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Pokémon Shuffle Hits iOS In UK/US

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Pokemon Shuffle Mobile.jpg
    We've known for awhile now that Pokémon 3DS free to play game, Pokémon Shuffle, was being ported to mobile devices and after a release in Japan last week the game has now hit iOS in the UK and US.

    Currently it's unknown if the game has many changes to the 3DS version, we know that the stages and game mechanics are the same as the 3DS game, but events and such will more than likely be running different to those available on 3DS at any given time.

    The game is also due to be coming to Android devices and will more than likely be launching very soon there.

    Update: The game is now out on Android devices worldwide.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, Aug 31, 2015.

    1. Localised
      kewl !
      i wonder what it would be like
    2. StellarWind Elsydeon
      StellarWind Elsydeon
      So I've played the Android version.

      This is my first experience with Shuffle - and honestly, for what it is - Yet Another Facebook/Mobile Match-3 Game™ - it's pretty good. I like the way they worked in Pokémon Types and the various level mechanics they've introduced to make things interesting. It has a Pokémon feel to it, which is on the whole great.

      What isn't great is how limited you are in terms of lives and how absurdly long it takes for aforementioned lives to charge. 5 heart limit with 30 minutes for a single heart to recharge makes for a rather frustrating experience, especially with the ridiculous catch rates of some species which would necessitate playing the same blasted level over and over until the RNG gods decide to give you a break if you want to capture something. Unless, of course, microtransactions - but quite frankly, eff! microtransactions.

      I suppose that at least they haven't gone full Candy Crush and don't bar your progress by the amount of people you've spammed to get the game, but that's kind of cold comfort. XP
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    3. Keleri
      I'm tempted to get into the mobile version since there are various pokemon and stages I missed in the 3DS version and it's unclear if they'll be repeated (some have been repeated twice while others haven't been seen since the game was first released). However, the mobile version has made some changes to make microtransactions more appealing, including making items more expensive and taking away Stage 37 Meowth grinding for coins. I think it might sit on my phone for bored moments instead of being something I actively work on like the 3DS version.
    4. douglas torchi
      douglas torchi
      qual o numero de registro para eu jogar?
    5. Keleri
    6. Draco Gengar
      Draco Gengar
      I agree that the 30 min per heart recharge is frustrating and that you lose that heart whether you win or lose (Candy Crush lets you keep the heart if you win) but overall it is very different from your regular (what I call Bejeweled games) considering that your able to catch the Pokemon (which i have been very successful in doing),that the\ Pokemon have different abilities, you can level up the Pokemon you use, and mega evolve some Pokemon. and yes even though i use them eff! microtransactions. Except for the Great-Ball which I admit is very useful for catching legendaries and other hard to catch Pokemon.
    7. the larped
      the larped
      on here i'm on sweet strasse. (phone is upgreading.) on the 3ds i'm on mega arodactle (don't know how to spell arodactle. STOP GRAMMAR NAZIS!
    8. Draco Gengar
      Draco Gengar
      Aerodactyle? ... *searches on web* ... Nope it's Aerodactyl

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