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Private/Closed Pokemon School of Battle and Arts RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, May 27, 2018.

  1. Dylan looked at him wondering why he was so nervous. "Alright, my name is Dylan, I guess we will be pals for this project, so nice to meet you. This is my Trapinch, Trapa. Whats your name?" He held out a firm hand for a hand shake with a smile like grin on his face.
  2. Lance raced towards the school, his legs aching from how fast he had ran just to get here. He had seen the time on the large clock of the school, seeing he was late. Yet again, he would be late for his first class, and yet again would he be scolded by the Professor that taught the class. Groaning at this, he continued to pick up his pace as he rushed into the building. His Finneon cried out in protest, continuing to follow the boy as he made his way to Professor Slate's classroom.

    " I always try my best not to be late, but look what happens. "

    " Fin... "

    Plaxum then tried to cheer up the boy, continuing to float beside him. He the sighed a bit, before reaching the door that was labeled 'Bonding With Your Pokemon'. He didn't want to go in, but he slowly opened the door, Plaxum closely behind him as he entered the classroom. He then saw Professor Slate glance at him, and trainers pairing up.

    " Lance. Come anytime. "

    Professor Slate then said, and Lance sighed profusely.
  3. “P- partner? I thought we would all be alone doing something else... and it looks like that boy might be taken already,” Diana thought while the Lapras emitted a quiet groan in response to the instructor’s orders.

    It was apparent that there was no other choice, as the Lapras noticed his trainer looking around for a partner to work with. Anyone would do for his trainer, so long as the task was able to be done with said person with ease.
  4. “Oh, yeah. I’m Davis...” Squash trailed off, but he was already pretty quiet. “Squash, I said. Squash.” He spoke up some more. “This is my buddy...Tarubo...” Squash was still awfully quiet, but his Togepi puffed out his chest, smiling. “He’s kinda prideful...” Tarubo snickered at Trapa, tripping it. “He’s also a prankster...”
  5. "Well that shouldn't be a problem for me! I tend to deal with these things well. So don't worry!" He said with confidence. "My Trapinch behaves, when he wants to. For the most part I think this will work out great! So what do you think the assignment will be?" He saw that other groups were forming up.
  6. “I’m not really sure,” Squash felt more comfortable and calm now. “Hopefully it’s something Tarubo and I can grow with. He doesn’t obey me...at ALL. Doesn’t follow complex or simple commands. I’m not even sure what to do with him. I hatched him from a lone egg, and I really want something to build our—Tarubo?”
    Tarubo was snacking on a sandwhich Squash had saved for himself. Squash sighed frustratedly. “This happens a lot as well. I’m I not the right match for him?”
  7. Dylan looked at him with a stern and serious face. "I am sorry, but if I just heard you how I did, sounds like you don't believe in your Pokemon! No matter how they are or what they are like, does not mean you can't be friends at any point, even if you don't like them." He looked away and sat down at his desk still angry, seemingly angry about something that Squash did.
  8. "Its okay, I have my pokemon to protect me and also THIS! Castile said as she raised Heart Sweet Mirage's weapon. A toy of her favorite TV show, Heart Sweet Kaleido. Though, her expected response of awe and cherring was instead of laughter.

    "Hahahaha! Same old Castile as always, but still please do call if any problem arises. I am your godfather, and I can call up some connections to help you out, he said.

    "HEY! I was serious you know but still thank you. You were there for me and Jenny, protecting the both of us. I don't know what I would've done without you, she said as tears started to pour out of her eyes. It was too much for her, as she went through the car side window to hug her godfather one more time. In that moment no words were spoken, as they both let out their overflowing emotions.

    Soon after he left, waving her goodbye, and leaving Castile at the dead at night in front of her new living quarters. Inside, she unsurprising was met with darkness, expected, but she unconsciously wanted to hear "Welcome back, how was your day", a gretting she often heard from her godfather. Doing the bare minimum, she hastily took out her clothes and other materials from her luggages, and placed them in cabinets.

    "A rushed job, but it will do for now. It is better to worried about sleep today, than falling
    asleep in the middle of class, especially on the first day of school", she told herself. Soon after, she put on her slepping garments as she went to bed.



    Castile was awoken by the horrible beeping of her alarm clock. "A cancerous noice but one that perfectly does its jobs", she groaned to herself as she sloppily got of her bed to go to the bathroom for a shower. Inside she screamed, "Riri, Rozen, can you please get my backpack ready while I'm in here. Looks like I may be a little late today." Soon after, she got dressed, grab her bag, and made her signature cheri omelet for her pokemon and herself. With Everything done, and her umbrella up in the air, Castile locked her door and began her walked to school.
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  9. "Parker, you seem so cool and independent. I wish I could be more like you!" she just smiled at him. Camryn seemed kind of dense, but she knew her shortcomings and was actively trying to overcome them. A truly dumb person is one who stops improving.

    She suddenly let go of Parker's sleeve to cover her sneeze, which was so girly that it almost sounded like a squeak. "Circuit, if you keep spraying me in the face I'm gonna catch a cold!" she whined to her Pokémon.

    Camryn was fast friends with anyone who would help her, and Parker was no different. As they walked she told him all kinds of things about herself, about her Pokémon, too. She had Surskit ever since she was a little girl but could never say his name right, calling him "Circuit" instead. The name, which was fitting as the Pokémon enjoyed skating circles around his trainer, eventually stuck.

    When Camryn and Parker made it to Professor Slate's classroom and she saw what time it was, she turned to Parker with a look of sadness on her face. "Aww, Parker... I'm really sorry. We're late all because I can't watch where I'm going..."

    "Camryn and Parker, since you both arrived late, why don't you two partner up?" Professor Slate told the tardy students and proceeded to explain the in-class activity.
  10. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Cool and independent, huh? I guess that's one way of putting it..."

    The pair arrived at the school after a long and extremely drawn out conversation about Camryn and her life. Parker seriously wanted to shoot himself through the whole thing, but he kept an awkward half-smile on his face and nodded in between her sentences to please Camryn. The pain of the whole situation was worsened when he discovered they were late to class. And finally, to add onto all of that, he had to stay with Camryn as her partner in the class.

    Why can't I just catch a damn break? I need some serious alone time or I'm gonna die...
  11. Squash continued to stare at his disobedient partner, while also listening to Dylan’s rant. He turned around as he said “can’t be friends at any point.”

    “What! No no, I’m trying to make friends with him. But you are right, I just don’t believe in me. Tarubo has a completely different personality, so it’s hard for me to understand him. Really...I want to be his friend...he’s kind of the only friend I have, and it’s bad on me if I drop the guy. I don’t know where to start, however, if he won’t listen-“

    Squash looked back over at Dylan. The trainer looked down, going quiet again, and sitting down himself. Tarubo snacked on Squash’s second sandwich, looking quite disappointed. “What am I going to do with you,” Squash thought. Tarubo looked over to him, sniffed, and finished his sand which.
  12. While Dylan was still sitting on the desk looking down, he started talking. "Me and Trapa were friends when I found him on the sidewalk, he was not wild or he would be near a deasert, I knew he was abandoned." He looked over at Squash. "It just pisses me off to see trainers like this." Trapa looked sad as Dylan spoke. "Look, the first thing you can do is keep it next to you as much as possible with giving it enough space that it wants till its comfortable. Then try using your on tactics to find out what you two have in common, I used battling and it worked well, but this might be a problem." He pet Trapa. (gtg for tonight.)
  13. Laura looked around the classroom to find a partner. T jumped up on her trainers desk and pointed at a student sitting near the exit. Laura got up from her seat and walked over to the her, T walking right behind her. Laura noticed that the student had a small Lapras that seemed to be very young.
    "I guess we can be partners then" Laura said to the student.
    "I'm Laura and this is my Pokemon T" She said with a smile and pointed at her Trubbish.
  14. Camryn recalled the Professor's directions: to bond with each other to increase moral and battle support. "Well, we already talked quite a bit on the way here, didn't we? Extra credit for getting to know you outside of class!" she joked, then stared up at the ceiling and wondered with her index finger pressed to her cheek. "But if it's battle support you want, Circuit knows Psybeam which will really help King out with Fighting-types!" she continued. "Scald burns physical attackers, and Infestation whittles down our opponents if we can't face them head-on." This was a new side of Camryn, who was super clumsy but seemed to know her stuff when it came to battling.

    "Circuit is practically unstoppable in the rain," she pet her Surskit, whose last-but-not-least move was Rain Dance. "So if we're ever in a double battle, I won't hold you back like I did this morning. Promise!"

    Circuit twirled once around King before raising one of his limbs and pointing at the Pawniard. "I got you!"
  15. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Circuit definitely sounds pretty strong..."

    Parker put hand on his chin, he seemed to be in deep thought. King nodded to Circuit acknowledging his comment, the dark Pokemon was excited to see what the small bug could do. Parker however, was still in thought. He was thinking about battle strategy at the current moment, as battling was what he was best at.

    "King hasn't lost a battle before, but by the sound of it Circuit could probably beat him in the rain and even give him a run for his money without rain. I wonder how many other strong trainers are here... this might be more fun than I thought it would be."
  16. “P- partners? Well alright then, I’ll be brief. I’m Diana, and the little guy on my lab coat is Lapras. He’s quite young and can’t talk yet, but he’s got quite a punch... so try to not startle him,” Diana responded while the Lapras placed his left foremost flipper on his chest for a brief moment.

    A cloud white barrier appeared on the baby Pokémon’s body, protecting him from the strange gas coming from a certain Pokémon nearby. The Lapras continued to keep his mouth covered out of habit, as he looked away from the other Pokémon resembling a bag of discarded articles of some sort.
  17. Squash pondered some of Dylan’s ideas.

    “Well, getting close to Tarubo isn’t going to work. He doesn’t seem to require much space at all, and still doesn’t care to listen. Although, I haven’t tried battling before. Taru gets in plenty of fights, maybe battling is what it wants to do. If you don’t mind, I would like to try battling with you...just as a test.”

    The Togepi stopped eating for a second when Squash mentioned battling. A smile drew across his face, almost that of a smirk. The baby Pokemon jumped over to Trapa, sort of taunting it in a “try me” way. Not in disrespect...hopefully.
  18. "It's nice to meet you Diana" Laura said happily. She looked at T and Diana's how it was going with the two she noticed that the Shell Pokemon was covering its mouth and surrounding it self with a some sort of a barrier, so she thought that it was because of the somewhat unpleasant smell that T had.
    "Oh right. You'll get used to T's smell in a few minutes" Laura said and giggled a bit. T looked at her trainer,frowned and said something in Pokemon talk trying to defend her self.
  19. Dylan's Trapinch starred into the other Pokemon with intimidation, it didn't seem to effect the other Pokemon but it was intimidating none the less. Dylan got up quickly and walked up to the two. "Hey! We are partners, not enemys, now if we want to have a duel, it would be to know each others weaknesses and how the other can prevent the weakness, not to provale the weakness."
  20. "It's nice meeting you too, and let's just get this thing over with. I'd rather be doing homework right now if I had to be honest," Diana responded while noticing the Lapras attempting to envelop himself in a veil of cleansing water. A light cough from the baby Pokémon came, followed by a strenuous hawk that soon caused his perception to appear as if the world was spinning around like an intense roller coaster ride. The young Pokémon almost fell off of his trainer's sling, as he felt a soft grip causing him to be lifted towards his trainer.

    "Excuse me for a second, I'll be back," Diana stated with a quiet tone filled with noticeable reluctance.

    "I- I need to go outside for a m- minute. It's k- kinda of an e- emer- emergency," Diana faintly voiced at the Professor while another intemperate cough came from the Lapras. The baby Pokémon whimpered after noticing a small patch of scarlet red stains on his right foremost flipper. He took a brief glance towards the exit and kept the blemished area of his flipper away from wandering eyes.

    Meanwhile, a small, ursine Pokémon stood next to an array of lockers in the hallway. The empty trash can the little Pokémon hid behind gave off a reflection of his snow white and icy blue body. He gave a light pat on his lightweight, powder white kevlar vest with his left paw. Upon closer inspection, the top area of his head and his right paw were swaddled with a liberal layering of bandaging to protect his recent injuries and promote healing. Unlike his kind however, it appeared to be that his shiny dark nose was not runny at all.

    He gave a quick adjustment to the blue safety goggles he had on, while gently tapping near the clear lens to give a quick check for any particles wanting to hang by. He took out an orange device from the upper right pocket of his vest resembling a cell phone of an older model of some sort. The top part unfolded, revealing two liquid-control display screens, along with several control buttons next to the bottom screen. The switch was flicked on, as the device booted up within a matter of seconds. A green button was pressed when a prompt popped up on the map's empty screen, as the small machine started to load in the data of the area the mysterious Pokémon was in.
  21. “Yeah. Listen, Tarubo.”
    The Togepi backed off from Trapa and sighed. Squash picked up the small Pokemon and carried it over to his desk. He then began to whisper to his partner.

    “Tarubo, look. You haven’t been in a battle before, so this might be awkward for the both of us. I need to listen to me. I’ll admit, I’m a little quiet when it comes to speaking and may say the wrong things, but your recklessness won’t help either. If you trust me this once an done listen, we might be able to win. You here me?”

    The Togepi pondered Squash’s offer, and sighed, agreeing. Tarubo then held out his hand, shaking it with Squash. The Togepi hopped off the desk, and Squash turned around.
    “Okay Dylan, ready!” Squash announced.
  22. Dylan raised an eyebrow. "Alright then, first off we can't battle now so lets cut to the chase." He pondered for a bit while looking out the window. "Ok, Trubish, a poison type Pokemon, weak to ground and psychic, resistant to five types, Trapinch, weak to water, grass, and ice, resistant to 2 types, and immune to 1. The only thing we can do here is have Trubish cover any grass type attacks, if there is a flying pokemon you got it covered as well. I can get ground targets very well so dont worry too much there. So that was against our opponents in the tournament, now I see that I overpower you if we both fought, if your Trubish is hit by my ground boosted moves, its game over, you got all of that?" He looked away from the direction of the window to Squash. He finished prossesing the battle tactics, something he does well.
  23. The Lapras slipped through his trainer’s arms and softly landed on the ground after managing to hold onto his trainer’s legs for a brief moment with his spotless, left foremost flipper. He gave another series of fitful coughs while covering his mouth with his other foremost flipper. A few purplish bubbles managed to escape his mouth, as he could not pick up on his trainer saying with a dulcet tone, “Hey, are you alright there? I think that I should take you to that lady right now.”

    His trainer’s voice sounded like nothing more than a muffled man attempting to spread the word on a wide audience. The various chirps outside were as feeble as the muted calls that went past his ears. His body shook with utmost trepidation after noticing that the stained red area on his flipper was noticeably brighter and bigger than before.

    He felt something in his chest skipping a loud beat, which turned into two, before he suddenly saw the world shutting off the lights a few seconds later. A loud thud came a split second after.
  24. "Riri please stopped pulling my hair! I know you want to play with the wild pokemon, but we don't have time. Plus I think we're lost."

    Lost, Castile looked at her watch to see that there was only ten minutes left till the bell rings. Looking around, she only saw an old abandoned school building, one that was already being consumed back to nature. "An interesting building, but it doesn't concern us today. Let's retrace our steps maybe that will give us a clue on where we are", Castile told herself. She slowly turned around and started retracing her steps when without notice she felt a hard glare piercing her back. Before she even declare a command Rozen has already taken a battle stance.

    "Why am I always the last one to notice these things. Go Riri, used slee-." Not even finished, a huge bright of light came towards were the person was. It was blinding and to the point where you couldn't tell from your right and left.
    "Excuse me, young lady but you are trepassing in forbidden grounds. I can excuse it today as you look to be a new student , but do it again, and you may get expeled." you heard the person said.

    "Hey! who are y-." Again, you couldn't finished your words, but this time you were met by a Claydol, who as fast as he appeared he instantly teleport you and your pokemon away.
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