaceful place to relax and hopefully get over this mood, but here we are, that Eevee and Umbreon and the Primarina. Not to mention we might’ve pissed off that Zoroark... I feel worse knowing that we probably have him a worse time than he expected.”

    @Night's Shadow @LunarSilvally @EeviumZ
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  12. JC

    She sighed letting time pass by as she wanted to head home as she started to have a headache. "Annoying...." She thought as she pulled out her sketchpad sketching parts of the dream she could remember. She was listening to the teacher of course but she lost interest so just sighed again.


    She was still swimming with Delta the Primarina having fun with her to clear her head. She was showing her a lot of water tricks she had practiced as she quickly got glued to it watching her. "Wow Delta, you learned a lot on your own and your voice is so harmonized hehe" she said. "Thank you Blue" Delta answered swimming with her again. @ThatJustin’sASpy! @EeviumZ
  13. Jay
    “Oy, vey,” Jay cursed under her breath as the kid kept digging his elbow into her side. “Quit it, Derrick, I’m up.”

    “Did you enjoy your nap?” he asked snarkily.

    “More than I’m enjoying your voice,” she retorted. She twisted her ball cap so it was facing backwards in the way she liked. “In fact, your voice is kind of a nuisance.”

    “Whatever,” Derrick said nonchalantly. “Next time, I’ll just let you sleep through the lesson. Why are you so tired lately, anyway?”

    “Don't wanna talk about it,” Jay groaned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. “Please shut your mouth when you’re talking to me.”

    Derrick’s mouth opened and closed like a fish’s for a moment, then he grinned. “That was an intelligence test, wasn’t it.” Then he seemed to realize something, and palmed his face. “And I just failed.”

    Jay didn’t hear him, though. She could have sworn for a second that her reflection in the desk was no longer her face, but that of a particular dark-type Pokémon...

    When Ark could stand the bitter taste of the berries no longer, he spat out the one he was chewing. “Well, I think I can count those minutes of my life as a royal failure,” he said to himself. Then he shook his head. “One of these days, I’m gonna go insane.”

    He clamped his jaws shut in order to stop talking to himself. The Zoroark thought he would quite like to keep his sanity as long as possible.

    Ark had begun to swing down the tree’s trunk, when something caught his eye and he stopped. A small amount of water had collected in the middle of a leaf. He looked closer.

    His reflection stared back at him from the water. “Who am I?” he whispered. The water rippled, and the milky, distorted reflection of the face of the human girl who was haunting his dreams replaced his own. “Who are you?” His voice had grown softer.

    A slight breeze picked up, and carried the leaf away. The water it had held spilled over and fell to the ground, catching the sun and sparkling like tiny diamonds. The Zoroark watched the leaf spiral out of sight.

    “What is happening to me?” His voice was no more than a breath, as likely to be blown away as the leaf the wind had claimed.
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  14. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!


    As Justin read through the textbook, his mind drifted away again. In this dream, he was in a completely dark area. There was no visible light other than a small circle, sort of like a spot light. In the middle was what looked like... A Dewott? “No, that couldn’t be... could it?” He thought to himself. As he stepped closer, the Dewott faded away, and purple aura began filling the walls of this area as the room began lighting up. All he saw around him were purple figures with red eyes. He was not showing it, but he was terrified, and his heart was beating very fast. He woke up, having fallen out of his desk. A few people were staring at him, but they turned away quickly, and the teacher just shook their head lightly in disappointment. Justin looked around to the nearest desk looking for a bit of help to get up. “Hey, uh... Allie, wasn’t it? Could you lend me a hand?” He said, somewhat neutrally but with a bit of joy.


    King began to dream as he lied down and closed his eyes. In his vision, a humanoid figure wearing grey, and with seemingly dark golden hair. stood in front of him, both seeming very interested in each other. Before either of them could move, King saw the figure disappear from sight as the walls began flooding with red eyes and shadowy figures... And water? No, that wasn’t a dream. He’d stumbled into the water, being as he was closer to the river than he thought, and had a near miss with the Eevee in the water. "Oh my Arceus! Are you alright?" He said, quickly resurfacing.

    (@EeviumZ my somewhat creative attempt to interact with your characters)
  15. (thanks :3)

    The girl watched the boy fall down, quickly averting her gaze in order to not seem weird. However, she turned back when she heard him speak to her. She smiled lightly, giving the boy a hand up.
    "No problem! Y'okay?" she asked, somewhat lightheartedly, but with a note of concern.

    Eve yipped in surprise, accidentally inhaling some water. She coughed for a moment, coughing it up.
    "Ah - sorry, didn't see ya there," she replied, oddly genuine for her. Then again, she'd been feeling strange all morning.
  16. Jay

    Jay hid a slight smile when Justin fell out of his seat, but it quickly turned to a scowl as another bolt of pain shot through her skull. She glanced back at the desk, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Zoroark again, but no. The only face that stared back at her was her own. But then it happened again!

    Jay’s high cheekbones, pale skin, and platinum hair gave way to the long snout, black fur, and red tufts of the Zoroark’s face and hair. “What the...” Her whisper was confused. The Zoroark’s face moved with her own, as if it truly were her reflection. She rubbed at the desk, as if there was dirt on it.

    “What on earth?” Her voice was pitched so that no one else could hear her. And at that point she realized: Nothing. This was nothing from Earth.


    Ark’s claws ripped up splinters from the tree’s already-fractured trunk. He needed a reflective surface. He needed proof that he wasn’t insane. And that meant the river.

    However antisocial the Illusion Pokémon was didn’t stop him from wanting, needing to know.

    He landed at the base of his tree cautiously, casting an illusion that hid him from view. That way, no one would approach him. Of course, he thought wryly, they may very well run into me.

    The Zoroark looked deep into the slow-moving depths of the river. There! His heart sank. It was still the girl’s face. Wait a minute...

    When Ark looked around at the other Pokémon crowding his favorite fishing spot, he realized that he wasn’t the only one. By thrusting his head beneath the surface, he saw that it wasn’t only him who had an affiliation with humans.

    An Eevee. To Ark, it seemed her shadow had taken on a human form. The shadow cocked its head in confusion, then melted back into the Eevee’s shape.

    A blue-ringed Umbreon. Its rings shimmered in the water, giving Ark the illusion of eyes. Human eyes.

    A Dewott surfacing near the Eevee. Its already humanoid figure seemed to shimmer between human and Pokémon.

    One shake of his head cleared the illusions from his mind, and the Pokémon were just that once again.

    How strange to be irked by one’s own element. Ark found the sensation unsettling, and let down his illusion unconsciously. He surfaced and shook water out of his hair.

    It mingled with the confused tears on his face.
  17. {Tanner}

    Tanner was late again and he knew it was only a matter of time before he got in trouble for it, the dreams he had been having were just too enticing and they always made him sleep in. He dashed towards the school with as much speed as he could muster and tripped on his shoelaces a couple times.

    When he finally got there he opened the door with just a little too much force and ended up slamming it open. He stood in the doorway for a few more awkward seconds before practically leaping into his seat and sitting attentively, ignoring everyone around him


    Lairon had just finished a nap after a brutal training session that he hoped would get him closer to evolving, he had wanted to take a quick power nap, but while he had been sleeping he had another one of the dreams that bugged him so much, and as usual his dreams just kept him asleep longer, so instead of his wanted 15 minuet nap it became a 2 hour rest.

    The shinx let out a groan of exasperation, "This is the third time this month" he complained to nothing. He jumped off the tree he was sleeping on and stretched out when a dry feeling in his mouth prompted him to find some water "Wasn't there a river around here?" he whispered to himself
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  18. TheJustinMan

    TheJustinMan Previously ThatJustin’sASpy!


    "Oh, yeah, I'm fine! I'm uh... sorry about that. I hope I didn't embarrass you or anyone else to badly... I've just been really tired, and I had a rather weird dream." He said back. He was glad that someone helped him even though most of everyone else looked at him with somewhat amused and weirded out faces. "Well, uh, better get back to my desk..." He said, putting a hand behind his head and smirking awkwardly. He trotted back to his desk, the teacher still a bit mad based on her expression.


    "Oh, no, it was my fault... I kinda was taking a nap really close to the river and... I gotta watch myself better!" He said, being more hysterical than guilty like he knew he was. "I uh... I don't think I've seen you around before. What's your name? Mine's King. If you haven't seen me before, it's likely cause I'm either out a lot or I don't have school anymore." He said, continuing to shy away from the point.
  19. Jay
    Jay gave a half-hearted slow clap as Tanner burst into the classroom, a good ten minutes late. The teacher looked over the bridge of his nose disapprovingly, but didn’t speak. Someone whistled under their breath as he hurried to his seat and sat stiff-backed, waiting for the teacher’s instructions.

    The teacher droned on and on about... Jay didn’t even know what he was talking about. Her mind was wandering again like an albatross in mating season. She snuck a glance under her desk at her phone, where she pulled up a picture of a Zoroark and looked at it.

    Why did she have this connection with the dark type? Jay was determined to find out. Just after the school day was over, so that her parents wouldn’t murder her.

    The back of her hand looked so plain, and the teacher was so boring. And her felt pens looked so enticing. She picked up a black one and got to work.

    The Zoroark no longer trusted what his eyes were telling him. The illusions had gained too much power over his optical nerves. What was happening to him? Another shooting pain raced through his brain. Red. Red-hot pain. A red shape. An... arrow? As soon as he perceived the shape, it was gone.

    Ark leaped up from the riverbank. The red arrow of pain had pointed eastward. That was where he’d go. The Illusion Pokémon loped off in the direction the arrow had been pointing him in... and promptly ran over a Shinx making its way to the river.

    “Great Arceus!” Ark swore vehemently. “I am so sorry,” he said to the Shinx, somewhat self-consciously. “I... I didn’t see you there. Are...” He cleared his throat. “Are you okay?”

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  20. [Tanner]

    Tanner was done with today, the teachers voice was boring, the day was boring, even the embarrassment of being late had faded. He had the urge to slam his head on his desk but decided against it as he would probably get weird looks from everyone.

    Tanner looked around the room hoping and praying that something more interesting than.....whatever the teacher was talking about, would happen. He saw Jay had a pen and was drawing on something. He was curious what she was drawing so he leaned over slightly to get a better look


    Lairon expected a lot of things to happen on the way to the river, maybe he would find some berries, maybe there would be someone at the river already, but the one thing he didn't expect was a red and black mass to slam into him and then apologize to him for it. "HOLY MILTANK WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!" He shouted mostly out of surprise and less of pain. But he instantly regretted what he said when he realized what had hit him, it was a zoroark. Lairon backed away from the black and red pokemon slowly, he knew that zoroarks could make illusions and could pull some very nasty pranks, so it was best not to get on their bad side

    "OH uhhh sorry for that I-I shouldn't have shouted at you" he apologized while giving the sorriest expression he could manage
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  21. Jay
    Jay didn’t even care anymore about why she was having visions, and let the Zoroark’s troubled face emerge from her felt pens onto the back of her hand. She was more interested in the how. As a very logical person, Jay was very interested in the science behind the visions. She supposed it could be magic, but that wasn’t a very logical conclusion. Of course, the fact that her artistically challenged hands could draw a minutely detailed Zoroark, but couldn’t draw anything else, also wasn’t very logical.

    The pale girl looked up at the clock and almost groaned aloud. Barely ten minutes had passed since her nap had ended. She glanced behind her and raised her hand slightly, so Tanner could see her drawing. He looked nearly as tired as she, so Jay figured it couldn’t hurt to let him see. “You like it?” she asked.

    “N-no, you’re fine,” Ark said, realizing that his species had a rather fearsome reputation. “You’re right, I should watch where I’m going.” Another bolt of pain lanced through his skull and he winced.

    “Speaking of where I’m going, I have to go somewhere. Or nowhere. Someplace that is no place?” Ark pondered that one for a second, then realized his eyes were playing tricks on him again. The Shinx’s fur caught the light in a way that made it seem like it had pants on. “Wait, you... never mind.” The illusion was gone. Ark was sane. Or so he hoped.

    Then a thought hit him. Only some of the Pokémon he had seen had illusionary human-like traits. Could that mean that maybe they were having dreams too?

    Well, Ark thought to himself, only one way to find out.

    “Hey, listen.” Ark lowered his voice and leaned down to the Shinx’s level. “I’ve... I've been having... dreams. They’re...” The Zoroark braced himself to tell the hardest part to tell. “They’re about humans.”
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  22. [Tanner]

    Tanner was staring at Jay's drawing of....something, but whatever it was the detail was INCREDIBLE, at least compared to what he had seen in the past.

    He couldn't help bet let out a whispering "WOAH"

    Tanner turned to make sure the teacher wasn't watching before continuing "that's, that's really good! It kinda looks familiar though, wheres it from?" He questioned


    "Well this conversation changed topic quickly" Lairon responded calm. In truth Lairon wasn't calm, in fact he almost threw up all over the zoroark which wouldn't have been good to say the least. He had fully expected some sarcastic remark towards him and maybe a slap or something, what he didn't expect however was for it to crouch down and talk about dreams.Today was just full of unexpected surprises wasn't it?

    "But uhh what exactly have you seen in these dream" He continued, trying to sound like he wanted to know more without letting on that he had the dreams too.
  23. Jay
    “It’s, ah...” Jay flushed with embarrassment. “A Zoroark,” she finished quietly. “From Pokémon?”

    Ark was brought up short. The Shinx has not called him crazy. The Shinx has not run away. Why?

    “There’s...” Ark sighed, decided he had gone too far to go back. “A girl. A human girl. She’s like, super-pale, with this long silvery hair... I’m losing my mind, aren’t I?”
  24. [Tanner]
    "Oh sorry I really don't know much about pokemon, though something about that name seems familiar" He responded


    "Anything else?" Lairon questioned, hoping to get as much info out of this zoroark as he could

    'You should tell them about YOUR dreams' a voice in his head suggested, but that was crazy and if lairon was being honest he still half believed that this zoroark had heard him talking in his sleep and decided to pull a nasty prank on him that would make him look bonkers
  25. Jay
    “You’re fine.” Jay sighed. She had hoped that maybe Tanner was a Pokémon nerd like she was, but she should have known better; he had never really shown much interest in it before, so she wasn’t sure why she was surprised. She retracted her hand and hid the drawing with her other palm.

    When the bell rang for second period after what felt like an eternity, Jay nearly fell out of her seat in her haste to get out of there. The classroom felt stifling, claustrophobic. She felt like a minute of fresh air would be worth several demerits.

    A last glance at the drawing on her hand filled her with unexplained frustration. Her fingers curled into a fist. If it was the last thing Jay did, she would find out what the visions were.

    Ark almost snarled at the slightly condescending tone of the Shinx. The human-like illusion had been there, he was sure of it. But then why hadn’t the Shinx mentioned anything about it?

    He held his temper in check with difficulty. “Lately there have been headaches that came after the dreams,” Ark confided. “I’m—“ He winced. “I’m having one now. Each headache has, I don’t know, a color; this one is red. But it’s in like, an arrow shape?” He sighed. “I know it sounds crazy. But it’s pointing...” The Zoroark closed one eye to get a better gauge of distance. “That way.” He extended one long claw to the forest behind the Shinx. “I was following it when I ran into you. What is wrong with me? I— I should be going. But I don’t know where!”
  26. [Tanner]

    Tanner chased after Jay, something in his gut told him that she was important...somehow

    "H-Hey wait up" he nearly shouted

    He caught up to Jay, who looked like she needed some fresh air

    "So about pokemon, mind filling me in about what exactly it is?"


    This zoroark was weird as crap and Lairon couldn't decide if they were crazy or if they were actually telling the truth, they seemed desperate enough and he had also been having strange dreams recently. Maybe some other pokemon was messing with them, but he really couldn't think of any that had dream manipulating powers

    "So uh, what exactly is the arrow pointing at?" He questioned
  27. Jay
    Jay glanced over her shoulder, barely slowing. When she saw Tanner chasing after her, she skidded to a stop. She flung her backpack to the ground and rummaged around in it for a few seconds, then came up with a small, bound book. She opened it.

    “Come on,” Jay said disbelievingly. “You gotta know about Pokémon.” She flipped to the third page of her card collection and jabbed a finger at one of five different Pikachu cards. “Or at least Pikachu. If there is one Pokémon everyone can name, it’s Pikachu.”

    This Shinx sure was pushy, Ark thought. But it wasn’t as if he had anything left to lose; it already knew about his dreams. It couldn’t possibly hurt to tell him. Another stab of pain hit him, bringing the arrow back into his view for a second. Wait a minute...

    The Zoroark looked off into the distance. He had thought the arrow had been pointing into the forest, but... A cliff in the distance was pulling at him. And, he realized, it looked like a human hand.

    One shaking claw reached up to point at the cliff. “That,” Ark said, shaken. “That’s where my arrow’s pointing.”
  28. [Tanner]

    Tanner had definitely seen that creature before, but he didn't know exactly where it was from before now

    "Oh yeah, I've seen that before" Tanner answered "Exactly how many pokemon are there?" He questioned


    "Well in that case lets get this over with and see if there is anything there, it could answer a lot of questions I have" The shinx told the zororark

    "Oh and by the way what's your name?" He asked "Mines Lairon and I think it's best if we stick together until we figure out whats going on with those dreams"
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  29. Jay
    “Ummm...” Jay thought for a minute, tapping her chin like a comic book character. “Right now I think almost a thousand. But they’re making more all the time.”

    The final bell rang and Jay bolted. “Crap,” she said as she stuffed her card collection back into her backpack. “I’m going to be late for second period. Mr. Swanson’s gonna kill me!”

    “I’m Ark,” the Zoroark said. “Do you want to ride or walk? I might be able to climb the rocks better.” He waited patiently for the Shinx’s response.

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  30. [Tanner]

    "Yikes your right, well when class is over can you tell me more about it?" Tanner asked

    "Sorry it's just, something about this seems important. I probably sound crazy" He said sheepishly


    Lairon was slightly taken aback at the zoroarks offer but he soon shook the surprise off

    "No I can walk I could probably use the exercise, but thanks anyway" He responded
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  31. Jay
    “Um... yeah,” Jay said, edging away from him, itching to get to class. “Gotta go!” She bolted around buildings and pillars, through the lunch area, and to the other side of campus, where her second period science classroom was.

    The girl skidded in front of the door just as it was closing, stuck out her foot, and caught it. “Yes!” she whispered to herself, and slid inconspicuously into her seat near the door. Thank God, she thought. One more tardy would mean a lunch detention and a demerit.

    Mr. Swanson droned on and on about potential energy, mass, and velocity; blah, blah, blah, sciency physics stuff that she already knew about because she had studied hard all summer vacation and had crammed a few hours each week during the semester. The idiot next to her raised his hand. She had forgotten his name, and for good reason.

    “So...” he drawled, smirking. One of his friends gave a laugh badly disguised as a cough. “What would the potential energy of piss be if it was expelled from the urinary tract at exactly fifteen-point-seven-two miles per hour?”

    Jay bit down on her tongue and groaned quietly. She didn’t mind the subject; what she did mind was the people taking it.

    “Miss Riverwing, would you like to answer that question?” Mr. Swanson tapped his pen against his desk. This was a routine they had; every time someone asked a stupid question, the teacher would deflect it to Jay, who would in turn make the offender feel stupid.

    “I don’t know, sir,” Jay said tiredly. “Why doesn’t he demonstrate so we can measure it?”

    It was going to be a long day.

    Ark shrugged. To each his own. He began to make his way through the forest towards the cliff indicated by the red arrow of—

    Another stab hit him. He doubled over in pain, the arrow clearer than ever, and now definitely pointing towards the cliff. As the pain eased, the Zoroark straightened and massaged his temples. “Okay, okay, I get it,” he muttered to himself. “I’m going. Now please stop splitting my head open.”

    Ark loped along at a steady pace, making sure to not get too far ahead of the Shinx. “So,” he said, trying to make conversation. They had a long way to go before they reached the cliff. “Any particular reason you’re named after a different Pokémon species?”
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  32. [Tanner]

    Tanner was beyond bored and it was major deja vu from last class, His mind wandered to the topic of pokemon and the more he thought about it the more it felt like someone was pushing on his head. Eventually he had gotten so lost in thought he couldn't hear the teacher calling his name impatiently.

    Eventually he was broken out of his trance with a loud "TANNER" from the teacher, Mrs. Maddison

    "OH s-sorry" He replied, embarrassed from all the weird looks he was getting

    "You're forgiven IF you can tell me who the 14th president of the united states was" Mrs. Maddison sternly replied

    Tanner hated when she pulled this on student, sometimes it was easy to guess like Thomas Jefferson, or James Madison, but occasionally she made you guess one that was really hard. To be honest he probably should have learned all the presidents by now just for these occasions

    "Uhhhhhhh was it Andrew Johnson?" He guessed

    "Franklin Pierce" She answered "So that means it's detention for you" She said while handing him a pink slip

    Today just wasn't going Tanners way


    Lairon was unusually trusting to this Zoroark, but something told Lairon to trust him.

    "Oh well I kinda gave myself that name because right now I'm aiming to evolve and I admire the power of a Lairon even in their second evolution, but if im being honest I'll probably change my name to what it used to be when I do evolve" He answered while climbing the rough terrain
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