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pokemon Ruby and Sapphire help pls =(

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by maron2119, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. i need to get the skill of surf do you know where i can get it??
  2. You have to beat the Norman (Who would be the main character's father) and obtain the Balance Badge. After that, talk to Wally's Father (House next to the gym) and he'll give you HM 03 or Surf.

    Also, this belongs in the Pokemon Games Discussion, not here. Please read the forum descriptions.
  3. where is that town??
  4. and also idk how to go in the fortree city because i go on the way to go there but its ocean i dont have an surf
  5. It's Petalburg City.

    Also, you're noob'd. Lack of grammar and not using periods and such. We use English here. Do you know it?

    And 'idk', is for MSN or Yahoo Messenger, not here at the forums. We use full sentences with complete words, not just some random shorthanded version.

    And no double posting. It's against the rules.

    You're in the Realm. Now get in there and stay there until you're kicked out of here or you've learned your lesson.

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