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Private/Closed Pokemon RPs and OCs (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ShadowZoroark, Apr 1, 2017.

  1. I decided I would make a RP place with OCs galore so, here ya go :O

    The story will take place in the Ginnoa region (Which is kinda like Alaska.) The region is mostly mountainous, with lots of ice, flying, and grass type Pokemon. It is surrounded by freezing waters on one side, and by land on the other. I have some Fakemon invented, but we won't use them for this RP, although they might appear as background NPC-like characters. You can either choose to be a Pokemon or a Trainer.

    1. If you are a Pokemon, you must be level 60 or lower, as I don't want overpowered stuff in here. If you are a trainer, then the same rules apply to your Pokemon.

    2. You cannot be a legendary, mythical, or fully- evolved pseudo legendary Pokemon. (Same rules apply to your Pokemon if you are a trainer.)This means you can be a Basic, Stage 1, or Stage 2 Pokemon that isn't a pseudo. (So you can have a Sliggoo but not a Goodra.)

    3. You can have up to three characters in this RP, so you can have a Pokemon and a Trainer if you like. You can also make a Pokemon character that is owned by a trainer character, to show each character's point of view.

    4. Trainers can have up to six Pokemon, and you can list the levels, names, and moves if you like.

    Character Rules:

    Level: (Skip if Trainer)
    Species: (Skip if Trainer)
    Team: (Skip if Pokemon)

    My Character:

    Name: Roxas
    Gender: Male
    Level: 52
    Species: Dragalge
    Appearance: A Shiny Dragalge that has a light green scarf around his neck.
    Personality: Has an extremely short fuse. He tries to contain his anger by meditating at the cold ocean floor, but usually to no avail. He hates anyone who tries to calm him down, which almost always ends up with a Pokemon gravely wounded.

    Anyway, that's it, and have fun :D

    Roleplay link: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-rps-and-ocs.16170/
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  2. Can I join?


    Name: Damien Chevalier
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Image source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/562527809678264845/ (______-二次元里&……_来自旺旺厷宔的图片分享-堆糖网)
    Personality: Damien is very shy and didn't have many friends when he moved from Kalos to Ginnoa, and he prefers to write music and spend time with his Pokémon.

    Nickname: Tournesol

    Gender: Female

    Species: Skiploom

    Level: 34

    Moves: Acrobatics, Aromatherapy, Round, Return
    Name: Hymne

    Gender: Female

    Species: Chimecho

    Level: 38

    Moves: Sychronoise, Heal Bell, Round, Return
    Name: Souris d'Eau

    Gender: Female

    Species: Marill

    Level: 42

    Moves: Bubblebeam, Round, Rest, Return
    Name: Lune

    Gender: Female

    Species: Cleffa

    Level: 32

    Moves: Sing, Round, Tickle, Return
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  3. Accepted, but Phione is technically a Mythical Pokemon, so it would be cool if you could change that.
  4. Okay. I just thought that it would be okay because one of the main reasons for not being allowed to have legendary Pokemon is because there is only one, and in the anime, there is a metric tonne of Phione.
  5. Yeah, I understand. It's still kinda debated whether it's a mythical or not.
  6. Yeah. I wonder if Nintendo will ever say whether or not Phione is a mythical or not.
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  7. ______________________________________________________
    Appearance:Circuit is a small shiny Shinx,
    Personality:Circuit is very friendly, and is looking for a trainer
    Moves: Spark, Charge, Quick Attack, and Double Team
    Name:Alex Lina
    Personality:Alex is calm, she always wants to go out and find a friend. Though, if bothered you better watch out cause this girl has a temper.


    Moves: Flame Charge, Flamethrower, Attract, and Wing Attack.
  8. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Is it fine if I join?
    Name: Glacey
    Gender: Female
    Level: 30
    Species: Glaceon
    Appearance: That of a regular glaceon, but her eyes appear to be more deadpan than a usual Glaceon's.
    Personality: Glacey tends to be usually deadpan & emotionless when it comes to her behavior, she is also shown to be mischievous and sarcastic at times, but she is friendly to those she is friends with.
  9. Is it too late for joining?

    Name: Rath
    Gender: Male
    Level: 42
    Species: Furfrou
    Appearance: Just a Furfrou with a Dandy Trim, but very messy, indicating that has not been taken care of in a very long time. That messy style includes the twisted "hat" with some leaves and branches in it, his green "tie" a little bit loosen up and crooked, and his tail is in a very bad state, with some trash and branch on it too. Easily, everyone can notice that has homeless for a very long time. He still has a small bracelet with what it looks like a noble symbol.
    Personality: Rath's main attribute is loyalty. He avoids fighting and prefers talking instead (weird for a Pokemon). He is well-behaved, and he considers himself as an urbanite. But lately, he has a very nervous, irascible and fearful behavior.
    (Moves: Headbutt, Bite, Retaliate, Sucker Punch)
  10. Is it alright for me to join?

  11. Accepted, both of you. After you, it might be a little late for others to join.
  12. Making another character:
    Name: Sora
    Gender: Male
    Image Source: http://orig10.deviantart.net/eff4/f/2013/254/6/2/aoba_render_by_yukigiou21-d6lyvsy.png
    Personality: Loves the cold, and can't stand anything remotely warm. That's the reason he loves the Ginnoa region so much. He is a little quiet and reserved, but quickly opens up to people he is friends with.
    Name: Azura
    Gender: Female
    Species: Lapras
    Level: 37
    Moves: Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Brine, Water Gun

    Name: Lysse
    Gender: Female
    Species: Alolan Vulpix
    Level: 15
    Moves: Powder Snow, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Feint Attack
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  13. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Guess I'll make another pokemon :p
    Name: Blair
    Gender: Male
    Species: Braixen
    Level: 36
    Appearance: A normal Braixen, but wearing a blue bandana and a witch hat.
    Personality: He tends to be listless (lazy) all the time, he always has a sleeply look on his face, but he is nice and will help people. People also tend to mistake him for a female due to his name and looks.
  14. Name: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Appreance: purple eyes, blue hair, black pants,grey shirt, a black jacket, a fedora with a feather in it
    Personality: Very nice, doesn't really like the cold,out and open about his feelings
    Team: lampent,Slowpoke(with a kings rock),larvesta,Combee(Female),scatterbug,Flabèbè
    Moves:(lampent) shadow ball,dark pulse, flame burst,flamethrower,(Slowpoke) confusion,water pulse,water gun,curse,(larvesta) bug bite, fire spin, ember,string shot,(Combee) bug bite,Sweet secnt, bug buzz, gust,(scatterbug)stirng shot,tackle,bug bite,stun spore,( Flabébé) vine whip, fairy wind, magical leaf,grassy Tarrain.
  15. Hey, this place looks great. If I'm not able to join for whatever reason, I'll just delete this post (Since this is Ask to Join)

    Name: Zailia
    Gender: F
    Level: 24
    Species: Zorua
    Appearance: A normal Zorua who was unlucky enough to be born with a shiny coloration
    Personality: Zailia is against being captured at all costs. She hates the idea of being constrained against her will with a human, and through many years of avoiding capture, has honed her illusionary skills to make it as hard as possible to be spotted. She is, however, very curious, and this gets her into a lot of trouble in occasion. Oh, and also, through a loophole in her powers, she can speak the human language, as if she taken on the form of a human, she can speak human, and she found a way to keep this translation in her original form as well
    Team: N/A
  16. Accepted. Any posts after this are probably too late, sorry :(
  17. If the RP is full, you might want to edit the title and change it to 'Closed/private'
  18. Ok, thanks. Maybe I can accept one more person.
  19. Cool :)

    And there's just something I'd like to recommend for your sake, try not to OOC on the main rp thread without any POV to go with it, because it means you need to double post. And Stellar doesn't like that :)

    So all I'm saying is, OOC in the discussion :D (sorry, I tend to ramble)
  20. @Kyubi~ Just wanted to say, you might want to edit that last post. Zailia is currently in the guise of a trainer
  21. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Yea I just noticed, I'm stupid xD
  22. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    There I changed it
  23. Cheers :) Just curious, have your Pokémon never met a human before now? Because they seem kinda unaware that a) They can capture you and b) they can't understand you
  24. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Well technically they don't really go near humans, so they don't really know how they're like
  25. Ohh, if that's the case... I'm gonna make another trainer, except he's an avid Pokémon hunter >:D
  26. Kyuukon

    Kyuukon Previously Kyubi~

    Oh okay xD
  27. Name: Liza (Lizzy) Crystalson


    Appearance: Shoulder-length black hair with diamond-color headphones. Lizzy also has a sapphire necklace, her love for gems reaches beyond superior. She has a light purple hoodie, and gray jeans, with brown converse boots. She has dark grey eyes, also.

    Lizzy is confident and kind, boosting her allies' spirits. She's considerate onto who she trusts. Generosity also plays a big role in her heart. However, every person has a bad side! With Lizzy, she also has greed and may or may not steal your stuff! Hide your bracelets and necklaces!

    Team: One, but she will catch more along her adventures. Sableye (Diamond)


    Name: Diamond

    Gender: Female

    Level: 30


    Diamond is your normal Sableye, however, Lizzy put headphones on Diamond's ears. Headless ones, so Diamond could listen to real music.

    Personality: Diamond stays loyal and friendly to Lizzy, however she can get shy when around others. Diamond is pretty strong in battle, not to brag, but she does get beaten, every pokemon does.

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