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Ask to Join Pokemon Sinnoh Travels

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PyroGaleZX, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Sign-Ups: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-sinnoh-travels-sign-up.19500/


    1. Have a good amount of writing in you posts, if you don't have a good amount of material to post, then don't post. Instead wait to post when you have enough to write about.
    2. Communicate with the other Roleplayers, especially if you need clarification on various situations
    3. Paying attention is important, write the dex number of your favorite Pokemon next to your name.
    4. Not everyone will get excepted, if I feel that you lack proper Roleplaying experience, I apologize, but you will be turned down.
    5. Read the Roleplay Rules of this site, especially to Pokemon Rules! You can even read them here
    6. Have Fun.
    7. No Battle Bond, Fakemon, or Z-Moves

    Background Detail
    It has been 5 years since Cyrus, leader of Team Galactic, attempted to destroy the world. Since then the Sinnoh Region has seen peace. However there lies a group of Pokemon Poachers who search and capture rare Pokemon to sell for high profit. Many Pokemon have been captured by these hunters and have been sold off as property for collectors, scientists, and even some trainers wishing to buy their way to becoming the best. While the Sinnoh Police Force (SPF) has tried to find these criminals, there has been no progress towards their capture.

    But not everything has been dark and depressing, many trainers have spent their lives working hard in order to reach the ranks of a top trainer in hopes of battling and defeating the Champion Cynthia, however to this day, Cynthia remains undefeated. Maybe one day there will be a trainer who can defeat and take the title of Champion from her.
  2. "Now Chimchar use Scratch!" Will ordered. A small chimp Pokemon began dashing towards a bird-like Pokemon known as Starly. Chimchar swung it's fingers at the Pokemon but barely missed as Starly quickly flew just out of reach. "We can't beat it if it keeps flying like that," Will muttered. Starly quickly took a nosedive as it tackled Chimchar to the ground before flying away. Will sighed as he walked over and picked up Chimchar, "Thanks buddy you tried your best," Will smiled as he watched Starly fly away.

    Will grabbed a small blue berry from his backpack and gave it to his Chimchar. Although he had only just began his first journey in the Sinnoh Region Will was aware of different berries he could find. As Chimchar finished eating the berry all the damage was slowly healed. Chimchar shot up happy and cheerful even doing a little dance. "I'm glad that you're feeling better Chimchar, now let's try and get to Sandgem Town."

    Will reached back into his bag and pulled out a map, "We're here, at Lake Verity," Will pointed to a large body of water on the map. "And Sandgem Town is only a little further," he moved his finger to a red mark labelled, "Sandgem Town." Will and Chimchar nodded and began their walk to Sandgem Town to meet with Professor Rowan.
  3. Route 201 was very peaceful, bird Pokemon chirping and the splashing of Lake Verity in the distance. A small green plant Pokemon was wandering around, admiring the plant life. Behind the Pokemon followed his trainer closely behind, a Pokegear in his hand. "Bulbasaur, don't wander too far ahead," Drake called out to his Pokemon. Looking at this device, Drake flipped through different applications before stopping at the map card. With the update for the Sinnoh Region, Drake was hoping he wouldn't get lost. He wasn't too familiar with this region, but exploring a new region was always exciting.

    “Let’s see,” Drake muttered to himself. “Sandgem Town is straight ahead.” His parents had told him that he should stop by the professor’s lab in Sandgem Town. He wasn’t sure why he had to, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn more about Sinnoh.
  4. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    Clark sat tranquil, sitting on the sunny, Sandgem beach, Freesia sitting at his side and Serrulata sitting in his lap. He closed his eyes and thought about what he could do on his journey. Did he want to do the gym challenge? He wasn't quite sure. Maybe he could try to catch all the Pokémon in Sinnoh, or at least see all of them. That could be fun. He pondered as the sand slowly seeped itself into his shoes. Serrie was soaking in the sunlight all she could, she would spend hours just sitting in the sun. She moved fairly slow, which was difficult for Clark traveling over to Sandgem, and he'd carry her in a Pokéball if not for that- but he was in no rush, and he and his Pokémon could take their time. He got up and decided to carry Serrie in his arms, so that she could still get sunlight but not have to do all that walking. Freesia fluttered up next to Clark, flying alongside him as he headed to explore Sandgem Town.

    He knew there weren't many particularly memorable landmarks here- although there was a research lab. Maybe he could apply for an internship. He gave it some thought before jumping to the other places nearby- he could go to Jubilife, but then it'd take a long time for him to walk to Twinleaf Town, if he wanted to visit there. He didn't really want to that much though, but visiting Lake Verity could be relaxing. Deciding on that, he headed down the path of Route 201, avoiding wild Pokémon for now. Maybe Freesia could fly him to the lake? At first glance, it'd seem a crazy thought, but she had been able to carry him through the sky before. He returned Serrulata to her Pokéball, much to her dismay, and calmly told Freesia to use fly prior to her starting zooming over to Lake Verity. The flight made him a little nauseous, but he wanted to take in the high up view. Along the way he flew over a couple trainers around his age, before Freesia couldn't carry him anymore and inadvertently dropped him into the lake. Freesia flew over the lake distressed at this mistake and worried for Clark and Serrie's health.

    Clark was able to put his left hand on the side of the lake to pull him up, cradling the Cherubi in his left. Freesia quickly put her hand out to pull him up and succeeded with surprising strength. Clark dropped down on the side of Lake Verity, collapsing on the ground in fatigue. Serrie was a bit agitated, that large an amount of water always made her get droopy. Clark decided he'd let her sit in the sun for a bit. He knew there were Pokémon around here, but other than the spirit emotion, which probably wouldn't do anything harsh anyway, Freesia would be able to beat them. He walked over to one of the trainers he had seen not too far away, a blonde boy with a Chimchar.

    "Excuse me, sorry to bother you, do you know if there's an inn or anything nearby?" Clark asked. Granted, it was still the morning, but he wondered whether or not it would be a good idea to crash near here. He was tired, and he wanted to ask more for his knowledge so that if he did indeed get too tired he could stay there.
  5. "We really need to work on catching a Pokemon soon, otherwise you'll be doing all of the battling," Will sighed as he looked at Chimchar who shared a look of defeat. "No matter, we'll just need to work harder and soon enough we'll have enough Pokemon to challenge a Gym!" Will smiled as his eyes flared with determination. "Let's go Chimchar!" Will quickly spun around before coming face to face with a guy and two Pokemon asking about an inn.

    "An inn?" Will repeated, he looked to Chimchar who shrugged, "There might be one but none that I know of." Will scanned to see a Cherubi in the guy's arm, "That's a Cherubi! I hear their pretty rare and hard to find!" Will marveled at the Pokemon. "Wait!" Will exclaimed, "You have two Pokemon that must mean that you know the secret to catching them, right? Could you please give me some pointers on catching Pokemon?!" Chimchar jumped onto Will's head as it's eyes twinkled like it's trainer's.
  6. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    Clark was a little flustered at the question. He hadn't really caught either of these per se, they more joined him in their own respective ways. "Uh... I guess I just befriended them and gave them Pokéballs? Sorry, I don't really know how to do it right."

    He was embarassed at his seeming lack of competency. He smiled at the Chimchar.

    "That's a Chimchar, right? Did you get it from Professor Rowan?" Clark had familiarized himself with the region's starter Pokémon, although considering he already had two Pokémon he wondered if it would be greedy to get one of his own.
  7. "That's amazing!" Will exclaimed with a twinkle in both his and Chimchar's eyes. "Chimchar here was a gift from my parents, that's all I really know," Will stated as Chimchar moved to his shoulder, "I wasn't aloud to go on a journey for so long but on my birthday my parents gave me a Pokeball that contained Chimchar." Chimchar smiled as Will scratched under it's chin. "I'm Will by the way," Will stated as he extended his hand.
  8. “Bulbasaur, use Tackle!” The Grass/Poison-type Pokémon charged at a Starly that Drake and Bulbasaur has run into on their way to Sandgem Town. At the last moment before Bulbasaur would slam into the bird Pokémon, Starly shot into the air to avoid the attack. Drake grit his teeth but was impressed by the wild Pokémon’s speed. If he had a fast Pokémon on his team, he’d definitely have some advantages against other slower Pokémon that were faster than Bulbasaur.

    As Drake was watching Starly fly in the air, it looped around in the sky and charged at Bulbasaur, slamming into the plant Pokémon. “That won’t slow us down!” Bulbasaur skid back a few meters but held his ground. “Use Tackle once again!” Bulbasaur nodded and charged at Starly. Drake patiently watched the bird Pokémon, waiting for the right moment. Just as his Pokémon was nearing the wild one, Starly’s wings unfolded as it prepared to take flight. Not this time. “Bulbasaur, jump up!” Drake called out. Starly lifted off the ground at the same moment Bulbasaur lept off the ground. The bird Pokémon was shocked to see its opponent following its movement into the air. Starly couldn’t react in time and Bulbasaur slammed into it. Starly was knocked back and out of the sky, tumbling on the ground.

    “All right, Bulbasaur!” Drake praised his Pokémon. “Now to capture Starly.” He pulled out a Pokéball from his pocket, pressing the button to enlarge it. With a quick wind up, Drake threw the Pokeball at the bird Pokémon. Starly looked up just as the ball made contact. The device opened up, enveloping Starly in a red energy before sucking it inside and closing. The ball dropped onto the ground, the button blinking red and shaking several times. Drake and Bulbasaur watched the ball, anxious to see if the capture was a success. A couple seconds later, the shaking stopped and the button stopped blinking. A soft ding rang out signaling a successful capture. Drake walked and picked up the Pokeball, smiling. He looked at Bulbasaur and pat him on the head. “Good job, buddy. Let’s get going and heal both of you up.”
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  9. todoroki

    todoroki Previously gamora

    Clark shook Will's hand with his left hand, then realizing he was using the wrong one. "I'm Clark. This is Serrulata, and this is Freesia." He pointed to the Cherubi and Togetic as Serrie let out a little rubi and Freesia gave a friendly chirp, flying over and imitating the trainers shaking hands by reaching her hand out to Chimchar.

    "By the way, if you want to catch anything on Route 201, you're limited to mostly Starly, Bidoof, and the occasional Kricketot. Sandgem Beach and Route 202'll have a little more." Clark had also studied what Pokémon were available at each Route- he only had it really fully memorized for southwest Sinnoh.
  10. Route 201 was not only peaceful but full of pieces. Pieces of bread that an eccentrically dressed man scattered to feed the wild Pokémon. This man perpetually smiled, spreading kindness to people and Pokémon alike wherever he went. Like a maid, the sun dressed his princely blonde hair in its light, preparing his soft locks for a formal dance with the wind.

    They stirred slightly at first, but the peaceful moment was quickly ruined by a flutter of Starly wings, followed by a fit of pecking. And Casey was their target. The Pokémon had seen the bread that he was carrying and gotten a little too excited. But the meek man didn't have the heart to wave them off or scare them away, so he endured it. "Ah, a flock of Starly! They're quite hasty, I would say, if eating habits were the sole determinants of Pokémon natures!"

    Casey was calm about the situation and turned it into something positive, but a single bead of sweat betrayed his apprehension. His expression sent mixed signals, as the smile remained plastered to his face. It was a false but convincing smile that had been wrought from countless devastating losses in recent years. His real smile had died with his real self, and Casey was now an empty shell of a man.

    The Starly would have likely hollowed him out literally had a boy not captured a lone one farther off. The birds, having eaten their fill, scattered after one of their own kind was sucked into a Pokéball.

    "I must thank you! I don't know what I would've done, had those Starly kept pecking at me like crows at a Cacturne," the excessively polite man said with his usual smile. It was silly how he acted so well-mannered yet looked so frazzled now. Only his gray-blue eyes, which enjoyed the shade of his white fedora, seemed undisturbed. "My name is Casey. It's a pleasure to meet you! Where could you be off to, if you don't mind my asking? Could you be enjoying this beautiful day as much as I am?"

    With that smile on his face, the man seemed oblivious to just how ridiculous he sounded when he remarked that he was enjoying his day.
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  11. Drake turned to the fellow that had spoken to him. He hadn’t seen anyone else around and was surprised when someone spoke to him.

    “Um, I’m just heading to Sandgem Town,” Drake responded to the stranger. “I didn’t want my Bulbasaur to be the only one on my team, so I decided to catch another Pokémon. As for enjoying this day,” Drake tilted his head side to side. “Eh, it’s a so-so day.”

    Drake recalled Bulbasaur to its Pokeball and put next to Starly’s. He then began continuing on his trek to Sandgem Town. He stopped and turned his head over his shoulder, looking at the stranger. “You’re welcome to tag along if you want.”
  12. Casey smiled more. This boy had a purpose, a real reason to be here; he'd come to catch Pokémon. The man in white was simply there to feed them. And unlike him, this boy was honest about how his day was going. Casey had made a false statement with a false smile that was stubbornly twisted into shape. Straightening the corners of his mouth was harder than bending the bars of a jail cell, so he remained imprisoned in the bodily walls of this character he'd created.

    These thoughts floated in his subconscious like the guardian at the bottom of the nearby Lake Verity. Like floodgates his row of white teeth prevented them from escaping and disturbing his façade.

    His insanity ran deep, but Drake had casually invited him to tag along. "Of course. To Sandgem Town, then!"

    Why not? He didn't exactly know what he was doing here in Sinnoh, and he'd go wherever the wind, or any passing stranger, took him. When he started toward town, however, he heard the grumble of a small stomach behind him followed by a Pokémon's cry. Casey turned around and saw a Shinx looking up sadly at him.

    "Oh, are you hungry, little fellow? It seems that those Starly took everything for themselves, didn't they?" he cooed, crouching down and lowering himself to the height of the small Pokémon. "Well, I've saved a special treat just for you."

    Casey reached into his bag, which looked more like an expensive purse with its gold seal and white leather. He produced a cloth and revealed to the Pokémon the yellow Poffin that was wrapped inside. "Go on, it's all yours. Eat to your heart's content."

    At first, the Shinx sniffed the treat and eyed it curiously, but soon she was doing just that: eating to her heart's content.

    "Did you enjoy it? I hope so..." the blonde man said with his usual smile, then pet her on the head as a gesture of goodbye. "Run along now, young Shinx. Your friends must be worried."

    Casey turned and started to walk away, but he had barely made it five steps when the grass rustled behind him. Looking over his shoulder, he found that the electric feline was following and gazing at him intently. "Unless... you would like to accompany me?" he conceded. "Well, in that case, why don't we go to Sandgem Town together?"

    Casey playfully booped the Shinx on the nose with a Pokéball, which condensed the feline's small frame into a red light and contained it. As he held the ball and felt each friendly shake, it was clear that the Pokémon had joined him willingly and made little effort to resist.

    Instead of keeping her confined, however, he sent out the Shinx and let her follow.

    When he arrived in Sandgem, he simply stood in the middle of town. What was he doing? Where was he going? Why was he here? Although he was a grown man, Casey seemed like a lost child.

    So when Wingull swooped down and landed on his shoulder, it was like his parent had found him. Talking to his Pokémon gave him something to do and distracted his mind from the thought that he was nothing. "Ah, there you are, Wink! How was the lake breeze? I've made a new friend, so please make Shinx feel welcome."
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  13. Drake finally arrived at Sandgem Town with the stranger he met on Route 201. He turned around to Casey to tell him his current plans but couldn’t find him. Drake shrugged figuring they would meet again it fate ordained it. There were several tasks that needed to be completed before moving on to take on the gym leaders of Sinnoh. The most pressing matter was finding the Pokémon Center to heal both his Pokémon. All he had to do was find the building with the red roof.

    After asking around, Drake headed across town following the main street. At the edge of town was the signature roof. He walked inside and headed to the counter placing both his Pokéballs on the counter. He told Nurse Joy his situation and she took his Pokémon to get healed. While waiting in the lobby, Drake went over to a vending machine and got a soda and a bag of chips. He sat at a table and began snacking, looking out a widow into town.
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