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Pokemon Rumble Blast: Your Favourite Toys, Moves, etc.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Linkachu, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    aka. Super Pokemon Rumble ;)

    I bought Pokemon Rumble Blast several weeks ago but only seriously started playing it over this past week. I've been having fun collecting at least 9 of each Pokemon and trading up for their evolved stage. Just about done the main story of the game now too.

    So, I have a few questions to ask you lot who've also been playing the game.

    What is/are your favourite...
    - Toy Pokemon
    - Special Trait(s)
    - Attack(s)
    - Battle Mode (Battle Royale, Charge Battle, or Team Battle)


    For me, it looks like this.

    Favourite Toy: At the moment it's probably my Salamence. I worked for that bastard and it paid off near the end of chapter 4. It's powerful, has average defenses, and moves decently fast. I love my fully evolved Dragon-types in these games. ♥

    Favourite Special Trait: It's a toss up between Healthy and Gutsy. Healthy's nice because it's usually pretty easy to hide while your HP refills, but Gutsy's a really great help when I'm trying to collect new toys.

    Favourite Attack: Dragon Claw. I love any close-ranged move that can be spammed repeatedly with little lag, and Dragon Claw is one of the best for that. I guess Shadow Claw works pretty much the same (thus it's also awesomesauce), but Dragon Claw STAB'd on my draggies is a lovely thing. :'D

    Favourite Battle Mode: Charge Battles are utterly silly and take no skill, but I love them.
  2. Didnt play the game yet so I dont have an opinion on the game.

    How long is it? Is it as grindy as the first one? How much did change? Is it worth the "real game" price tag?
  3. Still waiting for it to come out over here :| But if its anything like the first my favourite trait would be healthy and my favourite move would be shadow ball (its long range can be spammed and it bounces all over the place which is useful in battle royales or in big groups)
  4. Favorite Toy: The really fast ones like Ninetales,Lilligant,Scrafty,Rapidash,etc.

    Favorite Special Trait: Either Superstar,Healthy,or Lucky. Superstar is just cool-looking. Healthy restores my health. Lucky gets me more moolah. ;D

    Favorite Attack: Hidden Power,if i'm surrounded by attackers,I hit them with Hidden Power and run out of the circle.

    Favorite Battle Mode: Charge Battle,I crashed a Darkrai and a Reshiram,that's the only reason I like it.

    I really want a Darkrai on Black & White. Maybe a Arceus too.
  5. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    a. It depends on whether you're blasting through the game or trying to collect certain - if not all - of the toy Pokemon. I'm currently on the final chapter of the main story and my save file is at 16hrs 40minutes.

    b & c. Yes, it is still grindy, but since Rumble Blast has an actual plot it feels more focused. The pacing of the game is better overall (chapters are broken up into multiple sections), and the additions of new battle modes, towns, and unique move vending machines makes the game feel less stale. It's the same game at the core - so if you hated the gameplay of the original you won't enjoy this one either - but overall Rumble Blast is a much more polished game.

    d. I guess your final question depends on how much you valued the original. The first game was around $15 for me and this one is definitely a much better buy. Co-op mode has been reduced from 4 players to 2, but overall Pokemon Rumble Blast feels like an actual game and not just the same thing over and over. It supports street pass and has extra modes that can only be played once you beat the main story. It also includes basically ALL of the currently existing Pokemon, and all 5 generations are mixed together instead of being kept separate. 3DS games are pretty damn expensive in Europe tho, so I don't know if you'd value this game as highly as the likes of Mario 3D Land/Mario Kart 7/OoT 3D. I personally like it well enough and am enjoying playing it, so it was worth the price tag for me.
  6. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    I can't wait for Rumble! It should be arriving at my house on Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to answer these questions soon :D

    Obviously though, I can already say Archen will be one of my favourite toys. The pictures of him are so cute. It's a shame Manectric and Murkrow aren't available until near the end of the game though :(

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