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Private/Closed Pokemon School of Battle and Arts RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DManArt&RP, May 27, 2018.

  1. This school rp is about, well, Battles and Arts of Pokemon! This is really any genre so consider is an any themed rp. Oh, one thing I just put in here while writing the bios is where your address in the rp is, there are 3 streets that have houses and they are Oran Street, Sitrus Road, and Leppa Lane. The house numbers go from 1-30, so its a small neighborhood. So the school has 5 main subjects, Battle Arts, Item Information, Statistic Knowlage, Bonding and Your Pokemon, and Pokemon Study. All of those classes are self explanatory but if you have any questions about them please ask! The only way to join is by putting in your bio in the discussion thread, so if you are interested then please join here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-school-of-battle-and-arts.19342/

    Dylan woke up from his bed inside his house, he got up and realized what day it was. "Oh right! Today is my first day of learning at the Pokemon School of Battle and Arts! It's a public school full of so many new people that I would love to be friends with, and you can make some too, isn't that right Trapa?" He looked down at his Trapinch and it looked up still sleepy and smiled at Dylan.
  2. Camryn was pleasantly dreaming until the sun poked through the blinds and caused her to shift in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes, rubbed them with one hand and felt for her alarm with the other. As soon as she saw what time it was she snapped awake, her eyes widened, and she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Oh noooooooooooo!!! I'm gonna be laaaaaaaaaaaaate!!!" She hopped out of bed suddenly only to be sprayed with a powerful stream of water. "Circuit, whyyyyyyyyy! I'm already awake!" Camryn complained to her mischievous Surskit, who was at the side of her bed. But she couldn't stay mad at her Pokémon, and it was in her nature to look on the bright side of things. "Well at least I don't have to wash my face now! But I should really hurry up and change out of these wet clothes..." she said out loud, gathering her thoughts. It never took her long to choose what to wear, because she always dressed in blue. She ran out the door with a piece of toast still hanging from her mouth since she didn't have time for breakfast and bolted down Oran Street. But she didn't get very far before she tripped and fell flat on her face. Circuit didn't even give her time to get to her senses as he hit her with another stream of water to get the dirt off. "Awww... why do these things always happen to me!"
  3. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Parker rolled himself out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, grabbed his things, and left his house. All without a single problem. He had his bag with his school items, and his two Pokeballs for his Pokemon. Not like they were both ever used, King refused to go into the Pokeball unlike Durandal who appreciated the time alone. Speaking of King, he walked besides Parker as they made their way down Oran Street.

    "Okay King, let's try not to make any enemies today."

    The Pawniard nodded at his trainer as the pair walked. Suddenly, Parker saw a blur exit the house next to his, the blur didn't get very far however. Parker slapped his hand to his face and sighed as he made his way over to the girl on the ground.

    "Hey, uh... need some help there?" He asked as he offered his hand to the girl.
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  4. Dylan walked down stairs to eat some breakfast with Trapa and had some cereal. He finished and took the bowl from Trapa and his cereal bowl when they were done. He got all of his things ready for school and headed out. "Hey Trapa, do you think we could make some friends? I am kind of nervious, I am only good at battling for fun, but other than that I have never met a friend, its proably just the nerves." The Trapinch nodded and they continued down Leppa Lane.
  5. Camryn took the boy's hand in both of hers in a gesture of gratitude and pulled herself up. "Thanks so much, you're my hero!" she said with her nicest smile, her face all wet. "I must be cursed or something, this happens at least once a week!" Camryn said with a knock on her head, playfully scolding herself. It was no wonder she had such bad luck, she lived on the unlucky number 15, Oran Street. Or was 13 the unlucky number? She couldn't remember as she looked up at the boy who helped her up. "I'm Camryn! And this is Circuit," she pointed to her Surskit, who was skating around her madly and clearly getting a kick out of watching her fall, "who has a nasty habit of-" She couldn't finish her sentence as the Surskit sprayed her right in the mouth. He'd missed that spot before and as far as she knew Circuit was just washing out the taste of dry toast. "...Spraying me in the face, and skating around me until I'm dizzy," she continued, "but he means well!" After a pause, Camryn held onto the boy's sleeve, "So what's your name? And... you know your way around here, right? Can I stick with you in case I get lost?" She blushed in embarrassment because she was totally hopeless.
  6. Diana gave a quick check to her belongings after getting dressed; doing the usual hygienic work, caring for her Pokémon and having a light breakfast with him. She held her duffel bag with her right hand while her Lapras lied in the soft, cozy sling on her lab coat. She went out of the house a minute later and locked the door, as the key was placed back in her bag and zipped up a split second after.

    The Lapras noticed his trainer walking down the area of Oran Street, as the first thing he picked up was a distant introduction of a girl with a boy after an act of kindness. The little Pokémon inclined his head for a brief moment and covered his mouth with his right foremost flipper after noticing the sight of a large flock of Pidgey gliding past by. He noticed his trainer taking out a handheld, electronic device and booting up the system. A chart of the area was loaded up seconds later, as an optimal route was placed on the screen from her position to the destination soon after.

    Sensing the baby Pokémon's lack of verve and pep, Diana decided to stroll past the two trainers and make her way towards the institution.
  7. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Yeah, hero might be a bit too much..."

    Parker rubbed the back of his head as the girl grabbed onto his sleeve. He wasn't used to, nor was he excited about, the fact that this girl was so touchy with him after a mere minute of conversation. Then again, he wasn't very used to or fond of any human interaction. Maybe it was normal to be this touchy with people you just met? No, probably not.

    "Uh, my name's Parker. Ah, and this is King. He's my partner, and my only friend."

    Parker gestured to King who had been standing by the whole time. King nodded to the girl, acknowledging her presence before returning to his quiet and unresponsive state.

    "He's kind of like me, not much of a talker... Anyway's I know my way around for the most part, where was it that you needed to be going?"
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  8. Castile sat there quietly, waiting for her drive to 'Pokemon School of Battle and Arts' to come to an end. This was to be her first day transferring to this school, a joyous occasion for any aspiring student but for her it came with a cost, her Pokemon journey. A year of adventuring, and self-discovering gone, posponed to an unknown time. A decision that haunted her to that very day, but one that she needed to do.

    "One last time, are you sure about this? Are you really gonna posponed your journey to pursue a rumor, one that has no credence of evidence" said an old man with a handlebar mustache setting on the driver's sitting. He having a very worried looked, full knowing the dangers that may come from that school.

    "Yes, but this takes special precedence. We both know what happened on that day to me and my best friend, Jenny. It change us and the ways we live our lives. We may have adjusted to our new lives, but I at least want an answer on why it happened" she said with her eyes closed and her hand over her heart.

    With a sigh of dissapointment the old man continued the drive, and ten minutes later they arrived to the destination. Castile knew he was worried of her well being, but this was a necessary step she needs to take. She took one final breath of air, before she slowly but surely open the door. It was a sight to see the huge school, even with it being late at night, but it only further reaffirm herself of her true purpose here.
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  9. "Beep beep beep" beeped the alarm clook as Laura slightly opened her eyes and smashed the button on it. The room was again silent. T was already awake and has been up for good ten minutes. She wanted to get her trainer up, so the Trubbish started to climb up Laura's bed. Laura was still in her deep sleep and when T got upp she started to bounce around her trainers bed. Laura woke up, sat on her bed and looked at her Pokemon.
    "Alright alright. I'm awake, you can stop bouncing" Laura said and yawned.
    "What day is it even?" She said and stretched. Trubbish frowned and pointed at the wall. There was a paper taped to the wall. There was written SCHOOL with big letters that filled the whole paper. Laura ran of the bed.
    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Laura said loudly and got dressed, while T just rolled her eyes and jumped of the bed to the floor and started to walk to the kitchen. When Laura was ready she got to the kitchen to eat breakfast with T, who was nearly done. After Laura grabbed her backpack and keychain and stepped out of the house, locked the door and hopped on her bike. T hopped onto the basket the bike had and Laura started cycling down the road of Sitrus Road towards the Pokemon School of Battle & Arts
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  10. "Oh, that's right! Today's my first day at the Pokémon School of Battle and Arts. But I kinda ran out the door without thinking so who knows where I would've ended up..." Camryn replied. Parker seemed uncomfortable, but she couldn't help being such a handful. Perhaps she was clingy and way too trusting of strangers but keeping people at a distance was not an option for her, given how much of a trainwreck she was and how she constantly needed help. Parker seemed a lot more independent than she was but at least they were both honest about what they lacked, Camryn a sense of poise and Parker a big mouth. They had that much in common. So when Camryn thought about Parker's admission that King was his only friend, she turned to her Pokémon and said, "We'll change that, won't we, Circuit?" But there was no context to the statement and Camryn was thinking out loud, so the Surskit sprayed her in the face for not making any sense.
  11. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    "Well whaddya know, that's where me and King are headed as well... No choice but accompanying you there I guess."

    Parker began to move forward, Cammryn still attached to his sleeve. King felt slightly threatened that his position would be taken, but that feeling left him rather quickly once he saw how uncomfortable Parker was.

    "Oh yeah, about that friend thing... You really don't have to, ya' know? I'm fine with just me and King, so..."

    To be honest, Parker was just scared. Nobody had really chosen to talk to him like this, especially not someone as energetic and outgoing as Cammryn was. If she really wanted to be his friend, it was gonna take her quite some time and effort.
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  12. Dylan ran out the door of his house in excitement. "You know what Trapa? Maybe we can impress some people with our battling skills, people dont usually think a Trapinch would be strong, but I got my ways." He walked down Leppa Lane in a care free attititude. "I think if I play my cards right I will make at least a friend or so, I don't know about making friends but it might not be hard." He walked with Trapa close to the end of Leppa Lane and went in the general direction of the school.
  13. Conner heard his alarm go off as he lazily sat up in his bed. "Great, I start school today" Conner said as he got up and started to get dressed. As Conner head to the kitchen for breakfast, his Rowlet flew to him from its perch and landed on Conner's shoulder. "Hey buddy, ready for today?" Conner asked Rowlet as it ruffled it's feathers with a small "Coo!" As Conner got his toast, he realized that he was running late. "Oh man, I'm running late!" Conner said as he put his toast in his mouth, ran upstairs to his room, grabbed his bag and proceeded to climb out the window. "Alright, gotta be careful" Conner then looked back in his room and came face to face with his Gastly. Surprised, Conner lost his grip and fell to the ground. "Ow" He said while getting up and rubbing his head, " Gastly, you shouldn't be startling me like that, return" Gastly returned to its Pokeball as Rowlet flew down and perched itself on Conner's shoulder. "Alright let's go!" He said as he made his way down Leppa Lane.
  14. Zhuna yawned as she drank her Komala Coffee on the way to school, Luna perched on the trainer’s shoulder. She was pretty close, making her way down Sitrus Lane. “Ya ready, Luna? First day, and we get to meet a few people.”

    “Sne!” The ice-dark weasel replied.

    “Good. We need some new friends.”

    As they reached the entrance, Zhuna noticed some people near the ends of the streets.

    Then, looking back at the school clock, she ran in, realizing she was gonna be a bit late.
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  15. Dylan walked over across to the school. People were starting to arrive but he and Trapa seemed to be a little on time, but late. "I don't know, it seems like people got here a while ago but school is only starting in 30 minuets." He looked at Trapa with a confused face and walked around to the front of the school. He saw a girl at the entrance who also seemed late and confused. "Hey, do you know where to go exactly, I am just finding my way around here." He smiled as he looked confused.
  16. When Laura and T finally got to the school, Laura parked her bike as the Trubbish jumped of the basket on the bike. They both took a quick look around the school as they were heading towards their first class. When T and Laura stepped into the classroom they noticed that there were two other students who probably were her classmates.
  17. The first thing the Lapras heard when his trainer arrived at the academy was, "I am just finding my way around here." Noting the boy's perplexed behavior, the Lapras decided to focus his attention towards the entryway. His trainer decided to make her way past the two trainers without a word.

    The baby Pokémon gave a slight nod towards a Pachirisu climbing up a tree with an oran berry held in its paws. His trainer pushed opened the door in a gentle manner and entered the hallways soon after. The walls appeared to have a tuneful, pale white shading to welcome all students of forms and sizes. A series of skylights gave way for the solar light to give the area an ambience of warmth.

    A brown, cherry wood door with a lumber sign of a red cross hanging overhead was the first sight the Lapras's attention was focused on. He continued to keep his mouth covered with his right foremost flipper while resisting the urge to let off a beam of wintry ice at his trainer when she entered the room.

    A woman with pale pink hair stood behind the counter, with an Audino standing by her right side. The Lapras heard her trainer stating, "Hello, I am Diana. I have come for the prescription that you have requested me to pick up after reading the slip in my mailbox."

    "Oh, well it's right here. Have him take this with food or water every eight hours. I would suggest to first have him take this at lunch," The woman replied before handing over a small bottle containing a pinkish liquid.

    The Lapras winced from a brief glimpse of the bottle containing a peculiar liquid, as his trainer placed it in the duffle bag. A smile was twinkled followed by a short wave towards the woman before the Lapras noticed his trainer exiting out of the room.
  18. “I am kinda new, so... you know your way ‘round the school?” Zhuna asked sheepishly.
  19. Squash entered into the academy doors, panting. He very carefully opened them up, though his hard breathing probably unmasked it. He wasn’t running so he would be late, no no. The introverted boy couldn’t care less if he was late or never made it, thinking about which days would be safe to skip ahead of time. Interacting with people was kind of hard for him, anyways.

    Something rustled in Squash’s backpack. That’s what made him run his marthathon.

    Squash woke up, at 3:25 in the morning, getting dressed and eating breakfast, some eggs and Moomoo Milk, the best ones from Johto that the cafeé sold around here. His Togepi was a little bit more energetic than usual, going on a mile blitz when Squash openend the door to leave. The little guy bounced all around Leppa Lane, which caused Squash to chase him forever, before it settled down near a shop. Squash had to return home to grab his jacket, and made his way to the academy.

    Squash was pretty nervous, for him and Tarubo. His mom and him practiced with Tarubo, using simple commands. Taru listed to Squash’s mom just fine, but not him. He never knew why, and was always frustrated when he tried. If he couldn’t command him, this little guy could be roaming around the halls in his own world...which wouldn’t happen, most likely.

    After a few trips to different classrooms, Squash found one where the rest of his classmates were. He walked in, and sat in the second to last row, not saying a word to anyone. The rustling in his pack continued, until to finally settled down. Squash opened the pack to realize Tarubo fell asleep again, much to Squash’s relief. He patted the baby Pokemon, and zipped up his backpack until a small hole was there for breathing room.
  20. He nodded. "Yup, I went here over the summer to check things out, the teachers here are nice too." He smiled at the girl and looked at his agenda list. "So first period for me is Bonding and Your Pokemon, do you have that too? If so I can show you the way." His Trapinch looked at the Sneasel and smiled at it.
  21. Zhuna looked at her schedule, and back at the boy. “Yea, it seems so... thanks for the help.”

    Luna looked back the Trapinch, looking a bit uneasy. Her timid nature was coming into play, and she was always a bit shy around other people and Pokémon besides her trainer.
  22. Dylan smiled. "Great, lets go then, I think classes are about to start, so let head there quickly." He walked past her and started walking as Trapa tilted its head and run up next to Dylan to walk next to him. "C'mon! Don't tell me your actually a Slowpoke?" He laughed a playful laugh as he kept on walking.
  23. “Hey, uh, can we introduce ourselves? I’m just wanting to be friends...” She sighed. “I know, it’s outta the blue, and we hardly know each other... but still, I want a friend.”
  24. Conner ran into the academy in hurry. "Man, where's my class?" He said while running down the hallway. Suddenly, he saw a boy with a Trap inch and a girl. "Maybe I can ask them where my class is" Conner thought to himself. "Hey!" He called out to the two trainers "Do you know where-" Before he can finish, Conner tripped and fell right at the boy's feet. "Ow, that hurt"
  25. Luna looked worriedly at Trapa, and started to say something in Pokémon language. “H...hi... I’m Luna... a sneasel who tries to break outta her shell, and meet other Pokémon.” She said, quietly. “You... don’t mind my insecurity, do you..?”
  26. “Oh, Arceus, are you alright?” She lent a hand to the boy, trying to help him up.
  27. (Before Conner.) "Oh yeah, how rude of me, my name is Dylan, I have been local in this town for 5 years. This is Trapa my Trapinch. He is kind of an oddball but whatever is what I say, he is like me." He looked down the hall at somebody running at them and tripped. "Are you OK?"
    Trapa: "Yeah, I am cool with it. I am Trapa. Nice to meet you."
  28. Luna smiled, and looked a bit less worried. “Nice to meet you too...”

    Zhuna looked at Dylan, smiling as she helped up the other trainer. “I’m Zhuna. Nice to meet ya.”
  29. Diana decided to make her way towards the classroom, while the Lapras looked away from the Trapinch when his trainer walked by its trainer. He decided to keep his head slightly inclined when his trainer arrived in the room about a couple of minutes later. He noticed his trainer taking the seat in the foremost row closest to the exit, while the duffel bag was gently placed down on the left side of the desk. No word from the young Pokémon or his trainer was directed towards anyone in the area, as they both patiently awaited further instruction.

    The Lapras fidgeted in the sling while Diana took out a notepad and pencil. A few careful strokes and shading were directed towards the notebook for a painstaking minute. Once the pencil was placed on the desk, a sketch of the little Pokémon could be seen on the page; complete with shadowing and shading of pristine accuracy from the light source being pictured on the left side.
  30. "Hey, well I guess we are all in the same class so lets head in." He walked into the classroom and saw that students were starting to arrive, so they were just on time. He took a seat in the 3rd row back to the very right. Trapa got onto the desk and sat down to rest on the desk. The time was 8:30 and class was about to start.
  31. Zhuna sat near Conner on the right, saving a seat for Luna to get in on the left. The Sneasel hopped in, hoping for the best. They looked to the front of the class, waiting patiently.
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  32. "Uh thanks" he told the girl has she helped him up. As he sat in class, he turned to the girl and said "My name's Conner, what's yours?". When he asked that, Conner's Rowlet flew up and perched himself on Conner's shoulder.
  33. (I guess I’ll be in Bonding and Your Pokemon too, why not.)

    Squash watched as all the other classmates entered his room. He had his head down most of the time, just waiting for the class to start. Tarubo had already woken up, but was still to worn down to do anything, although it did perk up at the sight of the other Pokemon entering along with their trainers.

    The little guy squeezed out of Squash’s backpack, and almost bounced over to Sneasel before Squash caught it and put it back in his backpack.

    A loud noise exploded from the house that was number 11 on Leppa Lane. Lance had been the cause, as when he saw what time it was, he quickly made a distressed noise. He had jolted out of bed, seeing that he didn't want to be late, not again. He didn't want to have his teacher scold him again for his tardiness. He had quickly changed, wearing his normal t-shirt with jeans, and he threw on a black jacket.

    " Not again, not again.. "

    Lance whined as he scrambled for his bag, the worry apparent on his face. His two Pokemon, Plaxum and Luxia followed behind him as he scurried down the stairs of the 2-story home he shared with his large family. Lance then saw his bag on a chair, and he quickly snatched it up and slung it over his shoulder. He then scooped up Luxia, his Corsola, who slightly wailed in surprise at the sudden action, and rushed towards the door.

    ¡Adiós, mamá! ¡Te veré cuando llegue a casa! " (Bye Mom! I'll see you when I get home!)

    Lance yelled to his mom, before quickly slamming the door behind him. He then started to race down the street, his Finneon Plaxum trying desperately to keep up with the pace of her trainer. However, he continued to sprint, trying to get to school before he was late.
  35. “I’m Zhuna. Nice to meet ya, Conner.” She smiled. Then she noticed the Rowlet and his shoulder, and smiled. “Nice starter you got there.”
  36. Luna looked at the Togepi and shrunk back a bit. Then, she noticed the baby Pokémon was, well, just a child. She reached out a claw to Tarubo, and smiled calmly.
  37. Tarubo bit the claw out of excitement, accident, and it’s struggle. The Togepi was finally able to break out of his grasp, and hopped on his table, puffing it’s chest out, trying to catch the attention of the other Pokemon.

    Tarubo’s trainer put his face in his hand, a little embarrassed.
    “Tarubo, I don’t feel like fighting today, can you please just hop back into my bag?”
    The Togepi laughed and hopped away to the other Pokemon, staring at them, intrigued. Squash sighed out of frustration.
  38. Zhuna looked at Luna, then at Squash. “Sorry, She never meant harm. She just has a soft spot for children, and...” she sighed.

    Luna started to sniffle a bit. But, she was determined to try and get the Togepi to like her, as a friend at least. She reached for her trainers’ bag to get a berry.
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  39. The class started and the teacher, Prof. Slate told us for our first assignment to pair up into groups of 2 and have the trainers and Pokemon bond with each other to increase moral and other things like battle support. She told them that once they got into groups and talked a little, then they could listen to what the homework was. Dylan looked around for a partner.
  40. Squash closed his eyes, upset that he had to be partners with someone. Not his day! His Togepi chilled on his desk, watching classmates pair up into groups. He tugged Squash’s sleeve, trying to get him to pair up with someone, but the trainer was fairly hesitant to respond. He then sighed and walked over to Dylan.

    “Um, hey. W-would you like to be partners...?” Squash slowly asked Dylan, unsure if he would accept his request. Tarubo looked over at his trapinch, looking quite bored.

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