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Private/Closed Pokemon School of Battle and Arts

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DManArt&RP, May 26, 2018.

  1. This school rp is about, well, Battles and Arts of Pokemon! This is really any genre so consider is an any themed rp. Oh, one thing I just put in here while writing the bios is where your address in the rp is, there are 3 streets that have houses and they are Oran Street, Sitrus Road, and Leppa Lane. The house numbers go from 1-30, so its a small neighborhood. So the school has 5 main subjects, Battle Arts, Item Information, Statistic Knowlage, Bonding and Your Pokemon, and Pokemon Study. All of those classes are self explanatory but if you have any questions about them please ask! Well, that's all I can really say about it so here we go!

    Character Bio:
    Age: (13-16)
    Address: (Up there)
    Pokemon: (No Fakemon)
    Other: (Did you just move here? Do you know anyone here in the rp?)

    My Bio:

    Name: Dylan
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: Navy Blue t-shirt, black gloves, black pants. His hair is brown with a natural curve to the side.
    Personality: Fun and energetic, likes to interact with others. Battling is his favorite way to express himself.
    Address: 12 Leppa Lane
    Pokemon: Trapinch
    Nickname: Trapa
    Gender: Male
    Accesorys: N/A
    Other: N/A
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  2. Name: Laura Attwood
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Laura has chocolate brown skin, blue/grey eyes, is quite short and black, straight hair that reaches over her shoulders and has a teal blue streak. She often wears a white-shirt with a dark blue open vest and a dark grey long pants
    Personality: Laura is quite social, but likes to have her own time to. She also likes to crack a joke here and there, she has learned to not take any crap from other people and is quite an airhead
    Address: 8 Sitrus Road
    Pokemon: Trubbish
    Nickname: T
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: Moved here somewhat a week ago
  3. @IDKWhatUserNameToDo accepted! So do you think we should wait for one more person, because I think that would be the best way to go.
  4. Alright! but I would like to know a little more about the school? If it's ok?
  5. Sure thing. So the school has 5 main subjects, Battle Arts, Item Information, Statistic Knowlage, Bonding and Your Pokemon, and Pokemon Study. All of those classes are self explanatory but if you have any questions about them please ask!
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  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Friendly reminder that a first post in an actual RP thread must contain in-character content and actually start the story for other people to reply. Do NOT post placeholder threads that are all "We'll start this when we have enough people". That much is plain to see from the discussion thread.

    Tl;dr, the placeholder has been deleted. When you are ready to actually start this thread, that's when you post it.

    Make sure you read the rules before doing anything else.
  7. My apologies, I will make sure I won't do that again. :'|
  8. One more thing... Do you have anything special planned to the Rp? or are you going to tell it later on?
  9. Nothing special planned atm no
  10. @Noodle_Bug everything is great but the address has to be either Oran Street, Sitrus Road, or Leppa Lane with the address number of 1-30. Once you edit that you are good to go! And we can start the RP soon but I am busy atm so you will have to wait a bit, held up in working rn
  11. Alright!
  12. Name:

    Gwen De'Flora






    Gwen is a small female who sizes up at 4"1', and her skin is a light mocha color on her face. She also has freckles, which are scattered along her nose and on her cheeks. She has long, white hair that reaches down to her mid-back, usually let down but sometimes is tied up in a high ponytail. She has sapphire blue eyes with violet splotches scattered around her iris. She has a pear body shape, and due too her short stature she seems to be a little on the chubby side.

    Gwen’s attire usually consists of clothing she finds ‘fashionable’, either being trendy clothing at the time, or what she just feels like wearing. These outfits usually consist of many types of shirts being paired up with either ripped jeans, leggings, or high-waisted jean shorts. When it comes to shoes, she can wear almost any shoe and get something good out of it. Sneakers, high heels, boots, you name it. But, most times, she wears a long-sleeved crop top and a pair of jeans, with a pair of blue converse.


    Gwen seems to be on the optimistic side of things, trying to make the best out of every moment, good or bad. And, she is these things. Confident, wild, up for most things that others would like to be apart of. The perfectly-outgoing, makes jokes and puns for fun, and makes dumb decisions kind of person.

    But, she is also a bit insecure. Gwen can feel as if she is completely worthless at times, because her self-esteem can drop too, too quickly. Due to this, she usually has to take time to calm down after fights, emotional moments, etc. When mad, she gets all upset and angry, but then after she retreats to rest and sob a bit. It’s a cycle. After too much emotional conduct, she must rest and calm down. It seems to be something that goes unquestioned, and close friends and family of Gwen know of her occasional emotional outbursts


    29 Leppa Lane


    She has 2 main Pokemon, Coran and Shiro

    Nickname: Coran
    Gender: Male
    Level: 13
    Species: Nosepass
    -Rock Throw
    -Thunder Wave
    Ability: Sturdy
    Personality: Coran is usually very protective of Gwen, and is usually very nice towards other trainers.

    Nickname: Shiro
    Gender: Male
    Level: 13
    Species: Houndour
    Ability: Flash Fire
    Personality: Shiro is usually also protective, but he is also more quiet and shy. But, he is earnest and kind.


    Gwen has white glasses, and she has a baby pink heart that she drew on her cheek.


    Gwen has lived here her whole life, and her parents wanted her to go here to make new friends. She also came here to study, and she is ready to learn all the new things she can.
  13. There we go, it's edited.
  14. Alright, well I am going to start up the rp soon, so I will put it in here when I have it finished
  15. Cool! I'll post there as soon as I can:)
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  16. Name: Camryn Hart
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Hazel eyes, very light brown hair, 5'1." Wears a ruffled light blue blouse and a slightly darker blue skirt, even darker blue leggings underneath.
    Personality: Stressed and clumsy in a comical way, but this doesn't affect her confidence so she has no problem talking to people.
    Address: 15 Oran Street
    Pokémon: Surskit
    Nickname: Circuit
    Gender: Male
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: Lived here for about a year. Her favorite color is blue, of course.
  17. Castile Lockhart
    Age: 16

    Castile is a warm hearted individual, but blunt spoken individual, one that will assist anyone if they request her help. Despite this, she dislikes requesting help of others as it shows weakness on her part, and will often persevere on one problem for many hours, reaching high levels of sturborness. Still, no matter the situation she always tries to put on a smile as a sign to never give up and that the future can only bring hope.

    Appearance: Castile is a small girl, reaching heights of 4'10''. She has waist-lenght orange wavy curly hair, often tie in twintails, blue eyes, and fair skin. She often wears a blue trench coat dress with yellow buttons, matching boots, and blacks thigh high socks. She also carries an umbrella around, and uses it to keep the sun away.

    Address: 25, Citrus Lane

    Additional notes:

    - All her pokemon are in heal balls, as that is the only type of pokeball she carries and uses.
    - She has a stuff Tiddiursa in her bag, and it is a memento of her old friend, Jenny.
    - She was born and raised in Alamos Town.
    - Has an older brother, named Soma, but lost contact with him two months ago.
    - She is a big fan of the Sweet Heart magical girl series, and even carries around some toys of the series.
    - She is afraid of falling from big heights.
    - Has a big sweet tooth.
    -Recently transfer feom her old school.


    Petilil (shiny)
    Nickname: Riri
    Moveset: Healing Bell, Magical Leaf, Healing Wish, Sleep Powder

    Nickname: Rozen
    Moveset: Protect, Giga Drain, Zen Headbutt, Bug Bite

    "A smile, a simple thing but one that everyone needs every once in a while."

    "It is better to be blunt, than to try to hide information from someone you love... But try to give a smile (and cake) when giving them the hard truth."

    "I would rather try and fail 100 times than to never try at all, it is what we take from the experience that is more important."
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  18. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Name: Parker Bell

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Parker stands at 5'9'' and has a fair build. He isn't super slim or overweight, but he has a decent amount of muscle. His hair is jet black and reaches to his eyes, but he moves it over to keep it out of the way. His eyes are a dark brown with black lines in the iris, he wears eyeglasses and it practically blind without them. Parker is usually seen wearing a black hoodie with a gray undershirt, very dark denim jeans, and black shoes.

    Personality: Parker is typically alone, he avoids groups larger than 4 or so people. He doesn't usually talk to others which makes him somewhat hard to approach. Even though he seems cold and distant, he warms up to people fairly quickly. He is extremely loyal and very trustworthy, the few friends he keeps mean more than anything to him. He can either be logical and tactical or the densest person in the room. He's a natural pessimist and can turn any good situation into a bad one.

    Address: 13 Oran Street


    Moves: Night Slash, Sucker Punch, Leer, Taunt
    Ability: Defiant
    King's personality is extremely similar to Parker's which is why they're such a good pair.

    Moves: Shadow Sneak, Swords Dance, Metal Sound, Night Slash
    Ability: No Guard
    Durandal has a small flame inside of his eye, he doesn't like other people or Pokemon.

    -Parker has depression, but tries to keep that information from other people.
    -Really loves anime and manga, worried people are gonna make fun of him for it
    -Has some Chuunibyou tendencies, doesn't show them too often
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  19. Hmm... I suppose I could give lil' Neourk a bit of a break.

    Her name is Diana Tangi.
    Age: She is roughly about 14 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Diana is about 5'2" and has a skinny build and a lighter skin tone. She has blond hair in a paler shade that goes down to her neck and has a small patch of faint freckles on her nose. She has sky blue eyes and has on a pair of clear safety goggles with the edges being made of a thin layering of twenty-four karat gold and the adjustive strap being composed of leather to give it a sensation of the steampunk era. She has on a short-sleeved, gray henley shirt and a nightly black skort. She wears a violet lab coat over her clothing, as the inner area has a few hidden pockets and a bigger one on the outside that can be used as a sling to carry around small Pokémon. She has on a pair of orchid ballet shoes and carries around a mellow mauve duffel bag.
    Personality: Diana tends to be quiet around others, only speaking if the situation is necessary to have a few words to establish progression. Some describe her to have a stern figure of authority, having quite the serious outlook on others when issuing out commands if picked as the leader in a group setting. Unfortunately, she can be impatient at times since her Lapras can be hard to please sometimes.
    Address: 10 Oran St.
    Pokémon: She has a Lapras. (See below for more information.)
    Nickname: N/A
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: Diana recently moved in the neighborhood and does not know anyone in the RP as a result. She also tends to spoil her Lapras sometimes.

    His name is currently unknown, but may be revealed in the RP.
    Species: Lapras / Transport Pokémon
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Due to his young age, he is noticeably smaller than the average Lapras; standing at a height of roughly fifty-five centimeters and being at almost nine kilograms from a recent, frightful checkup. His curly ears are smaller than usual, while the horn on his forehead is nearly impossible to notice at a normal distance like the blunt knobs on his back almost blending in with the firm, gray surface.
    Personality: His trainer describes him to be an infantile Pokémon with an inarticulate and quirky behavior. He tends to cover his mouth with his right flipper at times, while also curling up when faced with a stranger in a sudden conversation. He is often seen practicing on his moves and other tactics in his leisure time.
    Ability: Shell Armor (Having a tough shell nullifies the effects of critical hits.)
    Primary Moves: Ice Shard, Confuse Ray, Water Pulse, Ice Beam.
    Other: As a result of some past training in his free time, he has more combat experience than the typical Pokémon of his age does.
  20. Name: Conner Kamiya
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Conner is average height for his age. He has spiky white hair, tanned skin, a black and purple vest with a green undershirt, green shorts and white shoes.
    Personality: Overall, Conner is a nice guy. He's a carefree person who loves pokemon and making new friends. He also loves having Pokemon battles. He tends to be lazy in class and will usually fall asleep but, will wake up instantly if there's any sort of action.
    Address: 4 Leppa Lane
    Pokemon: Rowlet and Gastly
    Nickname: N/A
    Accessories: N/A
    Other: Conner has just moved here from Johto. He received his Rowlet as a gift when his dad went to Alola on business. He tends to eat a lot when he's hungry.
  21. Name: Zhuna
    Age: 13
    Gender: female
    Personality: kind, somewhat impish, rash with decisions, depressed
    Address: 1130 Sitrus Lane
    Pokemon: Sneasel
    Nickname: Luna
    Accessories: a vulpix pendant and a gold bracelet on her left arm.
    Other: New, and just moved.
  22. @LunaTheSneasel accepted! The only thing you have to change is the 1130 in Sitrus lane, you have to make it 1-30
  23. I forgot to put what Zhuna looks like, hang on.

    She has red hair, blue eyes, an orange shirt, and black pants with floral looking slip ons. She also has pale skin, and a bejeweled headband to hold her short hair back.
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  24. 2-20 Sitrus Lane, then.
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  25. Wait- ooooh, sorry, I’m kinda stupid with that kinda stuff... 22 Sitrus Lane... my bad.
  26. Its ok, you can rp now when your ready
  27. Name: Davis “Squash” Connell

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Squash is a soft spoken person, and also very timid. He enjoys his personal space...a lot, and is not up for interacting with others. He does help people whenever they are in need, however, but doesn’t ask for anything in return. If he is bothered a lot though, he’ll sometimes yell hit the persister. Squash does also have short self-esteem and isn’t very prideful, though his Pokemon makes up for that.

    Squash has brown, puffy hair and explodes everywhere, and a nice, new looking red hoodie, though his shoes are pretty dirty.

    Nickname: Squash. >.>

    Address: 26 Leppa Lane


    Name: Tarubo
    Gender: Male
    Species: Togepi
    Appearance: Cracked part on the back of his shell
    Tarubo is extremely prideful and arrogant, possibly picking fights with pokemon for the sake of it. This Togepi usually refuses to swallow its pride, and blames other Pokemon for its downfall. It’s very energetic...in a bad way, and doesn’t listen to it’s trainer most of the time. Usually it’s bribed by food or something, but he’s also a little gluttonous, stealing food from just Squash. Pranks may also be pulled...on him.

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