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Pokemon Scarves by Stella

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Stella, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Heyo, everyone. I finally got around to spriting again after having so much school. High school can be such a drag, but I've been pulling work on my sprites to late night hours.

    So, I've cut back on doing trainer sprites. But, I have a new piece I want to kinda show off.


    Yeah, it's simple. But it's better than not working on anything at all. Any comments?
  2. Re: Sprite Starter

    These are really good! I'm new to spriting too, and I think you're better than me!
    Keep spriting, these look great. 8)
    #2 Black Heart, Aug 17, 2011
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  3. Re: Sprite Starter

    Ah! Nice sprite thread you have here ♥

    So, I've already told you that I like your sprites! All of them are pretty cute, and you're pretty good for a beginner ♥
    Of course there's still bits and bobs that need some touching up - such as outlining and shading - but you are doing mighty fine! ♥ I'll keep a watch on this thread, I promise, and all of its awesomeness too ♥

    also that Pikachu is adorable. jus' sayin'.
  4. Re: Sprite Starter

    Thanks, guys. ^.^
  5. Re: Sprite Starter

    Hey Stella, how nice you opened your thread ^^ that wil bring you lots of help and useful tips. Also keep up spriting! :3
  6. Re: Sprite Starter

    I edited the Misc. section with a new sprite. A set of Pika-poses with the Pikachu evolutions.

    Thanks, Dafg(:
  7. I did an update on my topic today. Edited with: Pokemon scarves.

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