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Open Pokemon School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by planetmars231, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Pokémon school you can RP as a Teacher or a Student trying to learn the ways of the Pokémon Trainer

    Starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, or Pikachu.

    Rules: Ask to Join an RP
    Do not spam
    You may not use mature subject matter In your RP
    You cannot have megas or legends on your team
    Do not harass others
    You can RP as a Pokémon (Wild only)

    When introducing an RP character:

    Name: (Optional)
    Level: (Max at level 20)

    Name: Principal Martin
    Starter Pikachu
    Appearance: Blue Jeans, Long sleeve shirt, Baseball cap, Black hair, Glasses.
    Personality: Strong, Fast, Smart, Skilled.
    Likes: Pizza, Pokémon.
    Dislikes: Thieves, Troublemakers.
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  3. Here's the scene you arrive at Pokémon School and you're new then suddenly...
    (Remember this is the story your story)
  4. Name: Joshua Sycamore (Josh)
    Starter: Charmander
    Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, red hoodie, blue cap
    personality: strong, arrogant, independent
    Likes: strong pokemon, winning battles
    Dislikes: his brothers (Tyler and Alex Sycamore)

    Josh entered the school and immediatly people recognised him because of his brother Tyler, who was in a college in Kalos at the time.
    "Just leave me alone I don't want to hear it, only talk to me if you want to battle."
  5. Name:Felix Johnson
    starter: Charmander
    Appearance:black hoodie,red spikey hair,blue jeans
    likes: pokemon,school

    As felix entered the room,almost everyone thought he was really mean by looking at him,but he was actually very nice. He immeadeatly saw Josh Sycamore. Felix ran over to him and said,"Joshua Sycamore,I want to battle you."
  6. Name: Tabitha (tabs)
    Starter: Charmander
    Appearance: red hair, blue eyes, green hoodie, blue cap
    personality: Independent, friendly but shy
    Likes: people quite places
    Dislikes: lonelyness

    Tabitha had got to school and seen josh she walk over to him "h-hi she said I'm tabitha w-what's your name"
  7. Name: Lucy Jackson
    Starter: Pikachu
    Appearance: Black hair, black eyes, black T-shirt, white shorts, silver sneakers, white sunglasses
    personality: nice, friendly, brave, loyal
    Likes: Pokemon, meeting new friends, traveling
    Dislikes: /

    "Oh right, Pikacu, our first day." said Lucy and pet her Pikachu who was smiling on her shoulder.
    Lucy entered the school.
    In hall she saw a red-haired boy with Carmander. "Hi, I'm Lucy!" Lucy smiled. Her Pikachu waved to Charmander.
  8. "Hi,"said Felix,very happy to meet someone,"Im Felix.Would you like to battle?Ive been waiting so long to battle someone."Felix was new,so he wanted to battle so he could learn charmander's moves and how to use them correctly.
  9. "Sure, why not?" Lucy said

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