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Pokémon Smash Reveals New Pokémon XY Anime Trailer

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    While yesterdays edition of Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash didn't bring with it any new information to do with the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games, it did clarify a few of the details to do with the Pokémon XY anime series that were mentioned in CoroCoro and also showed off a shiny new trailer for the series.
    From the new information it confirmed that Ash will be joined on his Kalos adventures by Gym Leader Clemont and his little sister Bonnie. Pokémon Smash also showed Serena and Gym Leader Viola and it's suspected that Serena will also be joining Ash, Clemont and Bonnie on their travels. It was also confirmed that Jessie, James and Meowth will be following Ash to Kalos.

    The trailer also shows off Mega Blaziken and Garchomp. It seems Ash will spot Mega Blaziken not long after landing in Kalos, while a Garchomp is rampaging through a nearby city. If you wish to view the trailer yourself then you can see it below:​

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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Sep 15, 2013.

    1. Aeolian
      Demelza, the Garchomp shown in that trailer was not Mega Garchomp. Also, the Garchomp has a collar on it.
    2. Shiny Pyxis
      Shiny Pyxis
      Clemont is so cute here omgggg ♥ Like seriously, his glasses aren't fogged up like they are in-game and in his Sugimori artwork, and he's actually quite adorable. :'D
    3. Toastie
      I'm trying to have absolutely no expectations for this animé so that I can't be disappointed. That said, I can't wait to see Mega Blaziken, and hopefully Ash will use Mega Charizard.
    4. Linkachu
      Pangoro looks bloody amazing on that poster. I can't wait to see it in the Anime. ♥

      Initially I never would've guessed that Clemont would become one of Ash's travel companions but it's a sensible fit. I can only hope that his little sister is more of a cutesy character than bratty... XD

      Great trailer overall. I can't help but be psyched for this next Anime series. No matter how much folks (and myself) complained about Best Wishes, I just love seeing all of the new Pokemon animated each new generation. :)
    5. Sir Red
      Sir Red
      Ah yes, the "Pikachu is injured and Ash risks his life to save it" scene. At least three of those are needed per season (and once per movie).

      The scene with Mega Blaziken was actually pretty badass. I wonder how Ash will respond to the Mega Evolutions, though. Also, I wonder at what time Charizard will show back up to Mega Evolve. >>
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    6. precita
      Every generation of the anime starts off exciting like its the next best thing, yet everytime the hype wears off the anime goes back to its usual routine of fillers and poorly developed main characters. We've gone through this false hype 3 times already when AG, DP and Best Wishes started....I'm not falling for this again with XY. I mean we've seen the past, we know the anime will never be any different. Yet everytime a new gen of the anime starts people say, "Oh things are better this time!" and by the end of each generation we're back to square one.

      If anything though, this new cast of 4 brings back AG memories. We're going to have a group of 4 again, as well as a sibling dynamic, and it looks like Serena will have a role similar to May and Dawn.

      I should have figured we were going to have a redux of the Hoenn cast soon, as the Best Wishes cast was basically a new version of the original trio. I guess with AG being 10 years old now the writers figure now they can re-do the whole Ash/May/Max/Brock dynamic again with new characters....as most kids today were too young to have ever seen the Hoenn arc.

      AG was a decent series, if only because it brought in May and the Contests to improve the dullness that Johto was, but in the end I can't get too excited. As I said...we've gone through this false new series hype 3 times already....and the next girl looks to be May 3.0, whereas Dawn was basically May 2.0 with a Piplup.
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    7. The_Steel_Type_of_Guy
      I totally agree with you, @FulgoreX. Every time, a new generation of anime looks all fresh and new, but the writers know the various mechanics work and thus they keep feeding us with the same, cold soup (eg. Team Rocket's "We're blasting off again!" Man, I really loved when, finally, after a decade at least, the Rockets received some character development. New outfits, new goals, new attitude. But apparently it didn't work for the children, and J&J&M basically devolved)
      As for the trailer, we don't know yet what kind of character interactions this new series will present us. Sure, I'm curious to see Clemont and Serena fully animated, but it's not going to be anything new for sure.
      Regarding Charizard, I'm sure it'll be Ash's first and only Pokémon to Megaevolve, to keep things balanced. Sure, he also has a Sceptile, but we still don't know if every started gets a Megaevolution. I genuinely don't think so.
      Also... what happens to Alexa?
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    8. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      I really do agree with @FulgoreX as well....

      I really don't have high hopes for the XY anime at all. At one point I wanted to watch BW but after a while I realized it was full of the things I knew would annoy me (because the same stuff happened in the past seasons) so I never bothered. I hate to be the person complaining about shows I don't watch but...there it is. We've had this conversation about the anime many times, and people have convinced me the series will never really evolve (pun intended) so it's no use getting disappointed.

      That said, I really do like Clemont and his sister and I think they'll be really cool in the games. And despite the fact that I probably won't be watching, I still want Ash to get his Gible back and having it evolve into MegaGarchomp.
    9. precita
      Well its the 6th generation of the same thing. The anime has been repetitive since Johto started, with only a few brief moments of brilliance in the following arcs besides the same old routine. I understand its because a new generation of kids get into the show every generation, but its bizarre the writers never tried to change much in the series.

      The ONLY reason DP was slightly better was because of Paul and actual competent villains as that's what people wanted since Orange Islands ended, but that's about it. Had it not been for Ash having a strong rival, good villains, and Ash being at his strongest in the series, it wouldn't have been much different than any other saga.
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    10. Sibu K Johns
      Sibu K Johns
      I just now wish that pokemons were real so that i could play with they all the time i wanted i really wish to have the pokemons with me in which i created on my trainer card.
    11. kathey
      Ash and its pokemon I think they will get spcial pokemon in pokemon x Andy

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