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Pokémon Rumble World Announced for 3DS eShop, Free-to-Play

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    During the latest Nintendo Direct stream, that aired earlier tonight, Pokémon Rumble World was announced as a new game within the Pokémon Rumble franchise coming to the Nintendo 3DS eShop - for free. Like Pokémon Shuffle before it, Pokémon Rumble World will be free to download and play with the ability to spend real world money to enhance your gaming experience.


    It was stated that Pokémon Rumble World will feature over 700 Toy Pokémon, including Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversion forms, and players will be able to expand their collections via defeating wild Toy Pokémon - the same as we're used to from previous Rumble games. Unlike with Pokémon Rumble U, players will once again be able to swap out their active Toy Pokémon during stages with new toys that you've collected along the way. Further still, while the mechanic hasn't yet been fully explained, you'll be able to Mega Evolve your Toy Pokémon during gameplay under certain circumstances.


    The game will see players traveling to various locations by hot air balloons with the usage of Poké Diamonds, which can be acquired by completing certain objectives in-game, StreetPass, and by purchasing them with money from your eShop wallet. You'll need to spend your Poké Diamonds in order to obtain new hot air balloons, and the areas that you can explore - or more importantly, the wild Toy Pokémon that you'll encounter - will depend on which air balloon you're traveling in.

    Pokémon Rumble World is set to release internationally on the 3DS eShop April 8th, 2015th. Be sure to check it out if you're a fan of the franchise! And hey, even if you've never played a Rumble game before, there's no hurt here in finally giving one a go. Free is free.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Linkachu, Apr 2, 2015.

    1. AzureEdge
      Ooo~I haven't played a rumble game in ages! I guess I'm getting this one!
    2. NocturnalNetwork
      Free? I'm downloading it!
    3. Alice's dead account
    4. Linkachu
      I've ended up buying every game within the Pokemon Rumble franchise so I'll most certainly be downloading this latest one as well. I'm glad that the gameplay is returning to more traditional Pokemon Rumble mechanics, too (ie. not being restricted to a single Pokemon of your choosing per stage). The Nintendo Direct stream didn't say anything about multi-player functionality however, so I'm curious to see if this game actually has any.
    5. Azur
      I noticed this on the eShop about an hour ago, so when I saw this I immediately read it and have now decided to download it, especially since it's free.
    6. Rio1ink
      DragonTrainerMalachi likes this.
    7. SonicVaporeon
      Free? Well then, I'm definitly getting this. I've only played Pokemon Rumble on my Wii, which I think was the first version...? (And the best in my opinion)

      But I'm so glad that we can EVOLVE pokemon in this new rumble! YAY!!! I've been waiting for this FOREVER!
    8. YueliaBreeze
      I will be downloading this when it comes out soon Linkachu cause i never played this type of game before and i think i might like it as i did with pokemon shuffle and hope it will be good.
      Linkachu likes this.
    9. Linkachu
      The Rumble games tend to be fun if you enjoy beat-'em-up action style gameplay, but they can also get tedious after a bit because of the fact they're simplistic games. Your Toy Pokemon usually only have two attacks and can't power up or evolve by usual means. As you collect more and more new Toy Pokemon your previous toys tend to get ignored due to being less powerful. Maybe this latest game will be changing things up a bit but I suspect that outside of having the ability to Mega Evolve it won't be too different.

      For me, I enjoy the Rumble series because of the variety of Pokemon included within each of 'em and being able to use the Pokemon in a very different way from the RPG games. It's fun collecting the various Toy Pokemon, too. ^^
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    10. DragonTrainerMalachi
      Yes! Been with Pokemon Rumble on the wii for ages! Now I Can dive back in with even more Pokemon! ^.^
    11. Magpie
      Awesome! I loved the last Rumble game, so I'm pretty excited about this one. The footage I've seen of it looks very nifty, so I can't wait to give this one a try.
    12. Linkachu
      I was hoping to dig up Pokemon Rumble World's official English language trailer but seems like it still hasn't been shared yet, so in the meantime if anyone would like to check the game out in action you can watch its Japanese trailer (below). ^^

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    13. Batcoolszx25
      SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY oh wait its free lol
    14. Green Dragon
      Green Dragon
      Free? 3DS Eshop? Hello first Rumble game!
    15. Pikamama
      I can't wait to download this on April 8th 8):love:
      Looks like a ton of fun
    16. YueliaBreeze
      Well i hope you enjoy as much as i will since this will be my first time playing these games they look fun ever since i saw the rumble U it looked fun and i kinda wanted to get into the game since well i am kinda a big nerd in pokemon XD
    17. bioaura
      Ugh I wish my SD card had enough space... (should have never bought smash bros via Nintendo eshop XD)
    18. YueliaBreeze
      D'awww unlucky you might need to remove some space XD
    19. Pikachucat
      OMG I HAVE TO GET IT ARE MY HEAD WILL *head explodes*
    20. MidnightMedia
      sooooo cool I just have super pokemon rumble I need to get this GAME
      Pikachucat likes this.
    21. JamesTheRedEngine
      Can someone tell me why the Pokemon Rumble series exists? Why is it important? Why have their been three installments? If we didn't have this, would there be Battle Frontier in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
    22. Teapot
      No, because Rumble World (and the other Rumble games) are made by an entirely different studio - while the main series games are made by Game Freak, Rumble World was created by Ambrella. They don't share resources, and developing one game has no effect on the other. Same with Shuffle, which was made by Genius Sorority.

      And the reason for Rumble existing is because different takes on the Pokémon franchise are never a bad thing to try, and apparently people enjoy them enough for them to sell well. Just because you may not enjoy the games does not mean they are not enjoyable. :)
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